Isabelle's Rescue.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#9 of Secret Lovers.

Jayce and Koda accept the felines help and get things rolling. Nick will get what is coming to him. This is a promise. Jayce will be in for a huge surprise by the end of this series. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this. I'm invested in this now and not stopping till I get the ending.

Jayce stared in shock at the feline in front of him before suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders and holding her still. " Tell me where she is! Is she alright?!" The girl let out a little yelp of shock then lowered her ears a bit while Koda moved up and gently grabbed Jayce to make him let go. " she is is the female with her father...raped her ...then a slave he has to tend to the males of the tribe escaped to find you and she was killed...when Nick found out he...he raped Isabelle as punishment for trying to get a message to you" Jayce lowered his ears as he listened to the girl before letting out a snarl, anger washing over him as he began pacing around the two of them. "I am going to kill that little fucker!" Koda twitched his tail, looking just as upset before looking to the girl and turning to her as he crossed his arms. " Who are you? And what made you come find us? To risk your fathers anger to help?" The girl toyed with her fingers and lowered her ears as she looked down at her own hands with her tail curling around her legs lightly. " I' father is cruel to me and some of the other females...he mated with my older sister and she treats me just as badly...I watched them rape those two last night and I couldn't take it...I don't want this to go on. I don't like the way my father takes what he wants and kills to get it." Jayce and Koda looked at her then took a deep breathe. Jayce turned to her and moved to her, gently putting his hands on her shoulders as he looked her in the eyes. " Your brave for doing this I need something else from you..I need a layout of your village and where Isabelle is being held with Monica. Then I need you to go to my tribe and tell my mother Koren to light a huge fire in the middle of the village to signal Kirk while sending word to Zak we need their help." Camille looked at Jayce then nodded some before smiling a bit.

Camille moved down onto her knees and used a small stick to dig out a map of her village for Jayce, marking where the girls where being kept and anything else they needed to know. Jayce thanked her and sent her to his Tribe. Camille ran off as fast as she could while Jayce and Koda remained behind to wait. Camille reached the village rather quickly thanks to the speed of her cheetah side. Koren and the other surrounded the girl and made her yelp a bit before she looked at Koren. " Wait! Jayce sent me! He said to to make a big fire in the center of the village to signal someone named Kirk and for someone to get word to Zak that they need help to save Isabelle and Monica." Koren folded her ears back a bit and stared at Camille for a moment before turning to the others. " Do it! Get the fire going now! three of you get to Zaks Tribe now!" The foxes and Wolves nodded and scrambled to do what they were told while Koren looked back to Camille then brought her further into the village to talk with her.

Kirk was outside of the cave leading to the homes he and his tribe lived in. He soon saw the smoke from the center of Jayce's village and gathered his fighters, telling Coral to keep watch on the rest of their village before he and his pack of fighters took off for Jayces tribe. The group sent to Zaks ran right into him about half way there. His men had told him what was happening after they were sent back by Jayce. Zak followed them back to the village. He was the first to arrive with his fighters, Kirk appearing half an hour later. Koren moved to them with Camille and spoke softly. " This girl is helping us...follow her to Jayce and Koda. She knows the way and go from there to help get Isabelle and Monica back..please." Kirk and Zak looked to each other then nodded before looking to Camille who turned and ran off, the two groups following her closely.

Jayce and Koda were working over the map left in the dirt when they heard Camille running back to them. Jayce stood up and saw the others behind her with a grin on his face. When Camille stopped Jayce grabbed her shoulders gently and looked at her. " Thank you Camille...return to my village and rest." Camille blushed a bit then nodded some before turning back once more. Kirk and Zak stepped forward, looking at Jayce while their fighters hung back waiting. Jayce looked at them, shaking their hands as he spoke. " Camille left us a map...we have the plan worked out...We wait until late tonight when they are relaxing and won't expect it...much like they did with the fox village...Leave the cubs alive and attack the males. I will hunt down Isabelle and Monica." The two leaders nodded to him before moving with him to look at what was drawn in the dirt.

While Jayce and Koda were waiting for the fighters Nick was dragging Isabelle out of the hut she and Monica were being held in. He grabbed her by her hair tightly and slapped her hard against the right side of her cheek. Isabelle was reaching her own end of her rope and after the slap she grabbed his arm and bit down hard on his hand with a snarl. Nick let out a yelp of pain and jerked his hand free, punching Isabelle this time and giving her a black eye. Nick growled and yanked her hair to pull her head back. "You little bitch...Your going to be to fucking sore to sit." With that Nick took her to the table and bent her over it while binding her hands behind her back. Monica was already bound and bend over with a tighter standing behind her while the lion Chief moved up behind Isabelle with Nicks permission, both lions were fully erect and grinning. Isabelle growled and folded her ears back as the chief leaned over her body, whispering in her ear. " Your father was a weak little bastard...his neck snapped like a twig and it was very...satisfying to see his life drain from him." Isabelle went still as tears rolled down her cheeks. The chief didn't waste time as he stuffed his cock into her pussy without rubbing her. She winced from the feeling of his barbs brushing against her as he began thrusting hard into her, not seeming to care that she was pregnant. Monica let out a yelp as the tiger behind her pulled on her hair hard while he pushed his own large, thick cock into the foxes ass, pulling hard on her tail.

The sounds of hips hitting the girls asses filled the air along with growls and grunts. The tiger was far from gentle with Monica, his hand gripping her shoulder now and leaving claw marks in her skin from his grip while he pounded into her as hard as he could before he suddenly went stiff as he filled her ass with his cum, his cock throbbing with each spurt from him before he pulled out and slapped her ass hard making her yelp in pain. Isabelle closed her eyes tightly as she clenched her fists so tight her palms began bleeding. The chief was pulling hard on her hair and tail as he began pounding her pussy harder and faster before he pulled his cock from her only to push it into her ass and begin pounding into it with no regard of her being in pain. The chief didn't last to long before pulling out and cumming on her ass. He chuckled and left the two bent over the table, panting and shaking. Isabelle and Monica remained bent over that table till night fall before they were finally taken back to the hut. Their binds were left on them when they were shoved into the hut. Monica began sobbing once they were alone, her ears low against her head. " Isabelle! I wanna go home! I..I want to see Koda again. I can't handle this raping anymore." Isabelle curled her tail around Monica as she cooed to her, doing her best to calm her friend. " Hush Monica...I know it hurts. I want to go home to but we don't have the strength or the energy to escape on our own. I'm..I'm sure Jayce and Koda are looking for us now and that they will find us soon" Monica whimpered and only nodded as she tried to rest.

Later that day after night fell Jayce and the to hers came up on the village, watching the felines lounging or mating in the open. Jayce could hear pained yelps from Monica and Isabelle as the males were mounting them again. Jayce forgot the plan and took off into the village. Koda and the rest followed suit, the sudden attack catching the felines off guard either way. Nick snarled and ran off from the village with a few others that turned tail and fled. Jayce didn't even notice Nick fleeing. He ran at the chief who had pulled out of Isabelle's pussy in time to be tackled to the ground. Jayce slammed his fist into the lions head over and over again before digging his claws into the males throat, the two of them rolling around in the dirt as they fought. Koda attacked the younger lion that had been raping Monica, knocking him to the ground as well. Kirk and Zak ran up to the girls after seeing their mates attacking the male lions violently. Zak moved to Isabelle and tore the binds from her before scooping her up and getting her out of the village. Kirk done the same with Monica. Jayce saw this and felt relieved for a moment that they were safe before he got clocked in the jaw by the lion. For a moment Jayce saw stars as he moved back some. The wolf shook his head then jumped up and attacked the lion again, grabbing him by his mane and jerking hard on his head, dragging him back down to the ground before slamming his head against the ground as hard as he could. Jayce was relentless as he slammed the lions head over and over again with the sickening sounds of the chiefs skull cracking from the repeated blows to his head against the ground before the male finally went still under him. Jayce didn't take chances and slit the males throat with the first dagger he found. Jayce left the body there and began to round up the fighters as the felines were fleeing with the others, a few dead bodies hitting the ground. Koda had snapped the young lions neck after a rough struggle, losing his own right eye in the process. Koda and Jayce left what was left of the felines to live as they ran out of the village with the rest of the fighters. Kirk and Zak stopped just inside the boarders of Jayce's tribe, setting the girls down gently and looking at them with worry.

Jayce appeared sometime later and stood there looking at Isabelle with guilt coming to his face. Isabelle ran to him and hugged him as tightly as she could, sobbing into his chest as he held onto her after sitting back on the ground. Jayce held her as close as possible while petting her head and whispering to her. " It is over Isabelle. Calm down and relax love please...I am so sorry Isabelle...I couldn't keep you safe" Isabelle hugged him tightly and shook her head hard as she kept it pressed into his chest. She didn't say anything for the moment, not really able to produce words with her sobbing. Monica was clinging to Koda tightly with whimpers of pain between her own sobs as Koda held onto her, petting her head gently with his ears low against his head. After a while they scooped the girls up into their arms and slowly walked back to the village with the others.

Once in the village Kirk and Zak looked to Jayce as Kirk spoke. "I'm sorry we let that little rat of a fox escape...we will send our fighters to patrol your boarders often so someone..either from my tribe or Zaks or your own is always on guard." Zak nodded in agreement while Jayce thanked them before watching them leaving with their fighters. Koren moved up to them and hugged Jayce after he set Isabelle down. She then turned her attention to Isabelle and lowered her ears. " Oh poor fox." Koren pulled her close and hugged her gently as Isabelle let out a whimper of pain. Koren whispered a soft apology then gently led Isabelle as well as Monica to their healer to be cleaned up and checked over. Jayce watched them before looking to Koda. " Dude...go with them..your eye needs to be cleaned." Koda nodded, gently squeezing his brothers shoulder before heading off after the girls. Jayce ran his fingers through his hair before moving to his hut, disappearing inside and sitting down in his bedding. He held his head in his hands as he took a deep breathe, his hate and anger for Nick was beginning to boil over. The fox had taken this to far for Jayces liking and wouldn't live through the end of it.

When the healer had finished with Isabelle, cleaning her scratches and other wounds as well as checking on the pregnancy he let her go. The fox left the hut and moved to the one she shared with Jayce. she slowly walked in and went right to him. She laid on top of him since he was leaned back into the pile of bedding. Jayce wrapped his arms around her and gently ran his fingers through her hair while she shifted so she was laying on her side some. Jayce soon moved his hand down to her stomach, slowly rubbing his palm over it as he whispered to her. " The...The baby is alright?" Isabelle blushed and placed her hand over his own before nodding some. " And your alright Isabelle? At anyway?" She nodded again then looked at him for a moment before kissing him softly. She missed his touch and his kisses. She felt safe in his arms and refused to let him leave her. When she broke the kiss she looked him in the eyes before she spoke softly. " Your not to blame Jayce...Nick is...I want him dead...his head on a stick and his body torn to pieces." Jayce stood his ears up and stared at her before gently brushing his thumb over her cheek slowly. " I'm sorry my love...I am so sorry this all happened." She held his hand against her cheek then shook her head. " You saved us save me and the baby before they ended up killing one of us. I love you so much...I knew you wouldn't sit back." Jayce stared at her then smiled and kissed her softly a few times then nuzzled her muzzle with his own before gently rubbing her stomach again. " Well...we have a reason to smile and celebrate in a way." Isabelle nodded and relaxed with him, laying there with her hand resting over his as he held her in his arms while gently rubbing along her stomach until she fell asleep. He shifted them and laid down with her, He was happy to have her back in his arms and safe.

Monica and Koda were in their own hut. Koda was gently petting his mate as she fell asleep against him after crying and telling him what had happened. Koda lowered his ears some as he stared down at her. When he was sure she was asleep he left her in the hut. He walked outside and met with Jayce who was coming out of his own hut now that Isabelle was asleep. Koren soon walked up and looked at Koda, looking at his eye that had been cleaned and covered with healing herbs. " The healer says it is gone...I can only use one eye now...but the loss is worth it mom...we have our mates back." Koren teared up and hugged him to her tightly, petting his head softly as she took a deep breathe. " I'm proud of the both of were relentless in getting your mates killed the lion Chief will be sometime before they regather and plan revenge." Jayce nodded a bit as Koren hugged him soon after. Jayce smiled a bit then sighed heavily. " I know mom...for now we know we have allies to call on...and we have a heir on the way...I will be better about keeping Isabelle safe." Koren gently pet his head and sighed. "Your not at fault had no idea it would happen and Isabelle is fine now that she is back...she may have a lot of healing to do but she is happy to be back home with you." Koren kissed his forehead gently then pet both of them while Camille timidly walked over to the, her ears low against her head as she looked at Jayce while nervously tapping her fingers together. Jayce looked to her and smiled, pulling her into a hug that took her by surprise. " Thank you Camille...if you hadn't ran into us it would have take even longer to find our mates and it probably would have been worse for them...Your welcome to stay here with us." Camille was wide eyed with shock but finally returned the hug and nodded a bit as she thanked him softly before Koren took her and lead her to a hut she could share with a young female fox. Jayce and Koda looked to each other and took deep breathes before heading back to their huts for the night to rest and recover.

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