Steamy Windows Pt. 2

Story by DemonicBrit on SoFurry

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#2 of Steamy Windows

Here's part 2 of this little story I threw together, because I wanted to fuck Blu Macintosh, I hope you enjoy!

Brit arched his back slowly whilst curling up his tail, seductively exposing his tailhole for Blu to see as he waved his backside side to side, trying to entice the curious and shy Yoshi into getting into bed with him. It seemed to have worked as Blu cautiously began to step onto the bed with his knees and shuffle over to Brit, feeling his rear scales and the plumpness of the lizard's round ass. Blu was a man of very few words, in fact he could barely talk at all but that didn't stop him letting Brit know how he felt about the sight knelt before him, as he kept caressing his palms over the scalie texture of Brit's ass and occasionally his tailhole.

"Whatcha keeping me on edge for? I know you want it, and I want it too, so just do it, please?" Brit said, almost pleaded to Blu as he felt the sensations of Blu's groping envelop him into a daze. But even still Blu continued to grope Brit, but eventually he grew tired of simply feeling Brit's butt and leaned in, kissing him on his left asscheek with which Brit replied with a gentle gasp, then Blu continued, kissing all over Brit's round ass until he worked his way to his hole. Brit was anxious to see what Blu was going to do to him, he could feel the warm breath gliding over his now exposed hole, then suddenly he felt something warm and wet rub over it, Blu's tongue was wriggling its way around and over his hole and he was loving it.

But Blu didn't stop there, after all Yoshi's are known for having exceptional tongues, and Blu was going to use it. Blu pressed his maw against Brit's open ass and began pushing his tongue forward, the tip of it pressing against Brit's hole and the suddenly popping past his outer anus and thus inside it, making Brit let out a sharp moan. Blu could feel the warmth of Brit's asshole around his tongue, so he decided to push further and further, sending waves of pleasure through Brit's body as his hole was deeply checked over by Blu's wet and flexible tongue.

Eventually Blu slipped his tongue out of Brit's now well lubricated hole and propped himself close to Brit's drooling ass. Brit could feel Blu's tip pressed against him and then suddenly penetrate his ass, making him let out a surprised moan. The two of them stayed where they were for a short while before Brit let out a small chuckle and said "Not what I was expecting from you, oh well, c'est la vie" before moving himself into a more steady position with his back arched and his palms firmly against the headboard, preparing for what was about to unfold.

[To be continued]

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