OMG! Vol.3 Top 50 Incidents In TNA History

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OMG Vol. 3: The Top 50 Incidents in TNA History

After watching OMG Vol. 1 (WWE) and the OMG Vol. 2 (WCW) DVDs we wondered just what would be TNA Wrestling's Top 50 incidents. So we cracked down, scowered through thousands of hours of footage and have compiled the top 50 best, worst, craziest, most shocking, most violent, and gut-wrenching moments. So here it is as TNA-Furs present "OMG Vol.3: The Top 50 Incidents in TNA History"

#50. Raven Gets Head Shaved

On September 17th 2003, it was a flash back to the ECW days as Raven was set to face Shane Douglas in a Hair vs. Hair Match. With the help of James Mitchell and Vampiro, Shane Douglas came out as the victor. Before Raven knew it he was sat down in a chair and James Mitchell started violently shaving his head. With the razor blade turned the other way Raven was suddenly covered with blood as his head was filled with deep cuts and gashes. The commentators were so disgusted with the act of embarrassment they had to leave the commentary table. One of the more graphic moments that still stands out in TNA History.

#49. "The Concussion"

In November of 2010 on Impact Immortal was just beginning to reign as they attacked Mr. Anderson. The newly deemed "Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling" Jeff Hardy came in with a steel chair and swung for Anderson as the chair smashed against the back of his head. Mr. Anderson suffered a legit concussion that kept him off TV for nearly 2 months. The post-match footage was graphic as all hell as a big hole was left in the back of the head of Anderson. Rumor is that the chair shot was originally meant for his back but accidentally hit him in the head. Since then the moment has been censored on television. Jeff Hardy would go on to call it his new finishing move but thankfully it's life got cut short. Mr. Anderson was originally supposed to face Jeff for the title at the next two pay-per-views but was replaced by Matt Morgan while he recovered. Jeff Hardy, love him or hate him, knows how to swing a damn chair . . . just ask Brock Lesnar.

#48. Abyss Goes Through Flaming Table

Team 3D has had a history in ECW for putting people through tables that are set on fire. At the Bound for Glory 2008 pay-per-view it was a four-team Monster's Ball match for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Team 3D had Abyss propped up on the stage before setting fire to the table below. Team 3D picked Abyss up and threw him off the stage for him to slam back-first through the flaming table. Abyss rolled off to reveal to the fans that the back of his white psychiatric ward jumpsuit was engulfed in flames. Thankfully crew members with extinguishers were nearby to put out the blazing inferno. One of the many moments that prove Abyss is an absolutely crazy and talented hardcore legend in this sport.

#47. Fire at Hard Justice

That moment would not be the only time fire was seen in TNA. At the Hard Justice 2006 pay-per-view the show opened with X-Division action as Eric Young took on A-1 (not the steak sauce). However during the pyrotechnics (I believe it was during one of their entrances) one of the burlap sacks in the rafters burst into flames. TNA crew tried to use fire extinguishers to put the fire out which caused the arena to be filled with fire extinguisher powder. The fans all started chanting/singing "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire" as the match continued in the ring. Shortly after Eric Young got the pin and the building had to be evacuated for the next 20 minutes. The next match got canceled as they did 20 minutes of interviews and video packages outside. The show resumed with a ton of great matches. That's live pay-per-view for ya.

#46. Electrified Cage Match

In April 2007 Team 3D was feuding with LAX over the NWA Tag Team Championships. After a series of matches the two teams were set to blow off their feud in the first ever racially sensitive "Electrified Cage Match." While the series of street fights they had on pay-per-view were both epic and awesome, this cage match . . . not so much. TNA had ton of Vince Russo gimmicky matches in 2007 and while the James Storm vs. Chris Harris blindfold cage match was less than satisfying this Electrified Cage match was just a little bit worse. Every time anyone hit a wall in the cage what would happen is not electrocution, but a buzzing sound, the lights flickering on and off, and the wrestlers jirating as they pretended to be electrocuted. It didn't help that the arena had the Sin Cara lighting set-up for the match so it was hard to even see what was going on. If you look at it as a cage match then it's not a bad and a very bloody affair (especially for Devon), but if you look at it as the Electrified Cage match it's a good thing there was never a sequel.

#45. Winter

The former Katie Lee Burchill from WWE, Winter crossed the line into TNA in 2011 and set her sights on Angelina Love. Not to wrestler her, but to . . . take over her mind? All throughout 2011 Angelina Love came out to the ring with Winter as an emotionless zombie. Winter talked about how she had a "special" relationship as Winter protected over Angelina Love. It was hard not to wonder if they were a couple, or had some type of Master/Pet relationship. But it did lead Winter to two Knockouts Championships and a Knockout Tag Team title win. Winter soon disappeared once she lost her title towards the end of 2011.

#44. Death of Chris Candido

At Lockdown 2005 Chris Candido teamed with Lance Hoyt to take on Apolo & Sonny Siaki in a cage match. However in the opening moments of the match he left his feet for a basic dropkick and fractured his fibula and tibia and dislocated his ankle. He underwent surgery and came back to help manage The Naturals to a NWA Tag Team Championship win on Impact but shortly died from a blood clot brought on from a surgery complication. At the next pay-per-view Hard Justice there was a bell-salute and some of his last moments on Impact were released on the Lockdown 2005 DVD.

R.I.P. Chris Candido (1972-2005)

#43. VKM

While it was great that the New Age Outlaws crossed the line into TNA, I don't know if I'd say they were used too well, especially when you get this storyline. The Outlaws (known at the time as the James Gang) in an attempt to build a feud with WWE the team changed their named to the Voodoo Kin Mafia or "VKM" (the initials of Vincent Kennedy McMahon) and went on an anti-WWE tyraid. While the new D-Generation X was running high in 2006, VKM tried hard to parody them by badly re-enacting some of their more popular skits from WWE. They dressed up like Triple H and Shawn Michaels, along with having cheerleaders (male I think) and their own version of a Big Fat Oily Guy. They went to a WWE house show with TNA's camera crew to interview fans and go inside and watch the show (similar to DX invading WCW in 1998). VKM declared victory in their "war" when WWE refused to acknowledge them as fans chanted "TNA" and "VKM" during the January 8th episode of Raw. Not the best storyline for them to be in, and thankfully it was cut short . . . sucks their next storyline with Christy Hemme didn't receive the same result. If anyone remembers the WWE YouTube show "Are You Serious" Road Dogg talked about how he did something to anger Mr. McMahon which caused him to be sidelined into hosting the show where they watched bad WWE clips. While the reason why he was banished into the bowels of Titan Towers was never explained I'd probably start with this.

#42. Christopher Daniels Falls Off Ultimate X

One of TNA's best matches was the Ultimate X Match from Bound for Glory 2009 for the X-Division Championship, and this was an explosive match with an even more explosive ending. Daniels in the past has had success jumping from the trusses to the center of the X (an unbelievable feat of athleticism) however this was one time where the risk went wrong. Daniels and Suicide were on the X trying to get the championship when all of a sudden they both fell from the X, Christopher Daniels falling all the way down before landing on the back of his neck. Thankfully Daniels avoided serious injury (in fact he main-evented the next two pay-per-views) but this is still one of TNA's most shocking moments and another example of how unique and dangerous the Ultimate X match is.

#41. Toby Keith

On TNA's first show from June 19th 2002, it had Toby Keith singing "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" for the TNA fans (even missing playing for the white house to play for the show). However towards the end Jeff Jarrett came out and shoved him, interrupting the song before the Gauntlet for the Gold main event to crown the first NWA World Heavyweight Champion. During the match Toby Keith made himself an entrant as he entered the ring and hit Jeff Jarrett with a vertical suplex before eliminating him and himself as well. You don't mess with the Angry American.

#40. Abyss vs. Mick Foley - Monster's Ball

TNA used to have a tradition of doing a Monster's Ball match at every Bound for Glory pay-per-view. So at Bound for Glory 2009 it was the hardcore dream match of Abyss vs. Mick Foley (anyone remember the storyline, cause I don't). This match was simply bloody and barbaric, and it was just for the sake of being bloody and barbaric. Barbed wire, thumbtacks, and everything in between. However, what lands this on spot #40 in the countdown is what happened to Daffney near the end of the match. Daffney came out to the ring to interfere in the match when she was shoved off the top rope and crash-landed through a barbed wire board. She claimed in a future lawsuit against TNA that she broker her arm but in actuality suffered a concussion. Sarah Palin would not be pleased.

#39. Christian Cage Return at Slammiversary

WWE and TNA were in the middle of deal where Ric Flair (who was under TNA contract at the time) would only be allowed to appear in the WWE Hall of Fame and the Wrestlemania 28 DVD if TNA could use one of their stars for a DVD. Flair was allowed on the DVD and the deal started as a WWE Superstar to appear as an unnamed individual for a DVD interview but it was changed to WWE Superstar Christian (TNA's Christian Cage) to appear at Slammiversary 2012 to introduce Sting for his Hall of Fame announcement. This was actually while Christian was the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Always awesome to see the instant classic make one more appearance in TNA.

#38. Bully Ray Turns on Devon

Team 3D is one of the most decorated and successful tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. However it was time for Team 3D to come to an end (or was it?) as they announced at Bound for Glory 2010 that they would be wrestling one more match before officially retiring. They wrestled the Motor City Machine Guns at Turning Point 2010 for the TNA Tag Team Championships but they lost the bout. It was deemed the only time anyone has ever kicked out of the 3D finishing move. Soon after the event Brother Ray attacked Devon and set his sights as a singles star as he transformed himself with a brand new name of "Bully Ray." They would wrestle a few matches against each other on pay-per-view but this would signify the end of Team 3D . . . at least for now.

#37. Abyss Attacks Christian Cage In His Home

Abyss and James Mitchell set their sites on Christian Cage and his NWA World Heavyweight Championship as they prepared for their Steel Cage match at Lockdown 2006. James Mitchell had the plan to go Christian Cage's house (his legit house by the way) and attack him. They brawled throughout the house before Abyss threw Christian into his own pool and tried to drown him. Christian Cage eventually reigned victorious at Lockdown but this was one of TNA's craziest moments.

#36. Eric Young Wins World Title During Wrestlemania Week

Magnus was reigning throughout the early part of 2014 as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion once he aligned himself with Dixie Carter. However in March a No.1 Contender's Gauntlet match was set to name Magnus' next opponent. The gauntlet was won by Eric Young and he decided that he didn't want to wait til a later date for his title shot, he demanded his title match before the end of the night. So Magnus fought Eric Young in this impromptu World Heavyweight Championship match which Eric Young had won.

While Eric Young would go on to hold the title for the next three months there was controversy on if this was TNA's reaction to Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and the underdog story (and also because they were both bearded guys but I find that to be a little too ridiculous). While that question is still unanswered, Eric Young's World Title win was for real, and the story of the underdog never reigned truer.

#35. Jay Lethal def. Kurt Angle

It was No Surrender 2007, Kurt Angle had won all of the TNA Championships (at the time) at the previous pay-per-view and as a result he was set to run the gauntlet and defend all three championships at No Surrender 2007. Angle had already lost the tag team titles to Team Pacman after he attacked his tag team partner Sting with an Olympic Slam. Next, Angle was set to defend the X-Division Championship against Jay Lethal. Kurt Angle had ground and pounded on Lethal for most of the match. But Lethal would create the biggest upset when he rolled up Kurt Angle for the victory and win the X-Division Championship. This would be the first, and not the last time we would see Jay Lethal make a big Impact in TNA.

#34. The Disqualification Rule

During the first few years of TNA Wrestling they had a rule where if a champion gets himself disqualified in a title match that he would lose the title, and that rule was never driven home more than at Genesis 2006. Sting defended his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Abyss. The match was violent as hell as the referee got taken out and soon the weapons were out. Abyss even going as far to Blackhole Slam Sting into a pile of thumbtacks. Sting retaliated with his back all bloodied up and hung Abyss in a noose by his ankles and beat the hell of out him with a steel chair (this moment being censored later on due to the Benoit tragedy). The match was getting hot and in all of the high-emotion action Sting clotheslines the referee down on the ramp and then followed up his aggression by shoving Abyss through set of barbed-wire boards that were originally set up for him. The referee disqualified Sting for clothes-lining him and as a result Abyss won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The rule since has been lifted but it's no doubt it already did it's damage.

#33. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

The feud between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong was running high and after their match at the previous pay-per-view ended in a disqualification, this set the stage for a No-Disqualification Rematch for the TNA Knockouts Championship at the Final Resolution 2008 pay-per-view. While TNA had a small handful of women's hardcore matches in the past, none stood-out more than this match. Gail and Kong brawled all throughout the crowd using anything that wasn't nailed down. Gail Kim would get the victory on this night but would lose the title to Awesome Kong on the next episode of Impact. This was one of the several fantastic Gail vs. Kong matches that truly put the TNA Knockouts Division on the map. These matches can all be found on the TNA Knocked Out DVD.

#32. ECW: One Last Stand

With WWE's ECW program being shut down in February of 2010, WWE's version of ECW left a bad taste in a lot of original ECW fan's mouths. Tommy Dreamer crossed the line into TNA and asked Dixie Carter if he and the rest of the ECW Originals could come into the Impact Zone and do one last ECW pay-per-view event. Matches for the at the time, Hard Justice 2010 event were already announced, but plans changed as the pay-per-view was transformed into Hardcore Justice 2010 event. One last time for the original ECW to put on a great show. Dixie Carter gave Tommy Dreamer the blessing to do the event. This pay-per-view is still one of the most-bought pay-per-views in TNA History.

#31. Empty Arena Match

In March of 2009 there was some dissention in the Main Event Mafia between Kurt Angle and Sting. They decided to settle their differences in a first for Impact, an Empty Arena Match. They would have the entire Impact Zone to fight it out without any fans, a referee, or any repercussions. The show went on like normal before the fans in the Impact Zone were evacuated before the main event (the fans seeing the match from monitors outside the arena. Kurt Angle and Sting brawled through an empty Impact Zone. Chairs were flying as they fought up the stands. Every shot could be heard in the Impact Zone that night. It even went as far as Kurt Angle to be thrown over the top of the bleachers and falling all the way down to the floor. The match however ended shortly thereafter when the rest of the Main Event Mafia came out try and make peace. The feud was not settled that night but was still an amazing moment in TNA History.

#30 Jeff Hardy Swanton on the Steel Steps

During the summer of 2014 TNA moved their tapings to the Manhattan Center in New York City and they had some of the greatest tapings in the companies history. One of the matches that exampled this was Bobby Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy. During this big main event bout Jeff had laid Lashley across the steel steps. Jeff went to the top rope and went for the Swanton bomb, but Lashley moved out of the way, causing Jeff to crash directly on the steps below. The sound of the impact was just unbelievable. One of the best matches of 2014 and this Swanton Bomb was one of the reasons why, and it's not the first, nor the last time Jeff Hardy would do something crazy on this countdown.

#29. Mr. Anderson Wins World Title

Mr. Anderson suffered a legit concussion due to Jeff Hardy and a steel chair. Anderson was sidelined for the next two months. However, Immortal's dislike for Mr. Anderson . . . Anderson left him facing Matt Morgan in a No.1 Contender's Match to get a shot at Jeff Hardy and his World Title at Genesis 2011. After an intense match Mr. Anderson got the win. But suddenly the Immortal music played as Eric Bischoff came out and said that Mr. Anderson's future World Title match was going to place right there and now. Jeff Hardy came out in his street clothes smoking a cigarette not sweating the recently concussed Mr. Anderson. Anderson fought the odds as he kicked out of Twist of Fate's but it looked like Jeff was going to retain when Matt Morgan came back gave Jeff Hardy a clothesline from hell. Mr. Anderson fought off Immortal (including the newly instated Matt Hardy) in order to hit the mic check and win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Thwarting Immortal's plans of walking out of Genesis 2011 with all of the gold.

#28. Jesse Sorensen Breaks His Neck

It was Jesse Sorensen facing Zema Ion in a No.1 Contender's Match for the X-Division Championship at the Against All Odds 2012 pay-per-view. In the opening minute of the match Sorensen was on the outside when Zema Ion went to the top rope and hit him with a moonsault. Ion's leg landed across Sorensen's head knocking him to the ground. Sorensen was unable to move and had to be stretchered out of the arena. He soon got feeling back in his body but found out he had a broken neck. TNA claimed that he would always have a job behind the scenes in TNA but received negative backlash for cutting him a year later. TNA later stated Sorensen didn't want to learn a new job because he wanted to wrestle and received a lot of money upon the release. He has since retired from wrestling (though he recently appeared in a match at NXT). The moment is still hard to watch.

#27. "Joker" Sting

In 2011 Sting's pursuit of wrestling the control of TNA Wrestling from Immortal and giving it back to Dixie Carter his goal hit a major speed bump when he lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Mr. Anderson at Slammiversary 2011. The months of constant problems caused by Immortal had taken his toll on the Icon. Hogan met with Sting in his office and said he would get his rematch a month later on Impact. Sting started cutting a promo on Hogan about how he has gone down the wrong path and is now a total fake. As the promo intensified, Sting started laughing maniacally and grabbed Hogan by the throat and started violently painting his face red. As the weeks grew Sting would only get more and more insane as his mind games against Immortal got even crazier. From stating he was working for the network and releasing a crow in Bischoff's office, to parking lot attacks, poker tables, crazy promos, and everything in between. People seem to have mixed feelings about the change (personally I loved it), but there was no doubt that it made for just pure insanity on Impact Wrestling.

#26. Orlando Jordan

Oh boy . . . here we go . . . In 2010 Orlando Jordan crossed the line into TNA Wrestling and it was revealed that he was openly bisexual. TNA took this to the extreme by starting a sexually-themed talk show called "The O-Zone." The shows got more and more sexually explicit and controversial, event to the point where there was a moment where he simulated cumming on camera (a segment Spike TV refused to air) as he set his sights on Rob Terry and his . . . Global Championship. After the match his over the top character was derailed into a tag team with Eric Young where he dressed in leopard skin outfits and sucked on lollipops. (And to be fair, Jordan tried to get a bisexual storyline going before his release in WWE).

#25. Bully Ray Revealed to Be Leader of Aces & 8s

For months there was a rival group of unknowns terrorizing the Impact Zone by attacking many wrestlers and getting involved in matches, the group was known as the Aces & 8s. The identity of the leader of the group was heavily rumored until it was revealed that the TV Champion, Bully Ray's former tag team partner Devon was the leader of the group.

As the group went along it developed an Aces & 8s vs. TNA storyline that culminated at the Lockdown 2013 pay-per-view. Bully Ray had married Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke and was named No.1 Contender for Jeff Hardy's World Heavyweight Title at Lockdown. As the main event went along the members of Aces & 8s tried several times to get involved in the match. However, Devon smiled and threw Bully Ray the hammer Aces & 8s had used to lay out other wrestlers and Ray knocked out Jeff Hardy and pinned him to win the World Title. Bully Ray said it took 9 months of careful planning to pull over the biggest con in wrestling history as he revealed he was the president of the Aces & 8s and was the reason for all the attacks and chaos the group had orchestrated.

#24. Hogan & Abyss vs. Styles & Flair

While TNA's attempt at a new Monday Night War didn't go as well as hoped, it did bring forth a big tag team match-up. On the March 8th 2010 episode of Impact Hogan forced Ric Flair out of retirement to wrestle a tag team match. It was Abyss teaming up with Hulk Hogan to take on the team of Ric Flair and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. The match originally opened the show but couple minutes in everyone was shocked by the sudden return of Sting as he attacked Hulk Hogan and Abyss, leaving them bloody in the ring. However, that didn't stop Hogan as he challenged them to restart the match at the end of the night under a No Disqualification stipulation. This epic once-in-a-lifetime contest ended once again in a bloody fashion with Hulk Hogan and Abyss being on the victorious end.

#23. ECW Farewell . . . Wooooo

On the next episode of Impact after the epic TNA Hardcore Justice 2010 successful pay-per-view event the ECW originals came back out to say goodbye to the fans. This episode was called The Whole F'n Show that presented the main events that were originally set for the pay-per-view. After Rob Van Dam successfully defended his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Abyss in a Stairway to Janice Match (the name of Abyss' board with nails in it) the ECW originals came out to thank the fans for buying the ECW-themed event. They came out to the praises of Hulk Hogan before the lights went out. When the lights came back on Ric Flair's group of Fortune were in the ring as they all attacked the ECW originals. Within moments the ring was covered in tons of blood during this violent and graphic fiasco. But it got even worse as Rob Van Dam was found backstage, unconscious, and in a massive pool of blood (okay yeah they overdid this one just a tad). Rob Van Dam would be stripped of the title and off of Impact for the next several months. ECW for better or worse, went out in an extremely violent fashion.

#22. Kurt Angle Wins All the Titles

TNA was set to make history with the "Match of Champions" main event at the Victory Road 2007 pay-per-view that saw the World Champion Kurt Angle (as well as IWGP Champion), and X-Division Champion Samoa Joe to take on the Tag Team Champions of Team 3D, and the winning team gets all the gold. Samoa Joe eventually got the pin to single-handedly become the tag team champions (Kane & Daniel Bryan would be proud). That set the "Winner Taker All" match at the Hard Justice 2007 pay-per-view where every single TNA Championship was on the line in one singles match where the winner would win all the titles. Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe with the help of his wife Karen Angle to win every championship. Unbelievable moment in TNA Wrestling.

#21. Jeff Hardy Returns to TNA

On the legendary January 4th 2010 episode of Impact that saw the debut of Hulk Hogan and the signing of many other talents, I don't think anyone made a bigger impact than the return of Jeff Hardy. During the Steel Asylum match Jeff Hardy's entrance song "Modest" started playing throughout the arena. Soon enough Jeff Hardy hopped the guardrail only to be attacked by Homicide. Jeff Hardy came back with a huge steel chair shot to Homicide. One helluva way for the Charasmatic Enigma to make a return.

#20. Riot

There was a lot of rivalries going on in 2009, and everything spilled out of control as Stage 20 at Universal Studios was suddenly the sight of massive brawl between the entire locker room. TNA and the Main Event Mafia brawled to the outside and that sparked a chain of kicking ass! Soon the X-Division started brawling with World Elite, then it panned to the locker room where TNA officials were trying to keep Samoa Joe and Lashley separated. It was absolute chaos and that of a prison break as the entire roster brawled all around the Impact Zone. The Riot was eventually stopped when police cars and security showed up to stop the carnage. Proving anything can happen in TNA Wrestling.

#19. Jeff Hardy's Crash Landing

It was the special Lockdown 2015 episode of Impact Wrestling as the show opened with the Revolution defending the Tag Team Championship against the Hardy Boyz inside a Steel Cage Match. Towards the end Jeff Hardy and James Storm brawled on top of the cage. James Storm grabbed his cowbell and bashed it against Jeff Hardy's skull, causing him to come crashing down hard onto the steel steps. The thud of Hardy on the steps absolutely shocked fans in the Impact Zone as numerous smart-phone videos of the incident were posted online. It was so shocking that TMZ caught the story as Jeff appeared to be knocked out from the fall. While the stunt was meant to be a storyline injury it is believed he did suffer a legit minor concussion. He resumed wrestling after TNA returned from the Maximum Impact Tour and took on James Storm in a singles Lethal Lockdown match, with Hardy had won.

#18. Elevation X

In another TNA first AJ Styles took on Rhino in the first ever Elevation X Match at Destination X 2007. A big red X type of scaffold was hung high . . . very high . . . above the 6-sided ring. The two combatants wrestled each other high up in the air with the fans all chanting "Please Don't Die." AJ Styles tried to use his swiftness against the massive Rhino, even trying to hide inside the Elevation X. However with the help of the fans Rhino found him and shockingly hit Styles with the gore before knocking Styles off the scaffold and crashing in the ring. AJ Styles said in his Highspots Shoot Leaving An Impact about how fun the match was but admitted that the Elevation X really was that high. There has since been only one other Elevation X match which Rhino had also won.

#17. Rob Van Dam Wins the World Title

By the time April 2010 rolled around AJ Styles was the longest reigning TNA World Champion at that time. However Rob Van Dam crossed the line on the March 8th edition of Impact defeating Sting. A few days after AJ Styles successfully defended his World Title at Lockdown 2010 Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy in a No.1 Contender's Match and set to face Styles for the title in the night's main event. Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles fought in a great match (though I thought their rematch at Sacrifice 2010 was better) that eventually led to AJ Styles being pinned after the Five-Star Frogsplash to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

#16. Debut on Destination America

On January 7th 2015 Impact Wrestling made it's debut on Destination America in a live episode from the Manhattan Center in New York City. The episode started with a really cool video with all of the heels and babyfaces taking respective subways about how it's going to be a new chapter in TNA. The two groups met outside the arena and without missing a beat Kenny King fired the first punch that led to a big locker room brawl inside the Manhattan Center with the fight spilling into the arena (not sure how they can do that from the entrance since the arena is on the 5th floor). Everyone, Main-eventers, heavyweights, X-Division, Knockouts, tag teams, everyone brawled all over the arena to the delight of the TNA fans as they all chanted TNA and took selfies. The General Manager Kurt Angle eventually came out and told the wrestlers that they would be defending their titles that night and saying "This is New York City! This is the Manhattan Center! This is Impact Wrestling!"

#15. Dixie Carter Fired Jeff Jarrett

In the later half of 2009 it was revealed that Jeff Jarrett and and Kurt Angle's wife Karen had been having an affair while she was still married. The news led to a very real feud between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett that affected the company. Kurt asked Dixie to pick between him or Jeff. Dixie Carter being put in the tough spot, the TNA president made the decision to relieve Jeff Jarrett from position running day-to-day operations of TNA Wrestling, the company he had started. Kurt Angle was left with more power in the company and Jeff Jarrett was taken off TV for months. To clear up rumors and bad press TNA filmed a legit interview with Dixie Carter (one of the few times she appeared on camera at the time) to clear up the rumors. Jeff Jarrett eventually made his return in January 2010 but now strictly as a wrestler. Jarrett married Karen in August of 2010 and eventually left the company towards the end of 2013.

#14. AJ Styles Wins TNA World Title Before Leaving TNA

At the Turning Point 2012 pay-per-view AJ Styles lost No.1 Contender's match and as a result he would not be allowed to get a World Title shot until Bound for Glory 2013. After a short series of losses AJ Styles left TNA for several months before coming back as a "Lone Wolf" type character. AJ Styles won the Bound for Glory series, but in the weeks leading up to the event it was revealed that AJ Styles was working for TNA without a contract (reality was his contract had expired but he signed an extension to keep him on until December 15th). This led to an in-ring promo where AJ Styles bashed the company, and mostly the TNA President Dixie Carter. Dixie came out to the ring with a microphone to talk to AJ Styles but things would turn for the worse as Dixie verbally bashed AJ and claim he was nothing but a marketing gimmick. (In AJ Styles Highspots Shoot Leaving An Impact AJ revealed that a lot of what Dixie and him had said in their promo was actually very real). Despite several attempts to eliminate AJ Styles before the Bound for Glory 2013 pay-per-view AJ Styles fought the TNA World Champion Bully Ray in a No Disqualification Match. The match went back and forth that by the time it ended, the ring canvas was destroyed and AJ Styles hit a 450 splash through the announce table (seriously go watch that it's freaking insane). AJ Styles won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The next week on Impact Dixie offered AJ a new contract as well as a new car but AJ instead took the Championship and drove away in the car.

#13. Last Knockout Standing

Taryn Terrell had been brought into TNA as a referee for all Knockouts matches. However Gail Kim at Lockdown 2013 over-stepped her boundaries when she shoved Terrell down which turned into a brawl that continued in the backstage area. Taryn was fired from her position as a referee but was hired to become a TNA Knockout. Gail Kim challenged her to a Last Knockout Standing Match at Slammiversary 2013. This led to arguably the most violent and certainly most hard-hitting women's match in wrestling history. Between chair shots, insane submissions, dives out to the steel ramp, and the explosive finish of an RKO off the ramp onto the concrete floor it certainly was one of, if not the best Knockouts match in TNA History. It was one of the select times where the Knockouts stole the show.

#12. The Wooooooo-off

During the summer of 2010 Ric Flair's Hall of Fame ring was stolen. The next week on Impact revealed a stylin' and profilin' Jay Lethal in a suit impersonating the Nature Boy. The impersonation was spot on, which angered Ric Flair as he came out to the ring to the chants of "Double Vision" from the fans. Flair said he was very offended and demanded his HOF ring back and attacked Jay Lethal. The situation would only intensify a couple weeks later as Jay Lethal interrupted Fortune's promo and started going back and forth with Ric Flair basically trying to see who can "out Ric Flair" the other. This led to a hilariously awesome "Wooo-off" between the two. They eventually did wrestle at the Victory Road 2010 pay-per-view which Jay Lethal had won.

#11. Austin Aries Contract Match

In 2011 TNA had a special X-Division night at the Destination X 2011 as it was Austin Aries vs. Low-Ki vs. Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans in a Fatal 4 Way Match with the winner receiving a TNA contract. This match turned into an absolute spectacle, it truly was total non-stop action as these four men fought and gave everything they had and then some to win a TNA contract. This match turned into a fantastic X-Division showcase that by the time the match was nearly over the crowd was chanting "Sign Them All." The winner was Austin Aries who received a contract and would go on to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship just one year later.

#10. Love Triangle

We already covered the story of the real-life situation between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett over Karen Angle. But in 2011 it would erupt inside the ring. Kurt Angle lost a match at Bound for Glory 2010 where he said if he didn't win then he would retire. Angle stated he was not pinned and therefore should be allowed to remain on the TNA roster. Jeff Jarrett came out and attacked Kurt Angle, sidelining him for months. Jeff Jarrett started doing this MMA Exhibition and Kurt Angle accepted for the Genesis 2011 pay-per-view. However Jarrett attacked and bloodied Kurt Angle during the bout. Regardless Kurt Angle was reinstated. Karen Angle entered into the mix which led to a series of very emotional promos about what tore their marriage apart. Kurt Angle would do everything he could to get revenge on Jeff Jarrett. This would all culminate at Slammiversary 2011 where Jeff Jarrett claimed he had taken everything away from Kurt Angle except one thing, his olympic gold medal. They wrestled for it with Kurt Angle being victorious. The next week on Impact they fought one final time in a parking lot brawl that Kurt Angle had won.

This truly was a very emotional storyline based on real-life events. The storyline at times tended to get very dark but soon added more players and had it's enjoyable moments. Certainly one of the most emotionally-invested storylines in TNA history.

#9. Jeff Hardy TNA Debut

In the early years TNA was running on all cylinders at the Asylum in Nashville. This night was set for a match between AJ Styles and Kid Kash for the X-Division Championship. However, Kid Kash was taken out of the match due to injury, leaving AJ Styles to face a mystery opponent. Suddenly the Impact Zone went dark as the original song "Modest" started playing. A video flashed on the screen that read, "See You in the Future" before the name "JEFF HARDY" flashed. The TNA Asylum absolutely erupted as Jeff Hardy made his debut in TNA Wrestling to take on AJ Styles. The match was sadly cut short when Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt came out to attack Styles but there was no doubt, Jeff Hardy made a massive Impact debuting in TNA Wrestling.

#8. Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

Immortal reigned and ruled over Impact Wrestling for an entire year. Sting made it his mission to get the real Hulk Hogan to stand up again and do what is right and give the company back to Dixie Carter. In the process Sting went insane and tormented Immortal for months with only one goal in mind, to wrestle Hulk Hogan in one more match. Sting defeated Ric Flair which allowed Sting to get a match with Hogan. Hogan tried to get out of the match by claiming he was officially retired. Sting came out during Hogan's retirement ceremony wearing red and yellow colors and showed Hogan footage of him backstage talking about how the fake retirement ceremony plans were going to pan out. Hulk Hogan got so angry he challenged Sting to a Street Fight at Bound for Glory 2011 and that if Sting won, Hogan would give the company back to Dixie Carter.

The match turned into a big bloody affair but there was now another wrench in the works as it was revealed that the referee was the son of Eric Bischoff. The referee begrudgingly called for the bell when Hogan submitted to the Scorpion Death Lock. The rest of Immortal came out to attack Sting. Bischoff's son tried to get involved only to get attacked himself. Sting pleaded with Hogan to help him. Hogan stood up and tore the shirt off and attacked his own Immortal faction, leaving Immortal for good and giving the company back to Dixie Carter, A huge storyline with a happy ending, there's nothing better. One of the best stories TNA ever told.

#7. Bobby Roode Wins World Title

Bobby Roode was unable to defeat Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory 2011. The new commissioner of TNA, Sting, in response made Kurt Angle defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Roode's Beer Money tag-team partner James Storm. James Storm hit Angle with the superkick and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. James Storm then gave his best friend the first title shot for the following week on Impact. During the match the referee was knocked out of the ring which gave Bobby Roode the opportunity to hit James Storm with his own beer bottle and get the pin and become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This was a moment that became bigger than it really should have as these two had a great series of violent matches and Bobby Roode would have the longest World Title reign in TNA History. The leader of the selfesh generation was here to stay.

#6. Elix Skipper Walks the Top of the Cage

Turning Point 2004, it was America's Most Wanted vs, Triple X in a Steel Cage Match with the losing team disbanding. Towards the end of the match Chris Harris was sitting and resting on the top of the cage with Elix Skipper climbing to the top on the other side. The crowd went quiet in shock as Elix Skipper walked across the top of the cage, fearing one inch too far would send him falling 15 feet to the floor, but instead he walked across the thin wall of the cage, jumped up, and took down Chris Harris in a hurricanrana from the top of the cage. Simply one helluva risk, was never tried again, a once in a lifetime unbelievable moment brought to us by "Primetime" Elix Skipper.

#5. Jeff Hardy Swanton Off the Stage

We bring you back to the world of the Monster's Ball as it was Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball match at Bound for Glory 2005. This is one of my most favorite matches and it's largely due to this next moment. Abyss was laid out on the floor on a table and Jeff Hardy climbed a ladder until he was on top of the Impact Zone stage. He then found a small platform and made his way even higher . . .

Okay, lets get something straight, Jeff Hardy did something similar in WWE when he delivered a huge Swanton Bomb off the Raw set onto Randy Orton, but it was clearly on a pad. However in TNA there was no pad. Jeff Hardy delivered a huge swanton on Abyss with nothing but the table to break his fall. Jeff Hardy admitted in an interview he was terrified during the entire match because he knew he was going to have to do this stunt. Just a truly unbelievable moment.

#4. Dixie Carter Goes Through a Table

During 2014 Bully Ray was obsessed with putting Dixie Carter through a table. Bully Ray fought in matches against Dixie Carter's administration to do whatever he could to get his hands on the TNA President. Dixie retaliated by dressing up as a bearded cameraman at Sacrifice 2014 and shoving Bully Ray off the top rope, sending him crashing through a table. Bully Ray would soon get his wish as his team won a big Eight Man Tag Team Hardcore War Match. Dixie Carter did everything possible to escape her fate. She insulted the New York City crowd, fired her bodyguards, and her administration was sent to jail. It was crazy as the entire TNA roster circled around the ring as Bully Ray power-bombed Dixie Carter through a table. Dixie Carter would legit suffer a back injury and would be taken off TV for nearly a year.

#3. Victory Road

I'd be an idiot to leave out this moment. At Victory Road 2011 pay-per-view the main event was advertized for Sting to defend his newly-won TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy. Sting came out first and then Jeff Hardy's music played. Half of the song went on before Jeff finally stumble-walked down to the ring. Eric Bischoff soon followed and whispered in Sting's ear before making the match a No DQ Match. The bell rang and Jeff played with the crowd when he tried to throw his shirt into the crowd. He eventually dropped the shirt as Sting attacked. Sting quickly got Jeff up and hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Jeff and pinned him, retaining his title, the main event only lasted 88 seconds.

It was reported that TNA officials found Jeff Hardy 10-minutes before the match, drugged and unable to compete. Bischoff gave Sting orders to end the match as quickly as possible. After the match Jeff Hardy was written off of TV for seven months and TNA was forced to give all the viewers that purchased the ppv a free month of TNA Video Vault. Since then Jeff Hardy has been to rehab and is clean and they even turned it into a Road to Redemption storyline as he would win the TNA World Title from Austin Aries at Bound for Glory 2012.

#2. Hulk Hogan Joins TNA

In September of 2009 at Madison Square Garden was the sight of a major announcement from Hulk Hogan that he was officially joining TNA Wrestling. He would make his debut on the historic January 4th 2010 edition of Impact announcing that he and Eric Bischoff would be running the company their way with Dixie Carter. Since then many new talents were signed, they changed the ring, got more exposure and rating during their time. Whether you love or hate Hulk Hogan, he certainly changed TNA Wrestling forever.

#1 . 10.10.10

During the summer of 2010 Abyss started proclaiming that "They" were coming to take over TNA Wrestling and destroy anyone who got in their way. Sting came back to TNA claiming that everyone at TNA is being conned. He spoke in tongues by saying everyone is falling into someone's master plan. After a series of unprovoked attacks on certain TNA stars like Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy, Sting was suspended. He came back with Kevin Nash as they warned everyone that something bad was going to happen at Bound for Glory 2010. Meanwhile, Abyss went on a rampage attacking superstars and nearly killing Rob Van Dam. Abyss sunk to a new low as he held Dixie Carter hostage threatening to attack her as well. Abyss eventually let Dixie go with reasoning from Eric Bischoff. Dixie Carter demanded that TNA offices to get termination papers ready and Eric Bischoff brought her a contract and signed for Abyss to be fired right after his Monster's Ball match against Rob Van Dam at Bound for Glory 2010. The main event saw Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship. At the end of the match Eric Bischoff came down to the ring to, what appeared to be, attack Kurt Angle. Hulk Hogan came out on crutches to try and stop him which started a jaw-jacking between Hogan and Bischoff. Jeff Hardy got in between them and took away the crutches . . . only to turn around and smash a crutch across the back of Kurt Angle. He took the other and smashed it against Mr. Anderson before pining him and becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Afterwards, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss came out as they all celebrated their plan coming together. It was revealed in the following days that the contract Dixie signed was actually her signing away control of the company. Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Jeff Hardy would go on to take over TNA for the foreseeable future.

Never had a storyline with so many different pieces been put together in this fashion, and for a company that was never known for producing good, long-term stories, had created this amazing story that had so many different variables that had a huge payoff. Easily the best story TNA had ever done and was a pleasure to watch all the way through.

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