Remodeling the Garden

Story by Serathin on SoFurry

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Another independent story, this one was originally created around the fourth of July when I asked for people to make suggestions on what demons they would like to see written about and these two were the most often voted for as part of the 10 option. Hope you enjoy!

"Derek, wake up damnit!" Gryphon yelled as he pounded on the door to his roommate's door. "This whole photo shoot thing was your idea and if you're not up in five minutes I'm going without you!"

Gryphon paused and put his ear to the door, and when he heard the sounds of furniture being scraped together he knew that he had accomplished his mission. The young brown wolf sighed and went to the bathroom to check on his looks for the twelfth time and as he looked in the mirror he couldn't help but frown. While he had played sports all throughout college, which gave him a strong physique and a decent tan from being outdoors, he had never really thought of himself as handsome. His roommate and friend since high school, however, had always looked like he had just come off some runway in Norway. It made sense that he would become a model, but when he asked him if he could join in on a group shoot it made him very nervous.

As Gryphon continued to preen he heard the click of the door opening behind him and saw his roommate lumber out half-naked. Unlike his slightly curly, short brown hair and fur and dull yellow eyes Derek's long, white hair and ice blue eyes he always looked like he had just come out of a fashion magazine. In truth it made him a little jealous, particularly when they went out to bars together and found all the ladies drift towards him and buy him drinks. But despite all that he continued to go out with him because they had been friends ever since they met during high school and the younger male had helped him out of several jams.

Finally after the last of their mutual grooming, to which Derek had picked out clothes especially to help him 'accentuate his features'. They left their apartment and drove down to the where the shoot was located, which led them from the lower income apartment complex to the much higher-end luxury houses. Derek explained to Gryphon that it wasn't uncommon for photographers to rend out such estates in order to make their models look even more high-end. As Derek continued to explain all he could do was look out at the lavish estates and wonder what he would have to do to afford to live in such a place.

"Derek, I'm starting to have second thoughts." Gryphon said as he bit his lip as they were directed towards the back of the estate to a rather expansive garden.

"Awww don't worry about it, just smile for a few hours and collect your check." Derek replied with a grin as he wrapped his arm around the other wolf's shoulders. "Trust me, this is going to be the easiest money that you ever made. Just loosen up and try to enjoy yourself."

Gryphon just swallowed hard as they were led to an open area of the garden with three short black pedestals that rose about three feet off the ground. As they got closer he could see that it was made from obsidian, the polished glassy surface seemed to shimmer in the light of the sun. Along with the stones were four other people, a horse and lizard talked to each other at one corner of the staging area while a cobra and lion worked on various poses. It was clear that the invitation that Derek had gotten had extended to the two pairs; the lizard seemed extremely nervous and rather plain with drab olive scales while the horse he stood next to not only exuded confidence but was extremely handsome and bulged with muscle, while the snake had a beautiful scale coloration of reds, blues, and greens that went from his head down his back under his shirt and pants until it reappeared under his shorts and down his legs while he carried the seductive nature of his species while the tan-furred lion with a shaggy brown mane shook slightly while he tried to pull off the poses that his friend showed him.

Gryphon and Derek went over to mingle with the others and it appeared after a few minutes that no one else was going to show up. With that concluded they waited for the photographer to show up, they all huddled around each other and mused what the shoot was going to consist of to pass time. In time he found that he had indeed figured out that the horse and naga were both models and had been asked to bring along a friend to the shoot. It confused the wolf slightly, why not just hire six models and get six high-quality individuals instead of hiring three and hoping they had similarly good-looking friends?

Just as Derek remarked that it was very unprofessional for their handler to be late they suddenly heard a voice that caused them all to turn. At the entrance of the garden were two slightly odd looking creatures, one was what looked like a mix of leopard and tiger that had spots and stripes which were colored both silver and gold against a backdrop of black fur that was almost as shiny as the stone they were next to while the other was a rather muscular fox with forest-green lines in a very ornate pattern against a more matted black fur.

"Apologies for my being late, my name is Kirdos and I am the artist for this little installation." The feline said with a bow. "Next to me is my brother Yavini, a rather gifted gardener who wanted to be in on the fun of one of my projects. I see you have all followed my instructions rather well so without further ado let us start the modeling process. Yavini will give you your costumes, please put them on as quickly as possible while I start thinking about where to put you."

As the fox came up and started handing out bits of black and white cloth to the six men the horse raised his hand. "Wait, I'm confused, I thought this was some sort of photo op thing you needed models for?" He asked before he looked down and held up his 'costume' to the light. "And what the hell is this..."

Gryphon looked at his own clothing as soon as it was given to him and felt himself blush as he realized it was little more than a black rubber thong with red markings etched into it. When he looked over at Derek he saw the wolf with a similar garment, only his was white instead of black with blue markings on it. "No way, I did not agree to this." The two heard the lion said as he tossed the loincloth to the ground. "I'm not going to prance around half-naked with a bunch of other dudes while you get off on it with your pictures."

"Well the clothes are optional if you'd rather not wear the outfit." Kirdos replied with a grin. "And to answer your question this isn't a photo shoot, you're being models for statues that will be placed within the garden. We're going for a sort of dichotomy of good and evil and I'd much rather work from living flesh then have to start out with boring lumps of stone. Now back to you, if you want to leave that's fine, but then your friend will also have to go as well. If you'll pardon my pun this is his big chance to get exposed, I promise everything will be tastefully done and in the end it won't be anything you don't ultimately agree to. Plus by the time I'm done these statues will hardly look anything like you, I guarantee it.

It appeared that the lion continued to falter his friend grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in close. Even though Gryphon couldn't hear what they were saying exactly he could assume that the cobra was telling him not to blow his big chance. After a very tense talk there was a reluctant agreement from the lion before he began to strip down. The other two seemed to have no trouble with this caveat of the deal and had already gotten completely naked and began to slide the revealing garment up their thighs by the time Gryphon turned away in mild embarrassment for staring.

Derek and Gryphon looked at each other as well, but before the white-furred wolf could say anything Gryphon began to unbutton his shirt. He knew it was his friend's big chance to get into the modeling business and he had already come this far anyway. Derek smiled and gave him a small nod before he too began to undress, and through it wouldn't have been the first time the two saw each other naked they both turned away before they pulled down their underpants. Gryphon felt strange being nude in front of so many other people and particularly out in the open as they were, even though tall hedges blocked the view he couldn't help but wonder if others were looking at him as he slid on the loincloth. Strangely his thoughts seemed to cause his arousal to grow slightly, something that caused him to blush once more since he knew his groin would be completely exposed if he grew hard right there.

Luckily Yavini came up to them and began to show them what stone they would be standing on together before he could get too worked up. As the fox brushed up close to them Gryphon's nose perked up, the other canine's fur smelt almost unnaturally of woodlands and flower gardens as the black fur brushed against him. He also could swear he felt something wiggle in the fox's palm as he patted him on the back, but he ended up chalking it to nerves as he moved on to another two subjects. As Yavini moved on he looked back one last time and Gryphon found himself staring at those dazzling green eyes that almost seemed to glow before he snapped out of it by his friend asking if he was alright.

"Alright, not bad thus far." Kirdos said as he paced between the three groups, his body moving with a fluid grace while he circled each one several times. "Let's start with you, shall we?" He moved to the horse and lizard and moved the equine further to the left. "I think we're going to have you be the demon on this one, perhaps have your friend on the ground as you tower over him."

"Great, I get to be on the bottom." The lizard joked as he laid down on the slab where the leopard-tiger told him. "Just try not to get too far up on me so I have to look up your loincloth the rest of this."

"No one says you have to look." The horse shot back before he was guided by the artist into an intimidating stance with his arms crossed and one hooved foot on the lizard's stomach. Gryphon couldn't help but smile at the two's playful attitude and wanted to make sure he took a leaf out of it when it was their turn.

The others watched as Kirdos maneuvered the lizard so that one arm was reached out to the horse and told him to have a look like he was begging for mercy. "Perfect, you guys are natural." Kirdos said with a grin as he took a step back. "Feel free to really get into your roles, a demon stallion hovering over the angelic dragon that he had just conquered who now begs for his life. You can even move a little if you want as long as you keep to the spirit of the poses I gave you, feel free to make it as dynamic as possible."

"Heh, angel 'dragon', right." The lizard replied with a chuckle. "Hope you got a vivid imagination there Kirdos."

"You'd be surprised." Was all Kirdos replied as he moved onto the next two. "Mmmm, I like this pairing, the brave, strong lion guardian angel versus the demon naga in a fight for paradise. This time I want the lion right... here." he put his hands on the lion and pushed him into a fighting stance, the lion's eyes went wide as the other feline put a hand on his rump to adjust his posture. It looked like he wanted to say something but before he could the black-furred feline moved onto his modeling partner. "Now you are the original snake in the garden, and when this pure guardian makes a move you decide to do the same in a much more seductive manner, so go ahead and turn to your side like you're dodging him and about to wrap him in your 'coils'."

"A naga huh, that would be quite the creature to be." The cobra replied with a chuckle as he leaned in around his friend. "Have that big snake tail to wrap around you... be the world's biggest hug." Even though the lion looked slightly uncomfortable to Gryphon it appeared the cobra got into it to the point where he opened his mouth to show his 'fangs'.

As those two began to settle into their role Kirdos moved on to the two wolves, which caused Gryphon to gulp slightly. "Don't worry, I don't bite." The leopard-tiger said with a smirk as his hands grabbed onto the wolf, which caused an electric tingle to run through his body. "Two wolves, I think I want to make you two the exception to the rule that demons and angels have to fight. I want your white-furred companion to be the angel who is leading his best demon friend, you, to crouch in front with you behind him. Think of it like you're friends on the look-out, you guys are friends right? Friends that do anything for each other?"

Gryphon nodded hesitantly and let the feline guide him until he was behind his friend who was crouched in front of him. It seemed easy enough to him and he put his hand on Derek's shoulder while they both looked out in the distance. He heard his friend joke that they were just getting paid to do what comes naturally which caused him to chuckle. While they continued to jab back and forth about their situation they failed to notice their feet grow stiff, Gryphon's fur turning a shiny black while Derek's fur grew even brighter until it turned semi-transparent.

When it appeared that Kirdos was satisfied with their pose he danced back to the middle of the field and looked them over from a distance. All three groups had started to have a similar predicament as they posed for the artist, those that were deemed the 'angels' of the group had their fur or scale turn white while the 'demons' had the same obsidian hue as the base they stood on begin to creep up their bodies. The most affected was the lizard whose body was sprawled out on the stone, his entire back had become a brilliant white moonstone and small bumps had formed out of his back. Despite the creeping substance on their body none of the models seemed to realize what was happening.

"I'm not... completely satisfied." Kirdos said as he rubbed his fingers on his chin. "I think a few changes are in order."

Gryphon turned his head and broke character to see the leopard-tiger work, curious on what he was going to do next. For some reason he found it hard to keep his eyes off of the artist as he went up to the stallion and lizard. They had really gotten into their roles, the stallion sneered down and taunted the lizard as he continued to plead and get for his life. As Gryphon continued to stare at the lizard he wondered when he got the make-up on him, especially since half his body looked like it was carved out of polished stone and he now had a pair of horns on his head. His muzzle and head also looked more... angular, like the dragons of old, which made him wonder if Yavini had applied it during the downtime even though the fox hadn't seemed to move.

Kirdos stood there for a minute and watched the two interact, then snapped his fingers. "I got it, it's the violence." The leopard-tiger realized. "The dominance is fantastic but I'm not a fan of the potential death, let's switch it up a bit. Let's have our Nightmare demon be insinuating that now that he has defeated the dragon angel he wants something a bit... more from him. Then let's go ahead and have the angel be interested but coy in wanting something like that since it obviously would go against his mission."

"I think I can do that." The horse said with a grin. As he flared his nostrils Gryphon could swear that he saw a plume of smoke come out of them, but what was even more interesting was when the stallion bared his teeth and revealed a rather impressive pair of fangs as he leaned down with a spiky obsidian hoof. "What do you say my little draconic angel slut, ready for the ride of a life?"

"Just because you've conquered me in combat doesn't mean you can conquer my body!" The lizard said in mock defiance as he arched back, which caused Gryphon to look away slightly when he saw that the reptile had begun to tent his loincloth to the point where the white leather had begun to be pushed aside by the burgeoning flesh. "Though you certainly have the weapon to do so." The wolf couldn't believe his ears at such a lewd turn their roleplaying took, it made him glad that he had the friendly pose. Although he did have to admit the two did look like they were having a lot of fun acting the parts, something that caused his own groin to stir as he looked back again.

With Kirdos satisfied with his first two models he had already moved over to the cobra and lion. The reluctant lion seemed to get further into his role as he pushed against his friend and growled at him, the reptile grinning as he dodged from side to side and continued to goad him. "Mmmm I like the dynamic here but I think we need to shift the power." The leopard-tiger said as he pushed the cobra's legs together and shifted him around. "While the lion is certainly king of the jungle I want our naga to be the one who's in control. You think you can ensnare that kitty in those big coils and beautiful eyes of yours, my lovely naga, and take charge of his body?"

"Yesss, I certainly will." The cobra hissed as he curled around his friend as best he could, the lion looking back at him as he was prompted to stretch his body up before the cobra grabbed him by the wrists and held him in the air. "I always was the more dominant one, wasn't I?"

As Gryphon watched the uncertainty and trepidation seemed to melt away from the lion's face as the two stared at each other eye to eye. "I..." the lion started to say as the cobra started to sway back and forth, the big cat's eyes became glassy as his vision seemed glued to the red eyes of the serpent. "I... your eyes... I never knew demons eyes could be so... beautiful..." Neither of them noticing that the same obsidian and moonstone that affected their fellow models had crept its way up to their torsos. While the feline's legs stayed in a similar shape, save for a bit more muscle tone and better sculpted then before, the obsidian that enveloped the cobra's legs had started to fuse the limbs together into one thick appendage that seemed to stretch the male out. Gryphon was amazed he hadn't seen such a feet before, especially since despite the rigidity of it the long tail seemed to have some movement to it still as it wrapped around the lion's feet and legs.

"Now for you two." The two wolves suddenly heard as Gryphon realized that Kirdos had already moved to their position. "Your poses are good but you're a little too static. Why don't we have our demon holding his angelic counterpart back like he had just saved him from some horrible fate. Like this..." without warning Kirdos took Derek and stood him up before he pushed him back, which prompted Gryphon to catch him in his arms. "Perfect."

The two wolves looked at each other and sort of grinned sheepishly; the two had never shared any kind of body contact of that nature but thankfully it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling for either of them. "I always knew you would be there to catch me." Derek commented with a bit of a chuckle.

"I always will my little angel wolf." Gryphon said back, and though he knew that they were just roleplaying for the benefit of the eccentric leopard-tiger artist the words felt natural, like he's said it to him many times before. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kirdos begin to walk back to his green and black-furred fox counterpart and was about to ask when they would receive the same treatments that the others got when he looked down at himself and gasped. He saw that both his and his friend's body looked statuesque from mid-chest down, everything down to individual strands of fur appeared to be covered in the strange material. When he tapped one of his toes against the other it confirmed his thoughts as he heard the unmistakable sound of solid stone tapping against stone.

"Derek... something weird is going on..." Gryphon whispered into his wolf's ear as he held the mostly moonstone covered wolf, "look down at yourself."

Derek finally looked down at his friend's prompting, the dream-like look on his face evaporated as he saw that his entire body from the chest down had been converted to shiny moonstone. Even as he watched the mineral continued to creep its way over his fur, encasing each strand as the muscles underneath twitched and swelled. Neither canine had realized it but everywhere the stone had already enveloped their forms their stature had grown, Gryphon's own athletic physique had been modified until it looked like it belonged to a professional athlete and in certain areas he could see where the bone had grown out into spike-like protrusions.

Just as both wolves had looked at each other in silent agreement to leave they suddenly heard the feline hybrid shout for them to hold their positons. Gryphon suddenly felt every muscle in his body freeze and even though he couldn't look down out of the corner of his eye he saw that Derek appeared to be the same way. As the obsidian transformation crept up his neck and sculpted the muscles into a perfect physique the wolf felt his breath catch in his throat, then slowly flow out of his nostrils without any ability to bring fresh air in. At first he feared that they would suffocate but when he didn't even feel the telltale panic of not having oxygen he relaxed. Now that he was aware of his body changing he could feel the muscles in his back begin to swell and the skin push out into a brand new pair of appendages; even though he couldn't see his own he saw and felt Derek's as the skin and muscle peeled back into a pair of beautiful feathered moonstone wings. As the blackness swept up over Gryphon's head he suddenly felt... peaceful, his entire stone body relaxing as it supported itself while a pair of obsidian horns pushed their way out from behind the last flesh and fur of his ears before that was assimilated completely too...

"Beautiful, simply beautiful." Kirdos said with a smirk as he let his guise finally drop, his own fur melted into itself until he appeared to be a living obsidian statue himself with his spots and fur etched with silver. His eyes blanched until they completely turned white, then even that disappeared until they turned into a transparent, dazzling diamond color as he examined his three newest creations.

The first one, which the demon dubbed 'the overwhelming nightmare' in his mind, was by far the most intense of the three. The huge horse demon loomed over his draconic prey, his eyes glowing like fire as he loomed over the white stone dragon that had a hand against the equine's muscular chest while their hard erections were mere inches away from touching one another. When Kirdos snapped his fingers the two statues came to life, a plume of smoke rose out of the flared nostrils of the former horse as he knelt down, his spiked hooves on the inside of the lithe muscles of the dragon's legs as their bodies got closer together. As the flared head of the cock got closer to the dragon's tailhole Kirdos looked over at Yavini and nodded in approval.

Yavini nodded back, his own guise dropped as well which revealed the black and green furred fox to appear more like a living plant. Vines that were wrapped around his body in an intricate pattern reared up in the air before they dived down into the ground. When the tips reappeared again they had started to crawl up the obsidian base where the stone demon had just pushed the tip of his pulsing member into his former friend whose face was a mix of lust and submission. The vines quickly wrapped themselves around the Nightmare's knelt leg and the moonstone dragon's entire body, both males blissfully unaware of the foreign plants on their bodies even as they spread over their muscles and had begun to creep into their mouths.

Even though they were both living statues their bodies yielded as well as flesh, Gryphon observed as his frozen body made him unable to do anything but watch. Had he not undergone the same transformation he would have thought it some sort of hyper-realistic effect or makeup the models had. As the vines continued to entangle around the two rutting creatures they formed a strange pseudo-bondage on them, larger ones wrapped around their bucking hips as the former stallion turned demon horse thrusted as deeply as he could while restrained. When it appeared that Kirdos had seen enough he snapped his fingers again and the two creatures were once more immobilized in mid-thrust, their faces frozen with looks of pure joy as the demon leopard-tiger moved on to the middle statues.

"Hmmm, certainly a lot going on with this one." Kirdos commented as he ran a hand along the coil of the demonic naga wrapped around the divine lion's body. If Gryphon could have his eyes would have widened in surprise at the sight; the once tall, pretty cobra morph had grown into a fourteen foot long, beautifully muscled obsidian naga with a line of spikes that ran down from his hood all the way to the tip of his tail. The lion had likewise lost his shy, awkward demeanor and small form as a feline built like a barbarian warrior was bound from the waist down by the naga's body, his moonstone wings pinned to his back as several more coils had been wrapped around him to restrain him while still showing off his new, beautiful physique. "Let's see it in action."

As soon as the obsidian leopard-tiger snapped his fingers the lion began his struggles once more, though the more the wolf watched the more it appeared that the warrior angel male was actually bucking backwards. As the naga shifted his body around to meet their muzzles in a rough kiss Gryphon could see why, the naga statue's maleness was buried deeply in the shiny moonstone backside of the lion as his coils were sandwiched around the feline's own erection. With every undulation of the naga's body the muscles ripped around the lion's form and caused him to shudder in pleasure as he tried to milk as much stimulation from the other male as possible.

"That's right, my prey." The naga hissed in amusement as the lion continued to writhe against him. "Continue to pleasure me like this and I may even consider letting you go eventually, though I doubt you'll ever want to leave my coils anymore."

"I'll have you yet, fiend, I will not succumb until I'm the one binding you!" The lion replied as he pushed back once more, his furry moonstone legs quivering within the obsidian coils as he pushed the thick snake rod inside him even more. Despite their apparent rivalry the two appeared to be enjoying themselves thoroughly as the naga slid his upper body down and buried his scaly muzzle in the coils that had trapped the lion's cock. The angel warrior's eyes snapped shut and he let out a loud, defiant moan as the naga engulfed his maleness with his fanged mouth and began to play with the sensitive member with his forked tongue.

"I think I'm going to call this one 'An Angel demonically bound by pride'." Kirdos mused as he snapped once more and locked the two in an eternal embrace. "The shy ones do make the most enticing subjects. When you wrap these two up try to get between the naga's coils, I want both their bodies covered for the presentation and especially lock them in that kiss of theirs."

The plant demon fox just nodded and this time spread out his arms, the vines on them uncoiled like snakes and wrapped around the two stone creatures' head and necks in a style of plant hood for two. Before Gryphon could watch them more his attention was suddenly turned to the fact that Kirdos now stood in front of them. "This one is going to be a bit tricky I think." The demon muttered to himself as he circled around them. "I want this one to be an accoutrement to the other two, something that isn't the typical angel vs. demon. The friend thing is nice but hard to display, I want something that shows that the two creatures are not all that different from each other. A true bond formed... wait, I got it!"

Kirdos grinned and snapped his fingers and Gryphon could suddenly move again, and judging by the sudden movement in his arms Derek was able to as well. The obsidian wolf flapped his new demonic wings experimentally as he tried to help his friend up, only to find that he couldn't get free. Both gasped as Derek reached behind him and his hand sank into Gryphon's six-pack like it was putty, the white moonstone splotching the other wolf's stone fur as the wing that was pressed against his chest started to do the same. Even though in the back of his mind both wolves knew they should be freaking out it was almost too surreal for them to comprehend.

"Looks like we'll be together forever after all." Gryphon commented before he even realized the words left his mouth, able to see better then Derek what was happening. As his own arm sank into Derek's side he felt the material flow into him and caused him to grow even bigger than before. His cock, which had already begun to tent the skimpy loincloth, swelled with length and girth as Derek's body was absorbed into him.

"I know we shouldn't do this, that we shouldn't want this." Derek said as his left shoulder merged with Gryphon's to the point where they could look at each other. "You're an angel, I'm a demon, but this feels so right that I don't want to stop it." The words confused Gryphon but seemed to make more and more sense as their stone bodies continued to knit together. Hadn't he always been a demon, he and his friend defying rules to be with his angel companion that he felt more kinship to then his own kind?

The scenario seemed to cement itself into Gryphon's mind as he felt one of his wings stick to the moonstone feathers of Derek's that had slid onto their shared backs, his appendage completely encased by the liquid stone until they had one of each wing on their communal form. As he looked down he wondered if their heads, either on top of their necks or nestled between their groins, would also share the same fate but both seemed to stay separate. As their bodies settled they had become a two headed wolf creature, half obsidian and half moonstone with their respective longer cocks jutting out from their shared hips. Neither wolf could help themselves as their paws reached over and began to stroke the other's erection, causing their massive body to flex and their heads to growl as they jacked each other off.

"Truly an inspired work." Kirdos said as he watched Yavini's tentacles slither their way up the meaty legs of the merged demon-angel and push into their unused tailhole between their thick cheeks, causing them both to yelp before the demon leopard-tiger froze them like that. As the rest of the vines traced their way along the muscular form until they wrapped around their muzzles and pushed into their mouths, noses, and ears. "I can't wait for the others to see this, especially when I can finally allow them to move within your bindings."

"And what will you do when the party is over?" Yavini asked once he was finished with his work.

"Same thing I do to all my masterpieces, ask if they would like to become permanent additions to my realm." Kirdos replied. "I think they would be more than happy to continue their existence as my decorations, and I do have a lot of space to remodel..."

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