A Hut in The Rain

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It's been a long while... a very long while. And while I deem this safe to post, I don't particularly like this piece myself.. Anyways, I'll leave it for you to decide!

This story contains mature content, including:

Forced Sex between an Adult and a Minor

Implication of Murder

Minor Mention of Blood


Lightning flashed in the cloud filled night sky, the momentary bright light illuminating the world for just one moment, but in that moment, revealed to three men a small, ramshackle hut hidden in between a few trees. Not anything special, but when the rain was pouring down, shelter was nothing to be complained about. As the men began to head towards it, thunder crashed, it's crackling boom echoing through the trees.

Hidden inside the hut, a young kit cringed away from the window, curling up tighter in the blanket he had around himself, clinging to it and moving closer to the fire, shivering from the water that was still soaked into his fur and his clothing. He whimpered while he stared into the fire, and curled his toes towards the fire as he squirmed anxiously where he sat.

He looked up when he heard noises that weren't consistent with the rain, his ears perking and his tail curling slowly around his leg as he desperately moved into the shadows, covering himself further with his blanket and trying to avoid any sort of light.

"Thank the gods." One of the men said as he entered into the hut, slowly lowering his hood to reveal a wolf's face, his black fur matted down with water, his yellow eyes glowing from their sockets as he stripped his cloak off and dropped it to the side, his eyes glaring towards the fire. "Looks like someone already claimed this hut." he added as he casually slumped to the ground next to it, one resting on his knee while he curled the other beneath his body.

"Whoever it was is no longer here," another voice said, this one slightly higher and the fur to use it dropping his hood to reveal a hyena, his cloak joining the wolf's next to the fire as he squatted near the fire, rummaging around in his pack to bring out dried meat wrapped in wax paper, the contents passed between himself and the wolf. "It's ours now," he said simply, fingering the dagger at his waist as he chewed on the meat, staring into the steadily flickering flames.

The final, and largest man, dropped to his knees near the fire and chuckled softly as he stripped his cloak from his body, "Perhaps the person who made it will come back," he said as he poked at the flames, "We could certainly use some entertainment." Without the cloak, the kit in the corner could see that the final man was a bear, his muscular body hidden by a simple loincloth, unlike the others who were fully clothed.

"Big talk coming from a monk," the wolf said as changed positions, now lounging lazily on his side with his paw propping his head up. "But a nice, warm, bitch would be nice right about now." he said, licking his lips as he spoke. "And a mug of ale..." he murmured. "I wish that last town hadn't run us out..." he said, a faraway look in his eyes.

After this, the talk diminished, the men around the fire staring into the flames with an odd gleam. A while passed with no sound being made but the tapping of the rain on the roof and the almost gleeful crackling of the fire, distant thunder occasionally rumbling, but not nearly as loud as the first blast the kit had heard.

The young fox almost lost his cool when the bear suddenly grunted and stood, his arms stretching above his head as he stood. "Say Amani," he said, looking towards the hyena, "Think you could do me a favor?" the bear murmured, his paw fondling himself through the poorly secured loincloth at his waist.

A growl emanated from the hyena's throat as he quickly stood, his paw going to the long hunting dagger at his waist, "Not again I won't." he said, his eyes glaring daggers at the bear, "I didn't even want to the first time I did you a 'favor.'" the hyena growled, his tail flicking behind him.

The bear made a threatening move towards the hyena and the fox flinched his eyes beneath his blanket, trying to hide the violence from sight and in doing so, shifted his body, making a small, almost inaudible noise and slightly budging a bucket sitting near him. He froze at the noise and clutched the blanket closer for a moment, holding his breath as he waited to see if the men heard him, and let out a very shaky breath as the bear continued without pause.

"You enjoyed it well enough!" the bear growled darkly as he towered over the hyena, his dark brown eyes seeming to suck in light as he made his stance as threatening as he could. "You came quickly enough..." he added.

"You had a whore sucking me the whole time!" Amani shouted, taking a swipe at the bear with his knife, the bear swiftly stepping back to dodge it.

"You dare swing that at me?" the bear shouted, beginning to pull his fist back.

"Boys, boys. Calm yourselves." The wolf said from where he was lounging, an amused smirk on his face as he stood up slowly, "I believe we have a means for our entertainment without forcing young Amani here to demean himself again." the wolf added with a chuckle.

The fox couldn't help it this time. He let out an audible whimper which even the hyena, farthest from him, could hear. They all turned towards him and he cowered further into his blanket as the wolf moved over to him. "Come out now, little one." the wolf said with a chuckle as he reached into the blanket and pulled the fox out by the scruff of his neck.

The fox squealed and began to kick as he was pulled free of the blanket and then whimpered loudly when the wolf slapped him across the face. "None of that now..." the wolf said with a smile as he brought the fox to the fire and sat back down, holding the fox almost affectionately in his lap. "Come now little one..." he said as the fox shivered furiously, "Calm yourself... my name is Ar'tien" he said, "The kindly hyena across the way is Amani," he added, the hyena grinning quite maliciously in response, "and the very kind bear next to him is called By-uga."

The fox whimpered as he eyed each one in turn, shivering now even though the warmth of the fire and the wolf's proximity was more than enough to heat his young body. He did not respond to any of the wolf's words, his eyes wide with fear and other than his shaking body, no movements being made. "Come now, little one." Ar'tien said, his paws beginning to rub the fox's young body slowly, "Don't be so rude... we are simply introducing ourselves... tell us your name." he whispered the last part into the fox's ear, following up with a bit of a nibble afterwards.

"A-allayvin." the fox whimpered as he looked at the ground, his young body shivering.

"Allayvin eh?" the wolf said with a smile, "That's a name from the desert people without a doubt! What is one so young doing down here?" the wolf said, stroking a single finger through the fox's orange fur and then down to the hem of his shirt, "Well, Allayvin- can I call you Allay?- let's get these clothes off of you... they're awfully wet." the wolf whispered.

"No!" the fox whimpered, clinging to the shirt. The hyena cackled and the wolf sighed softly, gripping the fox's paw and pulling it off of the shirt before ripping the cloth off of the fox's body.

"You are not in much of a position to be arguing right now, my boy..." he whispered softly into the fox's ear as he began to untie the laces on the boy's breeches, the pants coming off easily after the laces were undone, leaving the boy naked to the others eyes.

"A girl would have been nice," By-uga murmured as he untied the loincloth entirely and let it drop, revealing a large, already erect male hood, the pent up bear stroking it with a bit of a wink as he said, "But he should be rather tight," the bear said, emphasizing his words with a lewd flick of his cock.

Ar'tien chuckled softly and set the fox on his knees, standing slowly and untying his own breeches, freeing his length and letting it flop out in front of him. "Now, now By-uga. We don't want to break him. Amani will take him first since he is the smallest... for now," the wolf said, casually stroking his length against the fox's maw, "let's see how his maw is. Open it boy," the wolf snapped this last at the fox and waited impatiently for the fox to comply.

When he did, the wolf promptly pressed his semi-flaccid length in, the wolf's fat length stuffing the young one's maw. The fox gagged at the taste, tears leaking down his face as he tasted the musky length and was made to inhale the wolf's scent, feeling a warm paw on his rump and flinching. "Hush now," Amani said in response to the flinch, the hyena having stripped his clothing off to reveal his slender body as he pressed himself up against the fox, "It will go much better for you if you relax," he coo'd, "I don't want to hurt you... I just want to fuck you." he said with a chuckle.

The fox felt more tears leaking down his cheek as Amani pressed his length beneath the boy's tail, his body shuddering in fear at the first touch of the hyena's tip to his tail, struggling not to clench his teeth on the cock in his maw as the hyena began to apply pressure, the wolf still casually thrusting into his maw, the wolf's fat length slowly growing still, his length getting fatter and longer as it grew.

"Fuck," Amani said with a grunt as he applied more and more pressure, finally getting his tip into the young fox's hole and groaning happily as he sank two inches in immediately with the thrust, his short but fat cock teasing the boy's hole with the tip, "He's tight!" the hyena hissed while the fox squealed loudly around the wolf's length, "I almost couldn't get in." The hyena added, cackling afterwards while he began to push in farther.

The bear chuckled loudly as he stepped up beside the wolf, teasing his cock against the fox's ear as the wolf slowly thrust a few inches in and out of the cub's maw. "If you had a hard time getting in, I'm worried about my chances," the bear said with a smirk at the fox, "You feel that in your hole little one?" he asked with a wink, "Mine is about... three times the size," he said with a chuckle, brandishing his fat length at the kit.

The wolf sighed and slipped out of his maw, "You can have your turn, I don't want to blow too soon," he said with a wink at the fox, letting the bear step in front of him.

By-uga chuckled happily and gripped the fox by the head, his fat cock teasing the kit's lips for a moment, "I'm not going to go easy like Ar'tien... I expect you to go deep." he said darkly, pressing his cock in hard, and groaning as he forced his way down the cub's throat, the cub gagging loudly around it as it was slowly pushed in. "Fuck! This is a good maw!" the bear said with a grunt as he thrust balls deep into the kit before pulling his cock free so just the tip was there, tears leaking quickly down the fox's face.

Just as the young one was getting a chance to breathe, Amani made his move, slamming his hips forward roughly and driving the rest of his length into the kit, six inches of hyena cock burying itself beneath the fox's tail all of a sudden. The fox, unprepared for this new torment, squealed in pain even as he was forced farther down onto that bear's cock again, the fat cock pressing right back into his throat as By-uga pressed back down.

The fox squirmed weakly, his young body wriggling anxiously as he gagged on the bears length with each thrust, his breath taken up by squealing caused by the rough humping of the hyena behind him when the bear's cock cleared his throat. "Got a good ass too.." the hyena said, cackling again without taking a moment to rest as he thrust, "Nice and tight..."

The fox suddenly felt the bear's big paws on his head and the cock forcing its way down his throat once more, gagging hard on the length as he felt it throbbing in his throat, hot bear seed pouring down his throat at first, and then into his maw as the bear pulled back slowly, filling his maw and holding it shut around the tip of his length, "Swallow my seed boy.." he growled softly to the kit, his paw squeezing the kit's head, making him whimper before he swallowed, the slimy contents of his maw sliding down his throat, making him gag again, but swallow it he did. "Good boy..." the bear said teasingly, sliding his cock from the boy's maw and wiping it on his cheek before he stepped back, stretching his arms above his head and grunting.

"Done already?" Ar'tien asked, the wolf raising an eyebrow and smirking from where he leaned against the wall, the flickering fire only illuminating the bottom half of his face as he stood up straight and cracked his neck while walking forward.

"I was pent up," the bear said defensively before he winked mischievously at the wolf and then groped himself in the fox's direction, "I'll go longer in round two," he said, grinning down at the fox. "For now though," the bear said, walking over to the door of the hut and peaking out, "The rain has slowed down... and nature calls!" he said, "I'll be back! Keep him warm and don't make him too sloppy!"

With that, the bear took a swift exit, leaving the fox alone in the hut with the wolf and the still grunting hyena, the male holding the fox's hips as he pumped away at his young bottom, the wolf chuckling as he knelt in front of the fox. "Having fun little one?" he said with a grin.

"N-no," the fox said, each thrust of the hyena's length still making him whimper softly and clench his paws on the wooden floor, "W-why are you doing this to me?" he said, his young, high pitched voice raspy from a sore throat and made watery by the tears that poured down his cheeks.

The hyena cackled again when he heard this, emphasizing the cruelty of it by giving a particularly hard thrust, pulling the fox's hips back roughly to meet it to make it all the worse. The wolf just smiled, in a "don't think that way" kind of manner. "We aren't doing anything to you," he said with a lazy smile, his cock still throbbing between his legs as he chuckled, "We're just... having some fun." the wolf said, his tail flicking casually behind him as he patted the young boy on his belly.

"I-it hurts," the boy whimpered as he squirmed desperately, trying to pull away from the hyena, only to have the hyena's teeth close tightly on his neck, the hyena letting out a muffled howl as he did so, his hips slapping hard into the boy's rump as he reached his orgasm, the fox boy whimpering loudly from the bite and the sudden warmth in his tail.

"It's about to get a whole lot worse..." the wolf said with a grin as the hyena finished filling him and the wolf stepped over to replace him where he knelt, the wolf's paws now firmly gripping the fox's hips as he teased his immature, cum dripping hole with the tip of his larger cock.

As this happened, and the fox whimpered both in fear and in lingering pain, the hyena cackled once more, wiping his cock lewdly against the kit's face before saying, "I'm going to go find By-uga.. he's taking a long time."

"Be safe..." Ar'tien chuckled darkly as he began to push in, giving no more attention to the hyena as he exited the building, closing his teeth firmly on the fox's neck, just hard enough to break the skin as he pushed his length in firmly, giving the fox no time to rest or get used to the wolf's larger lengths, ten inches of wolf cock spearing the young thing open.

As the cock spread him deeper, the soft squeal emanating from his muzzle got louder, the pain intensifying slowly and burning deep inside him as he desperately tried to get away, never moving much because of the teeth holding onto his neck and the claws digging into his hips, the wriggling of his young body only exciting the wolf further as he pressed himself in to the hilt.

"Damn.. Amani was right, even after he had a go you're still tight as fuck!" he said with a grunt as he ground himself in firmly against the fox's rump, breathing heavily into his ear, "How does it feel, little one? To be spread by a real cock?" he added, this time, his voice a deep growl as he slowly began to thrust, his hips pulling out ever so slightly to then slam back in roughly, his hips smacking the smaller's males with a fleshy slap.

"I-it hurts," he sobbed out, his shoulders shaking as he felt the wolf's cock pumping into him, his tail still burning from the sudden penetration and the continued agitation, feeling every inch of that length pulling out and pressing quickly back in. "P-please stop," he sobbed, clenching his eyes shut and clutching harder at the floors and flicking his tail anxiously.

"Why should I?" the wolf growled softly, the small bit of gentleness he had had before gone as his thrusts got harder and longer, his length leaving more of the kit now and his hips slapping down harder, his chest slowly pushing on the boy's back til the fox was laying on his stomach on the floor, his face pressed against the wood as the wolf drove his hips brutally into him. "I'm bigger than you, and you're all alone.." he growled softly, his teeth nipping hard at the fox's ear. "So again... why should I stop?" he growled, his knot slowly beginning to form as he fucked the smaller male.

There was a flash in the fire light and suddenly all movement stopped, the wolf's breathing catching in his throat as he felt cold metal pressed hard against the side of his neck. "Because I say you should." It was a new voice that hadn't been heard yet, and at it's sound, the fox let out a watery sigh of release through one of his shaky sobs. "Pull out of him slowly, and then leave and I won't have to do anything drastic..."

The voice came from another fox, the fur on his face pure white and glowing in the flickering fire light, and the blade in his paw made of clean, clear metal that was stained slightly with rather fresh seeming blood. "Now now..." Ar'tien said, a hint of nervousness tinging his voice as he slowly pulled out of the fox, "No need for violence... I'll share him willin..." he started to say, but was cut off by harder pressure on the blade.

"Get out." the larger fox growled softly, his armor clinking as he shifted his position for more leverage on the wolf's new position. "This is not the opening bargain in a negotiation, nor is it, in the slightest, a mutual exchange. Get off of him, and leave, or I'll slit your throat like I did the hyenas."

That made Ar'tien's eyes widen, his eyes going to the blood on the blade before flicking back up to the fox's face. He slowly pulled out, his body moving almost mechanically, every movement planned so that he wouldn't cut himself on the blade of the sword. The young fox twitch, groaned, and whined as the wolf pulled out of him, his immature tail hole gaping and dripping with pinkish froth.

He shuddered on the ground where he lay as the elder fox ushered the wolf out of the building at sword point, the blade never leaving the wolf's neck for more than a second. When the naked wolf was out of the building, the door shut behind him, the fox quickly turned and dropped to his knees besides the younger fox.

"My prince, I apologize." he said, his voice filled with mixed anxiety and uncertainty that hadn't shown through when he first spoke. "I got lost in the rain and..." he started to add, his words getting quicker while he dry washed his paws anxiously, his tail a constant blur of movement behind him.

"It's ok," the young male said, cutting him off before he could finish, slowly sitting up and wincing with every small movement. "G-give me the wash water," he said nervously as he stood up, rubbing his back side and whimpering at every other movement.

"Allow me," the elder said as he got to his knees behind the kit, reaching into the pack at his side for his water skin and a strip of cloth, getting the cloth wet before gently wiping at the kit's backside, the young one wincing with each touch. "A-are you hurt in any other ways?" he asked nervously as he did so, the prince's alleviating tone not seeming to put him at ease at all.

"Brayson, you always protect me so..." he said as he squirmed slowly, sighing softly as the other stopped rubbing at his body. "I'll be bruised in a few places," he said softly, wincing as he turned and sat facing the fire, staring into the flames, "And..." the usually confident young male said, "I might be a bit paranoid for a little while," he added, his voice still calm and the fur on his face matted by tears.

Brayson sighed softly and got a fresh cloth from his bag, wetting it down before gently wiping at the young prince's face until it was clean and then setting it all to the side, holding the water skin out for the kit to take a drink and then saying, "It's my job to protect you Allayvin." His voice was nothing but a murmur and a paw was slowly rubbing at his shoulder, "When I don't do my job, I should feel bad.. feel guilty." he murmured.

Allayvin looked at the older male and flicked his tail before he wandered over to the three strangers packs, still sitting there. "You did protect me Brayson," he said as he looked through them, pulling a cloak from one of the bags and sniffing at it to ensure that it was clean before he wrapped it around himself and shivered. "If you really want to make me feel safe," he said as he walked back over to the fire and sat down, "Then hold me," he said, showing a child's insecurity for the first time since the older male had shown up.

Brayson nodded and reached out, pulling the prince in close to his body and resting his cheek on top of the prince's head, his tail flicking slowly behind him, "Sleep my prince." he said after a moment, squeezing him against his chest, "You have nothing to worry about now," he added, nuzzling against the younger male slowly and laying back near the fire.

Allayvin stared into the flames as he pressed himself back against the elder fox's chest. "Good night Brayson..." he murmured softly as he wriggled slowly into the cloak, eyes closing and body aching, but otherwise at peace as he drifted slowly to sleep.


That's it! A bit of an abrupt ending and I wish I could have found a way to make the sex longer, but I just couldn't get into the scene itself... that being said, any feedback is, as usual, appreciated! I'm also considering a continuation through the eyes of Ar'tien... but I make no promises.

Thank you for reading!

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