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A small glimpse at a story I been hiding in my head for about 10-15 years now, long before i even got into the furry fandom. It started off as a small, self insert fantasy, but it's lore grew and evolved with me over the years as i met various people and was inspired by many things that effected my life, such as games, music and RL events.

I also want to use this story to flesh out my main female characters, the species called Curesti (Luiku, Fraisa, Mintia, ect ) whom, while they are only a small cog in a grand scheme of events, each have a very deep backstory, one that i will eventually expose over time, hoping to change how people look at them.

Mind you, for the people that RP'ed with me with those women, they might be in for a small shock of how i portray these girls character. This is about 10 years before they became the more lighthearted, sexually charged ladies you see in my galleries.

Same thing goes for the Lanif in this teaser. That isn't the Lanif I RP as, but the one they mention after is the Lanif you know about.

Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy! If enough people are interested, I will write the story, as well as other bits of canon that revolves around the Core Nova franchise.

10 years before now...

_ _

"It's quite a shame, really..."

That was all I could think of saying as I watched Lanif fall to his knees, struggling to stand as his body burned and froze and bleed out from piercing arrows. The young male opened his mouth to speak, but as with all the other variations, this Lanif said the same dying words as all the rest;

"B...b-but...why..." and away went his last breath. If this was my first time killing him, I would have felt guilty, remorseful, even ashamed like I have been in the past. But now, I could only look with disinterest as the dark skinned human crashed onto the blades of grass, silent and unmoving.

And it really was a crying shame, too. This one had potential: Mere minutes ago he saved his entire universe from a tyrannical god, and even before then took the long journey of being the lowest solider in a military school that trained in magic and weaponry to taking down the very elite in the world. But, rules were rules, especially if it came from her; search every multiverse and every existence for the right version of Lanif, and eliminate all the rest that fail to meet her quota.

"This is gettin' ridiculous" Grumbled Luiku, a ebony skinned mare with spiky, boyish white hair as she gripped her twin daggers in frustration, heat emanating from her body and flowing into the blades. She was the one who inflicted the scorching burns on the late Lanif. "We've been goin' at this for years, and we still haven't found the right one! We musta've killed at least a thousand by now-"

"Three thousand, darling." I quickly correct, making the equine's face twitch in annoyance at my interruption.

"What...?" She turned her attention to me, looking ready to put that frustration me. But I pay her no mind. She was a real hot-head, pun intended, and in the past she would have already tried to cut me down for even being near her, and even though we're still not in the best of terms, we both knew that fighting each other would be a waste of time. We were too evenly matched, and any act of violence against each other would simply incur the wrath of her. Even Luiku wasn't going to let her sadistic bloodlust risk that.

"Three thousand, one hundred and seventy-one. And including now, we just erased Lanif 3-1-7-2 from our list." My monotone, matter of fact vocals visibly irritate the mare, but she just rolls her eyes and squats, looking down at the now deceased Lanif.

"Tch, always the smartass, Fraisa..." She digs her left dagger against the ground, making the grass around it wither and burn, the ground turning charcoal black until the flames gets near me, my presence freezing the flames into a beautiful, sparkling sculpture of fire.

Hey, someone has to keep track for the three of us.

Yes, three of us, not including the male. While I and Luiku bickered about our growing list of killing different versions of the same person with little more than boredom and uninterest, there was another, a blue furred panda-skunk named Mintia, who made up for our lack of sympathy. As my chilling hammer and Luiku's burning blades toyed with this world's recent hero, Mintia's arrows struck with pinpoint accuracy on all of Lanif 3-1-7-2's vital spots, making his death as short and painless as possible. And even while he lays dead on the ground, the tender little healer did all she could to make sure that at least his spirit had rest, a soft golden glow emanating from her palms onto the ruined corpse. It's funny, really. This is the same Mintia me and Luiku struggled to subdue together, the same one that took..._questionable_interest on inflicting pain and destruction to others for her own hedonistic pleasure.

But I shouldn't judge, as none of us were good girls during ours pasts before we were forced to work together. We each played our role as antagonist in the past long before _she_arrived to humble and capture us. And compared to her, our evil would look innocent and pure.

So why are we looking for every version of a random kid named Lanif, some innocent bloke who in most universes doesn't even have enough power to be a threat to us? That's something I've been asking myself since the day we were given the assignment many, many years ago. At first I thought Lanif was going to be like some fairytale character; a random kid who is generically the "chosen one" that she was worried could defeat her. But no, out of all of the variations of the boy we eliminated, only a handful were particularly difficult, including the original, whom we actually couldn't defeat, much less kill, and a large, god-like variation that called itself Lanos. THAT one was a hassle, even requiring the help of a few people I'd rather not mention any more than her, and I'll be happy if I never have to deal with a variation like that again. To say any of us barely made it out of that one alive was an understatement, but other than that, none of the other Lanif's were that difficult to remove.

So why does she want us to go through all this trouble? What is she up to-

A mental image invades all of our minds, and I quickly shut out my thoughts; she was contacting us, and that last thing I want is for her to know what I was thinking. Though with someone as powerful as her, it might already be too late.

The three of us close our eyes, opening our minds to her command. She does not need to speak to give an order: with just barely a thought, her demands were known to us all. Our vision speed through space, moving faster than light like a warp drive from a sci-fi TV show, until it stopped on a little blue planet. One that was very familiar.

It's been quite a long time since I've been on an Earth of any universe. It was quite a popular planet in some worlds. Most inhabited mostly humans, but this one was slightly different, having a slight addition of anthropomorphic creatures alongside them. It even had macros, which came as a shock to me, as there are some universes that specialized in defended their worlds against them, or even hunting them for sport or survival. They, alongside Gods, used to be great destructive threats, but ever since the events of "The Great Lie" reverberated out to the countless existences of life, they are little more than major targets for hunting by mortals. Macro hunting became quite a profession, even to the point where some gained power to jump to different universes, called Dimension-Hoping or D-Hoping just to farm them for energy. So why this version of Earth still have them alive and rampaging is quite a mystery to me.

But no matter. We had our orders, and she wasn't very fond of wasting time. I open my eyes in unison with my fellow girls. And I smirk. "Looks like she found 3-1-7-3. Time to go, girls."

A human world where a Lanif lives in that contains anthros and macros?

This could get interesting...

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