Chapter 4: Control

Story by mature1996 on SoFurry

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#5 of Not Your Master

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As I wake up, I remember everything that as append. Toby is still sleeping by my side, so I will take a shower before I wake him up.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Good morning sir. Have you slept well?"

"Of course I had and you?"

"Yes sir."

"Today we need to talk about what has happened. First I will call for a breakfast while you will take a shower and dress, then finally we will talk while we eat."

"Ok sir."

We did as I said then we started to eat. The breakfast is quite simple: two toasts with peanut butter, a coffee for him, as he asked, and a hot chocolate for me.

"You understand you can't talk to the cop about me, right?"

"Of c... No doubt sir."

"Good, now what do you remember from yesterday?"



"Everything sir. From the moment I wake to the moment I stopped thinking to when we first met, all the way through our "intercourse" to finish when I started to think again by myself and your whole story."

"Wow! That's impressive! And a first."

"I have a pretty good memory."

"Well that should help a little bit. So, first, I would like you to realize something. Some time ago, you tried to say "of course" but you said "no doubt" instead. Why?"

"It feels more natural that way, even if I would have sworn "of course" felt more natural before."

"Also you started to call me "sir" instead of "master". Why?"

"I've stopped calling you that when I started to think again because you said I shouldn't, even if I would like to. I started to call you sir because it felt natural."

"Why don't you try now?"

"Ok, massir..."

"So what happened?"

"At first it felt natural then it didn't, so I called you sir."

"What you are experiencing right now is what I can only call an after daze. When you were under full control, your perception change to become mine, so many things felt so right during that time. Now you're back to your true shelf, so it won't feel right anymore. Hell, you might not even be gay. Well whatever. I should start to explain some details to you because we don't have that much time."

"Go for... it..."


"Yes sir."

"Ok Were to start? Let try this. Human's mind's strength. The strength of a mind is determined by the number of thought that goes through it by minutes, or it's tbm as I called it. For example, the strongest mind I've encounter is mine with a speed of approximately 200 tbm. At the opposite, the weakest mind I've encounter is yours, no offense mean, at 1 tbm."

"None taken. But how it's relevant?"

"The more a mind is strong, the more it can resist. But I will come back later. For now, I will go through the level of connection I can have with other. The first level of connection is none. I can't read or control them. I return to that level every time I loose full consciousness, which means pretty much only when I'm unconscious or when I sleep, and sometimes under great stress. The second is slight read. In that state I can't really read any thoughts, but I can send powerful though that could neutralize someone. I can't control them at that time. The third is full read. In that state, I can fully know what they think. It takes me around 1 minute for each 10 tbm to reach that level. It is the only level where I need time to go. The forth level is slight suggestions, in which I can start to push idea as the one of the person I control. At that level, the controlled though slow down by 0.5 tbm per minute, when they resist. At that time, the link is strong enough to be painful if it cut. You have experienced it, right?"

"Yes sir. It was painful."

"The fifth level is full suggestions. At that level I can communicate fully with the other. It came with a disadvantage though. At that point the mind slows at the rhythm of 10 tbm per minute."

"How that's a down effect?"

"Because of the sixth level. The sixth level is full control. Before that level I can break the link at will but after that it will be almost permanent. I can't willingly break it. At that level, there is no conscious thought of any kind. Of course I can emulate them, but it won't be them. The emulation become kind of a copy of what I've read before, but it remains incomplete. Things like speaking or perception are treated in my mind, so they start to see and speak exactly like me. The longer I stay on the sixth level, the worse it gets. I stayed less than a minute on the sixth level with Tiery, and he was in a comatose state for a week. For my bully it was almost a day, and he is still irresponsive after almost 10 year. But you, you were able to come back even though I was still in the sixth level."

"Is that why I wished I could call you "master"?"

"Partially, yes, but not fully. As soon as I have a full read, the third level, people start to take some of my speech habits, like saying "though" and "of course". It won't be all the habit and all the time, just small part sometime. The only plausible explanation I found was that my subconscious had started to send some information without my knowledge. Around 3/4th of their speed they would start to feel aroused by thinking of me, most likely for the same reason. Also I'm a 4 on the Kinsey sexual orientation scale, which pretty much means I'm bi, though I have a small preference for men. Anyway, their arousal is most likely the reflection of mine. At half speed, most men, but no women, start to call me "Master". The reason is that I have the fantasy to have a male slave, and even if I don't want to force anyone, my subconscious doesn't seem to mind."

"Why don't you just get back to lower level of connection when it gets too far?"

"Because I can't. The only way to go back is to cut the link and restart. But that's all the time we had. Now we need to talk about what you will say to the cop."

"I will say the same thing as the other in your memory, that I suddenly have found enough energy to try to escape, then that a driver had given me a ride to a motel where I called my parents to tell them I was alright, but too sleepy to talk to the cop. Then the next morning I took a cab to get back to my house and to talk to the cop."

"What about the driver?"

"I don't remember anything about him, most likely because of the emotion."

"Really good. Never say twice the exact same thing, but be careful not to change anything. Now I will create a third level link to keep an eye on you. Take care!"

"Will we meet again?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to study your reaction to mind control. So yes I would like to meet you again if it's okay for you?"

"Of course I would like to! ... Oups!"

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