The weekend with Blaze.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#4 of Something unexpected.

Ruby starts her weekend off really good with Blaze and plans on making it end better in the next part. X3

Ruby shifted a bit the next morning and groaned in pain. Oh god she felt so sore. Was it supposed to feel like this? She rolled onto her back and stretched out slowly before opening her eyes and looked around. She blushed when she remembered she was at Blazes apartment. She shifted and climbed out of the bed after seeing he was up already. She pulled on her panties and fixed her tank top before walking out of the room, looking around for him. When she didn't see him she moved to the kitchen to find a little note on the counter. 'Had to run to the store for a few food items and drinks. I will be back as quickly as I can. - Blaze' She grinned when she saw the little heart drawn by his name and swayed her tail around slowly, taking the note and putting it in her back pack. She rubbed her arms and looked around the apartment slowly before walking to the bathroom figuring she might as well take a shower while she waited. She closed the door a bit before opening the glass door to the shower, getting the water running and warmed up before removing her tank top and her panties. She stepped into the water and stood under it with a groan coming from her.

Ruby was so relaxed under the warm water she didn't hear the apartment door open then close. Blaze had returned and moved into the kitchen, putting the groceries away before he noticed the sound of the shower running. He smiled and thought on it for a moment before moving to his room and stripping out of his clothing before sneaking into the bathroom. Ruby had her eyes closed and her back to the shower door by then, purring softly as she let the water soak her fur. Blaze gently pulled the door open then stepped in, closing it behind him before slowly moving up behind her and wrapping his arms around her, startling her for a few seconds. He chuckled and nuzzled kissed her cheek after she relaxed again, her hands resting on his arms as he hugged her to him. " How are you feeling?" Ruby smiled and laid her head back against his chest, purring a bit louder before she answered him. " I'm sore but other then that I am fine...what about you?" Blaze smiled and gently rubbed his fingers down along her neck and over her breasts. Ruby shivered a bit and purred a bit louder as he whispered softly. " Im good...glad you are still here." Ruby smiled and turned in his arms so she was facing him. He leaned in and kissed her softly a few times, gently pressing her back against the shower wall. Ruby groaned softly as she returned the kisses, her tongue pushing into his mouth and rubbing against his as he began rubbing her breasts. Ruby broke the kiss and gently bit his bottom lip before grinning some. " Save it for later." Blaze laughed and nodded some then grabbed some body wash, helping to get her fur cleaned from the night before.

When they were done with their shower Blaze helped Ruby get dried off then chuckled before giving her an old t-shirt of his to wear while taking her clothing and putting it in the washing machine with some other things. Ruby moved to the kitchen after pulling the shirt on, her tail swaying with each of her steps. She got herself a can of soda and took a few sips before setting it down before moving to cook something for them to eat. While she was getting some eggs mixed up Blaze came up behind her and gently cupped her bare ass after lifting the shirt up. she let out a soft gasp and turned her head to look at him only to get a little kiss on her lips. Ruby giggled as he pressed his back against her. She could feel he was fully erect and hard behind her as he grinned and gave a playful growl to her. She felt a shiver of excitement run through her before a small moan came from her when his fingers began rubbing her pussy slowly. She shifted so her legs were spread apart for him. Blaze grinned and brought his hand around her front to grope her breasts through the shirt while he began nibbling on her ear, making her moan softly with a cute little mew coming from her. " B..Blaze...Ah!" He had pushed two of his fingers into her pussy, beginning to thrust them slowly as he suckled on the tip of her ear before letting go and grinning. " Your to cute and sexy to resist...more so wearing my shirt." Ruby gasped and began moving her hips against his thrusting fingers. Blaze groaned as his cock throbbed with his own excitement to hear her moaning and gasping for him. Ruby was bent over the counter now after moving the food in front of her out of the way.

Blaze pulled his fingers from her pussy and licked them clean before he pressed his cock against her. He was throbbing more as he pushed his cock into her, quickly filling her as she let out another moan. Her claws digging into the counter top. Blaze groaned softly as he gripped at her hips and enjoying the tight feeling from her. Blaze began thrusting into her hard and slow. Ruby purred and wrapped her tail around his chest gently as she began pushing back against him slowly with little moans and purring coming from her. Blaze gently ran his fingers through the fur along her hips and ass as his thrusting began to get harder and faster, the sound of his hips hitting her ass beginning to fill the air with soft thud sounds. Blaze let out a soft grunt as he leaned over her and kissed along her neck softly a few times before giving it a firm bite. Ruby let out a moan and began pushing back into his movements as hard as she could now, growling a bit herself when his grip on her hips tightened. "F..Fuck..Blaze!"

Blaze grinned and began pounding his hips into her harder and faster then before, the sounds of his cock moving into her pussy beginning to fill the air as he let out a little grunt. His cock was throbbing as he felt his orgasm approaching. He felt his knot beginning to form as he gripped the base of her tail, holding it gently while his hand gently held onto her shoulder now. He had to remind himself not to put his knot in her this time as he began thrusting harder. Ruby moaned out louder and louder as her pussy began to tighten up and her hips bucked back against him. Blaze let go of her tail and reached under her, pinching and rubbing her clit quickly as he moved harder and harder until Ruby let out a cry as her orgasm hit her, her juices washing over his cock and gushing out around him. Blaze went still, panting heavily as he looked at Ruby who blushed and shifted under him after she went still. He groaned and slowly pulled his cock out of her, his cock throbbing hard now. Ruby blushed and slowly moved onto her knees between him and the counter, looking up at him before she took his cock into her mouth with a soft groan coming from her. The taste of herself and him hitting her tongue was strange but she seemed to like it. She began bobbing her head along him as she purred against him, her purring sending vibrations through him. Blaze gripped the edge of the counter with one hand, his other resting on top of her head and gently petting her ears while she took more of his cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around on him as she closed her eyes. Ruby brought her hands up and began rubbing at his knot gently as she began purring a bit louder. Blaze closed his eyes tightly and growled. " R...Ruby...I..I-" Blaze couldn't warn her fast enough as he pushed more of his cock into her mouth, coming close to pushing into her throat as his cock throbbed violently with his release. He held her head there until she forced him to let her pull back, gagging a bit while the rest of his cum landed across her muzzle and cheeks. Ruby blushed and swallowed what was in her mouth before he reached down and helped her up, using his tongue to lick her cheek and muzzle clean before kissing her deeply with his tongue pushing into her mouth, both letting out soft little groans.

When they recovered Ruby giggled and nuzzled her head to his before he moved to help her cook after his cock had returned to it's sheath. Ruby gently curled her tail around his own as they worked in silence. He grinned and chuckled seeing the claw marks she had left in the counter which only made her grin a bit. " sorry." Blaze shook his head and kissed her cheek. When they got their food made she sat with him on the couch and ate with her legs resting over his own. When she was done she put the plate down on the coffee table then looked to him. " What do you want to do today since your brother is gone and you have fucked me twice?" Blaze almost choked on his last bite of food as he laughed. He got it down and shook his head some then looked at her with a grin before giving a shrug. " Could go to the mall...spend the day there." Ruby thought on it for a moment before she nodded and smiled. "We can go when I got up to my apartment to get clean clothing." Blaze grinned more and kissed her nose softly. " Go on up...I will meet you there when I get these cleaned and I get dressed." Ruby wiggled her nose a bit and giggled before kissing him softly then getting up. He watched her disappear into the bedroom then grinned again.

Ruby got her jeans on and grabbed her backpack after getting her shoes on. She kissed his cheek softly before heading up to her apartment. When she walked in her Room mate was on the couch watching tv. The husky lifted her head and looked at her, sniffing a bit before grinning. " You never came back...You have fun finally?" Ruby blushed brightly and grinned some before nodding a bit and disappearing into her room with a chuckle from the husky. Ruby put her backpack down in her bedroom floor and was changing when Blaze walked into her bedroom after the husky had let him into the apartment. Ruby looked at him and smiled before throwing his shirt at him with a chuckle. He caught it then moved to her, kissing her softly before sitting on the edge of her bed then laying back to wait. " I thought you were cleaning up." Blaze grinned and snickered. " Dishwasher." Ruby rolled her eyes and dug around in her dresser, pulling out a black lace bra, pulling it on before moving to her closet, her tail twitching around behind her. Blaze sat up so he was propped up on his elbows watching her with a grin. Ruby pulled on a dark blue sundress before pulling her jeans off, grabbing the dirty clothing to put in her laundry basket. Blaze was fully sitting up now and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her to him and hugging her so his head was against her breasts, chuckling a bit. Ruby smiled and wiggled, gently petting his ears. " The longer you hold me and keep me from getting ready the longer it will take to get to the mall." Blaze grinned and lifted his head then pulled her head down long enough to kiss her before letting go. Ruby returned the kiss and moved to get some panties on then some shoes. When she was done she pulled her hair back in a low pony tail before he got up from the bed and walked out of her room with her.

The husky was in the kitchen sipping on some juice when they came out. She looked at Ruby and smiled. " Well now. You look good Ruby." The feline blushed and smiled as she giggled softly, holding Blazes hand softly as he grinned and nodded in agreement. " Thanks Luna...I will see you sometime." Luna nodded and waved bye to them. Blaze walked out of the apartment then out of the building with her, his fingers lacing together with her own as they walked. She took her time with walking down the street with him, purring softly as she looked to him. The walk to the mall was pleasant for the two of them and once they got there they continued to walk around. He took her into the game store and the two looked at the new games coming out, getting a few looks from the others in the store when they saw Ruby standing there with Blaze. He looked to them and smiled, some being friends that worked weekends. The next store they went into was a clothing store. Blaze grinned as he walked with her, looking at the different outfits for both men and women before spotting the lingerie section. Blaze thought about it then shook his head some and decided not to, thinking it would be to much for her. After a few minutes she looked at him, smiling. " How about you go get us some drinks? I'm going to go check something out really quick and I will meet you in the food court." Blaze blinked and stared at her for a moment before nodding and kissing her softly before leaving to head out. Ruby waited until he was gone before grinning. She had seen him looking at the lingerie and had decided it would be a nice way for their weekend to come to a close the next night.

Ruby soon walked up to him in the food court, kissing his cheek before sitting down beside him at the table he was waiting at, setting a small black bag down by her feet. " Ruby what on earth did you get?" She shook her head and smiled as she took the drink he offered her, sipping on it while her tail curled around his leg softly. " It's will see tomorrow night." Blaze smiled and shook his head some with a little chuckle coming from him. While they were sitting there talking and sipping on their drinks Todd and Tootsie were a few tables down, Tootsie watching Ruby and Blaze intently before it clicked. " Oh my god...she finally had sex." Todd looked up and looked around with a french fry sticking out of his mouth, speaking with muffled words from the other fries in his mouth. "Mmfh..who?" Tootsie rolled her eyes and swatted him on the shoulder lightly. " Ruby you numb nut...that chick I brought to the club with me the other night." Todd blinked with a blank expression on his face before he raised a brow, swallowing his food. " That fat chick with the white fur that didn't speak the entire time?" Tootsie laughed and nodded a bit, pointing to Blaze and Ruby just as he kissed her. Tootsie grinned, pulling her phone out and taking a few quick pictures. " Jacob should have a field day with this when he gets back...He did say if Blaze didn't bone her he would just to say he done it." Todd rolled his eyes and went back to eating as Tootsie sent the pictures to Jacob. Ruby and Blaze spent the afternoon lazily walking around the mall while holding hands. By evening he took her out of the mall and back towards the campus, stopping at a pizza resturant on the way and sitting down with her to eat. The two nuzzled noses before eating in silence as they watched people going by down the street. When they were done he took her back to her apartment, waiting for her to get some spare clothing before they went back to his apartment for the rest of the weekend.

Ruby's first time.

"Finally! Done with classes till Monday!" Ruby stretched out with a groan, sitting on a bench in the yard of the campus. she let out a yawn and rubbed her eyes as she took a deep breathe. She sat there for a few minutes before standing up to make her...

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The first date.

Ruby had her ears flat against her head as she reached her apartment a few floors above Blazes apartment. She unlocked the door and stepped in only to be met with the sight of Todd walking out of Tootsies room stark naked and hard with morning wood. "...

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Their first meeting.

The locker door slammed shut, sending an echo through the empty locker room. " Yes daddy! I know I know! I got those tests coming up...I KNOW!!! I will study! Geez! DAD! Look I will call you tonight. I'm at the gym right now and can't talk anymore. Yes...

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