For Your Needs

Story by Neblias on SoFurry

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Medium length (~3000 words) oviposition fic

Anthro Species: dragon/dragon/cheetah (f/f/f), small sex scene before kink

First time writing, constructive criticism very appreciated

"Just breathe okay? This'll go great." An amethyst dragoness cooed, stroking just behind an anxious cheetah's ear. They lay on their backs in a luxury apartment, on a bed made for a king. The dragoness was turned towards the cheetah, ears back in worry, while the other looked straight to the ceiling. The cheetah looked uneasy, in obvious agitation.

"Look Jaz, I'm not sure about this anymore, it's just..." she trailed off. She had no real reason, she was just so nervous. Maybe nervous from her current lack of clothes? No, she was always nervous, that was the issue. An issue whose recommended fix she was now trying to dodge.

Jaz sighed, tracing down the cheetah's neck with her hand, "If you're not sure, that's fine. Just remember that this chance won't roll around again for quite a while."

The cheetah breathed deeply and settled her mind, at least for now, "Okay, we'll go for it tonight. I'm not doing finals week again without at least something." she said, turning to face the dragoness with an attempt at a small smile.

Jaz smiled back, grateful for her attempted optimism. Natia had gotten more and more nervous the closer the time got, but she really did want to do this, Jaz had made sure to know. Cheetahs were a nervous and anxious species, to the point where it was degrading to their health, and Natia was a prime example of this. Young with anxiety causing stress issues like anorexia, among other things. One of the only times cheetahs could calm was with a mate and carrying. As a young college girl, Natia sure as hell didn't want to settle with a steady mate, let alone get pregnant, but helping a fellow classmate out was another matter entirely.

Jaz flipped to her side, attention fully on Natia. "Why don't we warm up a bit first? Start this off right~" the dragoness purred, tail flicking and letting her hand wander a bit lower to the cheetah's chest.

Natia's ears perked and she game a small chirrup when the dragoness's hand reached her chest. They'd undressed earlier, to make things smoother, and it had made her uncomfortable until now. Now she guided the dragoness to sit up, and onto her hips. Their tails intertwined as Natia sat her hands on Jaz's hips, the sound of their combined purrs filling the room.

The dragoness started slow, thumbs rubbing circles on Natia's nipples, making them erect and softening them again with the same motion. Readjusting, she leaned forward to bring her mouth to the cheetah's chest, teasing with her tongue. She shifted her weight to her legs on either side of the cheetah, holding her weight just above Natia, so she could reach one of her hands lower.

Natia's purrs grew louder and raspier as the dragoness started to tease, hand rubbing the outside of her nethers. Eventually, with a small chirp, the cheetah grabbed Jaz's hand to add more pressure, earning a chuckle from the dragoness. Giving in, she slowly started to add pressure and rhythm in attention to Natia's clit. The cheetah started open mouthed purring, eyes closed and enjoying the attention. Natia's own hands moved lower again, joining Jaz's in their work. She started slow, dipping and then inserting two fingers into her opening. Jaz purred slowly, feeling the Natia's lust grow.

Jaz kissed her way up to Natia's neck, where she switched to very light bites, enjoying it when Natia squealed. She changed her hand's position, using her thumb now to rub Natia's clit while she put her middle finger with the two of Natia's, three inside making the cheetah start to arch, but by no means being a tight fit. Natia was clawing at the sheets, at the edge of release.

"Starting so soon are we? At least warn me next time." A voice came from the door. Shedding a halter dress as she walked, another dragoness entered. Her deep blue contrasted the other's purple, but that was the least of the differences. She was an eastern dragon, tufted hair and long whiskered face staring intently at the scene before her. She was sleek and slender, taller than the others, though a slight bulge of her lower abdomen clashed with her shape.

"Let's not waste time tonight, I have a shadow tomorrow morning and I'd rather it not be awkward." She said as she crawled onto the bed. Natia pulled her and Jaz's hand away as, ears back, upset with the current turn of events. She'd have much rather forgotten the original plan, let alone be denied her fun with Jaz and rushed through it.

"Not to be crude, my apologies if I was, it's been much too long of a day to put this off for." The dragoness continued, noting the drastic change of mood. Jaz had sat up by now, sitting back on Natia's hips so she could look at the approaching dragoness.

"Crude you were Ferah, but at least you're here now~" Jaz purred, practically whispering the last words before locking lips. The saphire dragoness leaned into it, relaxing the longer it went, until a tail flick from Natia brought both of their attention back to the current moment. Jaz swung her self to the side, letting Natia sit up.

"Don't worry, we won't forget you. Let's just show you what's to be yours~" Jaz purred, not missing a beat, she guided Natia's hand to Ferah's bulge on her abdomen. The cheetah's ears flattened in wonderment as she felt the firmness underneath. It was just so strange for her to finally see and actually feel this. They all sat, waiting on the final reaction.

"That's... that's really big." Natia finally managed. The bulge was a spherical mass slightly smaller than a volleyball and she couldn't imagine what it must feel like, let alone to be moving around with it.

"It's not as bad as it looks, I promise." Ferah said warmly, holding the cheetah's eyes for a moment before letting them drop down.

"Your kind is said to be very good with this, and I have a doctor that can look you over in the morning to make sure everything's alright. Really all that matters now is you." Ferah said, putting her hand on top of the cheetah's.

Natia sat nervously, wondering if she could actually go through with this. It looked huge! It would have to tear at her, and who only knows how heavy it would be. Still Jaz had said it'd be a good thing for her, and Jaz wouldn't lie.

"Okay, we'll do this." Natia said, not looking at either of the dragonesses. She didn't see them nod to each other, but felt Jaz move closer to her side as Ferah left to go to one of the nightstands.

"That's great, it really is. I'm proud of you for sticking to it." Jaz said, locking eyes with Natia. She could see how nervous the cheetah was, but also how steadfast she was going to be. She gave the big cat's shoulder a squeeze before continuing.

"We're just going to get something to make this a lot easier now. It'll make things warm and numb." Jaz said, staring Natia in the eyes. She'd started zoning out instead of getting nervous, which was nice but not in the current situation.

The cheetah nodded slowly, jumping a bit when Ferah approached from her other side, unmarked tube in hand.

"This'll tingle a bit." the slender dragoness remarked before handing the tube to Jaz.

"Are you ready?" The amethyst dragoness asked. Upon receiving another nod she gently pushed the cheetah unto her back. Working slow and gently, she coated her fingers before inserting them and rhythmically rubbing around and in the cheetah's vagina.

Natia felt a warmth start just as the feeling of the fingers faded. She could barely feel the motion still, but that was more from feeling Jaz move in general than a physical sensation. The feeling reached an almost burn, but steadied off before reaching anything painful. She looked down at Jaz, who was making the same motion but was much deeper in her than she'd ever seen anyone, or anything, before.

"Holy shit..." she whispered. It felt so weird, almost like it wasn't quite happening. It wasn't unpleasant though, rather the opposite. She'd started a low purr again, without even noticing.

"It's always a bit weird the first time." Jaz said without looking up. Her own hand had started to numb but she was almost done. She'd coated the entirety of the cheetah's vagina, and the inside of her cervix, as it had dilated quicker than expected. With a final swipe along the outer rim of Natia's uterus she was done. She looked up and gave the cheetah a reassuring smile before rising.

"I'm going to go get this stuff off my hand, I'll be back." She said, and with a flick of the tail she was gone.

Natia looked over to Ferah, whom she'd forgotten for that moment. For the first time she let her gaze travel below the bulge.

"You're... you're just like a hyena!" she squeaked out. The slender dragoness had another bulge of her own. It still seemed to be more like a vagina than a penis, but the surrounding area was built up around it, making a strange phallic shape.

The dragoness looked back at the cheetah, who seemed bemused by her finding.

"But of course... how else would an egg go to an incubator? I'm sure you could try with your hands but that hardly seems pleasant." Ferah said, amused by the cheetah's astonishment.

"It'll fade once I've lain, it's only a shifted part." She continued to explain to the puzzled cheetah.

"Having it developed quite a while ago for my species, though prudishness of records makes it so how long is not known. It appears only when an egg has been formed and disappears soon after it's lain. This is advantageous as-"

"She doesn't really need a school lesson right now, does she?" Jaz chuckled, surprised that this was the turn things would have taken, quicklyreturning to the room and to the bed.

"... No, I suppose you're right." Ferah admitted after a moment.

"Let's get things into position then." Jaz said, pulling out a square pillow. She guided Natia to a doggy style position, which garnered small snickers from the cheetah when she realized what position this was, though they faded quickly. The pillow was a bit short in it's support, which left Natia's hindquarters slightly higher than her front.

"Are you ready now?" Ferah asked in a murmur, getting into place on her knees behind the cheetah. Jaz helped them line up proper and got Natia's tailup and out of the way before simply stroking Natia's back in an attempt to be reassuring.

"Yes." Natita managed in a whisper. She was scared. She was excited. Either way she was warm and this was what she had decided to do. A small forced purr started up again.

Using her hand, Ferah guided her shifted ovipositor into Natia. Jaz stopped her petting and moved behind Ferah. The amethyst dragoness began to stimulate the slender figure before her. Light bites were placed along the neck while her hands were busy with the sapphire breasts. Palms full of soft tissue, she used her thumbs to rub circles throughout. A light moan was brought from the dragoness as a small contraction could be seen along her sides.

During this, Ferah had kept up a light rocking motion, coming in and out slightly of Natia. Now the speed picked up a bit and she started to pant, contractions starting in earnest.

Natia could feel the movement when Ferah hit her haunches in each rock, but couldn't feel anything in her. It was almost frustrating, but as the movement picked up she began to feel oh so warm. The warm feeling spread through almost the entirety of her abdomen and she began to purr in earnest, loving the feeling.

Right when Jaz's speed and movement had picked up to what looked to be approaching climax, she slowed. Her rocking turned minute and her panting turned strained. The base of her bulge could be seen stretching now, the contractions having pushed the egg into position. She gripped the cheetah, one hand stretched to cup Natia's belly, the other on the cheetah's hip.

Natia felt the sudden change and purred, leaning into Ferah slightly, anxiety forgotten in the pleasantry of the warmth and numbness.

The dragoness huffed, readjusting slightly to be lined up with the big cat. There wasn't much more should do at this point, as the tip of her ovipositor was now swollen, anchoring her for the time being. By the time the anchor would be disrupted by the size of the egg, it'd already be lain.

Her huff ended up turning into a moan, as the egg was pushed further along. It was almost halfway into the base now, edges starting to press at Natia.

Jaz changed her tactics now, instead lay her head over her mates neck, arms wrapping around in a light hug before she pulled her hands lower, massaging to the sides of where the egg was.

Ferah moaned again, louder yet as another contraction pushed the egg further along. It was now almost fully into her ovipositor and was just starting to push it's way into Natia, who for her part still had no idea how far along things were, only that she was so very warm.

Jaz continued to massage the area around the egg, just trying to ease things for her mate. She let out a low purr and murmured encouragingly. This was an almost common thing for them but it was always hard in the moment.

The sapphire dragon hissed though her teeth as the next contraction started to push the egg truly into Natia, the pressure against it wearing on her. she was sweating and starting to shake slightly, the rocking motion from earlier completely abated. This was never easy, but a first timer mammal really took the cake.

Finally, the biggest part of the egg fully breached Natia's vagina, slipping a few more precious inches inside, putting more pressure on the already stretching cervix.

Natia herself only felt more and more warmth at this point. Her purring was loud and pleased, her hand kneading lightly at the bedspread. Her entire torso felt warm and tingly, it was just the best.

Ferah sighed in relief at the movement, resting slightly before the next part. The hardest bit was already over, now would be a nice amount easier. She leaned back into Jaz, nuzzling her in the moment of respite, before leaning herself forward and adjusting her grip on the big cat, Jaz moving to support her.

In this part it was less on the contractions themselves as her pushing during them. The next one was lighter than before, but the effort of pushing was draining. This put the egg almost a fourth of the way through Natia's cervix and into the big cats uterus.

The next contraction was the strongest yet, and with a low groan Ferah pushed as much as she could. It seemed at first it'd take another one yet to get the egg all the way in, but instead the egg slipped in, as once the largest part had crested it slid inside, leaving Ferah's ovipositor and instantly taking up the cheetah's uterus in space. Ferah felt the bulge in her hand on the cheetah's belly, the weight pulling down almost instantly.

With a small cry Ferah pulled out of the cheetah, exhaustedly falling into her mate's arms behind her. Jaz cradled her lover before helping her to lay and rest. The slender dragoness was shaking slightly, but otherwise fine.

Natia on the other hand was completely still, unsure of her current situation. She hadn't even felt the egg really, just more warmth, until it was all the way in. Even now, all she could feel was the pure weight to it. It pulled down on her entire belly to be in this position, a feeling she wasn't exactly sure how she felt about. Except she did and she loved it.She felt full and warm and great right now, all things rare to her. The egg itself felt like it added warmth and it felt terrific. Her purring was as loud as it could get.

"You can move if you want, that's not coming out for a while now." Jaz said looking up from stroking her mate's fluff. She made sure the cheetah was okay as the big cat slowly moved to sitting position, rasping and purring the whole way, hands moving to her new addition as soon as they were free.

"This is so.. weird. Wonderful. Great." Natia said, not looking up as she explored the new sensations to her. She was tired, but for once in a marvelous way. She could feel a downwards weight to it, even now, and a slight pressure just in general. Kneading lightly and exploring the feeling from the outside was just as strange to her. It has her fur, her tummy, and it was big! And firm with what it held within, the possibility of a life form. For a moment she sat in awe of that alone,

"It's like that." Jaz said with a nod, drawing Natia's attention back. "You'll be sore tomorrow but really... the feeling stays great." She continued to stroke her now sleeping lover's tufts, suppressing a yawn herself.

"Yeah? That's good." The cheetah replied, eyes starting to droop. She laid back down, shifting quickly to her side after realizing that laying on her back was not going to work, purring the time over. She lay on Jaz's other side, luxuriating in her warmth and new sensations. She slipped into sleep quickly, one hand still on her belly.

Jaz stayed up a bit longer, alternating between stroking both of them, making sure they slept sound and okay after the night's ordeal. Finally giving in herself, she gave each a small kiss on the forehead before settling down between them, happy that the night had gone so well for them.