Otter's Daily Life- Origin

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#1 of Otter's Daily Life

The beginning of an incestuous journey for two young adult otters.

This is the first entry in the overall story called Otter's Daily Life. Please enjoy!

Jean lounged around in a bra, panties, and T-shirt with her boyfriend, a buck who just happened to be going through rutting season. Things were leading up to some release for the two of them when Jean's cell rang. Getting a frown from the buck, Ken, she went to answer with some enthusiasm: "Oh please, you know if it's my mom she'll throw a fit if it goes to message. I don't want another 20 minute message to listen to about how I'm a bad daughter."

Jean stood up and answered the phone, but Ken wasn't going to just let her talk, he snuck up being her with the deftness of a deer and slipped her panties off. Jean, true to her grace, didn't change her tone at all and finished the call.

"Well, you naughty buck, the main event is gonna have to wait, that was my mom and she wants me to check on my brother next door since the lazy bum can't seem to answer his phone. Feel free to hold tight and hold onto my panties. But, when I get back I expect a good fucking. I can't tell you how pent up I've been this week."

And with that Jean slipped on her short skirt and made the short walk back to her house. Checking the basement for Kyle, she came up empty, but enjoyed the cool air on her pussy, ,unfortunately she started to feel herself getting wet. She'd have to make this quick and get back to Ken. She started getting lost in the fantasy of their first time when she heard something fall in her room, so she went off.

Getting to the door she noticed it was ajar. She heard someone inside. Instead of making a scene about privacy she gently opened the door, only to be greeted by her nerdy brother Kyle wearing a pair of her panties and shooting cum into them. He put his paws over his face in a moment of lonely embarrassment before Jean broke the silence: What are you doing...?"

"Sis!" Squeaked Kyle, turning red. "You-you're supposed to be at a sleep over!"

Jean grinned at her brother, noticing the view is starting to get her pussy wetter than it was before. "Mom called me and told me to check on you since you didn't answer your phone. And look what you were doing!"

Kyle, looking miserable, blushed harder and stammered: "P-please don't tell anyone... I should get back to my room."

Kyle started to leave, but Jean noticed that he had been dripping on the floor. She hoped he didn't notice that she was dripping too. "Maybe clean up a bit..."

The shamed guy ott grabbed some tissues and knelt down, dabbing at the floor and giving a muttered: "sorry..." to his sister.

Jean, relishing in the moment, milked this for all it was worth and tried to ignore how hot her brother looked in her panties: "You better be, those were my good panties!"

The brother otter didn't look at his sister, but replied: "You weren't supposed to notice them missing..."

But, Jean only gave a nervous laugh: "Of course I did, I have known the whole time..." But her head was swimming in the smell of his cum, was her brother's cum supposed to smell this good? She could have burned a hole in the panties she was staring so hard at them.

Kyle stared at her so she changed her gaze, his mouth was open in surprise: "You knew!?"

"Of course, you don't think I wouldn't notice the missing panties or all the stains?" Replied Jean incredulously, wishing desperately she had panties of her own to catch the slickness falling from her as she heated up more.

But Kyle noticed something else, the bulge of his ottcock was stirring in the creamed panties. Quickly, he tries to distract his sister from it: "I'm sorry, I didn't think it was noticeable..."

Unfortunately, his growing bulge, making the cum soaked panties almost see-through, was the only thing she could look at. Kyle desperately tries to hide his boner, but jean can only muster a: "Aww, look how cute you are!" Which only causes him to fold his ears and fail to noticed the dripping stream of pre at the tip of his bulge.

Jean gets an evil idea. She pads over to her embarrassed brother and swipes some of the pre from his tip and holds it to her brother's mouth: "You're such a sissy you might as well, right?"

Kyle doesn't even think, he licks it up and holds it on his tongue. But, as soon as he realizes what he's done he moves to leave. But Jean grabs his shoulder: "You can't leave until I say you can." She can't take it anymore. She needs her release, she doesn't care who does it. "If you wanna leave first you have to get on your knees and close your eyes."

Kyle looks back at his sister with a sense of wonder, but does as he's told. As soon as he asks: "Like this?" Jean takes off her skirt and plants her dripping pussy on her brother's tongue. He doesn't question it, but immediately starts licking with skills a virgin like him shouldn't have.

Jean grips her brother's maw and savors his deft licks, she quickly remembers that her brother should take care of that bulge of his and coos: "You should probably take the chance to masturbate while you lick me." At which point Kyle just murmurs and starts to jerk himself off in the cum covered panties. It doesn't take long for Jean to reach the edge, and she was surprised to feel some thick girlcum squirt out of her into her brother's mouth. Surprised by the torrent, he falls back and starts coating himself in ott cum while Jean finishes her surprisingly wet orgasm herself. Once the two finish cumming Jean lies down next to her brother and cuddles him.

However, Kyle bolts up and uses this chance to explore a female for the first time. He pays special attention to her pussy, so she spreads her legs wide for him. Kyle gently drags a fingertip around his sister's pussy: "I've never seen one in person..."

Jean, still feeling a fire within her and wanting to see if he can make her squirt again stretches and replies: "Mmm, now is your chance."

Kyle stares at his sister transfixed, feeling his soaked panties stirring "Can I, um... would it be safe?"

Only for Jean to just give a simple: "Mhm."

Kyle slips off his semen saturated panties and positions his otterhood at his sister's entrance. "Like this?" asked the otter, nervous and unsure of what to do.

Jean nods and breathes in sharply as her brother enters her slit, then revels as he finds his pace and really starts to pleasure her. His cock rubbed against her clit, she isn't listening to her brother's muttering, just feeling that build up she felt earlier. She was going to squirt again. Jean wrapped her legs around her brother and Kyle took this as an indication to let loose. Kyle spurted high up in his sister and felt a splash on his crotch. His sister squirted again. Kyle held himself in his sister until both had finished cumming and pulled out, looking intently at his sister's pussy as more semen and girlcum poured out of her. The silence was pierced by a figure neither had noticed at the door.

Ken walked in clapping: "That was a nice performance. Even I've never gotten her to squirt like that. I wonder what else that mouth of yours is good for, eh Kyle?"