Tales in Taboo: Late Night Knot

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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This is a little erotic short from the world of Taboo. In it, you (an anthro wolf) are stopped by a lovely doberman police woman with a little surprise.

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You're wandering down the cracked sidewalk of a dark road in the city. The husks of dilapidated buildings look eerie in the sporadic light of flickering street lamps. A scampering off in an alley, the clang of a tin can hitting the ground, and the rumble of a car's engine serve to inform you that this street isn't as deserted as it seems. The rumbling though seems be to coming closer. The area begins to brighten and you turn to find blinding headlight approaching slowly from behind. You stop to see the car is a rundown old police cruiser.

You wait for it to pass, somewhat surprised to see it at all, but it doesn't. The car slows and stops in the street before you. The passenger window roles down but the car's interior is too dark to see into. However you can feel that you are being watched. After a silent moment, the driver side door opens and a figure steps out. In the failing flicker of a distant street lamp, you can see the figure is clad in a policeman's blue cap and long sleeve shirt, with badge shimmering faintly in the sporadic light.

"I don't recognize you." The shadowed figure calls in a firm female voice. You stay silent, squinting to find the figure isn't actually in shadow, but is dark simply because her fur is almost entirely black. "You live around here?" she continues, stepping around the front of her vehicle and into the head lights. Now only a yard away and well illuminated, you can see she is a Doberman anthromorph, slim in figure and perhaps a foot shorter than you but well built. Pointed black ears with an inner brown coloring stand erect on either side of the policeman's cap. Thick darker brown hair falls from within it in waves past her shoulders. Brown eyes peer intently from under the rim, sizing you up. A pointed brown muzzle leads to a black canine's nose, and just under, she has black lips currently in an irritated expression. Her neck is primarily black, but a strip of brown fur lines the very center of her throat that seems to lead the eye to her very pleasant chest. The top few buttons of her shirt are undone leaving a lovely bit of cleavage available to the beholder. Her breasts aren't large but are well proportioned to her body.

Both slender arms are crooked, her elbows sticking out to her sides, thumbs tucked into a utility belt. She wears a surprisingly short tight skirt of deep blue, looking nearly black in the twilight. Her long lovely legs are primarily black with an inner coating of brown along her inner thighs. The dog morph's feet are set apart and bare, showing a brown fur that reaches to her ankles like socks. "Hey buddy, I'm in charge of keeping folks safe around here. This isn't a great neighborhood to be in if you don't know it, especially at night." Your eyes are still roaming over the lovely young police woman's figure and you don't answer, but you can definitely feel your pants getting tighter.

The cop steps closer and snaps, "Do you hear me?" This jolts you out of your admiring gaze. Looking away you reply passively, "I can take care of myself." The cop snorts, "Hmph, a tough guy huh?" She swiftly closes the gap between you and presses her chest against yours looking up directly into your eyes. "You look a little suspicious. I think you need a search, tough guy." Her breath is moist and warm but minty. Without backing away, her hands begin roaming over your body, wrapping around your waist and probing under your shirt. She squeezes the muscles in your arms and runs her hands under your shirt over your chest. You endure it while holding your arms out to your sides, not wanting to make trouble, and even enjoying it a little.

She finds nothing and crouches to check your lower body, her face on level with your crotch. "Don't you get any funny ideas now." She scolds up at you as she reaches around your waist and squeezes your butt in both hands, before patting and squeezing her way down your outer legs all the way to your feet. She then starts back up reaching your inner thighs before patting your now raging erection. "Ah ha! What's this then?" She barks up at you cocking an eyebrow as she reaches over your waist band and into your pants, roughly grabbing hold of your throbbing canine cock. She feigns puzzlement and pulls down your trousers to get a better look. Still grasping your pulsing red dick, the young cop points it in different direction as if inspecting it from all sides before she releases you, pants around your ankles. She rises and turns away taking a few steps back to her car talking aloud to herself, "Hmph, nothing but a dog with a bone."

She stops a few feet away and seems to reach under her exceptionally short skirt. "Problem is..." she goes on, adjusting herself and then turning back toward you, "So am I." From under her skirt and being stroked in her feminine hand is a rather large canine cock, fully erect. You wonder where she was hiding it for a second as she slowly walks back toward you, rolling her hips in a very seductive manner. "Now, I wonder, what we might do about these." By the time the sex herm cop gets the last word out, she is pressing herself against you again, wrapping an arm around your neck, while pressing her tongue into your mouth in a wonderfully sloppy kiss.

You return her affections; pleasantly surprised with how things are turning out, sucking on her warm wet tongue will thrusting your own into her mouth. She grinds her cock against yours and you grab her butt in both hands, pulling her in to add pressure. She manages to squeeze a hand around your throbbing erections and begins jerking both of you off wildly, he precum spilling from both of you making things slick and slippery. As your knots swell together, the cop tries to hoist herself up with her one arm to kiss you even more deeply, moaning and groaning into your mouth even as her hat falls off. You manage to help her along by pulling her up on her firm butt and between her shoulders. While trying to lift her a bit, a finger manages to penetrate her ass. She jerks, her sphincter clenching for a moment, and her eyes go wide, but she moans and makes no effort to dislodge it, neither do you.

You decide to give her another and maneuver a finger into her dripping honey pot as well. She moans her approval, wrapping a leg high on your thigh to spread herself a bit for you. Meanwhile, your tongue runs along her sharp teeth while intertwining with hers in a warm wet dance. The friction from your chests rubbing together has undone a few more of her shirt's buttons, and her breasts press against you. Even through your shirt, you can feel her erect nipples gliding over you. The hermaphrodite bounces in your arms on her tip toes, as she grasps both your cocks, one in either hand, jerking them off expertly as you probe her love tunnels.

Suddenly she breaks away and scrambles from your grasp, "Uh, stop," she pants as she pushes away from you. You have to suppress the urge to force her back to you as she walks back to the side of her car. Confused for a moment, you watch as she hikes up her skirt, revealing her well-toned, black furred ass, her nub of a tail wagging excitedly. With one hand on the window of her squad car, the other slaps a tight barely jiggling ass cheek as she groans, "I want you inside me." Needing no further encouragement, your maneuver yourself behind her, pants still around your ankles.

She sticks out her deliciously firm ass and you consider your options. Her tightly clenching anus is surrounded by a diamond shaped brown patch of fur, contrasting with her muscular black cheeks, while just below is a beautiful pair of glistening nether lips in a stripe of damp brown fur. You decide to take the road less travelled and stick your pointed canine cock right up her tailpipe. In one smooth thrust, you cram your pulsing red cock deep into her gut taking her all the way to the knot. She gasps and cries, "UghhhhAHHH FUCK! MY ASS!" You mash her body against the car as her arms give and her face plants harshly on the glass window. With you muzzle just over her left ear you whisper, "That's the plan."

The herm dog's sphincter clenches hard around the base of your shaft while her straining colon treats the rest of you to an intensely hot and incredibly soft fuck hole. Your knot is warmly nestled between the Doberman's firm butt cheeks, which you spread further as you thrust in and up. You bring the herm cop to her tippy toes before you try to pull back but the death grip her anus has on your cock you keep firmly in place, despite her groans. She turns her head to yours while wrapping an arm around your neck, bringing you together so she can kiss and lick your muzzle.

You try to pull back again and she yelps, "Whoa, wait, lemme... lemme just get used to you first. Oh, fuck." Instead of waiting though, you reach around her waist and grab her cock, which is squished between her and the car door. You manage to dislodge it and grab hold of her tapering hard shaft around one firm lovely thigh. Pointing it straight down between her legs you begin jerking her off as you fuck her. This seems to help take her focus away from her impaled tail hole.

As you make your vigorous, if shallow, thrusts, you reach around her with your free hand and tear the last few struggling buttons free from her shirt, and then begin groping her firm breasts. She moans and groans as you assault her mouth with your tongue in forceful kisses, while slowly feeling her sphincter give. Every thrust gives you a centimeter more to work with and you eagerly take in, mashing her firm taunt ass against your hips over and over.

Soon you have an inch, then another, and another, letting you thrust with more momentum and even more force. She gives up trying to kiss you and simply takes the pounding face forward, crying out and moaning in an unintelligible mix of pleasure and pain. The impact of your powerful thrusts is even causing her anus to start taking just the beginning of your knot as you ram yourself deeper into the herm's soft warm inners. Grabbing her under both thighs, you suddenly lift her up against the car and let her own weight carry her down as you pound her ass harder.

She manages to push away from the car with one hand, desperately jerking herself off with the other screaming, "AH! YES! Knot me! KNOT ME! AHH! AHHH!" Feeling yourself nearing orgasm, you give her a few more pumps replying, "You want it, you GOT IT!" On the last thrust, you keep pushing hard, feeling her tightly clenching sphincter being forced over your wide knot. She screams as you stretch her well past her limit, and you groan, the constriction of her anal muscles threatening to crush you. And a second later, you're in. Her ravaged butt hole closes behind your knot holding you warm and snug in her gut. She suddenly tightens again, her entire body convulsing repeatedly, and you see over her shoulder that she's painting the side of the car white with her cum. The rapid tension and release of her orgasm is enough to send you over and you fire your first shot deep into her moist bowels.

The impaled Doberman herm screams in ecstasy as she lets loose rope after rope of thick white cum into the night air, most landing on her car's door, roof, and window. You too let loose too, filling her intestines with your love. After a few powerful shots, your legs get weak and you fall back on your but, the impact jolting more out of the both of you. You lay back on the cool concrete of the side walk emptying yourself into the cop's strained ass as a few strands of her own warm fluids fly up across her face and onto yours.

After a few wonderfully exhausting minutes, you both run dry. Tied to you and knowing fighting would be painful and futile, the herm has you role you both over on your sides where you spoon, delighting in the afterglow. With the arm under her, you fondle a firm breast and with the other you rub the gut swelling ponch your ample load left in her belly. She feels it too commenting lazily, "You saved all this just for me?" You say nothing, nuzzling her ear. In the warmth of each other's bodies you both fall into a doze.

You're awakened sometime later to some painful tugs on your cock and a faint cracked voice, "Officer Pinscher please respond over... Officer Pinscher are you all right?" As the haze of sleep fades, you find the Doberman herm trying to pull herself free from you. She whimpers as she tries to tug herself free, her anus coning painfully away from the base of your knot as she pulls. "Get this thing out of me!" she cries tugging frantically. You grab her butt cheeks and spread them wide as you push. After a particularly painful shove and a wet pop, she falls forward to her knees leaking body warm cum from her rear onto your thighs. "Ah, FUCK that hurt!" she groans.

She scrambles around her vehicle, a bit bow legged, to the door she left open. She reaches in and grabs the radio. "Ugh, Officer Pinscher here, over." You inspect your throbbing cock to find that it's alright if a bit sore. You rise from the cold side walk and watch the Doberman herm squat, still listening to the radio. She tries to muffle a groan as she releases some of the thick cum you left in her gut. Breathing hard she gives another uncomfortable push as white goo makes a pool around her paws, her groan of relief is interrupted by the radio and she hastily replies, "Hhmmm, ugh, copy that." She replaced the radio and stands, attempting to straighten herself up though her shirt is missing a few buttons and her front is streaked with stains from her own cum. She reaches on her head for her cap and her eyes go wide. You find it at your feet and toss it to her. She catches it in one hand, and places it neatly back on her head. "Duty calls," she sighs to you and gets into her car. The siren and lights blare a second later and she zips down the road.

All that's left of her is a puddle of cooling semen in the middle of the road and your own sense of satisfaction. You pull up your pants and move on.

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