Worth the Wait

Story by Nebisla on SoFurry

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Medium length (~4000) feline furry eats feral birds vore fic

Just fluff after main vore part, to be used for later stories

Constructive criticism or comments appreciated!

A new year, a new college, a new major, and finally, some new friends, that's how Wycelia was doing things now. New friends and new college meant lots of tours, just like the one she was sort of on now, though her guide had been called away right in the middle of it. A bio-med student, her friend Charlie had gotten one call and been on her way, along with a promise to return ASAP.

They'd been touring some of the bio labs and observation areas. Lots of interesting research and equipment, or at least as interesting as these things could get to a new psych major. The tour went deep underground, and it made her happy to see she'd picked a school that spared no expense. Her tour guide had said the best part was coming up right before she'd left. She'd said that it'd be fine to continue on for a bit, just not too far yet. What did that even mean, how was she to know what was too far? Better to stay for now at least.

Wycelia sighed and leaned against the wall, bored out of her mind. She was in a basic hallway, nowhere to sit except the floor. She went through all the bored basics - fixed her pigtails, fluffed her spotted tail, smoothed her fluff and fixed her clothes. So much fluff to fix, it took a while for the half-snow leopard to manage. She finally moved onto her clothes after almost five minutes of fluff adjustment - she did fancy Charlie, and even if she didn't want to admit it yet she would look nice for the caracal. She was dressed to impress in little black shorts and a geometric patterned bandeau, toned down with a nice leather jacket so she wasn't going too hard, at least for now.

She sighed, crossing and uncrossing her arms more times then she could count. She was hungry honestly, and that made waiting seem all the longer. She hadn't wanted to go continue on her own - after all touring would give her more time with the caracal - but she could't just wait around. She had to do something that wasn't just sit around in this damned hall with nothing to do. She pushed through a set of double doors into another small hallway, with strong, loud air filtering systems. This worried her a bit, but she went through the next set of doors before stopping in awe.

In front of her was a large hallway, at least three stories tall floor to ceiling. It was brightly lit and sterile feeling. There were two huge doors on either side of the hall, sealed with what looked to be a hanging set of plastic strips.

She wandered over to the first door after a moment, ears pricked at the muffled sounds from within. She pushed her way in, just to be awestruck yet again by the size of the room she was in, and then by the sound of it too. It was floor to ceiling cages of birds of all types and varieties, all squawking and chirping. There was tons of types of finches, parrots, doves, swallows, jays- it seemed like everything! This room itself stretched on, with each cage huge and filled with plenty of it's inhabitants.

She wandered around the room, entranced by all of the birds and how gorgeous they were. Some had striking colors, some had strange body shapes, but always there were plenty. She noticed that each cage had a human sized door to the left, and to the right there was a smaller opening with a door that could be slid up, each with a perch in front of it. As she walked around, the birds would flock to the perch near the opening, as if they were trained. She wondered if these were experiments, studies, or even yet, things to feed the experiments themselves?

She felt watched as she neared the end of the room before looping, and when she looked into the cages she saw different types of parrots, few of which came to the perches. They were staring at her, and some screamed or mumbled things at her, none very intelligible in the noise but very intelligent in gaze.

A bit creeped out, she left the bird room and went to the one across the hall, which looked much darker. She a bit nervous at first, still creeped out a bit by the birds, but that feelings left for glee when she fully entered. The room was stacked with aquariums, all full of water and containing all different types of fish, from basic freshwater to the most spectacular saltwater specimens. She spent a while in this room before moving on, staring at all of the beautiful colors and fish.

The next room was also full of aquariums, though this time little water was needed. Tiny geckos and lizards looked at her before skittering across their enclosures. She walked along down the room, noticing the sizes increasing on either side as she went. As she got closer to the end, more snakes were seen, some small but most of medium to large size. Some of these had papers on their enclosures, with names and dates on them. All of the dates had yet to come, though there were some empty enclosures with dates already passed, so she assumed these were for dissections or experiments to be done. She shrugged and continued on, before noticing that the end of this room didn't have more cages, but instead just a door. She got closer and almost went to open it before seeing the sign "Warning, dangerous predators ahead." _That _was definitely too far to tour on her own. Maybe even farther than she'd like to go on a tour even. Peering through a small glass window on the door, she could see large enclosures on either side, one of which housed a very decent sized gator.

She flinched away from the door._ Not even as part of a tour, nope_. She almost ran from that room, taking a moment to herself to de-fluff and calm down before cautiously peering into the next. This room had open air cages, bars on most of them, others with thick plexiglas. She saw mice and bunnies before she heard barking from farther down and ducked out. Too many big things, and she didn't exactly trust college students to lock things up properly.

She waited outside the rooms, content to wait at the moment for her guide to come back. There was what looked like an elevator at the end of the room, but that was too far. Plus, it looked like it needed a key to operate. She sighed and sat between the bird and mammal room, done with exploring for the moment.

Except at that moment she remembered just how hungry she was.

Groaning lightly, she leaned back against the wall. she'd waited for so damn long already. Where the fuck was her guide? Damn she'd love to get with that caracal, but if being left at a moment's call for this long was the norm, maybe she'd find a better choice in college love interest.

Of course, there were some quick fixes around her. She paused from fixing her pigtails a moment to think on it. There were cages and aquariums positively full of creatures, most with no markings or records to them. Mind racing, she considered her options. Of course she'd only have a little bit of whatever she did, not enough to tip anyone off, but just enough to keep her until her guide returned.

She got up slowly, ears back as she thought on her choices. Of course no one could blame her if she took just a bit.. not enough to mess with their supplies, just a bit, after all she'd been kept waiting and she didn't even know how to get out, it could even be a dangerous situation if blood sugar came into play...

That and more excuses kept in mind if any issues popped up, she focused on a much more important topic: which room to snack from? Reptiles were a definite no, and god only knows what all was mixed into the mammal room.

What finally made her mind was simple: scent. The last thing she wanted was for her friend to get back to find a fishy smelling, wet fingered cat. No, definitely not wooing material there.

She steps into the bird room, considering her choices. Nothing big of course, wouldn't want it showing. There were way too many finches she decided. Hell, they were in needing of some population control! She nodded to herself as she approached the cage. This was a totally justified endeavor, or at least she could pretend so until she wasn't so damned hungry.

She approached the small door and looked at the mass of small birds now flocked around it. She cautiously opened the small door, and when one of the birds hopped onto the new ledge she grabbed it with a quick flick of the wrist.

The small finch was rather calm in her hand, likely used to be handled. She examined it for a moment, holding it this way and that. Once she was satisfied, she put it whole into her mouth.

This finally freaked out the small bird. It let out a startled chirp and tried to spread its wings, but the teeth closed around it prevented it from getting too far.

Wycelia let out a small purr as she felt the bird in her mouth. Felt it struggling to open its wings fully, felt its small heartbeat against her tongue, its panicked breathing accelerating. It was amazing. She rolled her tongue around it, pulling its wings to its body. It was stronger than she expected for such a tiny thing, still though it wasn't enough to deter her. Her saliva wet down the bird, and the taste saturated her mouth, making her drool even more.

With her fill of tasting done, she moved onto actually fulfilling her hunger, her intended purpose. She dipped her head down, and eyes closed, she flicked her tongue and swallowed hard.

This sent the tiny bird straight into her esophagus, head first. She could feel it struggling, wings pressing against her throat. She followed it down with her hand, feeling it from the outside as another swallow sent it deeper down. She'd only done live prey once before, and damn did it feel good, even nicer now. The feeling was fantastic, and while there was no taste of blood, it was more than made up for in sensations.

She rested her hand on her chest as another swallow sent the struggling bird deeper yet. She could breathe again, and she took a small breathe, though the small bird was still not quite in her stomach. One last swallow sent it through, and she gasped as she felt the small finch opening its wings partially in an attempt to flutter in the small space. She hadn't expected this.

She placed both hands on her tummy and purred, feeling the small finch's struggles from within. It thrashed as hard as it could and let out panicked chirps intermittently. It flipped and struggled and tried its hardest to get away, though that was far beyond its ability by this point.

The feline was stretched back at this point, luxuriating in the feeling. Her old dorm mates hamster had no comparison to this. Unfortunately, the movement was barely able to be felt from the outside, and as the small bird exhausted itself, the feeling was lost completely.

One of her hands traveled lower, rubbing lightly on the outside of her shorts. She never knew how nice this could be, in so many ways. With the finch's energy almost gone though, there was simply not enough feeling left.

She sighed as she felt it go still. Now that was barely a snack, I'm sure just one more... She glanced around the room furtively before settling. Something just a bit bigger now though, that wasn't even a mouthful. She was getting more daring with this, it was just so easy.

She wandered a bit closer to the parrots, more than she would really like to. The larger ones had gone quite and stared at her a bit evilly, as if they knew what she'd done, and now she didn't really doubt they did. _Wait shit, these are parrots too huh. Oh well, at least theyr'e not as smart... _She'd stopped at a cage full of lovebirds, which had stayed relatively loud and unperturbed by the current events.

She watched them for a moment before going to open the door. They were all playful and social birds, some were even preening each other as they gathered around the door. She pulled the top up and waited a moment, to see if any would again land on the ledge. To her delight, a pair landed.Would be a shame to leave one to be alone. She grabbed a bird in each hand.

The birds were bigger, but not by enough to worry her. She picked a bird and, holding its wings tightly to its body, got it into her mouth. Once her jaws had closed around it, it started to struggle. Its strength was much more than the other bird, though the confines were tighter for it in comparison. It took concentration for Wycelia to roll the bird around in her mouth, coating it in drool. Its heartbeat could barely be felt over its much harsher struggling. She couldn't wait to feel this one fully in her.

With anticipation mounted, she finally maneuvered this bird the way she wanted, satisfied that she'd coated it sufficiently. She finally took the first gulp, and almost gasped with how it felt. How simply _good _it felt for her throat to stretch for this bird - and by no means was it uncomfortable - she wondered how big of a thing she could take.

The lovebird's wings were pressed tight to its body; it couldn't move enough to thrash but a pressure out could be felt for her, with her free hand, she felt the outside of her throat, amazed at the feeling of the lump now there. Another gulp sent it down, quicker than she really would have liked as it fell outside her reach.

Once more sent the bird to right above where'd it'd go into her stomach. It felt amazing to have it there and she took a few giddy breaths before finally sending it in. Instantly its wings were open, and though some of the space was already taken it made quite a ruckus.

She was panting now, her hand having found its way lower again. She wanted both hands free though, and there was only one way to do that. She leaned back against the cage bards and slid till she was sitting spread legged on the ground, focus on more important things then standing at this point. Thinking quickly, she swallowed a few gulps of air to keep the bird's partner alive to wait for it.

This made the bird inside thrash even more, having being given more room. She took a moment to rest, her hand back on her tummy, feeling it tremble with the thrashing. Ready to move on soon enough, she looked at the bird it her hand again before quickly shoving it in her mouth.

She didn't take nearly as much time to coat it this time, barely licking it before sending it back, one hand already at her throat while the other unbuttoned her shorts.

She quickly realized this was a mistake, as the bird was dry above all else, and it moved roughly, grating slightly at her throat. It moved along fine though, and after a moment of panic, she decided that it was a fine mistake to make, as the feeling of it pulling along was nowhere near as unpleasant as she would have thought. Almost pleasant even, though it was more of the fact that it was a sensation at all that pleased her.

A few more dry swallows took it down farther, and she grimaced a bit. This was taking longer and it was almost painful now, the bird's wings pressing out slowing it now that it had friction on its side. Luckily it was almost all the way through, and with a few more quick gulps she sent it down to its partner.

She moaned lightly a the sensations that started up. Both birds were now struggling as much as they could,and the air she'd swallowed earlier gave them both enough room to get their wings partially open. The hand on her belly could practically feel each stroke of their wings. She moaned in earnest as her other hand found its way into her panties, shorts opened already.

She burped slightly by accident, lessening the amount of space for the poor birds. She quickly swallowed some more air, not ready for these movements to die down. She pressed one hand on her stomach in as she inserted two fingers with her other, drawing a squawk from her inner inhabitants.

She was practically doubled over now, loving every second of it. Both birds were trying their hardest to escape their demise, and each thrash brought her closer to where she wanted to be. Her hand was working hard to keep up with the others sensations, three fingers now thrusting in and out, thumb seeing to her clit.

One of the birds was weakening now,she could feel it. In desperation to reach her climax before it ended, she burped out their last bit of air, drawing the birds last reserves in struggles.

This was all she needed, and with one last thrust of the hand she came. Her back arched as she moaned, purrs rasping through it now. She panted for a moment, just sitting there purring in the afterglow as she felt the birds last struggles die down. She felt luxurious. Great. Wonderful. This was her best ever honestly. After all was still and she'd had a moment, she started to see to cleaning herself up.

She'd rebuttoned her shorts before she started to get up, and looking up she gasped and went completely still. There in the doorway was a caracal, staring intently at her. _Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! _She sat back, just kind of staring back. How long had she been there? Surely not before she got to the lovebirds, but anytime after, or god forbid during...

She felt her face flush, fur puffing in embarrassment. Oh god had she fucked up. Not even a week in this time.

"I.. I'm sorry..." She said, starting to tear up a bit. The rumors that would fly, and damn she'd probably just be expelled at this point. Fuck, why had't she just waited for the damn caracal to get back.

It took her a moment to realize the caracal wasn't exactly fluffed in anger or disgust. No, she could smell what this cat was fluffed in, which shot her already low ears back in confusion.

Seeing her tears seemed to shake the caracal out of her trance though, and she almost seemed apologetic about it.

"Oh no, nononono, you're okay, it's okay." Charlie stammered out, starting across the floor. She went to her knees beside the other feline, catching her hands before they could wipe away her tears. She made eye contact with the abashed cat.

"You're fine, honestly. I just didn't expect someone so new..." The caracal trailed off, sure the other would catch what she meant.

"I did leave you for way too long. That was rude I should have had someone else be on call for today. You're okay." Charlie tried her best to reassure the other cat, she was too cute to be crying over something that was practically the caracal's fault.

Wycelia sniffled, unsure. She looked up at the other feline, confused at how this was turning out. This wasn't anger, this wasn't disgust, hell, this wasn't even surprise. No, Charlie seemed like she was quite used to this in fact. Which raised so many more questions than it answered.

Charlie could sense the other's turmoil. Oh boy this was a mess. Not at all how she'd wanted to start out this freshman, but that call had taken her much longer than she'd first thought it would. She sighed and ran a hand through her short tousled hair, contemplating how to move on.

"You're.. almost used to this type of thing?" Wycelia broke the silence. What the fuck was going on here. Not that she would complain - not being branded a freak was one of the endings she did not expect to this, but being practically accepted was startling to say the least.

"Well, this university has an... above average population of preds and it's not exactly, uhm, uncommon, this type of thing that is." Okay she really did not like having to explain this right now. The gaze that was on her was so intense and her every word was being hung on to, all by this adorable feline with a now rounder tummy. Who still smelled of her recent endeavor, which was all the more distracting when trying to find all the words she needed.

"In fact, while this is supposed to be for the... experiments, that's nowhere near the most common use." Charlie continued on, breaking eye contact for the moment. The gaze was just too intense for her, especially from a cute girl she just found masturbating on the floor. No, not something she could deal with.

Wycelia was starting to see real questions wouldn't exactly work right now. She hadn't smelled wrong earlier - this cat definitely had liked however much she watched. Her ears perked and she let out a small purr. No, she wouldn't have to try that hard at all for this place to work out. Not if her first crush could find her like this and still be interested that is.

"And what, would you say, is the most common use then?" Okay, now she was trying. She could feel her tears still drying on her cheek fluff, but damn if she could turn this around she'd do everything she could to do it. A little shuffle to fix her jacket, a slight tug to pull her bandeau to a better spot. Basic after-crying fixes were needed, more really, but she felt that wasn't all-important right now.

Charlie sensed the shift of the feline before her. Well that was quick, thank god. She was relieved that this wouldn't be an issue. Of course there'd still be questions, but this was a very different mood for that. A much better one really.

"Well, preds have... needs that must be met. Instincts and urges, and the... safest way to handle that to give a species appropriate outlet..." Charlie had made the mistake of reinstating eye contact. She lost her words as quick as she'd found them, a rehearsed speech as lost to her as it was its first time through.

They stared at each other for a moment before leaning forward and locking muzzles, a deep kiss the only thing either one wanted by this point. Questions, answers - that could wait for now. Right now, getting closer, tasting each other for the first time in the after glow was what they wanted. They shifted, once, and again, until Wycelia was straddling the caracal, whose back was now to the cage bars.

Wycelia giggled. This was not how things really went for her. But damn, this was a nice change of pace. She smiled down at the caracal, who threw a smile back to her.

They locked lips again, content to spend their day like so. Neither had anything really important after this - it was spring break after all, they could spend as long as they wanted down here.

And spend that time they did. jackets were removed, though that was all for then. Being close was their start, making out and cuddling in appreciative silence, or at least as silent it could get in a room full of chirps and cheeps.