The stalking Ex and a growing love.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#7 of Something unexpected.

Rosie is getting ticked off with Blaze refusing her and putting all his free time into Ruby. XD

The next morning Ruby woke up a bit later then normal and had to scramble out of bed even though she felt sore from the night before. Blaze almost fell out of the bed when she jumped up from realizing she would end up being late to her class. He sat up in the bed, rubbing his head some before watching her rushing to get dressed before grinning and shaking his head some. When she got her shoes on after getting some jeans and a shirt onto her body she ran to him and kissed him softly before grinning and heading out. Blaze twitched his ears and chuckled softly before laying back, yawning and resting a bit longer before he would get up and dressed then head to his apartment to shower and change for his own classes.

When Ruby got to her class she was only two minutes late and it seemed the professor didn't notice. She sat in her seat and began the test they had to do that morning. She blew right through it rather quickly but stopped and went back over it several times, checking and changing answers if she wasn't satisfied enough with them. When she was sure she was good with it she signed it then took it to the professor who motioned for her to go ahead and leave. Ruby thanked him softly and quickly left, sending Blaze a message that she was heading to the Doctors about getting birth control and telling him to have a good day. Soon she was off campus and headed down the street. Blaze smiled when he got out of his shower and saw the message, taking a deep breathe and replying with a good luck to her. He dried his fur off and moved to his room to get dressed. Jacob was in the kitchen when Blaze came out of his room, pulling his back pack over his shoulder. Jacob let out a yawn and looked at him only for Blaze to glare at him for a few seconds before he left. Much to Blazes dismay Rosie was in his first class, grinning some when she saw him. Blaze moved to a friend, whispering into his ear and soon they switched seats which annoyed Rosie greatly as she folded her ears back against her head. Blaze sat down and took a deep breathe as he relaxed. At least he wouldn't have to worry about her putting her hands where they didn't belong. The class was short for him that morning, most studying and reviews for a test the next day. When they were free to go Rosie walked right up to Blaze and hugged one of his arms as she looked at him with a grin once more. " Go away Rosie...I told you no several times yesterday..." Rosie rolled her eyes and wagged her tail a bit as she walked with him, keeping a firm hold on his arm. " Oh come on know you ahve fun when we fuck each other. You know you want it." Blaze stopped and folded his ears back as he looked down at her then shook his head. " Your on a college campus with a shit load of horny males...go hunt for a new target." Blaze jerked his arm free from her before leaving her standing there with a slightly stunned look on her face.

Blaze went through his next class with a soft sigh, his thoughts on Ruby which only made a grin come to his face. When that class was done it was close to 11 Am and his stomach let out a growl. He poked his head out of the class room door, looking around for a moment before sighing with relief when he didn't see Rosie waiting. He left the building and smiled big seeing Ruby sitting out in the campus yard reading one of her text books. He moved to her and sat down, leaning in and kissing her neck softly. Ruby let out a soft giggle and smiled, turning her head to look at him before kissing him softly then nuzzling her head against his gently. "How did your visit go?" Ruby laid her head on his shoulder after putting her book away, his arm going around her and pulling her against him gently as she purred softly. " It went fine...he put this little plastic thing in me...told me I would still experience my heat but wouldn't get pregnant...said it was easier then having to remember taking a pill in the morning...can't remember what it was called though...was to busy concentrating on the fact I was letting him do it." Blaze laughed hard for a moment before rubbing one of her ears gently as he nodded some. "I think it is called an IUD...not sure. I will have to look it up later. For now though..I say we get some sandwiches and relax...until we go to the rest of our classes." Ruby chuckled and looked at him then nodded some before kissing him again. He stood up and helped her up, his fingers lacing with her own as he held onto her hand.

The two went to a small cafe that the campus had for those that didn't want to stray to far off campus. He got them some food and sat with her outside to eat, his tail wagging happily as she leaned into him while she nibbled on her food with a soft purr coming from her. From a distance Rosie stood with Jacob and Todd, watching the two with her ears folded back against her head. " Tch...never dreamed he would fall head over heels for a cat...let alone one as ugly as her." Jacob snickered softly and looked at her with his arms crossed lightly. " Sounds like your getting jealous Rosie...I thought you didn't want a commitment with my big brother...isn't that why you fucked out cousin behind his back more then once?" Rosie narrowed her eyes as she looked at Jacob, growling softly as she smacked him on the nose, making him let out a small bark of surprise and wiggle his nose some. " Shut up Jacob. I don't want a relationship with your brother but I don't want to lose a good back up fuck buddy to some fat bitch like that." Jacob grumbled a bit and folded his ears back as he rubbed his nose while Toss lowered his ears a bit, his tail twitching some. He liked Blaze and usually turned to him for help or to hang out when Jacob wouldn't even consider it. Todd toyed with his fingers as he spoke. " Rosie come on...leave them alone. Blaze is happy and Ruby seems to be coming out of her shell more since meeting him. It is good for them both." Rosie looked to Todd and glared at him with her hands on her hips as she growled while shaking her head. " No I will not. I get what I want...and what I want is for my personal fuck buddy to remain free for me to you two are going to help me with that or I will make both your lives a living hell." Jacob rolled his eyes and shrugged a bit, knowing he would go along with Rosie just to piss off Blaze. Todd got nervous and reluctantly nodded with a soft sigh coming from him.

Rosie turned and left with Jacob while Todd remained behind, letting out a worried sigh as he glanced to watch Blaze and Ruby as they finished up their food. Blaze stood with Rosie and walked her to her next class, hugging her close and wagging his tail as he kissed her softly before letting her go. Blaze smiled as she purred and disappeared into the class room before he hauled ass to his own class. The rest of the day seemed to go by smoothly. Blaze got back to his apartment and moved to the couch, sitting down with a soft grunt coming from him. He stretched out with a soft groan coming from him before Ruby knocked on the door and came in after he let out a response. She set her bag down by the door and moved to join him on the couch, cuddling up into his side and purring as they relaxed, both letting out large yawns. After a while Blaze turned his gaze to her and smiled some. " I say...we go to the up a sweat....then spend a really long time in the shower." Ruby blinked and sat there in silence as she thought on it before shaking her head and grinning. " Nah...we can just go spend a long time in the shower." Blaze laughed and swatted her ass as she stood up, making her jump a bit. " HEY! Now damn it I am still kinda sore!" He grinned and stood up, kissing her. He rubbed her ass gently and chuckled before walking with her to the bathroom, turning the shower water on before turning to her and gripping the dress she wore. He unbuttoned the back then gently pulled it off of her body, setting it aside before getting her bra off while he was kissing her softly. Ruby purred and let him undress her, tilting her head to the side to give more of her neck to him. He soon knelt down to pull her panties off, licking her pussy softly after he pulled them down. She gently held onto the bathroom sink as she stepped out of her panties, moaning softly from the lick.

Ruby smiled as Blaze stood up, kissing her deeply soon after. She purred and returned the kiss before grabbing his shirt and pulling it off of him, kissing him again afterwards while undoing his jeans and pulling them open. She pulled them down along with his boxers before rubbing her hand along his sheath gently, the tip of his cock already poking out. He groaned and pulled back, nipping at her ear gently before moving into the shower and helping her in with him before pulling the door shut. He grinned down at her before turning her so her back would be to him. He reached around her and cupped her breasts into his hands, squeezing them and pinching her nipples in his fingers as he did. Ruby laid her head back against him as she moaned out softly, closing her eyes as he began squeezing her breasts harder. She began pressing her rear into him now, grinding slowly and making him become erect even more. Blaze groaned and leaned his head down to kiss her lips softly while his hands moved down her body and over her pussy, beginning to rub her pussy lips slowly before using his middle finger to tease her clit. She returned the kisses and moaned out when he pulled back, purring a bit louder between her moans until he pushed her forward after pulling his hand back. By then he was rock hard and throbbing while his tip was leaking precum. He pushed her so she bent over in front of him, her hands reaching out and grabbing onto the wall of the shower in front of her. Blaze rubbed the tip of his cock along her pussy lips slowly while his hands gripped her hips gently. He grinned to her when she looked at him over her shoulder then suddenly shoved his cock into her pussy. She let out a loud moan and bucked back against him after his hips pressed into her ass.

Ruby purred for a moment until Blaze began thrusting into her, his hands keeping a firm grip on her ass as he let out a soft grunt. Blaze watched her as she shut her eyes and moaned while turning her head away from him. Blaze smiled and began thrusting into her pussy harder then before, the impacts his hips made on her caused her flesh to shake with each hit while she was moaning out louder and her claws lightly raking along the wall of the shower. He soon let go of her hip, using that free hand to reach to her leg and lift it up so she was slightly turned with him holding her like that. Blaze smiled when she opened her eyes and turned her head to glance at him again while he began slamming his hips into her harder and faster then before, groaning softly from her pussy clenching down on his cock with each thrust he made into her. He kept his other hand on her hip, the grip tightening as his cock throbbed hard inside her. Ruby kept her eyes locked onto his for a bit longer before she looked away with a moan, her breasts bouncing and jiggling with his thrusting into her. He soon let her let go and pulled her back up against him before he soon had her pressed into the glass wall of the shower.

Ruby let out a soft groan and blushed, her breasts now pressed into the glass of the wall as her hands pressed into it as well. she mewed a bit as she looked at him over her shoulder, making him chuckle and reach his hand to her, running his fingers through her hair gently before his hand rest on her shoulder and gripped it firmly. His other hand went back to gripping her hip as he began pounding his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, making her moan out louder then she had been while he closed his eyes tightly, his cock throbbing hard with each thrust while her pussy clench and squeezed him more. His knot was beginning to form while the wet slapping sounds of his hips hitting her filled the room along with her moans and his growls. He gripped her shoulder a bit tighter then before as she bit down on her bottom lip hard with a muffled moan while her tail curled around him lightly. Blaze grunted a bit as he slammed into her, his knot stretching her pussy open and locking him to her. Ruby cried out as she pushed her hips into his own now, getting fed up with being held still after being knotted. She bucked back into him as hard as she could until her orgasm hit her only a few seconds later, a loud cry coming from her as her juices washed over his cock and knot. Blaze growled and slammed into her once more as his cock throbbed, his cum spilling out into her with each throb. Soon the two of them went still and he gently maneuvered them so he was sitting on the shower floor, Ruby in his lap. He chuckled softly as she leaned back into him and relaxed to catch her breathe while the water from the shower hit them. Blaze got his breathe back and reached up to a shelf above him, grabbing the body wash and beginning to clean Ruby's fur while she rested with his cock still stuck in her.

The two remained in the shower for sometime until he finally pulled his cock free from her, chuckling a bit. He helped her stand up and rinse her fur free of the soap before getting himself cleaned up. He turned the water off and helped her out, drying her fur off with a towel before tending to himself. He watched her pull her panties on then moved to get her dress back on when he stopped her. He pulled his boxers on and whispered for her to wait there. He left the bathroom then came back a minute or two later wearing sweat pants. He moved to her and pulled one of his t-shirts on her with a grin. " You look good in you look comfortable wearing them.' Ruby blushed and smiled then walked out of the bathroom with him. They moved to the living room and sat down on the couch. He shifted so he was laying back with his head on the arm rest. Ruby looked at him then moved to lay beside him but he grabbed her and shifted her so she was laying on him with her head resting on his chest. She purred and relaxed, feeling content with him as he placed his hand on her head, beginning to pet her gently until she fell asleep. Blaze laid there watching a bit of tv with the volume down before finally passing out and sleeping soundly there on the couch with his kitten.

The ex reappears.

The next morning Ruby was dressed in some shorts and a T-shirt she swiped from Blaze. Blaze didn't have class till the afternoon so he laid there watching her getting dressed. she sat on the edge of the bed as she pulled her hair into a low braid,...

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The weekends finish.

Ruby shifted a bit on the couch in Blazes apartment. She had fallen asleep after lunch that Sunday while Blaze was out to the store for some things knowing his brother was going to be back either that night or early the next morning. When Blaze walked...

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The weekend with Blaze.

Ruby shifted a bit the next morning and groaned in pain. Oh god she felt so sore. Was it supposed to feel like this? She rolled onto her back and stretched out slowly before opening her eyes and looked around. She blushed when she remembered she was at...

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