Woods pt 1

Story by Ari Lehen on SoFurry

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#1 of Serious WRITINGGGG

Hi all! I'm trying to do a serious story thing, with progression and such. If any suggestion, feel free.

First Serious story! Please let me know if there are any tense issues, or suggestions for the progression.


Once is enough

to see, to feel.

Once is enough

to burn, to kneel.

Tepid pools of motivation,


Framed by lakes of understanding-

I stop my horrible poem to look at the path I was following. Unbelievable. I was nowhere NEAR where I needed to be, and of course it was almost dark. I grumble as I fish out my flash light, continuing on my way. Of course I would decide to go out to hike too late, and of course I would wander around without any extra gear.

Continuing the tirade against myself, I try to at least get to the stupid cabin I knew was near. It's not very safe for a fox in the woods as pretty much every fur is bigger than you. At least I don't have a red coat like some do, I was very happy with my black colouring, and silvery patches.

As I near the cabin, I see lights on and begin humming nervously and flicking my tail. Hopefully whoever was in there were decent furs, but I really had no choice right now.

Upon drawing nearer, I heard... music? Someone singing a cheesy Broadway piece, but nonetheless I approved, making note of some technical issues, but enjoying the sound in the air. Quickly adjusting my cumbersome pack, I knock on the door.

I hear the voice stop, and heavy footsteps toward the flimsy rectangle separating me from whatever huge fur la on the other side. Panicking, I start to step back towards the woods, rethinking my decision. I should have just gone to the car this was stupid an--

"Hello, come in. I suppose you are the one that knocked, yes?"

Of course it's a huge wolf, this one complete with slightly shaggy fur that hung well below his ears. His frame filled the doorway, not quite dwarfing it--small miracles do exist, I could at least escape if I needed. To justice the cake, he had the typical lazy smile big furs adopt when talking to smaller ones, like right now. Me, the Tiny Fox and Mr. Big Smiling Wolf.

"Yes, I'm sorry I realized that I have the wrong cabin so I should--"

"You're lost? The nearest cabin is miles away and its already dark. Why don't I take you?"

I nearly freeze as I weigh my options, carefully keeping my breathing even.

"I, I don't think that will be needed, but thank you so much! I'll just get to my car and um..." I start to turn away, but then realize it was now fully dark with no way in hell I was going through to woods at his time. "Uh, c-could you help me get to my car?" I finish lamely, my ears starting to lay low to my head with embarrassment.

The wolf looked at me for a moment before answering me, which tightened my nerves a little more.

"I could walk with you, where's your car parked?"

Tail drooping I mutter the name of the parking lot "Pine Grove."

"Pine Grove? Isn't that, shit, like all the way across the park?" I see his eyes widen as the weight of my stupidity dawns on him.

"Look, can you take me or not?" I answer a bit too savagely. It had been a perfectly good day, and I was going to end it with this stupid hulking wolf pointing out the obvious.

"Yeah, just come in for a bit and let me get a shirt and things."

I breathed a sigh of relief, before stuffing down the knot in my throat. It might not be so bad, maybe wolves aren't all bad. As I waited for the canine to get outfitted for the impromptu adventure, I cleared my throat and offered into the silence a passing pleasantry.

"By the way, I'm Ari. And you are?"

A muffled grunt before he came over, shaking my paw with his.

"I'm Cree, nice to meet you."

Meeting his eyes, before gently removing my paw from his grip, I try not to snatch my appendage back. At least I didn't flinch.

"I there's any way I can pay you back or whatever, let me know." And with that, I stepped into the dark.


\*\*\*\* AUTHOR'S NOTE\*\*\*\* Hey people that read this, this started out as one story, but unfortunately even with all my plotting it turned into just me and my best friend. However I will be tweaking this to fit better. Thank you for your...

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