An Unforgotten Night

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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I had been preparing the house for Bethanie and Naira as they had left me alone for the first time in what seemed like days, I knew the rules for when they were gone but sometimes even the temptation to try and break from chastity was making my fingertips itch. Taking a moment to look down at myself, a habit I recently developed, I was wearing nothing but black silk panties; the type that had my cock hanging out showing off the beautiful package that was aching to be released from its confinement. If i attempted to do anything Naira would know. I guess it wouldn't explain the first time she knew and it brought a lesson of humiliation to my expense but I loved my Mistress. There I was leaning against the wall as I thought of her luscious curves. Her cowgirl figure, the smoothness of her creamy skin but what got me the most was her lucious brown long hair. I loved Naira but she wasn't the only one that was invading those thoughts, my other beautiful cowgirl who was also in my life and the way her huge tits would love to smother me just as much as her sweet delicious cock. I shuddered as thoughts of Bethanie only made my cock harder, the strain of the chastity was squeezing my cock as I humped the air without much thought, I needed to calm down, they could be back from their shopping day.

~Beep Beep!~ I froze as the familiar honking had shattered those naughty thoughts from my mind faster than I could blink, I was in for it now. I knew it.

Something at the corner of my eye had moved, but realized it was a somebody as I caught a glimpse of a tail wagging from side to side taunting it as the nervousness settled into the pit of my stomach. If I hadn't been staring down at my humping cock I would of seen it before hand. It made me spin my head up quickly around just to look into Naria's green outstanding eyes. "Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk." Sounded like an echo, perhaps it was a greeting that didn't really help my senses focus because I was simply mesmerized by those lovely colored gems. Mind was fully blank, withdrawing my hips as I was standing fully against the wall, it dawned on me that I didn't hear the door and the honking had actually been the alarm of the car locking. The clatter of hooves hitting the wooden floor made my cock twitch, not only had I been caught, I was distraught at what would happen next but just as Bethanie was coming around that same corner I didn't even have a chance to look as my Mistress's hand slid into my hair. "What am I going to do with you, Slave?" I listened to her speak, sweetly, the only way that made my blood boil and my heart skip a beat. It was a deathly but arousing poison hearing her voice even if it was coated in extra honey sweetness.

The stinging pain upon the top of my skull was spreading in her tight grip though my gaze was drawn to that cute little frown and the slight disappointed look in her face as I finally realized from the corner of my eye that Bethanie's cock was poking out of the bottom of her skirt. In one hand was a collar and leash while a bag laid empty upon the floor next to her hoove. Licking my lips, I looked back to my awaiting Mistress knowing that was a mistake, my third mistake. Not only looking away to catch my other beautiful cowgirl but I dared to look back into Naira's gorgeous eyes. I was left utterly speechless. Hearing the chain of the leash connecting to the collar. "W.. where are we going?" whispering, yes a whisper that even I couldn't compensate as my voice. Before I knew it there was a gag shoved into my mouth, hands cuffed behind my back with the collar around my neck. It was all happening far too fast where I was shoved out of the kitchen and into the back seat of our car. My face was buried into the seat as I heard the doors opened and close. The drive seemed to be ages, but there was no real time to tell how long we had been driving when it was being torture, perhaps it was because I kept hearing Naira's lovely mouth suckling up and down Bethanie's cock. Those wet slobbering suckles going up and down that thick meaty cock left my own dick aching and my tight little pucker yearning to be filled by it. My beloved gals knew how to tease me.

There was a sharp turn before we had arrived to some location and the car was parked, the sun was low by now from what I could tell. Naira's suckling had Bethanie coming before they got out of the car. I was embarrassed to be in public with only those panties and the chastity to be put in front of everyone to see. I was glad for a brief moment that there was no one around, no public eye, until we started walking. I was forced to follow behind, watching both of their swaying hips from side to side, the laughter they shared as I was tugged behind by the leash. I was curious as to where we were going but all of that was answered before I could even utter so much as a grunt from behind the gag. The building was tall, grey, industrial but it connected with an alley that had been sealed off and a lounge was built. The lively chatter, the smell of grilling and cigarettes blended together. The closer they got he could feel the trembles of the music upon the cement floor as they had approached even closer giving a very clear view of what was happening. It wasn't just a regular building but a club, a club that fit species like us, a club that people were standing around naked and laughing. A sex club.

Walking past the alley they went all the way around the corner of the building where they ran into a short line, it was almost a little too pleasing for the eye as I glanced up to the bright flashing neon sign. Noticing that the E had long since faded from the bright yellow to a more muted beige color, however Castle Erotica stood no less brighter than the people in the line waiting to enter its double doors. The line was intriguing, the different species that went from dragons, wolves, avians, snakes, and the typical felines much like myself. Their outfits really got my attention, everyone seemed to be wearing the type of outfit my girls were wearing. Latex/rubber and leather where others were wearing gags, collars, bdsm strains and other types of clothing that resembled they belonged to their Masters/Mistresses or lovers. It made me feel at ease just enough until the line started moving once again with the sound of the techno sounding muffled but loud enough to get some tails in the groove. This was about to get interesting, lucky for them the wait wasn't much longer and they were soon being allowed in by the very muscular canine bouncers. They were rather intimidating for my feline instincts, I lowered my ears slightly as we walked right past them. It lead to the identification station, jacket check in/out, a stamp on the hand and finally allowed into the club.

The strobe lights beamed off and on from different corners of the enormous room, cages near the back walls all seemingly occupied, bodies in the center of the dance floor grinding against one another. There were two bars, one to the back that led to the alley and the one by the stage to the left side. The couches were being occupied with men and women being fucked, cuddling, kissing, or sitting by their lonesome. There was another passage that took to the unisexed bathrooms only having occupied couches. The sudden yank of my leash had me stumbling forward that I bumped into Bethanie only having her turn around to look at me with a devilish twinkle in her eye, it was obvious to the intentions of their evening. Bethanie took the leash from Naira as I was yanked forward being guided to the stage nearly tripping once again on those four steps. Looking at the crowd before me my blush was growing, caressing the dark fur of features, I was very humiliated to be dragged up here in only in my panties and chastity. The cheers and screams made me grow scared as Bethanie was tying my leash to a hook so I couldn't run or attempt any form of escape. Naira came from behind and was undoing my hands from behind my back placing them on the bar rails that were there for safety.

Gulping softly I was biting on the gag ball a little harder then I had anticipated but it was making my teeth ache. I watched the girls turn their attention to each other. Naira was walking to Bethanie in the spotlight of my sight. Bethanie's hands went over my now submissive Mistresses hips caressing gently. They got into the beat of the music grinding and swaying rubbing against each others bodies, while my mind was starting to have an impact from simply watching. Naira's ass rubbed right against Bethanie's crotch easily developing a bulge in the front forcing her skirt to start rising. Bethanie's hands grabbed her hips pulling her firmly back having her monster cock rub against Naira's ass cheeks smearing precum all over the black latex. Another weakness of mine, I would have loved to have had my tongue go across her phat ass licking it up like a good little slave. My cock was straining against the chastity cage once again as I let out a loud groan that blended with the beat of the music. Their dance became more erotic watching Bethanie's eyes going up and down Naira's body especially enticed on her ass. The grinding became slower like she was doing more than hotdogging that thick mouth watering fuck stick. Naria's hands went to the back of Beth's head, really stretching her body against the futa cowgirl guiding her head down to Naira's neck. Instantly Bethanie took the leaded she started to kiss and nuzzle her neck, their movements continued pressing one arousal against the other. I didn't know how much longer they would keep dancing with her constantly pressing against Beth's cock. The smearing of the pre-cum was starting to look like actual cum making my mouth water for just a lick just to satisfy this mouth watering thirst. It was obvious that they were dancing for me along with a hundred other people in the club but I knew it was exactly for me when Bethanie's eyes connected to mine instantly now creating a very stiff cock. Her hands roamed over Naira's breasts grabbing at the front of the tight black top yanking it down roughly exposing her enormous tits; the areolas were no longer a light pink but had darkened with the abuse each nipple was receiving. Fingers running across the large mounds as she spread them grabbing a handful and entrapping the nipples between the webbing squeezing the with a slight tug. The more the music went her hands groped, teased, tugged and twisted her nipples making Naira voice carry with the music.

The dominating Mistresses hands went down to Naira's skirt shoving it down her thick thighs having it fall to the ground and quickly forgotten. Naira remained in nothing but that shirt, her stockings and panties. Panties which were easily torn by the sides having it tossed aside to the crowd where some random person picked them up and wrapped them around their cock stroking to the scene before them. The song exchanged to a slower techno just as Naira was brought down to her knees in front of Bethanie's drooling bubbling tip. My eyes were glued to Naria's ass while humping the air roaming my gaze up her phat ass to the curve of her spine meeting the curls of her long natural brown hair. Overlooking the peaches and cream completion, the longer I watched her, the more my mind was begging to be part of the fun then to be on the side lines teased and tortured. Bethanie's hands slid down Naira's front once more sliding her hands over her perky tits cupping them in earnest. I knew from experience they would be warm, soft and smooth like a good breast should be. The nipples were rock hard under the touch of the fingertips having each nipple being pinched and guided so that Bethanie's cock was sandwiched between those breasts. She gave a few good thrusts between the dangling breasts guided into Naira's sweet small mouth instantly having pushed deeper into those pearly pink lips only to withdraw having a string of saliva connect between the lips and the tip. Tit fucking her only went for a few more minutes as Bethanie let them go and gave each tit a cock slap. Pointing to where Naira was she stayed as I watched Bethanie come around her towards me undoing the cuffs, she came close and I could smell her aroma and mild sweat that had formed. Yelling into my ear to move behind Naria, I obeyed instinctively wanting to please both of my Mistresses. As Bethanie positioned herself I was pulling Naira to my lap. I knew the rules when it came to times like this. It was almost like stripper rules, typical I can touch you and you cannot touch me except I touched all I wanted. Lacing my hand over her hip I stroked the edges of my fingers across the pink moisted slit slowly. I got the full blown view of her nipples, they were turning darker in the flashes of the strobing lights. I left my other hand on the stage as my Mistress began moving her hips slowly on my lap in enticed hypnotic circles as I was tracing up her slit. My mouth found her ear teasing the edge with my teeth as her moans were much louder now. Saying that I was hard already was just the understatement of the year I was FUCKING ROCK hard and aching for some release. Bethanie's thrusts were rhythmic to the circling of the succulent ass on my lap.

There were just so many naked bodies in every direction and the reality of a fuck den became audible over the music. "Oh, I'm cumming!" a random woman's voice screamed out as others began cheering making me jealous, I wanted my Mistress to be the one screaming like that instead and for them to cheer her on. Leaning to her back I huskily muttered, "I really want to tongue fuck you and eat Bethanie's cum out of your pussy." It was like magic words triggered for my love, my lap was soon wet with her honey hole juices. I watched Bethanie come closer to her suddenly we heard, "On your knees cunt!" Pre shot out of my dick into the device that was around it. Blushing hard I saw that my dominant cowgirl had taken charge of my precious Mistress. She was put on her knees as Bethanie stepped in front of her. She shoved her dick into Naira's mouth and forced her to deepthroat her. I heard her gag a little as she took it in. I slid my hand into Naira's sultry long brown hair making a fist of it and used her face to fuck Bethaine's cock. Naira had focused on swishing her tongue back and forth causing Beth's dick to twitch inside of her mouth. Unable to resist she looked up to meet Beth's gaze, meeting her with breathtaking green eyes, D-cup tits and soft wide hips causing Bethaine to completely lose it. The change in between suckles from being forced down to suck only to return to the usual slow sucking starting at the tip and sliding down her cock as far as Naria's mouth could. She made her lips from a soft round 'O' on the way down and then sucks in her cheeks hard on the way up. Picking the pace she did, but that was only when the moans started in beat of the music, a hummer was alway a great technique. Her lips and the inside her soft wet mouth were vibrating against her cock. The sensation was utterly incredible, the wet sounds that were muffled by the sound of the steady thumps of the music however it was the vibrations from her humming lips were far too satisfying. When the sensations of an impending orgasm started, Bethaine shouted over the music; "You didn't waste any time, did you?" asking with a leer. Naira blushed heavily answering with the dick in her mouth, "Mmm...Oh..Mmmmph...uhhnn" It was really hard to actually provide dialog or say anything really with her mouth being stuffed with her cock. "Shut up and suck my dick, slut! And don't forget my balls, you know how I like it." I couldn't believe that Bethaine had been so commanding, it was really hard to be this hard in the chastity and pre dripping all over Naira's pink little twat. Raising my hips up meeting her circles slowly causing the plastic cage and lock to spread her pussy lips rubbing right against her hard little clit nub and honey hole entrance. The desire was there and I needed to claw into her perfect hips. My thoughts were broken, "... Mmmh, Yeah! Suck me, you slut! Suck my dick!" I couldn't believe this, I could only imagine the precum leaking from her futa cock. Oh, that taste! Savoring it like some fine wine and just bobbing my own head up and down the way Naria did.

I let out a primeval scream aching to be let loose and have my turn with one of my Mistresses. I grew an ounce of fear as Bethaine pulled her nearly spurting cock out of Naira's mouth. She walked around towards me and my heart began to really pound in my chest. Had I really been that loud? Gulping in anticipation as I suddenly let go of Naria afraid that I might of tested the waters a little more than I should of and my mouth had fallen open. I hadn't fully recovered myself from the sudden approach but Bethaine had another plan. She fisted my hair as she stepped between Naira and I, shoving Naria onto all fours with her perky round ass in the air. I didn't know what was happening so fast but it was like actual fireworks exploding through my head as my face was shoved into Bethanie's ass and balls. She had been busy lining herself up to Naria's tailhole by sliding the engorged tip up and down the crack, slowly and teasingly smearing the drool and pre to lube the dime sized tailhole. From my view her cock was thick, concrete veiny rod throbbing to rip open Naria's tight ass. I was busy flicking my tongue back and forth over Bethanie's tailhole following down to her balls. Savoring her musky scent and taste, giving her the attention she deserved by my tongue. I flicked my tongue closer to her balls making sure not to push her forward into Naria, I knew Bethaine liked making Naria squirm like a good little slut. It was enticing to smell both of my partner's scented juices making me a starving man. Guiding one of her balls into my mouth I swished it around from one side to the other carefully suckling it and giving it gentle tugs. Switching to the other I ran my hands over her plump ass cheeks forcing them apart in a squeeze while having brought both of her balls into my mouth at once. Tenderly licking them, flicking my tongue back and forth over each precious jewel. I enveloped my lips over her sack and pulled away with a loud 'SLURP' instantly releasing her balls having them swat against Naria's swollen neglected pussy.

I turned to her supple ass giving each cheek a bite followed by a kiss as Bethaine was enthralled by the cooing testament that Naria was giving, shifting her waist giving her room to press her tight pucker back against that meaty fuck stick. After enough teasing she settled in pushing the tip of the cock straight into her asshole going slowly at first, while I slid out from under them I moved so that I could lay down on the floor and slide underneath them. I turned my attention to her balls and Naria's dripping wet pussy. I fed more of her balls into my mouth suckling them as my nose rubbed against Naria's entrance and up over her clit feeding the cold tip of my nose against her. I was gentle and teasing but I gave a suckle more aggressively to her balls having my teeth scrape gently against the sensitive jewels. Bethanie's slow gentle thrusts changed and become more rough and the rougher it got it was like a hard workout. I let go of her slobbering wet balls and began to massage them in my palm as I turned my attention to Naria's pussy, spreading her pussy lips with my nose before finally flicking my tongue over the hard little clit causing it to twitch against my rough feline tongue. I alternated between bites, sucking and flicking her tongue vastly over it repeatedly. Naria was squealing like a baby begging for a more gentle fucking but was only rewarded by feeling Beth's hand wrap around her throat giving it a light but firm grip, choking her, making her bounce back against that fuck rod. Each time she bounced I was splashed with sweet nectar licking over and over making me obsessed to drink. Bethaine held Naria close making her pussy smother my face making me lose my breath and control. Her screaming shouts of pain and pleasure became only pleasure after each drilled inch into her ass. "Fuck me! Fuck me like your bitch!" Naira squealed over the music causing people to cheer them on.

The rough plunging into her ass with each downstroke, the rapid fucking became easier and easier. Soon her cock was beyond rock hard, popping almost, pulsing upward ready to blow. Pushing Naria down on my face by Beth making my cheeks flushed pretty red and I took a fresh quick breath making my head spin quickly. She pushed down into the sluts tight ass sinking balls deep into her tight anus a final time screaming and writhed like a shotgun fired streaming load after load of hot sticky cum. Quickly sliding out a final series of twitches and her cock, still hard, slid out of Naria's asshole with a plop spraying all over my face, chin and chest making me thrust up into the air. I was close to begging to have this chastity be broken off for the rest of the night. Bethaine stood up watching her delightful work like an artist but Naria crawled down over me hovering her creamy tits over my face. I was surprise staring at the sexy nipples of her fat melon tits spilling out from the top that Bethaine had pulled down roughly earlier, I was staring hungrily at her showing off huge areolas and nipples finally pulling her tits close to my face smooshing them together. I licked and nibbled her nipples, treating them like I would of her clit. They were sensitive and I could hear her high squealing moans as I sucked on those two huge tits. Her tits were beautifully shaped, flesh was firm and very creamy. No Unsightly veins, no sag- like two massive scoops of tit. Sucking harder now, having the edges of my teeth graze and tease endlessly sending her into another orgasm of lust. She was grinding all over my cock, I was so hard, it was painful against the chastity sleeve making me whimper like a good submissive slave. At this point her grinding was forcing my cock to press to her cunt trying to force its way inside, I let her, pushing up against her walls managing only the tip to be trapped against the the entrance and I let out a cry, a single tear fell from my eye. It was unimaginable, her heat was painful against the tip making it burn, she arched and smothered me with her tits as her tight pussy clenched around my cocks tip and the sleeve that her orgasm came splattering in an excessive forced squirting. "F..Fuck!" She was so wet that there was no friction, her thicker juices leaking all over the chastity and I needed to fuck her like a maniac.

She knew that I was about to shove my dick into her excessively tight hole and demolish it only to be interrupted when her hand slid into my hair pulling me off of her tit and she stood up walking towards the railing of the stage. Her legs parted exposing her honey hole and gaping asshole, I turned and crawled on all fours as humiliating as it was, I knew my mistress needed my tongue to clean her up. I had approached her as a sudden swat of the leash was used against my back and ass leaving a red mark making me raise my tail. Bethaine was on a rush and eyeing my asshole making me blush heavily. I knew how to please my mistresses, sitting on my side having my weight go against my arm I cupped Naira's ass cheek spreading them wide open. Flicking my tongue over the gaping hole pushing it in finding the formed layer of cum awaiting. Scooping it up little by little having my tongue flick around her her dirty hole had my taste buds exploding, ears flickering back having heard Beth moving behind me positioning herself against my tailhole. Distracted by the sudden cries, "O, God, Yes, Yes, O God, Yes, YESSSSSSSSS, OH GOOOD." I knew that she was going to climax again for the fifth or was it the sixth time. Her nerves were heightened after all her previous orgasms, all the shrieking was encouraging Beth and myself. The pitch of her screams had Bethaine press her cock to my asshole still dripping cum that was used for little to no lube. I moved my hip having my leg raise up into the air giving her all the access she needed, with no hesitation she savagely tore into my tight darkstar causing my claws to sink into Naira's ass. Pulling my snout out of her ass spewing thick white cum from the corner of my lips, before I had a chance to glance over at Bethaine, Naria grabbed me by my hair shoving my face back between her thick thighs. I dived right down and began licking her swollen pussy and clitors. I sucked each swollen pussy lip into my mouth and swallowed the flowing juices. The bitter cum and her sweet tasting juices mixing like a powerful fueling nectar. I moaned against her pussy causing the vibrations to hit her core, groaning with struggles of breath being pushed forward into her cunt even more where I was sniffling in the droplets of juices. The deeper she was penetrating me the more I was moaning, begging, clawing Naria's ass and the stage making my asshole clench around her cock making it a tight cock sleeve begging to be demolished. Naria was having a string of orgasms and convulsions shrieking for me to tongue fuck her pussy. I shoved my tongue in and out of her trying to contemplate what she wanted, but she wasn't having enough of that. She was violently thrusting her pussy and ass into my face, I could swear that her eyes were rolling back showing white and maybe even blacked out a few seconds before she started moving again.

My heart was beating so loud I was nearly deaf. It only seemed to get louder in my ears, my moans were raspier, getting closer now that my full focus was on the pleasure was driving into my prostate. Easing the thick prostate massager into my now not so tight ass knowing it would heighten my arousal. I looked at Naria with begging eyes for them to release my dick but received a simple look that held a firm no. Not a single orgasm my fuck rod would be allowed. Pent up until they allowed me otherwise. Oozing from my cocks tip was the pre making it hard not to squirm on the plug of a cock within my ass. The brief touch of Naria's fingertips brushed against my chest teasing my hardening nipples. Her fingers tormented them each time they ran in circles teasing endlessly with the softness. Upon my back I felt Beth's huge melons pressing and swaying with each rise of her chest to her panting breaths. My mind was a field with all the erotic images and thoughts, sensual and soft touches clenching the prostate massager fully engaged with each flex of his hips. Her previously rhythmic and hard pace was starting to become more desperate and random, never getting extremely rough or painful but giving her more frantic hips, her quivering legs and louder pants signaling she was close. "It's coming, it's coming.." Bethanie kept repeating the phrase like a mantra or her thoughts had completely gone tunnel vision as my tailhole was pulsating and massaging her cock like a machine needing to climax, the only release I would be allowed. A vicious push forward and I lost my balance being pressed to the stage floor face first with my leg pinned upwards having my hips lift from the ground no more than an inch or two. Her cock was pounding me into a mental haze, sweaty and trembling I gave a long moan, "Give it to me like you really mean it." Her long dick was giving my prostate an effect I couldn't ever replace. Her breast were tightly pressed against me, the quick paced fucking turned animalistic and brutally abusive to my hole making me her horny slave. The anal stimulation was pushing me over the limit, digging my claws into the stage tearing it to shreds as her cock began twitching and spewing out every last drop of hot jizz climaxing myself but my cock recieved no release. Bethaine suddenly pulled out spraying her cum all over my back and side uncaring of where it landed. I felt so useless and exhausted happily to have sated my women.

I looked over the crowd, many had clapped and others were still dancing, enjoying themselves, sex was strongly in the air. Before I could even catch my breath Bethaine was standing in front of me, "This was just in your ass, this made you into my little bitch, my little whore." Gulping softly I got on my knees and I was being slapped in the face with her dick. "Smell it, smell your ass." As I opened my mouth to compliment my mistress for such an amazing treat, she stuck it in my mouth pushing it in deep. "Good, now taste it, clean it up good..." Swirling my tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his cock, I did everything I could do to drive her mad with desire. They were still covered in sweat easily glistening from the enticing club lights. I stroked the root of her cock with my hands and swallowed her shaft again. Her thighs were brushing against my face, hearing her groaning and moaning with pleasure I became more firm with my sucking drooling and slobbering all over her lap, trying to make it sloppy, wet and as messy as I possibly could. "Oh! Feels good.." she moaned out. Sucking like a slut in heat I did my best to keep up with her bucking hips. Every thrust from her was pounding my loose, bruised lips and the back of my head was captured by Naira's feminine hold. I didn't dare gag even though this was not the first time I sucked her dick. Her cock's head slams into my battered throat, filling my airway and causing my olfactory senses to flare wide in search of fresh air. There was no fresh air, it was all stained by sweat, sex and booze. I began pushing my head forward to the thrusts raising my eyes to capture with Bethanie's only to see her smirk as she began to make out with Naira. her moans and ragged thrusts were using deeper and deeper into my throat, despite my best given efforts I reached out with my long tongue trailing down to the hilt. I was starting to get light headed the more I went up and down, my jaw was starting to ache as I was overcome by the urge to feel her pulsing cock in my mouth overwhelming me. Just the way I like it. "Take it you filthy slut. You love my cock don't you, you little cocksucker. Oh yeah gag on my cock you little whore." It began to all sound so far away being taken by the thick heavy cloud as I was struggling to take a breath. Panic began setting in but my face was being pushed down her cock by Naria, not only had I not achieved an actual release, I was neglected air. I could feel her balls tightening as they slapped my chin repeatedly, I whimpered softly but it was drowned by the music. My jaw slacked as I gagged finally breaking down as I was held in place, my throat was really sore, just as I finally sunk into a pit of darkness passing out her cum didn't so much as spurts, it poured into my mouth. About six large streams rolling down my tongue, out of the corners of my lips and out of my nose. It was all erotic, a fine unforgotten night with my mistress........

The end.

By Driana Le' Souris. ©

Written for Sinister, all characters belong to Sinister on FA.

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