Tasty Snack

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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I normally went out when I was bored, meandering was just a fluke, after all I could've been anywhere though I hadn't been overly impressed by this place at first. The thick musk of blood in the air and the music moving like a surging stream was strange but enjoyable. 'Humans', as the rest of us strange creatures called them, was just an abundance of tastes, cultures, but what got my attention was the entertainment. My entertainment. Every place had left me unsatisfied until I ran into her.

"Why are you wearing that lipstick?" Normally my voice was kind and even, this time around was low, husky just on the edge of a growl or something more primal. I could see the way my favorite tool would look lovely against her skin, just like others I tended to favor the daggers, anything to hear their shrieks and cries of pain. Blood. Blood just went everywhere, especially in those places one didn't want. I was getting ahead of myself; that I didn't hear her reason behind the lipstick. Oh well, it didn't really matter. I was almost like a killer except without the murdering.

She looked up at me, her lips were a bright pink but I honestly thought that they would look better with a bright red, my blood, whispering some nonsense thing about getting out of here. That would be of no issue, I liked them when they were just ready for me. "You look beautiful, baby." Paying her a few compliments as I walked besides her out of this surging stream. I had no real intention to leave this place, but she would learn that soon. It wasn't a surprise to her when I wrapped my hand perfectly around her throat, she liked it.. no she enjoyed it, what was more surprising was how tightly my hand had been that it could almost cut off the carotid artery and jugular vein while applying almost no pressure to her windpipe.

The feel of her pulse nearly drove me to insanity, the only thing that saved her was the feeling of it grow weaker and weaker, until even her pathetic attempts at fighting got worse. She clawed at my hand and chest, anything to even reach my face, there it was. The scent. It made my cock stir to life and I was cruel enough to grind it against her. It only made her attack me even more and then just like that she went limp. I didn't know if I actually killed her but still I didn't let go of her neck till I reached ten. Watching her fall against me I found her pulse, very faint, ooh goodie.

Time To Break Her.

She was laying on her back, trembling, waiting for that delicious rush of pain to wash over her, for that strange yet familiar feel of ice cold metal along her inner thighs. She had finally awakened after she was placed on my favorite table, we had returned to the surging stream, but it had changed. After all, we were the guests of honors and she was on display for everyone to see. Stripped, naked, and drenched with ice cold water. Her panic made me smile, eager as she was, this little beauty was still a virgin. Perfect for what was to come, she would become my slave.

I pressed the tip of the dagger inward finally breaking the boundary of the skin, her hands gripped the binds trying to pulling them away anything at this point to help her escape. "Shhh.. easy, breath slowly." I coaxed her to relax sliding the sharpness up her inner thigh towards her clit. The blood pooled just as rapidly as it dropped down her inner thighs. Dipping my head down, I ran my hot tongue up the length of the incision, tasting her blood, not allowing much to escape. There she was again trembling, but it wasn't the type of trembling that brought agony. She was becoming aroused. Taking the bloody dagger I smeared it across her nipples dragging the sharp tip in slow circles purposely leaving fresh new beads of blood in place. Dragging it from one tit to the other, the scent was so sexy that I felt my mouth watering for more.

I saw her beautiful eyes glistening from all the tears she had spilled, it was only the beginning, leaning up I kissed her passionately with my bloody lips leaving hers just as bright in color, just like I had imagined. Taking the dagger I slid it down between her tits, over her stomach to her pussy lips, using the sharp edges to split that strawberry opening. A glorious sight for any male. I slid the flat surface of the dagger up and down slowly, pressing it against the tiny little clit being careful not to break the sensitive skin just yet.

She would have the taste of blood lingering on her lips and tongue for days, slowly kissing my way down her beautiful skin as I changed the position of the dagger, the very tip of it traced circles around the clit and she was too frightened to move. Her moans were full of pleasure despite her given situation. It was almost disappointing. Stopping to suck on her nipple urging more beads of blood to leave the precious openings making it even harder to not shove my dick inside her virgin walls. I ended up giving in a little, "You scream and I'll shove my striped tie down your throat." Her only warning, but it's not like she listened. Feisty woman.

It was the common sense that finally came back to her, I didn't even let her finish another sentence as I started squeezing her neck all over again, pressing down on her windpipe. She was desperate and the scent of the blood from her inner thigh was spilling, leaning over her as I whispered, "I wouldn't go about resisting, who knows what else I might slice .. open." Pressing the dagger into her juicy strawberry entrance slowly sliding the sharp entrances over the spongy flesh fingering her with it. "We don't want to spoil all my fun now, do we?"

Her deer like headlights for eyes staring at me trying to figure out if I would give her mercy, I stroked the back of my hand across her cheek as I moved the dagger deeper into her cunt. I finally came in contact with her virgin barrier, this was her test, her eyes started watering and her breaths picked up. The intensity of the public looking over them was almost forgotten until someone yelled to push the dagger in deeper. Of course I was going to, I didn't need the encouragement, I just liked the way her eyes glistened and those bloody red lips. Pre was dripping from my tip, I got closer to her ear, biting down on her earlobe I grinded my teeth down slowly as a form of distraction.

Using her earing in my mouth, I started tugging it stretching the earlobe further until it started spreading the flesh apart, her cries of agony were nothing, not yet, taking the chance I pushed the dagger against her virgin barrier making her flinch. Tears spilled down her lovely cheek, gently I continued fingering her with the dagger until her moans were all that was left. Satisfied I was when I saw the glistening dagger with her pussy nectar and the blood. I was so hard it was starting to become painful. My oozing tip made it look like the head was enormous. I need the relief badly.

I used the dagger once more, spreading the juices and blood against her skin I so carefully carved several letters against her hips, legs, over her pussy lips leaving nothing but the words "Gorgeous, beautiful, sexy." The sweetest pleasure is pain, she was starting to understand why she was enticed by it. Kneeling between her legs I wrapped my arms around her thighs pulling her closer, letting her trance of pleasure take her to heaven only to bring her back to the feel of my teeth against her skin. Softly nibbling and scraping, slowly penetrating her pussy with my tongue tasting the metallic iron from her blood. This was both heaven and torture, tingling from ecstasy I pulled my mouth away only to bite down on her thigh leaving my mark. She was mine..

Looking up at her, "Who do you belong to, darling?" making sweet love to her pussy, nibbling and pulling her pussy lips until she was crying, I couldn't let her cum just yet. I dragged my tongue over her clit, it was a cute little button, flicking my tongue back and forth distracting her. Her chest rose and fell over and over in her panties, her whole body was practically glowing as she finally answered, "YOU!" Tracing my thumbs over her hips, it made her shudder until she finally climaxed all over my mouth. I licked every bloody drop, feasting on her sweet wine until she finally calmed down. Kissing her inner thigh again, "You are Mine.. and I am yours."

The end..

Story written for Rembrandt Lightshadow.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

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