Please Punish Me, Master

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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"My sexy little whore," I hated how casual he addressed me in front of others.

I'd run across this website online about a few months ago, it wasn't a good website to begin with that I was tempted to be a bad vixen, nothing new on my part of course, coming around with no real training or any type of real devotion to being a behaved fox. This website was just like the others, a yiff dungeon, with a feature of meeting others within the virtual realm at a click of a button, placing you inside of the setting. I had quickly turned into a success on this website but there was a tiny little problem. Too many submissives. Hardly anyone with a firm hand. Until I met him.

He was built in all the right places, especially where it mattered most from what could be told. His bulge was outlined and strained against the black basketball shorts that hung from his hips. His body spoke sex. His walk demanded sex. His gaze declared sex but his voice was capable of making any panties drop. Especially mine.

It had been exactly one month since I last saw him. We had our fun of course but I left the second he placed his collar on me. I should of known better yet I was fully aware of what was waiting for me and here I stood in nothing but the collar nervously tugging on my lower lip. He didn't even looked at me while he flirted about with the girl hooked under his shoulder. That was my spot. Not hers.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Those seven little words sent a chill down my spine forcing my nipples to harden and strain against the coolness of the room. Breathless I moved closer to them unsure yet waiting for his instruction, jealousy poured out of me as I got a better look of the other woman. She was petite, far more confident and with a sly sultry smile to mock me with, "You've been a naughty little slut, haven't you?" Still he didn't dare look at me and I gave him no response. A mistake on my part rewarding me with a smack across the face, forcing me to stumble back and land flat on my ass.

"N..-no Sir." Stricken with fear I answered not wanting to anger him any further. "Yes you have, DO NOT TELL ME ANY FUCKING DIFFERENT!" He yelled so loudly causing silence to fall across the dungeon. Crawling over to him like a coward I kneel down bowing my head, "Yes Master." Hoping that was the right answer this time.

"Master! Master! .... I am not your Master." His words cut deep and I tried to hold back my pathetic little sniffles. Finally he looked at me instantly yanking the only thing I wore off of my neck. I felt naked for the first time. He usually treated me like shit and today was no different even if he was angry with me, I had it coming. "Get on the table." his command was capable in splintering wood but the table he wanted me on was purely made of metal. Gulping softly I crawled over to the long one in the center of the room by the drain.

I didn't hear him come up behind me and his little accessory was quickly forgotten. Perhaps he did love me after all. I regretted the thought the second he gripped me by the hair dragging me with force to the edge of the table; leaving my head to hang. Each clamp clasped my body to the metal table. First my neck came trapped and I nearly sobbed my eyes out, then my wrists, leaving me waiting for the ones around my ankles but it never came. I laid there shaking and taken aback at the brutal kiss forced by the fistful grab of my hair making me choke against the clamp; struggling for a fresh breath. Gasping when he released me only to see that he was amused, "Say it again. Have you been naughty?"

I wanted to say no. After all what would Master know. It's been a whole month since our last encounter. When I offered no response for the second time, he pushed my legs far apart shoved his fingers into my cunt. Unsure if he was checking to see if I'd been fucked or if I was at all wet. Wet I was. Dripping was more accurate. Bucking my hips grinding against his fingers but he pulled them out displeased that I was finding pleasure. "Wet as always Slut. You purposely try to make me angry." Stating matter of factly as he flicked my clit. This was going to be painful.

Shocking little waves coursed between my legs, "May I su--" another slap to the very same side of my face. "Shut your mouth!" Usually when I asked nicely he would grant me a taste of his cock. He was never this pissed and I couldn't help but silently cry. I brought him shame and humiliation when I disappeared. That required a lesson. "Rise up." startling me from my thoughts I raised my hips just as he shoved a pillow under me. I couldn't control my whimpers at this point. I just wanted to make him happy.

He pulled out a piece of thick rope tying it quickly around my mouth so I couldn't even utter a word. "Thats better. It'll silence you for now." The lights suddenly dimmed and I didn't know what to do but listen to the sounds of his moving around and my pounding heart trying to raise my head up in efforts of seeing. "Even though you disappeared, I know what you did recently. At the restaurant downtown in the bathroom."

My blood froze. I froze.

"You sucked his cock in the bathroom like a good fucking whore. Didn't you?" Even as I tried to say something the rope did what it was made to do. To keep my mouth shut. I felt the familiar sting on my inner thighs. Instant tears swelled up as reality set in. I was in deep trouble. Master of course always knew how to use his firm hand. Another sting went across the same place, the flog had already once crossed, he never moved to a new place until the skin was welted and a dark red.

Biting down on the rope in time as the next hit went against the same spot. Tears no longer contained but staining my cheeks. I felt Master's fingers sliding across my swollen dripping slit. Rubbing his thumb across my hard nub making me tremble. Pulling the ropes in poor attempt to not cum. I wanted to cum. He made me cum just a little then neglected the rest of my orgasm. I was so vulnerable for him.

"Stay EXACTLY as you are, not a single flinch." He paused as I started to nod but was cut short as the same flog descended straight against my clit. Instinctively I closed my legs until his words stopped me, "I said stay EXACTLY as you are. If I wanted your legs closed I would tell you." The flog descended once again cause me to gasp then to squeal. I stayed where I was left not realizing that I was left alone until the pads of his steps came around the table. He was carrying a jar of syrup in one hand and in the other the hose.

The syrup didn't make me worry as much as the hose, when he set the jar down he positioned the hose over my face. An unfamiliar stern edge in his voice had my chest rising and falling with panic only growing, I opened my hands stretching them over the table trying to reach for the edges. He turned the water on drowning me where I laid. Squirming. Kicking. Shaking my head left and right only had water go down my nose, more water was forced down my tied muzzle forcing me to gag and spit out as much as I could but ended up swallowing more than I could force out. It was eons that passed and I was close to fainting before the water was turned off. He left me lifeless on the table.

The rope was undone shortly after with my mouth instantly forced open with his cock shoving down my airway. Little moans left me as I tasted his salty sweat, "Now that your mouth is cleaned..." He groaned and arched with each steady thrust. In and out. Faster each time until his balls were slapping against my wet hair. Pressing my tongue to his pumping cock flicking it lightly but rapidly from one side to the other. This was my tiny way of taking control. Wrapping my lips tighter around his shaft sucking him vigorously nearly getting lost in the moment but he pulled away from me. Of course he had other plans. He untied me only to tie me up once again, but with my feet touching the ground, ass up and my chest to the table. He was slick, he poured some of the syrup onto the flat metal surface before he forced me down. I was about to protest but was cut short with a rather exciting kiss.

It was cold and sticky but my breast and nipples were stuck to the surface. He told to put my arms straight out towards the far edges of the table, I had my hands tied just like earlier but even in this position it somehow amplified the capture seeing that I was practically glued down by my own nipples. He leaned down licking the back of my neck, pressing his cock against my folds granting me with a few delighted moments before the touch was gone instantly. He laughed when he mentioned how sweet I was, the hose was turned on again when he started pouring the syrup over my hands making the syrup run down my fingers slowly making it stick to the table. This was an all a new sensation.

His long and agonisingly slow strokes started all over again, zeroing in on my abused swollen clit. I was ready to come all over again ,but he waited until the feeling left before pushing his two fingers knuckle deep inside. He fully explored my pussy with each slow pump forcing my ass to bounce, he then again took his hand away but gave me the pleasure of first cleaning his fingers. The familiar rope came back into place sealing my mouth shut with nothing but the little remains of my own peachy taste to drive anyone wild for more. He had a new toy in his hand, a thick wooden paddle that was harshly slammed across my ass, I gasped and tried to brace myself for more. The only thing that came next was the feeling of a cold liquid, like a lotion or oil being smoothed over my ass and thighs. It was slippery and sticky but not as sticky as the syrup.

His hand moved up and down between my legs gradually smoothing over the liquid across the folds and inside of my pussy. Each squirt of the liquid inside of my cunt was ensured that at this particular moment, anything could fit into the tight depths but he didn't stop there. He continued to my puckered dark entrance as he shoved two fingers into my pussy at the same time as his thumb slid into my tailhole, squeezing and tugging the thin wall of flesh between his fingers. His other hand returned back to my clit pinching it between his fingers. "Maybe I will reward you and cum in your pussy since you have been such a good slut today." I was unsure if he was telling me or asking me, but I answered anyways.

"Oh yes please Master, I would like that very much." He moved his fingers in rhythmic circles using the head of his cock to press to my tailhole barely brushing his fat tip against the dime sized opening, it was so fucking hot, something i had been waiting for so long. He smelled my eagerness spanking my ass harshly yet it was inviting for his hand to do it again. "Oh someone wants me in her bad!" He taunted. I could do this all day with him if he let me. Whining and whimpering I tried like hell to make him take my ass, to push his cock roughly into the dirty opening. He pulled her back against his crotch piercing in the head of his cock making me cringe in pain and pleasure. He used no lube, not that it mattered, I was a slutty whore. His slutty whore.

Doing the only thing that I could i spread my legs further and pressed my weight onto my tip toes. The blood was rushing to my toes but he liked it better like that. His strong, long cock grinded and deeply penetrating thrusts. Rocking my hips to match his rhythm anything to intensify the contact as best I could. It drove me to the brink of an orgasm much faster than my Master had expected.

"Master, please, I need to.. Please let me come, Master." My inner muscles contracted, they massaged his cock, squeezing it from the base up to the tip and down again. His hand slid down around my waist pulling me up so that my feet didn't even touch the floor, the syrup was pulling at my nipples and fur making me yelp in pain. I moaned softly in protest but it only made him drill me into the table faster until I reached the height of my orgasm, letting out a cry with his name, a sure sign that it had not just been a small orgasm. When he knew I was finally coming down from my orgasm he started to pull out, but he didn't cum, no. Instead he walked away in front of me to that fucking whore he had abandoned earlier. She was rewarded with my Masters cum and I was left behind to be humiliated and shamed for the other men. That was MY punishment.

The End.

Written for Maddox Akite.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

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