Frustrating Picnic

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Betty had been wearing her favorite sundress, sipping on a coke as she spitefully contemplated how she was going to punish Cenegan. Well when she punished it was more playful and naughty then cruel. She did have her moments when it came to him. He was generally the quiet type and she was going to have none of that today, it was a small evil, but after two continuous weeks of stressful work she needed to relish this much needed weekend to them. She had slaved away the morning to prepare his favorite finger food dishes and desserts, dessert was more accurate, a can of whip cream. She was starting to wonder why she bothered to show up, it had been an hour past the agreed time, and she was soaking in the scorching heat. With a sneer she rubbed a hand through her brown fur, listening to other people slosh on beer and whine, loudly gossiping between one another.

Leaning back against the bark of the tree rubbing her foot in and out of her shoes until she finally took them off and left them aside on the grass. Her toes wiggled freely as she stretched out on the picnic cloth looking at the secluded clearing with the thick overhanging branches from the surrounding trees providing plenty of shade. Sighing in relaxation she extended her arms above her head and stretched out her whole body as her shoulders and back gave a few satisfying cracks loving the cool steady breeze the swept against her wiggling toes. Laying her head on her hands as she rolled over to lay down on her side, for a moment he just stared at the beautiful scenery of the park. The more relaxed she became the faster her eyes closed lulling her into a deep sleep.

Her dream started feeling real, the blurry figure transformed into her handsome mate dressed in nothing but a towel. He was holding a bottle of beer drinking deeply from it, the little sunlight that remained bounced softly onto his manly physique, highlighting the broad shoulders, the shape of his lean torso and powerful legs. Her lips parted slightly as she became fixed at the gorgeous view unfurling, she couldn't remember the last time she felt this way. Stirred up feelings and the warmth between her legs, it was difficult with their vicious work cycle. "Yes Darling?" he cooed at her, barely turning to look at her. She didn't quite like that and she had plans for making him her sex hostage for the weekend. To tie him up on the bed. The plans she was making had her smile slowly curve.

"Be good, after all you're going to be my foot stool for a while. I know you enjoy my feet and I just got them groomed." Betty the bunny purred. "You'll be tied up and gagged so all you can do is experience but before I'm doing that, I'm thinking I want to suck you off. A good clean blowjob to start the day. But! I want you to decided whether or not you want the blowjob." What man didn't want a blow job? It seemed to shock Cenegan that she would think he didn't want that. "Hurry up and put on some boxers. We are going to move to the living room table while we eat." Pecking his lips gently she turned and wiggled her cute little rabbit tail. He seemed strained not to show the fact that this was turning him on. "So what do you want, darling?" she taunted him. "Suck me off after we eat." he responded, gathering the silks she favored as they made their way to the table. He did her the favor of binding the silks across the legs of the tables taking cheating glances at her beautiful feet. She wrapped each silk around his wrists and ankles, barely able to move as he was on all fours exactly like a foot stool.

It was hard to keep the growing bulge down in his boxers as her feet rubbed over his back, his neck, cheek, chest. Anywhere she could rub, she would take advantage of it, knowing it would torture him as she ran the top side of her foot over the curve of his waist following the boxers waistline. She ate a peach secretly glancing at him, her foots arch rubbed against his bulge making him shudder. He knew when she had tied him up all he could think about was the experience she was making him feel. Focusing on nothing but her feet, shuddering as she rubbed it against his hard cock, even this form of foot fetish had me harder than any viagra would succeed. Her meal seemed to take hours that the strain of his knees and hands began taking its toll, but she knew how to keep me perfectly still. Her toes finally slid into the waistline of his boxers rubbing the tips over the engorged pent up tip of his cock smearing the pre into his fur.

The more she rubbed, the more her toes became slick and gooey, she cooed for him loving how hard Cenegan was. She was enjoying herself but was done eating, "When I get up, I'm moving your binds up so that you can sit on the chair." instructing him carefully as she waited till he was settled only to leave the room and gather a roll of duct tape. At first he thought she was crazy, Honey, you're my sex prisoner this weekend, remember?" Cutely she begged him. The fact that she was begging had his cock shooting pre and nearly losing his load. He was a demon in the bed, but when she did this, he was acting like a virgin practically. He didn't resist. He didn't want to. Skillfully she taped his hands behind his back, taping his legs and stomach to the chair and once again the tape became the new gag. When she was satisfied with her work, she tossed the roll over her shoulder. Licking her lips sensually as she got onto her knees, running her hands over his upper thighs.

He thought she was going to remove the boxers and the anticipation was killing him. She had him eating out of the palm of her hand, but her fingers never left his upper thighs. Her mouth lowered over his boxers licking over his outlined bulge. Her perfect 'O' shaped mouth wrapped around the head of his cock bobbing up and down slowly, the heat clung to his boxers and his shaft, urging the need to buck his hips but every time he attempted to move the duct tape gave him a fresh reminder. Frustration started to consume him and she was without mercy. Her mouth went up and down his cock over and over. She gave great blowjobs and soon enough he came, and came, and came. He wasn't sure if she loved him or the taste of his cum. Her sucking had the cum seem through the boxers and all that was heard was each long slurp until the warmth of her mouth and saliva no longer existed. It was nice and cool. He thought that was the end of her little game but that proved to be wrong. Licking her lips she got up leaning in to kiss his duct taped muzzle before disappearing leaving him all alone for a full ten minutes. Maybe longer.

When she did finally show up again she was wearing her stockings and nothing else. He was intoxicated by her feet, lost in this illusioned heaven she had created for him. It turned her on greatly to be in charge this time, especially after the egg laying session they had just the other day. He liked her aggressive mood, watching her sit in front of him on the table sliding her silky stocking up and down his chest. Her toes going down his chest to his boxers finally using her big toes to push the material far enough down to have his dick out in the open. She basked in the gloth of this new control and teasing, placing the heat of her other foot near his balls on his thigh. The one that ran down his chest before was now resting her heel at the base of his balls and treating his dick like a gas pedal pressing on it and slowly pumping it. It drove him crazy. Her resting foot found its way to his face, placing her toes over his nose letting him inhale her foot scent. He liked that her feet didn't smell or hardly were sweaty. He urged to lick over the sole of her foot but once again he was only used as a stool as she rolled the stocking down her leg.

Her movements exposed her sweet pussy to him as she dropped the stocking onto the floor. Her feet switched places and he was granted to smell himself, his precum, it made him a little furious that she had done such a thing but his dick was betraying him and twitching needily. Watching her lean back as she cupped her perfectly sized breasts as she set her foot on his chest, the other one was rubbing the side of his cock. Pre cum was starting to flow more freely from the head f his cock, watching her toes dip down and collect it. She moaned at the feeling of the sticky delight. Her fur was being pressed down, being soaked in his goo as she squeezed his cock between the arches of her feet rapidly pumping up and down his shaft. He needed to pump his hips, anything to help this exploding pleasure hit the core of his loins, curled his toes as his orgasm was starting to build up. Eventually she leaned forward scooping the gooey pre in between her fingers sucking on it eagerly. Alternating the way her feet stroked his cock, her heels rubbing against his pent up balls, "Come on baby, cum for me." she begged him cutely. That was what he needed and just like that he exploded under her toes, her heel dug into his balls milking the last few drops as shot after shot of cum flew out of the meatus drenching her other foot in it.

The sole of her foot pumped him dry and all the blood was rushing to his head, the orgasm was so intense that he nearly blacked out. She pulled her foot away from his balls and rubbed the head of his cock against her curve of her foot, grazing her toe nails against the tip, she was skilled and the sensation was fantastic. He was forced to cum again until nothing was left.

"Someone needs to wake up." The masculine voice broke through her dream, shattering the pleasure she was intoxicated by. Her nipples were hard and pressed against her dress. She had a hard time adjusting to what was going on, frantically looking around the park, she realized it was all a dream. Looking up at Cenegan, she scoffed a bit, "You're in trouble Mistah." smiling sheepishly at him as he sat down besides her snuggling up..

The End.

Written for Cenegan024

Written by Driana Le Souris

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