Infatuating Hips Pt. One

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Slithering her tail slowly back and forth like a seductive feline having the ridges of her dragon spikes caress the heel of her foot, she moved her hips from one side to the other. She had spent a lot of time alone lately, well not really alone, it was the job that made it so lonely. Seeing different types of men coming and going from this mansion seeking woman to pleasure them because their wives couldn't do a decent job. Putting on a fake smile, leaning in for a little laugh, a little touch, all but a facade at times. It was about their pleasure. She was left in the little pleasures of quiet moments and rubbing her feet. However she had a secret, the sad part about it was that her secret was a client, a single simple fact that she had gone and fallen in love with him.

It was a hot night in the month of August. The air was so thick that the beads of sweat were sticking to her brown and white fur. The black and white stripes of her horns glistened with the moonlight, it would of been nice if the air conditioning had finally been fixed. She was a favorite here at the brothel, "Glorious Maids". Someone in the house was crying out for one of the maids to see if the repairman had been called, it was rather annoying but that was how it was when there was twenty females and one male. Mr. Luther was growing irritated at her side, she knew he didn't like it hot and well even for her feline/dragon self, she didn't like it either.

"Eden,..." He stated rather annoyingly after hooking his claw on her horns tugging her head back with a harsh snap. "You aren't listening love." He looked up at her, smiled, and then began stroking over the side of her hip. The video came on the big screen showing a model in a maids outfit getting her ass fucked and moaning. She flushed at the video brushing her striped horns against his claws trying to file them just a little against his own horns, or maybe it was just to irritate him enough where he would give her booty a spanking. "I'm going to fuck you just like the obedient maid in that video." He leaned in to snatch up her ear with a low growl as he climbed over her ass. Using his feet he pressed her thighs together making her ass cheeks tighter almost clenching and looking quite perky. He rubbed his cock over her squished cheeks taking his time to rub the meaty tip up and down leaving his pre over her luscious ass. Maybe just maybe he would do more than just cum on her.

Even as she was trapped belong him, her smile was quite radiant, more than enticing for any male to be looking over at them. Squeezing her plump round bubble-butt in his palms coaxing just enough for her to wiggle her hips, "I've jerked off like a million times thinking about your beautiful ass and that tightly little asshole of yours, but.. I would like to have my creamy cum breeding your pussy tonight." Despite her previous grinding and wiggling of the hips, she didn't seem fond of the idea one bit. He knew that she technically was nothing but a whore, but who couldn't resist the urge to breed one in heat. He took his meaty stick and thwacked it across her butt cheek leaving a shiny smear of pre-cum on her cheek. Reaching lower between her pressed thighs his fingers made contact with her soaking wet folds easing one then two fingers into her needy slit, she moaned and pressed her face down on the bed pushing her knees down with her hips raising. Slipping his index finger out of her pussy leaving his middle finger inside her like a plug. Reaching down with his wet finger he rubbed her clit easing his weight down near her knees so he could look at her raised hips and exposed pink dime sized hole.

Her bouncy ass exposed and hid that little rosebud, it was incredibly appetizing having his cock twitch greedily in anticipation. He pried her meaty asscheeks apart rubbing the head of his cock against her tailhole teasing her. She was practically panting and begging, but he wasn't done with his little amusement. He leaned down licking, slurping and munching away. Devouement was the key phrase in this, he knew how to stimulate her receptive little sphincter while shoving his middle finger in and out of her tight cunt. "Uhhhhhhhh fuck yes!" she yelped, getting on all fours exposing her heated dripping pussy even more. She was so overcharged with impending release mewled and panting under his ministrations, pushing her to the edge where he left her shivering with pre-orgasmic tremors before he ceased all of his touch. This was cruel. She needed him. Needed the release.

"Pump my ass.. please.. please.. ANYTHING!" Eden begged of him, her clit was so swollen she could simply press her thighs together, rub them a little and perhaps tip her over. He slid his fingers across her needy button making her gasp, slowly rubbing her button in circles before moving up her slit and to her puckered sphincter, glorying in the sight of the cute pink anus winking before his eyes, pulsing and twitching as it started tightening close. Dipping his dripping wet fingers inside of her asshole, "Oh my god ooowwwhhhhhh!" increasing the speed of his fingers as he pumped them in and out of her ass, her tell-tale gasp of climax clinging to both of their ears, she was secretly begging for him not to stop this time. Whirling his fingers faster and deeper, making her stretch her hands across the surface of the bed digging her talons into the edge, "Ooooh.... Mr. Luther! Uuuuhhhhh fuuu-uuh-uhuUUUCK!"

Eden's yell of pleasure got louder all of a sudden, as if her orgasm had reared up, he took his fingers out replacing them with his tongue. Slipping inside of her ring, the deliciously lewd act was enough to spasm her cramping tailhole around his ass poking tongue. She howled, not that making her cum was enough to stop Mr. Luther at that point, electrified by the pleasure he was giving her, he kept tongue fucking her amazing little tight asshole all through her climax and beyond. WHile she kept whimpering and writhing on the verge of falling to the mattress like a slave, weakly holding herself up, Ooh my god, your tongue in my ass.. SO good, so fucking good.. but.., I want your cock in me now." She finally blurted out, pronouncing the only words that could convince him to unclasp his mouth from her juicy dirty hole.

The magnificent vision of her on her hands and knees, "Might need the lube bottles." casually he mentioned to her, the only reason for was so that she grabbed her glasses and put them on the bridge of her nose, such a turn on. Her chest pressed down to the bed and her ass up, despite his rimming and the preparation with his fingers, her cute pucker was once again closed tight, glazing shiny with spit. She was looking for the lube but he didn't wait anymore, pressing her asscheeks together squeezing and jiggling around his cock. "Hot." he mumbled, unsure of who he was teasing to death here, him or her. His dick was raging for entrance and finally he complied pressing the bloated tip against her tailhole. "Please, baby, pleeeease fuck my ass! I need to feel your big cock in my naughty little tailhole, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!"

Using his fingers to touch the edges of her butthole and pulling them slightly apart to make her little wrinkled hole gape a bit as he shoved more than just the head. Eden gasped instantly resisting and moving forward as she tried to ease the pain some, but he tugged her back forcing another inch or two dilating her puckered hole. "You make me feel good like nobody else can." She admitted through clenched teeth moving her hips back and forth trying to ease the pain to leave. It was the intimacy they shared, "I'm ready Mr. Luther, make me full." Holding her breath as he slammed in, easing himself out only to once again ram into her tight hole. " Ahh! You ass is so tight, so hot.. fucking tight!" he cried out as he sunk his claws into her asscheeks. "Yeeeeeessssssssss, oh yes." she whimpered, her brow furrowed while she adjusted to the thickness of his cock reshaping her tunnel. Every single one of her dragon mixed feline mewls, he made sure to be buried balls-deep inside of her, "Don't stop, just.. go slow.. oowwhh! Oooh yesss." Her enjoyment was a major part of his own pleasure he gave in and taking it easy, humping tenderly, stretching her tailhole one shallow thrust at a time.

He enjoyed the sight of her his cock disappearing inside of her insatiable stretched out ass, the only thing that could beat this visual was the unclenching and clenching of her depths clinging to his cock, diving his rod deeper and deeper into her snug slippery hole. Gradually packing her ass with his cock, forcing himself to be gentle in an unhurried rhythm. Her wide opened mouth was a chorus of moans and sighs of delight, "Uuuh, yes, keep going.. Give me all your cock." She pleaded in a husky voice. "I need you deep in big... baby! I fucking love you." The admittance of her love allowed him a few more gentle pushes until his balls bumped into her dripping cunt. Her hand instantly moved between her legs rubbing her clit with one finger and using her other fingers and talons to massage his sack. He nearly came. Leaning over Eden's arched back kissing over the curve of her shoulder whispering, "I'm all the way in your ass, I love how your ass feels around me.." It only made her fingers go crazy over her clit giving it a few wet slaps, in a heartbeat everything changed.

The pressure of her bowels enveloping his cock increased tenfold, her eyes snapped opened and the perfect outline of her mouth let out a choked gasp as she started cumming on his cock. Her tailhole was clingy, clamping around the thick base of his cock, caressing in delicious tugging spasms. Prolonging her anal climax he pumped his hips rapidly, watching her infatuating hips wiggle and squirm. Gripping hard onto her bouncy ass, gritting his teeth he grunted as he ripped her tight tailhole apart, he wasn't going to hold back. Basking in the augmented tightness of her ass, it was like her ass was squeezing his cock the way her throat normally would, even behind her sexy glasses she was a devilish maid with her own agenda. The more her ass felt like it was sucking his dick the closer he came to shooting off his load. Her pussy- diddling fingers, though they had become slower and lazier still worked her heated snatch and clit. Locking his gaze with hers, their raspy breaths, her dirty talking and the honest desire that lingered between them, he slid a couple of inches of out of her ass.

"I want you to fuck me hard and fill my ass with your cum." Eden was his little buttslut, but as much as he wanted to please her, but not tonight. Not in that way. He pulled more of his length out then slid it back in a bit faster making her gasp all cutely, turning her words into a moan he slid his boner out of her tight slippery asshole.. "Roll over, onto your side."

Until next time..........

Written for Xrosskies (Character Eden belongs to him)

Written by Driana Le Souris

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