Sweet Treats

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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She was a big girl. No. No. A big beautiful woman. Till she started losing weight, working out at the local gym, it was no big deal a few hours here and there throughout the week but her mate didn't like that. She had gone longer than normal at the gym today and when she got home she decided to lay back on the sofa propping up some pillows. Indulged in the thought of caving in and having a bar of chocolate while half watching the television, she knew better than to cave into those temptations but her better half was in the kitchen stirring up trouble. He said he had a surprise but wouldn't tell her what was going on. This commercial came on about some young piece of ass looking sexy in her bikini running across the beach only reminding her of how fat she was. Her mate always reminded her that she wasn't fat but was beautiful in his eyes and how he loved me the way that she was. Perhaps it was just the fact he liked big woman.

Her body was rather plush with a pillowy muffin top belly pushing out to support her big marshmallow breasts, they only seemed to grow lately as she had started to produce milk, knowingly that she was ready to be bred and hopefully become pregnant soon. Her wide plush bottom and fat thighs were something she liked and were turning curvier and toned after all her hard work had paid off. Her thoughts turned as the doorbell rang with a sore groan she got up to open the door only to be greeted by a couple of large loaded pizzas. The smell made her wet instantly, she was sure this was some joke but called out to her mate, he was happy to take the pizzas and set them on the table. "We expecting guests?" Typically she would get a response but instead he pulled her into his arms kissing her deeply. "Sit down and eat." Before she even began to protest he took a slice of pizza and began feeding her. It wasn't just at one slice but slice after slice until she started feeling bloated.

He distracted her by fondling her fat hips, ass and belly, "Shhh.. just a little more. You've lost so much weight baby. I'm going to fix that." Looking down or away causing her chubby roll of hers to expose under her shirt, easily gaining the weight faster than when she had lost it. Starting to realize he had laced it with some form of transformation spices to help her get fatter. It started angering him when she turned her mouth away not wanting more, so he went to the kitchen to get a mixing bowl filling it up with ice cream, several handfuls of nuts and fudge, even as she inched away. She had forgotten about the tentacles they recently purchased, he loved using them against her. Her hands became bound as did her ankles, he held the spoon of ice cream to her mouth until she gave in and ate every spoonful. He stood over her telling her to eat faster, sometimes taking the spoon and doubling up the amount. He was like a crazed man and her honey pot was dripping wet at his actions. She was going to end up engorged on ice-cream with some of it smeared around her mouth and chubby cheeks, running down to her marshmallow tits.

He roughly took off her clothes looking down hungrily at her, pushing her into the tentacles like a welcoming invitation. He was greedily massaging her fat huge tits, then her belly, hips and thighs telling her how fat she was getting, how beautiful she was. Each tentacle was stroking over all her sweet spots, adoring the attention, he knew how to get to get to her, bringing her to an orgasm within minutes whether she wanted to or not. He soon left her alone with a call over his shoulder to enjoy what was to come. This was going to be a night she wasn't about to forget. He had her revved up for these tentacles and it left her unsure, almost trembling. The tentacles found these rich little things that were left behind by her mate being fed repeatedly until she was overly stuffed until she was full and then some.

Her legs were spread opened and one plunged deep into her ignited heated cunt. It let her in a series of writhing, bucking hardly against the intrusion, she was breathless and climaxing over and over until she was close to blacking out. It wasn't just the fact that she was just full, the tentacles took advantage of her opened mouth force feeding her until her breast grew, milk shooting out her tits, her ass was bigger, so was her stomach. It was both terrifying and a turn on, her fat thighs rubbed together, her broad hips and ass swayed, jiggling and quivering. "Fuck me.. Please." she begged them, each tentacle was latching to her tits, milking her nipples until they drooped and were no longer firm and full. She cried from such a wonderful release, her pussy was being stretched in a new way. Egg after egg was forced into her cunt, forcing her to push each one back out.

"Oh, oh, oh, OOOHHH!" She screamed as her pussy lips became swollen, it was better than any fuck she would ever get. It was almost ridiculous that these large tentacles knew how to make her orgasm over and over, it was like nothing she had experience. Her body was sensitive, swollen in all the right places. Just when she thought she had enough, sneaky little bastards latched to her clit like they were starving for her nectar and she was an all-you-can-eat buffet. Whimpering away with every suck and lick on both nipples and her engorged sensitive clit. She was going to come, again. A final tug at her clitories and tits and she screamed over and over in ecstasy like an enslaved whore. She pushed the last egg out of her cunt, sweat rolled down her face, the back of her neck. Panting until her sight was tunneled and in black and white, until she was fed another treat and nourished with their hidden nectar to satisfy her thirst. An electric shock ran through her pussy's core and she writhered harder against the tentacles binds, bucking with every pass of the appendages.

Finally they granted her a little bit of mercy, her head fell back as another shock hit her pussy and felt each stroke of the tentacle until it made its way down her swollen lower lips pressing against her glistening seeping entrance. Slowly entered it, this time she was much looser and it felt so good, it seemed some kind of clear liquid but she couldn't see over her round belly and huge melons. Each thrust that went in and out of her pussy, unable to help herself but respond encouraging them to increase the temp. It was so hot and thick, it triggered her own heat speeding up the process to make her ready for breeding. She was being fucked senseless, shrieking out as pulsating spasms left her, clenching tightly for the tentacle trying to swallow it whole into her cunt. Fucking and fucking, hot waves of cum greeted her womb flooding her already dripping honey hole and it was then that she passed out from all the pleasure.

When she awakened, she was placed on the bed but the bed seemed to be on the floor. She glanced at the closet glass mirrors and saw how big she was that there would be no way she could move unless she was rolled over. Fat or not, she felt sexy, realizing that she was feeling something hot and supple thrusting in her, her body was on a razor's edge, waiting for the next hit of pleasure. She was being moved by the tentacles allowing the thickest one to sink to new depths, it felt like it was swelling grinding against her g-spot in new ripples. Her body jerked as those horny bastards latched and attacked her all over again, it was addicting, she struggled to get away from the creatures, but her body was so weak with the pleasure that she couldn't do nothing but lay there as the creature fed her, satisfied her and bred her. Finally it had its fill, slithering away over her large gorgeous belly until it reached her mouth. The thick tentacle shoved itself into her mouth, forcing its way down her throat, she tried to scream but gagged. Tasting herself, tasting its slim all the way down her oesophagus pumping in more hot liquid into her bottle until she was huge, inflated almost. Stick and so sweet that she drank greedily from its end, the tentacle loved her greediness and dared not to leave her mouth until she was bloated with the delicious liquid.

Almost instantly her mind was fogging over, she relaxed into a new mind state, her brown fur was matted with sweat but it felt incredibly cool. When they were satisfied, she whimpered this time in disappointment as they left her. She was starting to crave its touch just once more, wherever whenever. Sleep was now ordered, it as a command that resonated in her brain, she moaned trying to stay awake but her well fucked muscles felt heavier. She was in a deep contentment, hungry once more, she saw her mate standing at the door with a bag of pupusas. "Reese, Love. Let me feed you, you need more sweet treats." He winked at her, holding the yummy smelling bag over her face.

"Stuff me.. please.."

The end...

Written by Driana Le Souris.

Written for Garuda Six.

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