Chapter Eight (Wendell)

Story by houndlover56 on SoFurry

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#8 of First Steps 2: Happy Trails

"And... there." Angie set the last box into me and Todd's new apartment. The place almost looks like her's, but it isn't really. For example, there's no counter shaped like an L. Instead, there's a small 4-person table. The wall is painted a sky blue instead of a pale beige. And, there's only one bedroom in this apartment with a bed big enough for me and Wendell. No pun intended.

"Thanks, cousin." I say.

"You're welcome."

"I can't believe we have our own place!" Todd gets all excited. When I first showed him the key, I was really nervous to see his reaction. But thankfully, he enjoyed it.

"Calm down, foxy." I say.

"Well, I'm just going to let you guys settle in." Angie says. She hugs us goodbye and then heads out the door. Leaving me and Todd in the kitchen alone, sitting across from each other at the table. I smile and he can't help but blush and smile. We both reach across the table and we hold each others paws.

"We did it," I say, "New home. New jobs. New life. It's perfect."

"It's more perfect with you with me." Todd says.

"Awww, life's perfect with you too, sweety."

"So, should we go unpack?"

"No. Tomorrow, we leave for Camp Roadrock."

"Oh. Alright. What do you want to do until then?" I give him an evil grin. "Oh no. That's the face you make before you come up with an evil scheme."

"No. This time, it's my prepare-to-have-some-fun face." I say, seductively.

"Oh? Does the big bad wolf want to mess with his foxy?" Todd winks at me. We're playing that game, huh?

"Yes I do." I get up, go around the table and pick Todd up and my arms. I carry him into our new bedroom. Our bed is slightly bigger than the one in Angie's place. I lay him down in our bed and get on top of him, holding his wrists over his head. We kiss passionately. "How does my foxy want to play?"

"Well, you gave me one before my interview, I feel like I owe you." he says. I stand up and unbutton my pants. Todd gets on his knees on the ground as I slide down my jeans and boxers. He starts to rub my sheath. Soon, my cock slips out and he rubs it ever so gently. Within minutes, he takes it into his muzzle and sucks on it.

"Oh, Todd." I moan. I take my shirt off, leaving me in the nude. I glance down and my little foxy start to rub himself. He keeps sucking as he takes his shorts and tight-ass briefs. His cock is already erect. He paws himself as he starts sucking my whole cock.

"Mmmmmmm." Todd moans. I start to reach my climax. I play with his ears a bit, knowing that he likes it. Besides, it looks so cute whenever his ears twitch.

"Oooooooh Todd, you love sucking me?" I playfully ask.

"Mhm." he mumbles. Pre starts to leak into his muzzle. That's when I start thrusting my hips into his mouth. I reach the point of no return. Soon enough, I'm blowing a load into his muzzle and he swallows it all. When Todd stands up, he takes off his shirt, leaving both of us naked. He closes the space between us and seductively rubs my chest. "Are you going to take me, wolf?"

"You bet I am." I say, gently pushing his back on the bed. I go over to my pants pocket and take out a small bottle. "It's been a while so, I thought I'd pick up some of this."

"Lube?" he asks.

"Yeah. Who knows how tight that sexy hole has gotten. We haven't had anal sex in over nine months. Now, lay on your stomach and show me that ass." I say. Todd does what I ask, not taking that smile off his face. I walk up behind him and gently squirt some lube onto my paw. I apply it to my very hard d*ck and use the excess lube on his tailhole, slipping in a finger in the process. "Now, I'm not going to go hard or very fast. After all, we don't know who's on the other side of that wall." I explain.

"It's ok. Just please fuck me!" Todd begs. I take my finger out and position myself. Slowly, I push myself into him. Since we all know Todd isn't very quiet when it comes to this, I gave him a pillow and told him to moan into it. I manage to hold back mine since I have more control.

I managed to get all of myself inside of him. I almost forgot this feeling. Gently, I pull out, then push in, then pull out and push in again. I try to be careful not to go too fast or too hard. But, I still go enough to get some cute moans out of my foxy.

"You like this, huh?" I whisper.

"Mmmhmmm!" Todd moans into the pillow.

"Don't worry. I'm still gonna make you cry out." I say with a soft growl. I thrust in a little bit harder, but try not to go all out on his ass. Even though I want to like crazy. I spank him hard, knowing that he loves it so much.

After a while, I take myself out. Todd gets up from the bed. Before either of us can say a word, we lock muzzles again and hug each other tight. "That was amazing." Todd said in between kisses.

"I know." I say.

"It's gettin' dark out." he says. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure. We've got a big day tomorrow."

"Ok. What do you want to watch?"

"How about The Host. I've got it on my iPad right. We can watch it in bed together."

"Alright." Todd eagerly wags his tail. I dig into the box with my tablet in it while my foxy turns out the light. I pull up the movie and we go into bed together. As I hit play, I pull Todd closer to me and we watch it together.

I've read the book The Host before. It's about this alien race that takes over human minds one by one. However, this certain one named Wanderer, who takes over Melanie Stryder's mind, switches over to the human's side when Mel's consciousness convinces her to go to the desert where her family and friends are hiding.

It's a pretty good story. I've always been a fan of science fiction. So had Todd. That's one thing that me and Todd always had in common. Hmmmm, I wonder what kind of story me and Todd have? An interesting one I suppose, but if we ever had a written biography about us one day, I wonder what kind it would be?

As we get to the part where Wanderer gets caught by the Seeker but Uncle Jeb shoots her, Todd starts to rub his foot paws against mine. Apparently someone wasn't done playing with me. I remind myself to not try to play with him until the movie's over. After all, we do this all the time and we barely ever watch a movie and do something else in the middle of it. No. This is a sweet moment. Let's watch it. C'mon, there's not that much left of it. Oh no. I start to feel a little more funny downstairs. Please don't get a boner. That's when I remembered that I'm still naked under the covers. You get used to it so much that you just... forget that you didn't have clothes on.

When we're at the part where Wanderer wakes up in her new body, Todd gets up out of bed. "Where are you going, sweety?" I ask.

"Shhhh. When the movie's over, just go to sleep. Ok?"

"Todd, what's going on?"

"Nothing." I have no idea what to say next. So, I did as he asked. The second the movie ended, I put my tablet away then turned my attention back to him.

"What's wrong, Todd?"

"Nothing." he kneels at the foot of my bed where my hind paws are. I see where he's going with this. He puts his paws under the blanket. When he finds my right foot, he gently starts to rub it.

"Foot massage?" I ask.

"Do you have a problem with it?" Todd asks.


"Then go to sleep. I'll be right here."

"But I want you with me." I put on puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." Todd lets go of my feet and climbs back into bed and cuddles with me.

"Don't worry. I'll let you play with my feet in the morning." I say, kissing the top of his head. "Goodnight, foxy."

"Sweet dreams, Wendell."


I wake up to the feeling of my feet being licked. I know immediately that it's Todd. One: he's not in my arms or in bed at all. And two: he's got a foot fetish. Especially when it comes to my feet. Whatever. I let him keep going because I know he loves it.

I put on a smile, moan a little bit and pretend that I'm still asleep. I do this stuff because I want to make Todd happy. Besides, who wouldn't want foot attention? It's an awesome feeling.

Todd's paws travel up and down my leg a bit while he starts to suck on my big toe. He takes all of my toe into his muzzle and I feel his tongue all around it, getting the taste of me all over the inside of his mouth. Even the thought of that makes me so aroused. So of course I feel my erection stiff as hell this morning. But, then again this isn't the only time I've gotten morning wood.

"Ohhhhhhh, Todd." I make it sound like I'm saying it in my dreams. Though, I know that he's the one doing it. I wonder what he's thinking. Or how long has he done this? All night? That'd be crazy!

Just because I'm curious, I shift so I'm facing the other way. Todd momentarily stops licking me, but then goes right back to it. I look down and notice that Todd has his eyes closed, too lost in the sexual feeling.

"Having fun down there?" I ask, teasing. He opens his eyes and stops licking me.

"Oh." Is what at first he says. "Hi. When did... you wake up?"

"Ten minutes ago," I said, "How long have you been messing with my feet?"

"About twenty minutes. I couldn't resist. I'm sorry." he pins his ears down. I get up and sit on the edge of the bed in front of Todd. Oh, right. I'm still naked.

"It's fine. I'm just glad you got some sleep. Ok?"


"So, turn the frown, upside-down." When I say that, I tickle him a little in his sides. He laughs and when it dies down, he keeps smiling. "Are you excited for today?"

"Yeah." Todd wags his tail. Later today we'll be leaving for camp for the next few days. It's to get Todd's mind off of that son-of-a-bitch Allan.

"We better get some clothes on. We're meeting Angie at her apartment later so we can get ready." I say.

"Why put our clothes on now? We can leave them off while we pack." I roll my eyes at Todd's statement. I guess that's true. No one can get in this apartment except for the landlord, who only had an extra key just in case. And let's face it, he's nuttier than a nut job. Without anymore argument, I decide to go along and leave my clothes off. Todd and I go into our kitchen to get us some breakfast.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Nothing big. How about just some toast or something." he says.

"Ok." As I make his breakfast, I can't help but ask, "Are you excited?"

"Of course." Todd shows his enthusiasm by wagging his tail. "Is it ok if I invite Toby?"

"Fine with me." I never really knew Toby. But, I do know that him and Todd have been ok friends for a while.

"Yay! In that case, I've gotta go call him." Todd goes back into our room and rummages through his stuff to get his phone.

"You want butter on it, Todd?" I yell.

"Yes, please!" I spread butter on his piece of toast. As I set it on the table, I hear Todd finish his call and come back into the room. "It's official. Toby will be here later today with his stuff."

"In that case, we better get our clothes on." I leave Todd alone to eat. My clothes take a while to find. In the end, I settle for my grey T-shirt that blends in with my fur and my blue basketball shorts.

While I'm in here, I decide I might as well take my suitcase and start packing. I pack four days worth of clothes, my phone (you never know what's going to happen), and the rest of the bottle of lube (just incase). That's when I happen to stumble across a book. I pick it up, sit on the bed and look at the cover. I remember this. I read this to Todd while he fell asleep. Paper Towns by John Green. I almost forgot about this book.

"Thanks for the breakfast, Wendell," Todd comes into the room without me knowing, "Whatcha got there?"

"Remember this?" I hold up the book for him to see.

"Oh yeah. You used to read this to me while I went to bed."

"Should I take it with us?"

"Of course. I don't think we ever finished it."

"Yeah. We read up until part three because school started and we never got back into the habit of doing it." Todd lays down on the bed, resting his head on my lap. He puts his paws up doing the cute puppy position. "Will you please read the rest of it for me soon?"

"Ok. But, let's wait until we get to our cabin."

"Fine." he pins his ears down and gets up.

"Let's get some clothes on." I gently remind him. Just then, the doorbell rings.

"Oh shit!" Todd says.

"You get dressed. I'll answer the door." I leave our room shutting the door behind me. I quickly run the 6 or 7 steps to the front door and open it. It's some tiger I don't recognize.

"Hello there, Wendell." the tiger says with a thick southern accent. Hold on... southern accent? I point at him, stuck in awe.


Chapter Seven (Todd)

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