After Curfew

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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At night all good people should be inside. Those left outside face the black dogs hatred.

The town of Northern Yor was a quiet place in the countryside where the main attractions were old chapels and ruins of forgotten kingdoms. Visitors were asked to leave quickly though, or abide by the curfew, for at night beasts stalked the roads looking for a meal. Only the drunk or thrill seekers ever braved the nights of Yor and typically died as a result. Those who survived were driven mad by ghost dogs known as Barghest and other such creatures; survivors raved and preached the word of demons and ghouls, revenants and other horrors until finally it was decided that survivors who had been driven mad must be put down, it was for their own good after all. Tonight, just before curfew upon a hill and away from the main town a chapel's lights were still on and arguing could be heard from inside. The doors were thrust open and a woman in a short tattered dress was thrown out the priest from within cursing her to hell and beyond before the wooden doors shut with a heavy crack. The woman leapt to her feet and went to the door striking at it while yelling.

"You rat bastard hypocrite, pay me for your twisted fun, ruin my dress and tell me I'm a harlot, a devil's servant I deserve the beast? Fuck you and your kind!" Holly's cheeks were flustered and hot, never had she met a nastier client than the priest of that there chapel, but she had more to worry about. The sun was already gone, the moon was rising and no one would open their doors for a whore, or anyone for that matter. The people of the town were too afraid of the demons that wandered the town, but perhaps she would have some time to make her way back to her own home. It was a fool's hope, but she would rather attempt to make her way to the other side of town rather than lie down and wait for her death. Holly took a deep breath before turning to begin her trek through the wet grass making her way to the main road.

Thus far she was alive. She hadn't seen any beasts on the roads, and upon reaching the cobble stone roads of the town everything was quiet. A spark of hope had ignited within her, even the sound of howling in the distance did not bother her since perhaps it meant that they had found another poor soul in another portion of the town. Her pace hurried, but the sight of a shadowy canine figure surrounded by a hue of green froze her in her tracks. Her mouth clamped shut and her eyes widened as she saw shadowy ooze pouring from the canine's eyes. Managing to tear her gaze from the barghest before her, she ran into a nearby alley. Holly's body was already sore from her work, and now her lungs were desperately trying to get air from the fright she had just received, unfortunately it wasn't over. She heard heavy paws and claws sound off against the stone behind her and she quickened her pace despite the protests of her body. At the end of the alley she saw her death, a man in hood with a hooked staff in hands pointed to her and more barghest appeared from the ground. She closed her eyes and curled into a ball awaiting her judgment. For all her sin, she would suffer. The world turned black and a yell echoed between the buildings before fading into the darkness as most things did and not a single person left their home to check upon the scream of a woman in distress, death was the toll for betraying the curfew.

Holly awoke to the sound of footsteps. Her eyes opened wide and she sat up with a start. Looking around she saw she was in a cellar of sorts upon a stone table, around her it was dark and she wouldn't be able to see if it weren't for the dim lighting of torches. The hooded man that had been with the barghest was there again this at the bottoms of the steps leading to where her freedom could be if she had any chance to begin with. Holly was too scared, too afraid to say a single word of protest, upon looking away from the hooded figure she noticed that she had been stripped of clothing, she knew what he would do to her, it was something that all men had done to her some even without her permission and so she did not bother to even hide her sizable chest or the scars upon her pale legs. This train of thought had caused the hooded figure to sigh, a cold mist coming from his lips, "Hatred. Pure, beautiful. Something that I can use, but only if you wish revenge. Let the dogs feed off your hate, become their mother, and the threshold will mean nothing, and you will be strong" upon hearing his offer she had half a mind to walk up to him and slap him, but the mention of revenge brought a haze over her mind, a cloud of memories of abuse and hate that had been cast on her because of her chosen profession. She would finally have revenge on those that did her wrong, those that disrespected her, and perhaps even those who had wronged others like the constable, the smithy and the baker. Breathing in she stood from her position, her knees shaking, "Tell me what I need to do" The man turned away and stamped his staff upon the steps. A barghest entered from the steps, eyes blacker than the darkness and green glow brighter than the torch light. The man then spoke as he began to leave, "Mate, breed, let him feast on your won't die...that I can promise"

Holly's pale cheeks flushed and her mouth curled into a sad smile, so she had to fuck a demon dog in order to get revenge on men who had spat on her again and again, who had threatened to kill her sinful self after using her body and casting her aside. Taking a shaky breath she got on all fours and gave her rear to the barghest. The demon dog began licking at her pussy with a thick, cold tongue, causing her to shiver and shut her eyes hard. At least the barghest was kind to her, licking gently and avoiding using its teeth. Soon enough she felt strong paws around her waist, claws scratching at her and a meaty cock slapping at her pussy again and again until finally it pierced inside of her. She groaned and grit her teeth, remembering that despite the massive girth of the dog, it was still kinder than any man that had taken her in this town. Holly had met so few people who had treated her right in this town. While the dog ploughed her to the point where his knot was already deep inside of her pussy throbbing and expanding, she was unable to stop thinking of all the injustice that had been served to her. The dogs cock inside of her was in fact a comfort, a cold rod that with every pump and thrust caused the heat inside of her mind and body from the hatred she felt to filter out. She groaned and moaned now feeling more pleasure than shame from the canine cock inside of her, the knot swelling further until it was actually stuck inside of her. She whimpered and shook as she felt the barghest pull away, desperately trying to get free from her tight pussy. With a gasp she felt cool semen fill her insides, thicker than any mans she had experienced and with a pop the barghest was free from her pussy. She panted, her heart devoid of the hatred she had once carried for the town. Upon turning herself to sit and face the barghest, she found that it had grown tremendous in size and its green glow was now red along with its eyes. She was in awe, and horrified by this beast, but she reached to touch its head. When her hand touched cold fur, she heard the beast's thoughts before pulling away with a gasp, "Mother....we will end them..." and just like that it was gone.

That night, the curfew was upheld, but many died. The dogs and devils of the night broke through homes and hunted. Howls and screams could be heard through the night, even at the edge of town where Holly stood, now dressed in a robe, the hooded figure by her. With this done, they would move on to another town and using their witchcraft they would hunt down hypocrites and liars alike. Her hatred had ebbed, but her thirst for revenge and justice had not, and besides, the dogs were a better lay than the men of this country.

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