Monster Hunter Fan Fiction: Submitting To the Flame

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#3 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

A huntress finds herself face to face with an elder dragon of fire! Can she tame the beast, or will she be engulfed?

Cath had always captured her targets, never killed. Elder Dragons were a particularly difficult bunch for her since they were never captured, only killed or driven off, and so she had earned a reputation of being one of the only hunters to face down each Elder Dragon and out last them in battle. The only Elder Dragon she needed to check off on her list of challenges was the Teostra, and that's why today she was in the Volcanic Hollows switch axe on her back. Already she could feel the heat taking a toll on her breath, if she was going to last with this beast, then she needed to find it quick and begin the battle. A shadow was cast over her and she heard wings over the oozing of the lava and rolled just in time a piece from her shoulder armor breaking apart from the force.

Fierce, dangerous and surprisingly quick, the Teostra bared its fangs and circled Cath. She knew what to expect from the beast, but still, she had not foreseen the creature ambushing her. Most Elder dragons were not violent at first, they only existed, but this Teostra seemed intent on the hunt. On closer inspection she could see the beast had a scar over his right eye which was closed shut, she could see in his other eye the anger he held against her kind. For a moment they locked gazes and the Teostra pounced ending their stare down quick. Cath moved out of the way again, but this time the Teostra turned and swatted at her with a roar batting aside her switch axe. Already the heat from the volcano was taking her breath away, her stamina felt so low even though she had prepared for this battle, being a native of a snowy village didn't help either. She prepared to draw her weapon into the beast's charge, but the Teostra stared at her circling again, she was dealing with an entirely different monster.

The battle was soon over, Cath's switch axe skid to a stop against a nearby rock formation and she was on her rear panting and heaving, attempting to stand as the Teostra stamped on her chest causing her to cough. It was over, she would be dead within the next few seconds, but she stared her death in the eyes, not blinking, not looking away. Her eyes narrowed as the beast stepped off of her, was he playing with her? Still, she was given a chance and she had to get up. Attempting her best, she struggled her body shaking as she tried to get up on to her feet, only to sit back down with a gasp, she was most definitely done fighting. The Teostra watched and snorted in way that she could only describe as humor, the beast was making fun of her! Cath worked her way back on to her feet out of sheer ire for the monster. She would not be made fun of, even if the monster was a famed elder dragon. Finally she broke her silence and taunted the beast, "Finish me! You've won, you've earned your kill Elder Dragon! I submit" but still, the Teostra did not move, it only watched her. Eventually it began to circle her again and her shoulders relaxed preparing again for the end, but she was only pushed on to her stomach, "Oomph! What the hell are you doing?" she pried as she turned her head to watch the monster. The Teostra was biting into her armor, but the hot fangs never touched her skin. She yelped and squirmed as her armor was torn, exposing her sweating pale skin to the world. She turned and kicked the creature in the nose, as hard as she could, which given her condition was basically a gentle breeze to the beast. Yet again it gave the same chiding snort, but this time it lowered its head between her legs and licked causing her to gasp and grip on to the Teostra's mane. A hot thick tongue lapped against her pussy causing her to squirm. She bit her lips and slapped the creature on the muzzle, only causing it to push its tongue inside of her. She groaned and cursed at the monster, calling it every manner of name she could before her insides quivered and she gasped reaching her climax and falling on to her back panting and sweating more than before. Cath was about to sit up when her way was blocked by the body of the Teostra which lowered itself to her, thick hot meat touching her pussy and she knew what that meant even without seeing it. She looked up to the creature and saw it staring back down at her with a toothy grin, she refused to believe that this monster was an intelligent being and it was taking advantage of her as a prize for their battle, she could never live this down, and yet part of her was enjoying the battle. She had wanted a man that could take her, rock her world, but she was too strong, every male she met was either too weak or intimidated by her strength, but here was a beast grinding its disgusting, barbed, fiery cock against her pussy and without a problem holding her down. She finally rested back spreading her legs slightly giving the Teostra the go ahead, and he indeed took the signal, entering her with little mercy and setting her insides on fire. Cath screamed out her pleasure and reached up to grip and tear at the beast's fur causing the Teostra to growl and lean down to nip and lick at her hands. She groaned and shivered as the Teostra's massive cock pushed inside of her, the further it pushed in the less it could prevent her hands from moving as it was fully concentrated on rocking back and forth inside of her, ramming and mating her. Cath was about to pass out from the heat, the combination of the lava around them, the Teostra's body heat, and her own pleasure was setting her off the edge, but what truly brought her over was the intense hotness that spread inside of her, the magma like seed that filled her pussy to the brim, pouring out on to the rock bellow and sizzling as it touched down. She groaned and panted covering her eyes with her arm and before she knew it her world was black.

Cath woke up back at camp with a start, she had been dropped off at the edge and she looked around wildly for a sign of what had happened, was she perhaps sick and passed out before heading off on her journey, no. She looked between her legs and saw the truth, her precious armor torn and her pussy bruised and dripping with the Teostra's seed, evidence. She sighed and got up wincing as she did from the pain and looked back down at the Volcanic Hollows. She would definitely be back for more.

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