Monster Hunter Fan Fiction: Taken By the Darkness P1

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#4 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

A huntress faces a juvenile Gore Magala, but is overconfident.

An emergency hunt in the ancestral steppes was called by the guild. A juvenile Gore Magala had been seen in the area about half the size of an adult ready to shed and it needed to be either captured or killed before it frenzied every monster around it. Sadie had taken the job alone, the tan skinned sword and shield user figured that she was capable enough to take it on and she boasted that she would have the first tail of a young Gore Magala. Before she left she told her friends that she would be back with tail in hand and rare metal if she felt like mining.

Everything went wrong. The creature was like a blur, she was near the mountains when he struck. She had rolled the first swipe and gotten up to face the dark beast before her. He was aggressive and brought a claw up to strike at her sparks cascading off her shield as she blocked his first blow, but his claws refused to stop. The young Gore Magala continued his assault until her shield skittered off to the side her arm numb from the blow. She tried her best to avoid the beast, but to no avail. Now she laid on the ground chest heaving, her armor that once had served her so well in pieces and her once smooth skin had been cut in various places and her blond hair was everywhere. Attempting to sit up to run she was faced with the massive maw of the creature purple mist coming from its body. She held her breath, here was where she died, but rather than feel the sharp pain of the Gore Magala's fangs, she felt its warm breath on her chest. Its nostril's flared and pushed between her legs causing her to yelp and back away despite the rocks scraping against her back. The Gore Magala would have none of it. With a massive paw it grabbed her and held her on the ground hissing before returning to inspect her. Once it was assured that his prey was female he folded his wings and moved next to the defeated hunter to reveal his monster cock. Sadie's face paled as she saw the thick tool slip out of his slit, black at the base purple at the tip with thick drops of purple juice forming a small puddle where it stood. Was this her only option? Service the beast she was supposed to end, or die? Tears welling in her eyes she got on her hands and knees to put her mouth on the foul flesh of the Gore Magala. Her mind was immediately filled with a strange haze as she placed her tongue against the beast's tip, and her body was a blaze. She breathed heavily through her nose as she took what she could of the creature's cock in her mouth. The beast above her seemed to purr and coo as she continued to service its cock. As if it knew, the beast pulled his cock from her lips letting out a thick stream of what felt like semen on her face causing her to whimper and sob, her shame complete. At the same time the semen brought her mind closer to the edge her tongue flicking out to taste the overly salty liquid. She gasped as she found hers face pressed into the rock by a large paw. She dared not move lest she anger the creature, but her body shook as she felt that large member invade her body. The creature hissed and roared as it brought itself inside the human's tight folds until finally it pierced her abused flesh. In response she cried out and her eyes widened. The beast had no sense of kindness or love for his mate and so he pierced her flesh again and again rutting her roughly as the prehensile cock worked its way deep inside of her. Finally unable to resist the strange blight that had come from the semen she moaned aloud and her body's burning intensified all pain turning to pleasure. Even as the Gore Magala emptied his lava like semen inside of her she moaned aloud her hips struggling to push back against the massive beast.

The Gore Magala pulled from her and gave her back a lick, Sadie knew then that the beast would consume her and she would be finally dead, free of the heat that plagued her mind. The last thing she saw before she passed out were shadows, shadows consuming her being. Darkness. When she awoke she was in a cave, fruits at her side. She sat up raising a brow at the strange offering and nearly felt her heart stop when she saw the Gore Magala watching her. It nudged the fruit near her and she sighed, this was her life. Wife to a beast. At least until she escaped.

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