Kaeryn: Gone Male Chpt 4

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#4 of Kaeryn: Gone Male

4th chapter of one of my favourite stories I am writing!

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_"Hello?" There was no caller ID on the phone, so I was curious as to who it was. "Tom my boy!" It was my doctor. "Two things, first.. you are stuck, we apologize. Second, we called your parents and told them that Kaeryn got into a car accident and didn't make it. Sorry." My ears drooped, then realizing I still had the girls with me, I picked them back up again. "Okay, so what do you need me to do?" I has asked. "You need to come down when you are free, so we can do a new birth certificate for you. Give you the keys to your new house and car. Also, you can be an assistant here so you do not have to worry about finding work." I told her I would be there in a moment, since I was a bit busy at the moment, then hung up the phone. "Sorry girls, it will need to wait" They both whined, then I thought.. and turned towards Emily. "Say, you wouldn't want to go out sometime, would you?" Her big blue eyes turned and looked to me.



After being told I had a job, house, car and well.. a new life and possibly a new girlfriend, my life finally decided to turn for the better. I had just gotten off the phone with the doctor that had chanced my life to start, transforming me into a male version of myself. Tom, was my name.. however that didn't really seem to fit me. When I get to the doctors again for all my things, I will change that.

I looked over to Emily, as she and I were now walking towards the doctors office, since.. well.. neither of us had a car, our paws would have to do. "So.." I started to say, "A date. Where would you want to go? I am not really one for 'super' romantic evening's or anything." She bit her lip in thought, her hands clasped together in front of her as we walked. "Well, we could always just go to the beach, or my house? Though.. my house I guess is not really a place for a date, oh! We could go to the new movie theatre they are opening! They are playing an oldie movie thing, black and white.. we could give that a go." I nodded to her, sounded like a plan. Also a good place to get in some 'fun'. I wonder if she was one of those that liked the thrill of almost getting caught, as I was.


After about an hour of walking we got to the doctors place, I told her to say outside as I would only be a few minutes.

Once inside, I got my keys to both car and house, directions to the house and my birth certificate. My eyes scanned over the certificate. Birth date was the same as my old one, my name however was now Scott Thomas, Scott seems better fitting. My home town changed, to Toronto, Canada. We were not too far off from there. I grabbed everything and nodded to the receptionist and headed back out the door. Once outside, Emily looked at me oddly.

She was looking at me as if she 'knew' me, maybe she finally figured it out? Nope. She came over with a new bounce in her step, phone in hand. "Hey, what were you in there for anyway?" She looked from my eyes to the keys and paper in hand. "Just a few things to get my life all sorted out again. I had lost my birth certificate which I needed to have to start a job here." She nodded and gave it a look. "Scott Thomas.." She smiled, "Your real name is Scott huh? I like it." I smiled to her and started walking towards the parking lot, wondering what kind of car they got me.

"Whoa.." I stopped and turned, Emily's face was in shock. "What's wrong?" She pointed, "THAT'S your car?" I turned back around and my jaw dropped. Big ole dodge ram with a neon orange paint. One of my dream vehicles. She was a beaut! I chuckled and shook my head, "Yup, that is her. You like?" Emily nodded, her face still in 'wow' mode. "I take it you like trucks just as much as I do huh?" She nodded. I raised a brow, "So.. this is my new truck, my old crummy car was broken so they gave me this new shiny one. Want to take a drive?" She nodded. I walked over to her and picked her up. "I also take it that all your answers for anything I ask right now, will be as nods." She nodded again, however.. I kissed her mid nod, getting a little squeak out of her in the process. Then her phone rang.

"Hello?" She said to the one on the other side. I took her over to the truck and opened the passenger door, plopping her inside as she talked on her phone. Whoever it was, sounded kind of angry.. as they were pretty loud from where I was. As I closed the door, she started yelling back. I gave her a 'you okay?' look, and she shrugged.

I made my way to the other side of the truck, opening my own door before hopping in. I refrained from turning the truck on till her convo was all said and done. Within a few minutes it was. So, I turned it on. "So, angry parent?" She shook her head. "Angry ex. We had moved in together a week ago, things are not going so well. I told him to move out, since my parents basically gave me the place.. only to find out just now, that he dumped all my shit onto the yard." She grumbled and did up her seat belt. "Think we can swing by and grab everything? I am sure Cloe wont mind a roomie for a while." I leaned over and gave her cheek a kiss, "Sure thing."


Once all her things were packed into the pack of my truck, we started off towards my old place, though.. looking down at the address I was given, I had an idea. My new place was not far off from where I had lived previously, Emily would have no idea. Plus just starting a job and getting settled and all that.. having company wouldn't be too bad of an idea. So, I stopped the truck when about halfway there.

"I was thinking. My place will have a bunch of things needing to be done, since.. I decided to move closer to my new job. You interested in rooming with me?" Her eyes lit up and nodded, as she always did.

"Yes yes yes!"


A week had past and things were going well. Emily had settled in better then I thought she would and I got used to well.. life. I also got used to the occasional male friend Emily would bring over. She always told me 'nothing happened' since her and I were actually dating now. Though I always wondered if she were telling the truth. So I decided to take a day and find out.

Working at the doctors office gave me a few perks, since I was their first patient in the whole, transforming thing. If I wanted a day off, or a week off.. I would get it, no questions asked. It works out quite well considering how much they poke and prod at me to see how my organs and all these other things are putting up with being changed. I also help out the newcomers to the changing. Recently being another female to male changer. Her life was crap and she wanted a new start. I had told her all the weird things that happened to myself when I had changed over, plus all the things she would need to get used too. Like having a sheath, though her problem.. instead of a knot like me, was spines. She was a panther, so going from a female to a male would be quite weird indeed. She did though have an early heads up, as she did some looking up to how male panthers 'thingers' as she called them, were different then a wolf. Since, before her change, she was dating one.

I had picked a day where I knew Emily did not have any school, as she was in her first year of college. I clocked in early at work to get a few things done that really could not be ignored, then clocked out mighty early. A good four hours earlier then I normally would clock out. Then, headed home.


I parked a street away, so if Emily was doing anything she wasn't supposed to be doing.. she wouldn't have really any time to get out of what she was, well.. doing.

I walked around the house after poking my nose at the front window, she had the blinds closed. Though they normally were at this time in the afternoon, seeing as the sun liked to shine right through and it being summer was not always a welcome. I moved my way to one of the side windows, one that looked through to the kitchen. Everything seemed normal there, all but the two cups and plates that were in the sink already, when it was empty when I left this morning. So, she had someone over.

Moving to the backyard, I unlatched the gate and opened it slowly. It had this weird squeak too it that I needed to fix. Once in the back, I closed it just as slowly, lifting the latch to close and lock it. Now, we had bushes just by the gate, not much use.. I was going to take them down.. but I am sure glad I didn't.. not just yet. From where I was standing I could see, very clearly.. a naked Emily. Drink in hand, laughing. But laughing about what? To who? I stretched my neck a bit to look over the bush, there he was.

He was a dalmatian just as she was. Perfect pair, only.. she was mine.

A growl started to rise in my throat as IO watched the two, my sheath also grew hard. But for what reason? They were not doing anything.. yet. She was just walking around the backyard as she normally would, naked.. I liked watching her as she did it daily. My eye ran from her, to her 'friend' he was still clothed.. then I saw it. Her clothes were in a pile by her paws, her hips were moving in an unusual way.. she was strip dancing for him! I couldn't take my eyes from what I was watching, the way she moved was just.. amazing. Even though she wasn't doing it for me.. but for another man. From the way things looked, a younger man then me.. I am twenty eight, he looked more.. well.. her age, maybe twenty-ish.

I shook my head to clear it and started to stand to barge into them and break up whatever this was, before he stood, grabbed her and pinned her down to the chair he was just sitting on.. her ass in the air. He grinned at her wide and excited before slipping right into her. Right into her overused pussy, as I claim it every night.. and claim it I do. Making her squeal and roll around in pleasure.. mmm.

While thinking of our previous nights, the act before me got heated pretty fast, finally figuring out why. It was almost that time that I would be 'home'. My hand had also found its way down to my sheath to rub at, I did not get to excited.. as I did plan on actually coming home at the right time. Maybe give this pup a lesson or two. It was still weird to me though, that while watching anything like this.. either on T.V. or live, my hand seems to have a mind of its own. While thinking of my hand, I heard it.. that squeal, then.. something more..

"I'm.. cumming!" Emily had screamed out, as the male inside of her howled out, or kinda.. yip howled, something weird anyway. I was about to come from behind the bushes when I heard the male speak, "Hope your dog take's care of you babe." He grinned and nipped rather lovingly at her ear. "No worries Kyle, he will.." She turned and gave him a kiss, one that is usually shared with me. "So, when do you think you are gonna be due? How you gonna hide it from him?" My jaw dropped. The fuck? "Uhm, not sure. We had tried a few times, but no avail.. I think he is broken. But, I will not hide. When I know, he will know.. he will just think they are his. Or something.." She shrugged it and after a few minutes they parted.

I ran to the front of the house as quietly as I could and forgot that I left my truck a street down. I reached into my pocket for my keys just as the door was opening and 'Kyle' stepped out. "Hello sir, just leavin'" He gave me a nod as I headed into MY home. Emily greeted me as always, a hug and a kiss before she too headed out, because she had to go to work.

"Gonna be home late tonight, don't wait up!" She called to me as she got her in car and drove off. My eyes followed her car till I could no longer see it. I closed the house door, locked it.. then followed her 'friend'.

"I am gonna have me some fun tonight.."

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