The Wistful World

Story by ShadowedUmbreon on SoFurry

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This story is a rendition of a dream I had very recently. I had to tell someone about it, because, much like the dreams my Heavenly Satisfaction series are based off of, this dream gave me a strange feeling - like I wasn't asleep at all. Lucid dreams like the one I had two nights ago are the basis of many of my stories here on SoFurry, so, in a cosmic sort of way, they're almost... Non-fiction. Anyways, I hope you enjoy what you're about to read. Also, shout out to Apalanic for first reply!

I awoke in the nostalgic Route 217 of the Sinnoh region. A blizzard had just passed, judging by the near 6 inches of snow that was covering my body. Unusually, I felt no cold whatsoever, so I simply brushed off the precipitation and began heading north. My experience with Pokemon Platinum gave me knowledge of the area I was in, so I knew where the deepest points in the route were. Even so, I still managed to get caught in a few feet of snow, causing me to react annoyingly. After a frustratingly long period of time escaping from the deep snow banks, I made my way to the Acuity Lakefront. I was about to head east towards Snowpoint City when I heard a voice beckon me in my head. You, young traveler, come towards the icy lake. I didn't know what to make of this gentle voice, but I decided to follow its instructions and climb the steep, rocky slope that led to the pathway of Lake Acuity.

Once I arrived in the clearing, I saw the beautifully still, serene surface of the lake. A few Pokemon could be seen in the distance - Snorunts, Snovers, Sneasels, and even a few Stantlers - drinking from the lake and interacting with each other in much the same way as actual animals in the waking world. I heard the voice again, its soothing tones causing serenity to overtake my body as I breathed deeply. _You who follow my voice, who wishes to satiate your curiosity, come to the cave on the lake. Take a step of faith, and you will be guided to me. _I felt no fear as I looked at the lake's surface. I did what the voice told me to do - I took a step out onto the lake, and rather than fall in, I remained on top of the water's surface. I walked slowly out to the middle of the lake rather slowly, taking in the beautiful, wintry scenery, and seeing the reactions of the Pokemon who watched me. Before I knew it, however, I had made it onto the small outcrop of land that gave adventurers and travelers alike a way in to the cave.

Inside this mysterious and little traveled cave, I heard the echoing voice once again. You, faithful traveler and fearless wanderer, show me your mettle against my power. Survive this, and you shall be granted audience with me. I began to anticipate an attack, as I cautiously made my way down the narrow mouth into the bowels of the cave. Suddenly, with only a few seconds to react, I felt my feet freeze to the ground, and I saw a powerful, rainbow colored light spark above me near the cave's ceiling. The light converged onto my location in the form of a beam, and penetrated my very body with absolute cold as I brought my arms up to shield my head. The beam lasted for 15 seconds before gently dissipating, but not before I felt my arms drop down. I could no longer feel them, and I began to perceive what I thought were the effects of hypothermia on my body. Still, I remained standing, the ice encasing my feet melting away and the voice appearing once more. You, vagabond of powerful will, allow me to use my power to heal you. I saw another light appear above me, but this one was a delicate, warm light, with an erratic shape not unlike fire. It enveloped my body, and I began to feel warm again, and as the soft fire moved to my arms, I regained sense and use in them.

The voice appeared again. Now, young traveler, let me open the door to my world, and grant you audience with me. I saw one of the puddles of water light up, and begin to emanate small waves of energy. Stand still in the pool, and allow yourself to sink. Have faith, and you shall be rewarded. I stepped forward onto the pool, and began to sink slowly into it. I felt no feeling of water as I sank, however, and allowed myself to be consumed completely. I looked beneath me, as I gently floated down, and saw an island, floating in a rift. The rift was black at the bottom, but faded to blue as I looked forward, and then to white as I looked up. The island had a waterfall near what I perceived to be the back of it, and had many trees and flora densely covering its surface. I was let down onto a clearing on the island, and took the opportunity to see the water flow from the island into the great abyss below. I shuddered to think what would happen if I had fallen in. The voice spoke, this time louder and seemingly closer. Young wanderer who has entered this realm, come forward towards the waterfall. It is there that you shall find me. I breathed deeply as I braced myself for what I thought would be a long trek, as I stepped foot into the jungle.

The jungle had no animate creatures inside it - only plants and trees. I saw many rare berries in this jungle, such as the Starf berry, and the mysterious Enigma berry, commonly growing from bushes and trees alike. I saw flora from the waking world as well - most strangely, great sequoia redwoods towering high above me, and even baobab trees whose massive trunks were smooth and untouched. I continued forward, listening for the ever closer sound of the water roaring down in a cascade, until I entered an open field, where I saw the waterfall meet with the pool. From behind the waterfall, I heard the voice once again. You, enduring ordeals and pain, steadfast in your will - I now reward you for your faith. The waterfall opened up, and a figure began walking out from behind the rushing water.

The figure looked anthropomorphic - humanoid, even. The figure walked slowly, its surprisingly curvaceous hips swaying slightly back and forth as it walked. The figure had light blue skin with pure white underarms, inner legs, chest and muzzle. There were also white spots dotting the surface of the light blue skin. While the hands of the figure looked very human, the feet and lower legs looked far more like those of a dog. Near what would bet the tailbone in humans were two white, ribbon-like appendages that flowed on their own, or perhaps controlled by this figure. The figure also possessed dark blue hair flowing down from the head to about midway from its chest (level with some gorgeous-looking breasts), and a shining, light blue crest or crown rested atop this figure's forehead. The figure had piercing, and yet ironically tender red eyes. It spoke in the same lovely, almost maternal sounding voice that had guided me here. "Welcome, young one. Please, make yourself comfortable here." I had questions - many questions, and I wasn't sure of how much time I would have. I began to speak to the person before me. " Who are you, and where am I?"

"Ah, I see. You have many questions. I will answer them to the best of my ability. To answer your first question, my name is Aurora. I am the guardian of this place, and the maternal caretaker of every living thing in here. You are in a place known as 'The Void.' Here, in The Void, there are many beings and creatures from worlds all across the fabric of reality. Time is at a standstill in this world, and the laws of space are completely ignored. Those who remain in this place become immortal, no longer feeling the effects of time and weathering. The Void is home to all manner of creatures, and caretakers, like myself, are beckoned to watch over them. It is a veritable paradise. However..." I saw her begin to tear up. "Eons of watching over this place take their toll on you, for while the body is timeless, the mind is not, and the psyche of sentient beings is reduced to insanity. I have watched many of my fellow caretakers and friends succumb to this fate. I was afraid that I too would go insane, and lose myself to feral nature and primal instinct."

"Are there any other caretakers left, Aurora?" She looked at me with a wistful look in her eyes. That one look was all I needed for an answer. "I am the last caretaker, but I have grown weary of my duties. I have been calling out to people in their dreams for eons now, looking for someone else to be with. I've even tried to entice people similarly to what you call a 'siren.' But no one listened. I took one last chance at finding someone else before I was about to hurl myself into the abyss below, where I would cease to exist and the nightmare could finally end. I'm glad I did, because now I can be with you. I have been watching you closely now for years, waiting for the right moment to reveal myself. Now, you are here, and my nightmare can finally end." She took my hand and caressed it softly, nuzzling her face into it as she relished contact with another person. I pulled my hand away and wrapped my arms around her, holding her as I began to cry in sympathy as I imagined the countless years of loneliness. She began to cry as well, but not in sadness. She cried tears of joy to finally be in the embrace of someone again.

"I'm sorry," I said to Aurora, "here I am crying and feeling sad when this should be a joyous occasion." I wiped the tears from my eyes, and Aurora began to speak. "No, you needn't bundle up emotion. Your heart is kind and your sympathy for others is deeper than any ocean. You can cry as much as you'd like." I looked into her eyes, beaming in between the tears, and embraced her once again. We held each other until I felt one of her tails wrap around my waist and begin wriggling, attempting to get through my pants. I let go and confronted her. "Hey - I find you EXTREMELY attractive, and I get that you've been very lonely, but could you just wait a moment? I want to talk some more with you." Aurora blushed deeply, and looked apologetically towards me. "I'm sorry. I let my body and my passion get the best of me. Still..." She eyed my pants again. "I wish to feel our bodies connect in deeply physical way. Could you please grant me this one wish?"

"I do not wish to take advantage of your feelings. Still, if that is what you desire, than that's what I'll try to provide." I took off my clothing, setting it aside in the grass, and saw Aurora get up and stand with me. I wrapped my arms around her again, and felt a cold air emanate from her body. Man... I thought. Cold on the outside, but truly warm and caring on the inside. A far cry from the people I've met in the waking world. My thoughts were interrupted by her speech. "I'm... I'm not really sure how humans mate." She blushed deeply at me, gazing with an innocent, almost naive appearance. "It's been so long since I last felt or even saw such activity. Perhaps you could enlighten me?" She spread her legs, beckoning me to squat and look at her lovely mound. She blushed as I gazed at her womanhood, awkwardly fidgeting.

"You haven't even pleasured yourself in all these eons?"

"No. I've almost began the process countless times, but something always stopped me from continuing. Now, I've lost all knowledge of it, and yet my body has... instincts of its own."

"Allow me to show you then." I got up to stand with her. "First, you find a position that you find most comfortable. For human women, this is usually sitting down with your legs spread and your *ahem* vagina exposed." She sat down and bent back a little bit, spread her legs, and exposed herself. "Like this?" For not knowing how some human women masturbated, she flawlessly executed that pose. I continued. "Next, humans usually insert their fingers into the vagina, usually 1-2, though some women enjoy more. You can also insert fingers into the anus to stimulate sexual pleasure." This feels strange - I, a man, am teaching a woman how to masturbate. Seems kind of ass-backwards to me. Once again my thoughts were interrupted by her speech. "What about my tails? Could I use them too?"

"I was getting to that. Because you have tails that you have control over, you can use them to pleasure yourself in both orifices. Let me help you." I bent down and took one of her smoothly moving tails and guided it into her vagina. She winced in a mixture of pain and pleasure as I saw a small amount of blood trickle out. Her hymen must've been broken, _I thought. "Is... is that normal," Aurora managed to push out. _The exhilarating feeling of penetration into her vagina must have sent her over the edge. "Are you alright, Aurora?"

"Whew... I'm fine. Now that it's in, what happens next?"

"Try moving your tail up an down rapidly inside." She followed my instructions, and was amply rewarded when she found huge waves of pleasure course through her body. "Oh... Oh... Mmm..." she moaned. She instinctively grasped one of breasts, specifically her nipple, and began pulling and squeezing on it, causing more pleasure to shoot through her body. By this point, she was nearly screaming in pleasure, driving feral urges inside me ever higher. My own member had swollen up just watching her pleasure herself, and I was beginning to find it hard to hold back. A few moments later, she arched her back in let out a shout, reaching a climax as she shivered and pulled her soaked tail out of her sopping-wet mound. "Do you want me to do it for you now," I asked gingerly. She looked exhausted after that round of masturbation, and the last thing I wanted was to over-stimulate her. She looked lovingly into my eyes. "Yes, please. Bring me pleasure beyond pleasure, young traveler!" She closed her eyes and gave her body to me, allowing me to do what I wanted with her. I knew the perfect place to start.

I crawled over her, bringing my head to hers, and began kissing her while moving my hand slowly down her body. I felt her smooth skin, the feeling reminiscent of ice. I brought my hand lower, grasping her supple, wonderfully curvaceous breasts and sensitive nipples. I played with her breast for a bit as my tongue moved into her mouth, tasting her sweet breath and feeling her tongue swirl around mine. My hand traveled further down, past her navel, and finally reached its destination. I caressed her outer lips as she broke from the kiss and moaned in pleasure. I slunk back towards her precious under-carriage. She nodded with a deep smile, and I inserted a finger inside her. She arched back in pleasure, breathing heavily as I moved it inside her. It felt like I was putting my hand in a tight, smooth, wet towel, causing my erection to further harden, almost to the point of pain. I pulled out, much to her dismay, but soon made it up to her by inserting a second finger, and then a third. This caused her to reach a second climax, and I pulled out my fingers to reveal her vaginal fluids were cyan in color. They were mildly aromatic, smelling similar to blueberries. I stuck them in my mouth, savoring their flavor - a mildly sweet blueberry combined with honey. I nearly came at the taste, and wanted to pleasure her more. "Are you ready for the real feeling, Aurora?"

"Yes, young one. Give it to me!" I grabbed her legs and spread them around me. I reached down towards my member, and positioning myself most comfortably on my knees, I prodded her pussy. She blushed deeply as I lovingly looked into her eyes. I kissed her once more as I pushed my way into her vagina. She winced, but held the kiss. I began to slowly thrust back and forth into her, making my way deeper and deeper into core. The kiss was cut off as I began to thrust faster and faster, a strand of saliva still bridged between our mouths. I was breathing very heavily, like I was running a marathon. "I've almost reached it, Aurora - my climax! Shall I fill you with my seed?"

"Yes, my love! Make me yours forever and forever!" I locked my lips with hers as I pushed in to her the deepest I could go, her pussy completely enveloping my cock, while my cock pressed hard into the back of her walls. She and I screamed in pleasure, both of us gasping for air and drenched in sweat, as I collapsed on top of her. My vision began to blur, and fade to darkness, but not before I saw her face and heard her voice one last time. "Thank you, traveler. You've given me an eternity's worth of joy. May we meet again very soon..." With that, everything faded to black, and I began to feel the sensation of floating upwards.

When I came to, I was in my bed, here, in the waking world. I don't know when I'll see her again, but I'll never forget her. Maybe some day, we will meet again, in that wistful, forlorn world...

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