Kurfust's Kidnapping

Story by FlameOfFurious on SoFurry

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Here is my first story ever :D

It was made to complement this picture from FA: Darkorange and recounts the events that transpired before and after the pictured scene.

It's nothing special but I had fun writing it and it would be great to have feedback on it.

If you want to offer suggestions, edits or corrections do so without worry :)

He couldn't see anything. He could only hear his own agitated breaths and the creaking of ropes. Ropes were tied around his wrists and forearms, a spreader bar separated his tied thighs.

The last thing he remembered before this place was wearing his speedo in the locker room at the local pool where he practiced every evening. Suddenly an arm wrapped around his throat and a wet rag was pressed against his muzzle. He struggled against them but he every breath reduced his strength and after a few minutes he passed out, blackness surrounding him.

When he woke up in the dark, a blindfold over his eyes, ropes keeping him tied up and wearing only a small tight speedo he panicked and struggled against his restraints. Trying to cry for help took him nowhere, a tight strip of tape was keeping his mouth sealed and he could feel a wad of cloth in his maw, filling it almost to bursting. The taste gave away its origin, his sweaty socks had been used to keep him silent, the same socks he hadn't put in the washer that morning. His own laziness coming back to torture him.

. . . . .

Some time passed, whether it was minutes or hours he didn't know but he eventually started to relax, tired from his long struggling. That's when the bondage got to him, he had always liked being tied helpless and despite the fact that he had been kidnapped his arousal slowly increased and the speedo he wore suddenly felt very tight.

Unfortunately for him his captors were watching him and when he started to moan and whimper softly from his frustrated arousal they entered the room where he was kept.

Hearing the door open fuelled his struggling and once again he trashed uselessly in his bonds, afraid of the future.

His captors watched Kurt's writhing form, grinning at his helplessness and obvious arousal. They slowly walked towards the captured swimmer as his struggling increased, panic now gripping him "MMPHHHHHH!! EEHPH!! EHHHPH!!!!"

Damn this gag, damn this tape, damn the restraint! The ropes are too tight, they are digging in my arms and legs, my mouth is hurting and the speedo is so tight... How can I be aroused in this situation!! My cock can't even get erect pointing down as it is, probably something they have planned no doubt... What's that!! They're touching me!! No, please, NOOOO!!

"NNNPPHHHHHHH!!!" Kurt screamed at the top of his lungs, unable to overcome the small strip of tape and the sweaty socks and trashing around, desperate to get away from their probing hands. His captors had started to touch all over his body, checking that the restraint still held, tightening those they could. Once they were satisfied their wriggling captive had no chance of getting free they removed the blindfold finally allowing Kurt to see who had kidnapped him.

When the strip of cloth was removed from his face his eyes widened and he would have gasped if only the tape wasn't covering his mouth. I front of him stood the captain of the swimming team he'd have gone against the day after! To his shame he couldn't recall the guy's name but he would have recognised that smug, cocky smile anywhere.

The Captain grinned evilly as he stood over his helpless captive and enjoying his cute soft whimpers escaping the tight gag over the boy's mouth, using Kurt's own socks to take away his ability to speak had been a wonderful idea. They had no intention of hurting him but without Kurt his team had the advantage and they'd certainly win the race.

That didn't stop them from enjoying their priced swimmer boy though, he had already thought of repositioning his cock to make sure he wouldn't be able to get too much pleasure and now he'd make sure Kurt would be feeling the full tightness of his red speedo.

His hand moved slowly towards the exposed crotch of the captive and began kneading and squeezing his bulge "mmmphhh..." "mmmmmmmppphh..." Kurt's moans filled the room as he closed his eyes and the Captains other hand reached for his exposed nipples, rubbing them slowly and softly.

Hmmmm, yes, that's so good... Just a bit more... Please...... NO!! What am I thinking!! I must fight him, damn his groping hands and my arousal! FIGHT!! STRUGGLE!! There must be a way out...

"ETHHH MMMHH GPPPPPPPHHH!!" "ETTHH MPHHH GGPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!" Kurt's trashing began anew, he glared at his captor in defiance as he tried again to escape his binds. However the bondage didn't let go and soon he felt tired again, hopelessness gripping him.

The Captain watched Kurt's struggles in amusement, basking in the power he had over him. When the struggle began to recede he grinned at his captive and turned towards a nearby locker. As he opened it Kurt's glimpsed what was inside of it and his eyes widened as his trashing got stronger.

Once he had taken what he needed from the locker he closed it and turned back, slowly approaching Kurt's struggling form. He stopped a metre in from him, hiding the objects he had taken behind his back and looking bemused at the hopeless trashing.

Kurt's struggling eventually receded and he panted in frustration, his arms and back aching from the effort to get free as he glared at his captor. The Captain grinned more than ever as he showed the objects he had taken to Kurt seeing the boy's expression betraying his hopeless despair. In his right hand was a small cockring with an attached vibrator and in his right two smaller vibrator with clips awaited together with an object Kurt couldn't recognised.

The cockring was fitted immediately around the base of his cock, it was very tight and wouldn't let his erection subside. The smaller vibrators were clipped to his nipples, their bite wasn't painful but it was tight enough that they wouldn't dislodge no matter how much he struggled.

"mmmph..." Kurt moaned pleadingly, his eyes looking for pity in his captor's but finding none

The mysterious last item was in the Captain's hand and he smiled as he moved it towards Kurt's big, cold, doggy nose. The thing had two little tubes that slipped in his nostrils and an elastic band was pulled behind his head to keep the "mask" there. Kurt huffed through the mask with no trouble, curious about its purpose.

The Captain smiled evilly as he looked at the helpless boy, his hand reached over to the mask and pressed a small button embedded in it. Immediately Kurt's eyes widened in panic, his air was cut off! "MMMMMPPPH! MMMMMMPPHHHHHHH!!" He struggled and trashed screaming under the tape unable dislodge the gag or the mask.

After an intense bout of trashing that felt like hours to Kurt but really was just 40 seconds the mask opened again and let him breathe. As he panted through his nose the Captain's hand went to the cockring and activated it, the ones on Kurt's nipples following soon after.

The effect was immediate, he gasped through his nose and his whole body tensed. For a few second everything was calm, then the trashing started. "MMMMPPPHHHHHHHH!! TRNNNNNHH TMMHHH OPPHHHH!! PPLTHHHHH!!" He pleaded through the gag, he trashed around throwing himself against the ropes with tears forming in his eyes. Then the mask activated again cutting off his air...

Oh god please... Please stop it... it's too much... Can't get free... Can't get hard... Can't breathe!! My cock aches, my arms ache and this cocky bastard is grinning at me!! Wait! What's that! No, not the blindfold too, please...

The mask let air through again and while Kurfust panted his captor slipped the blindfold back over his eyes. He was still struggling and whining under his tight gag and his speedo was slowly getting soaked in the pre dribbling out of his frustrated cock when thick earplugs were slipped in his ears blotting out all sound.

As the Captain walked off he spoke to Kurt for the first time since the kidnapping started: "Enjoy the next 12 hours dear boy, because you're not getting free until we win that race" He opened the door to the room and waited there to see the mask activating again sending the poor tied up boy in a fit of struggling. Grinning he closed the doors and just before it was closed shut he murmured: "And if we lose, well... no reason not to keep you for a while longer to relieve the stress of the loss..."

The door closed, the lock turned and the lights turned off, leaving poor Kurt to struggle alone in the dark fighting against his frustrated arousal and the damn mask....