Sword swallowing

Story by Toilet paper on SoFurry

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Big thanks to DannyDukeHazard for the inspiration and cover art, check him out

Vitaly the tiger sat in the stands and stroked himself. Gia the leopard stood in the tent under the lights, embarrassed. "Look, Vitaly" Gia said, "I'm sorry I said you don't give me any sexual pleasure. There's no need to-" "Shhhhh" said the tiger. "I have heard rumors about a certain lion, and know he can certainly please you. I wish to learn from him, this is for my benefit. I know you, Gia, will have a great time, and once I learn what makes him, apparently, so much better, we can have a better time together. You see, baby?" Gia just stood and pondered this. It's true that she had heard rumors about Alex the lion, and Vitaly simply wasn't good sexually. If Alex could really teach him a thing or two it would be better for everyone. "Fine. Bring him out, I'll do it", she said. Vitaly waved his hand in the direction of the tent entrance, and out walked Gloria the hippo, with Alex following close behind. Gia was surprised at the sight of the hippo, and asked why she was there. Gloria answered, "I'm here to teach you a thing or two, sweetie, as much as this stud is here to show that tiger". At "this stud here", Gloria turned and pointed at Alex behind her. Alex walked around the hippo's sizable ass and revealed his fully aroused self. Vitaly raised his eyebrows. Gia put her paws to her mouth, eyes wide. Gloria and Alex just smirked. "What? It's not that big" said the lion, knowing full well it was that big. Gia simply stared. "Get to it, then", said Vitaly. Alex walked in between the girls and put his arms around their waists. Gloria quickly snuggled in and gave the lion a quick kiss. Alex's dopey smirk got even dopier at this. Gia slowly reached down and touched that massive circus tent pole of a cock. Vitaly's was about half the length of it, if that. "THIS WON'T FIT", exclaimed the skinny leopard. "It's wider than my hips!" "You can stretch, you picky bitch. I was too small for you, this is too big now? Stop complaining." said the tiger. "Besides, your pussy isn't your only hole". Gia looked down as pre ran out the end of the stud lion's dick. "And now for our next act," the tiger shouted through cupped paws, "sword swallowing!" "Well, you heard him", said Gloria. "Get on your knees. BJ's are an important thing to get right". "Make sure she watches the teeth, she stinks at that part" said Vitaly. Gia kneeled down in front of Alex, still unhappy and apprehensive. His dick poked her in the tits. Alex grabbed the base of his meat and pushed it up at her muzzle. Before the leopard could recoil away, Gloria came up behind and grabbed Gia's head in both hands, then held her against her stomach, so the skinny little cat couldn't move. "Hon," Gloria whispered in the cat's ear, "just start with the tip, it's easy. You'll be enjoying it soon enough, trust me." Gia decided then that she might as well just have sex with the lion, even if others were watching. So what if she is apparently so bad in the sack that she needs lessons? Gia suspected it was the tiger's lack of intimacy and tiny cock that was the real reason they couldn't pleasure one another, not her lack of effort. As Gia put her paws on the lion's dick and licked the tip, she sniffed a pungent wave of hormonal musk that actually started to get her horny. The virility of the lion put the tiger's to shame and made her pussy moisten. Alex motioned for Gloria to step back and let go of the leopard. He rested his big paws on the back of her head as Gia suckled on the tip of his dripping member. She stroked it while sucking, barely able to wrap her hand around the skinnier base of the lion's rod. She thought about how one hand was enough to cover almost Vitaly's whole length, where this monster dick couldn't fit in both her paws. Not even close. She was going to enjoy this. Gia opened as wide as she could and slowly moved down Alex's thick cock. She made sure to watch her teeth, wanting to prove Vitaly wrong. She got 1/3rd down before it hit the back of her throat. Gia slurped and sucked on the lion's fat cock, prompting Alex to gently thrust in and out of her mouth. "Bad at blowjobs? She looks like she's doing fine to me", said Gloria to Vitaly in the stands. He was too busy fondling himself to answer. Gia used her paws to stroke the rest of the lion's shaft and squeeze his balls. Alex's balls didn't feel nearly as full and heavy as she would have expected a stud of his caliber to feel. Knowing he was empty, Alex explained; "I wanted to last when we were doing this, so I emptied myself out beforehand". Gloria and Alex shot each other a sly look at this. Gloria was the recipient of all that emptying...Alex had needed six goes in her butt before he was sufficiently drained. Gia came off Alex's cock and laughed. "Vitaly lasts pretty long, but that's because he doesn't have anything to release". Vitaly paid attention to that one. "Shut up you spotted bitch. You can't get me to blow because you aren't good. Alex, get your whole dick in there to shut her up". Alex eyeballed his shaft and her throat. It didn't look like an option. Gia, wanting to show up the tiger again, simply opened as wide as she could, grabbed Alex by the hips, and yanked herself on his throbbing member. When he hit the back of her throat, Gia leaned forward to straighten out her esophagus and tried take the lion as deep as she could. Before anyone could really react, she had taken the entire thing in her mouth and down her throat. Alex's cock was so thick it rubbed her back teeth on the way down, but he liked this if anything. "Now that's impressive", exclaimed the hippo. Vitaly found it so hot he came. Alex would have too, but of course he was deliberately spent. He reached down and felt the bulge of his own cock in her throat. Gia sucked on his dick, the musk and hormones tasted good to her. Her throat was stretched taut and she could feel every throb of the lion. She shoved her muzzle into the lion's stomach, and nibbled on his cock gently. Alex moaned in pleasure as grabbed Gia's shoulders to steady himself. Gia, needing air, moved back to nibble on his tip. "Love those teeth, gimme some bites", said the lion. Gia obliged and gently scraped the lion's fat cock with her jaws. Vitaly said, "See, I told you she needed to watch that". Alex came to her defense saying he liked it. Plus, he said, "Her mouth is pretty narrow, I'm too big to avoid them completely". The leopard was getting horny at this point, and guided the lion's paws behind her head. Coming off the lion's dick for a moment, she said "I'm doing a lot of the work here. You can start thrusting if you want...". The lion could only smirk at that one. "I'd love to", he said. With that, Alex grabbed Gia's head and pushed himself all the way in. He quickly yanked himself all the way out and slammed back in. Gia, as was the plan, stuck her now freed up hands down by her crotch and rubbed herself vigorously. She was dripping wet by this point and it was pooling on the circus floor. Gia could feel her throat getting stretched to the limit and loved it. She stared up at the lion's face as he fucked hers. Alex stared back into the leopard's pretty brown eyes, resting his chin on his chest as he looked down. He could feel the tightness of the smaller feline's throat as he slammed himself back and forth. Alex could feel himself getting ready to cum. He wasn't expecting to cum so soon, having cleared out his balls previously. He closed his eyes and tried to pull out with the intention of spraying his release on the leopard's muzzle. Gia knew exactly what he was doing and vetoed that plan. She grabbed the lion by the hips and pulled herself all the way down once again. Alex moaned and sprayed his load down Gia's esophagus. The leopard choked on it, but swallowed his whole load down. She was surprised how much there was if he was "empty". Vitaly's entire load was smaller than one of this stud's single squirts...when empty. She wondered what it would be like if this thick dicked lion had time to "gear up". She pulled off the lion's softening tool, and sat there fingering herself while Alex flopped to the floor of the tent. There was silence among participants and observers after a performance such as that, but it was pretty clear to all involved there was going to be a round two.

Vitaly, seeing he was wrong about Gia's sexual prowess, slinked off to wash his own cum out of his fur. He didn't say a word as he left, walking past the two sweaty and sticky felines on the ground as he pushed open a side door and wandered off. Gloria watched him go.

"Hey Alex," Gloria asked, "Got anything left in you?"

Having came 7 times now that day, he simply shook his head no.

Gloria, needing release after watching such a display, waltzed off to go see Marty and his friends in the stables.