Bound by Destiny 7

Story by Talon Stormclaw on SoFurry

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A very impossible discovery is made about Tenchi and the family stands in front of the biggest surprise ever as the news comes out to everyone and a certain family member gets a whole lot to explain.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

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Bound by Destiny 7 - Bound by Blood

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"Tenchi's fathers are..." The silence was hanging in the room, everyone waiting to hear what Azura was going to say. Azura's face began to grow paler before she finally spoke up, "...Azula and Sasha!" The faces turned into confusion, shock and some minor disbelief, but the main concern in it all was that Azula had nearly fainted from the news being revealed. Sasha was quickly looking at her and both her hands slammed into the table, sending silverware into the air before it landed on the table again, "Azula! I demand an explanation now!"

Azula was paler than anyone else right now, looking around at everyone who was watching her in disbelief, making her ignore Sasha until she felt herself being lifted into the air, Sasha looking rather pissed at her, "Well, you gonna speak or will I have to drain the answers out of you?" It was the first time in over ten years that Azula had been nearly wetting herself from Sasha's anger. With tears in her eyes, she began to speak, "I was... trying to see how good of an alcohol tolerance I had one day... and I had it all recorded with a camera on my top. I think... it is better that you see it for yourself." Sasha was putting down Azula before growling, "Just one question, how did you end up with that bitch?" Azula felt a stone fall in her chest, "I... got teleported by force to her and in my drunken state, I did not care who it was, I was horny at that time. So the chance to fuck was too much, so I might have screwed her."

Everyone at the table was looking at her and soon Sasha turned around and began walking out the dining room, most remaining just finishing their food and getting up to leave. It was Azura that was the next to speak as she walked over to Azula and slapped her so hard that even the claws were out, leaving five lines on her cheek, bleeding while she was leaning against the wall, "Azura, I..." Azura growled out before pulling off a ring from her finger and throwing it at Azula, "How could you? I thought you could never do anything bad and you proved me wrong! Get out of my life!"

As Azura left the room, Tenchi got up with Peridot and walked right over to Azula, hearing what must been the sound of glass shattering. Tenchi looked at Peridot who just nodded, "Her heart just broke apart. Her life's greatest love just left her." Tenchi couldn't avoid to feel bad for Azula and helped her up, the equal size making no problems as she hugged her, "There, there, mommy. I will talk to her for you. Just you wait and relax." Azula could not believe what she heard, "Mommy... that is a word I got to get used to now... I guess." Azula held Tenchi closely as they both enjoyed the moment, only for Peridot to be the one dropping a sledgehammer on it all, "By the way, Ten-Ten? How does it feel to know that you slept with your own parent yesterday?" Tenchi and Azula just looked at each other in silence and for the first times in her life, Peridot witnessed both Tenchi and Azula blushing enough to rival the sun in their intensity.

Later that day, Peridot knocked on Azura's door, hearing the soft grunt from the inside, "Just a second." Peridot waited until the door opened and Azura looked at her, "Oh, hi Dottie. What you want?" Peridot simply grabbed Azura and kissed her on the nose, catching Azura off-guard, "Listen, I know that you are angry at Azula for what she did, but you cannot judge her for it. She was teleported by force, she was literally raped by her in order to produce Ten-Ten. And I have seen the entire video of it. I admit, it was disgusting to see it, but it revealed that Azula was not in control of herself, but also showed that Ten's mother is afraid of demons. She nearly forced Azula out of her when she was turning herself into a demon." Azura was listening to it all and poked Peridot on the nose, "Dottie, do you realize what that means?" Peridot looked confused before Azura explained it the most simple way, "Me and Azula are not demons by nature. We were made into it by Sasha through having part of her implanted into us in form of a gene. It has a restriction that makes it so only Sasha can control when to pass it. However, my studies shows that by us becoming our demonic sides, the restriction is lifted and we can pass on that gene. This way, you are not having the gene in you. However, Tarja does since according to Sasha's information, she was conceived when Sasha was giving in to her demonic side." Peridot's eyes widened before Azura spoke, "And thanks for telling me the news on that video. I will talk to Azula about it. Now, leave me be. Go and spend time with your new sister." Peridot just realized this too, Tenchi was her sister now too.

Back in the dojo, Tenchi was swinging her new katana while dodging Alexander's quick strikes, her strength and agility had returned quickly, proving to be even more efficient. Her eyes focused on her target before she noticed the opening in his defense, a quick punch to the gut, followed by a strike from her hilt in the face was sending Alexander down for the count as Tenchi sheathed her blade, scratching over her right eye, "Sensei... may I ask? Why is my eye so itchy?" Alexander had been quiet about it to let her figure it out, but seems like she was not going to notice it, "Well, you see." A soft knock was heard on the door before it slid open and Sedrin walked right in, "Tenchi, we need to have a small talk." Tenchi was looking confused until Sedrin nearly popped a blood vessel on the forehead, "What is this I heard about you nearly killing yourself when trying to be a hotshot? You are scaring not only Peridot, but also me! I thought for a second that I had lost a daughter-in-law! Never do that again, you hear me?" Tenchi nodded before giving a soft smile, "I know, uncle Sedrin." Sedrin looked confused before Tenchi told him the news, making Sedrin nearly pop his eyes out, "YOU ARE PERIDOT'S HALF-SISTER NOW TOO?!?" Sedrin felt his world darkening as he fainted, Alexander quickly catching him before chuckling, "Training is done for today. I got to deliver him to the others." Tenchi nodded before Alexander left, her eyes glimmering in joy before she walked out the dojo and into the arms of Peridot, both smiling as they hugged each other closely and soon Sasha was joining the hug too, making both Peridot and Tenchi giggle, "Mom, please." Peridot was used to it, but Tenchi was nearly blushing at what she had just said, but Sasha was comforting her with a smile, "It is okay, it will be something we got to get used to. By the way, can I see your hand cannon?"

Tenchi led Sasha and Peridot back to their room, opening a drawer to retrieve the hand cannon before handing it over to Sasha with a curious look, Sasha merely smiling, "With your permission, I would like to upgrade it so the next time that witch comes again, you will be able to put a few holes in her." Tenchi was about to object, but the idea of turning her dark mother into a Swiss cheese was too compelling right now, "Sure, just make sure I remember it." Sasha nodded before smiling, just about to leave the room before Peridot and Tenchi grunted out softly in pain and Sasha's eyes widened as she turned around to see the wet puddles forming at their feet, "AZURA! It is time!"

The End.

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