Chapter 1: Settling in, Pt. 2 - He's not interested.

Story by Davasgo on SoFurry

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#3 of Fuckin' College!

Yaaaay more sexy characters and drama! How will Kavie ever manage to get anything done with all these hunks patrolling around?!

I wanted a direct problem and some drama in this scene. I have a good idea how this'll play out, but honestly? I'm making up most of this as I go! Here's hoping Bayno can work through his problem, and poor Kavie won't be so shaken up later on.

Sunday, August 23rd | 7:00PM | "He's not interested."

After meeting his roomie, Kavik forgoes the daunting task of unpacking his luggage and instead dreams the afternoon away. Soon however, he's up for a rude awakening.


Still fast asleep, Kavik dreamed the dreams of every gay college student... Hot sexy Dobermans running shirtless in slow-mo on the beach... the sunlight glistening off their hot, sweaty bods... certain external extremities visible through their shorts, flopping all around with the movements...

Unfortunately before long, Kavik's dreams would be rudely interrupted. A terrible barrage of knocks crashed against the entrance door, scaring the slumbering husky wide awake.


"Wh- what who huh? WAUGH!"

Kavik flailed about on the bed like a helpless worm for a bit before calming down. He plopped on his glasses and checked the time: just past 7:00 PM. He'd been asleep for almost five hours!

"Crap! I slept hecka long! That must be Bayno out there! Maybe his card thing didn't work either. Hopefully he hasn't been out there too long..."

The crashes and bangs never let up. Whoever it was didn't sound to be in the best of moods. That, or they're just one of those people that knocks really, _really_hard for no real reason. Kavik ruffled up his hair some and scampered out of bed to the living room.

"I'm coming, hold on~" he huffed and answered the door.

It was not Bayno banging at the door, but a dashing Rottweiler in a fancy suit. He certainly was almost as tall as the expected Doberman, and Kavik could tell under that fancy material he was just as fit. Those broad shoulders gave it away. Though his attire and build was decent, his head-hair was sticky with gel and slicked back. Tie that in with the perma-smug look he had, and this guy looked like some used car salesman. Still though, he was easy on the eyes.

"Ack! More cute guys!" Kavik thought. Before long he recognized the fellow. "Oh, hello! You must be... Heidenreich."

Suit-dog quirked a brow, curious to see a new face.

"Oh. New guy." He said, almost disappointed. "Heard about you. You're even shorter than they say."

"I'm not short, everyone else is tall!" Kavik protested.

"Yeah, yeah. So hey, where's Bayno at? He isn't answering his phone."

Kavik mouthed a gasp. "Oh, I dunno. He left hecka long ago. Is everything alright?"

Heidenreich mimicked the gesture. "Hm. 'Hecka long ago', you say?" he peeked over the husky into the dorm. "Yeah, yeah. Everything is fine. I just need to talk to him."

Kavik itched at his neck and shrugged.

"Well, sorry... He's not here. I dunno where he went, and I dunno when he'll be back..." The Rott stared blankly at him for a time, before Kavik remembered his message. "Oh, yeah! Mmm, Bayno said you'd stop by, and to tell you... 'He's not interested?' Whatever that means."

"What!" The Rott quickly shouted out loud, startling poor Kavie. "He knew about the party?! No way. There's no way he'd pass this up."

Kavik went deadpan. "Uhh... I don't know about any parties... But that's what he said."

"Hmm..." Heidenreich rubbed his chin, thinking for some time. "...What else did he say?"

"Uhh... well...?" Kavik took a deep breath. He motioned overly dramatic gestures to go with his words. "He said... to tell you... that he's not here. And then, if you asked about anything, tell you he's not interested. He said to ignore anything else you said, too."

Suit-dog threw out his arms and groaned.

"Whaaaat?_That doesn't sound like Bayno at all!" He stopped for a second and thought. "...Actually, it kind of does, but not towards _me! We're best friends, we're bros! He doesn't speak to me like that..."

"I dunno what to tell you." Kavik answered with a flat tone.

"Alright, well. I still need to talk to him. I'll wait inside." Heidenreich went to enter but was stopped.

"Oh! Uhm. I'm sorry! Bayno said I can't let anyone inside!" Kavik closed the door quick as he could. Dang, too slow. Suit-dog caught it with a swift paw.

"...Well, I'm clearly exempt_from those rules." Heidenreich kept his stance against the door. Easily so could he overpower the husky, but instead he matched the smaller canine's strength... leaving the door open _just enough to test his might.

"I'm sorry! I-I'm just listening to Bayno...!" Kavik struggled to keep his weight on the door. Even with both arms using their full force he couldn't push past. "Augh, he's so strong...!"

"Then I'll talk with Bayno about it when he gets home." Heidenreich said, sounding agitated. He applied more pressure, easily winning the door-war with just his one hand. "I'm only using one hand, you know. Want me to use both and topple your ass over?"

"Alright, alright! Ugh. Come in for a bit, I guess..." Kavik backed off the door and huffed. Thankfully it didn't come flying out at him. "But you have to leave if Bayno doesn't show up soon."

"Sure thing, boss." Heidenreich nodded as he entered. He gave the husky a lil' pat-pat on his head and grinned wide. "See? Now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Though somewhat condescending... Kavik couldn't help but admire the Rott's strength. How come everyone BUT him was so big and strong?

"Man. You're freakishly strong..."

Heidenreich eyed up the smaller canine, his snout wrinkled a little.

"Mmm, naaah. You're just weak."

Kavik folded his arms, as he'd always do when upset. "Well... THAT was a little uncalled for..." No matter. Heidenreich looked around aimlessly for a moment before heading down the hallway.

"Th-those are the rooms down there." Kavik said, following behind.

"I know."

"Awh, great. First he just barges in, now he's gonna rummage through the rooms and crap! If I wasn't gonna get yelled at before, I sure am now." The two stopped before Bayno's bedroom door. "How can I keep him out? I couldn't even stop him from coming inside..."

"You sure he's not in there?" Heidenreich gave no time for an answer, slamming twice on the door. "Bay-no! Put your dick away and answer the damn door!"

Kavik watched on, confused but... actually somewhat amused now.

"What is with this guy? Why's he so desperate? Attachment issues, maybe...?"

No one answered, prompting a grunt from the Rott. He opened the door and headed inside, followed by the husky.

"H-hey! I don't think you can go in... there...?" Kavik's words trailed off as he too went inside, getting his first glimpse at the Doberman's room.

The place was pretty tidy. There was only one bed, a moderately sized desk occupied the space a second one would have taken. The surface was completely cleared off, save for one single notebook and a pencil. Next to it was a bookcase, roughly the same size as the desk, but this thing was jam packed with books. Kavik counted at least 20 on just one shelf. He couldn't recognize any specific titles, but they were all thick with who-knows-how-many pages.

"Whooooa. Lots of big ol' books! And the room is rather clean, too... I'm impressed!"

Kavik was so caught up being a snoop, he nearly jumped when the Rott suddenly spoke out.

"He's not here." Heidenreich grunted. Somehow he actually sounded surprised.

"I told you..." Kavik muttered under his breath, earning a stern glare from the other canine. "W-what? I did!"

Heidenreich rolled his eyes and exited the room. He stopped briefly in the hallway before the husky's room, looking to the smaller canine with a quirked brow.

"Sure he's not hiding in your room?"

Kavik blinked. "I... I don't really take Bayno as the type to hide..."

Heidenreich peeked inside the husky's room, only for a second. Seemingly content with what he found (or rather, didn't find) he trekked back to the living room without saying another word. Kavik followed right behind him, of course.

"Goodness... Bayno needs to come home and kick this guy out." Kavik thought. He rolled his eyes when suit-dog flopped down onto the sofa and sprawled out, getting all comfortable. "Ugh. Just make yourself at home, why don'tcha... Just ignore the fact you're being inconsiderate and rude."

Kavik watched as the Rott pulled out his phone and held it to his ear, no doubt calling the Doberman in question. He gave an expectant glare Kavik's way, as if this was some big ol' conspiracy and Kavik was about to be found out.

"He's probably busy or just doesn't want to talk to you! Sheesh! Get the message!" Kavik thought. Sure enough, Bayno didn't answer. The phone fell from his ear and was put back into the Rott's suit pocket.

"No answer." Heidenreich shrugged.

"Oh well. He'll be back later. I think you should go, he might be mad if he comes home and--"

"Oh calm it down..." Suit-dog waved a dismissive paw from the sofa, stretching out his legs a bit. "He ain't gonna be mad. He's gonna come home, see his best buddy Heidenreich waitin' for him, jump for joy, and cherish the fact I came to visit him."

Kavik's rolled his eyes.

"You'll see. Just wait." Heidenreich withdrew his phone again, burying his face right in to it.

Kavik felt a bit of déjà vu. It wasn't long ago Bayno sat on this couch, being all cold and distant like. Now it's the same deal, but with another guy. Just as with the Doberman, Kavik couldn't help but eye this fellow up. Sure, Heidenreich was a bit brash, but he knew how to dress, and he boasted confidence. That was Kavik's weakness.

"...He's an ass, but he's a cute ass. A bit full of himself, but..." Kavik took a seat on the armchair. Rott-dog was unaware he was being sized up, too devoted to his phone. "...Hmm. He's got the new iZone. Fancy suit, fancy phone... He's obviously ain't hurtin' financially. That might also explain his attitude, too. Rich bitch~"

Kavik chuckled at his own 'rich bitch' comment. Though he'd never say anything like that out loud, it was fun to say in his head. Silence filled the air, though it wasn't too awkward. Now that the Rott had calmed down and ceased storming around... Things were chill. Kavik hung out in the chair and got comfortable.

"Your place is a mess." Heidenreich said out of nowhere, not even taking his eyes off the phone.

"I just moved in." Kavik retorted.

The silence returned. That comment made the air a bit more... heavy. Kavik wondered what he could do to pass the time. Anxiously so he tapped on his thighs before feeling something tucked away... His phone! The savior of all awkward moments! With a few swipes of his furry paw, he immersed himself into the wonderful world of dumblr. Endless forms of art, social drama, and silly cat pictures lay at his disposal.

"I guess this isn't so bad." Kavik thought. Rott-dog was quiet, all caught up in his own biz, and now he had his phone too. "...I like him a lot better when he's silent! Still though. I wonder if he's naturally douche-y? Or just one of those 'means well but comes off rude' type of guys... Hmm. Whatever."

Things went pretty smoothly for a while. Kavik actually got pretty hooked on one person's drawings, but some rustling sounds caught his attention. He looked over and saw Heidenreich kept shifting about on the couch like he was uncomfortable or something. All the moving seemed to stop when he crossed his legs over each other, but then...

"...What's he doing?" Kavik eyed the Rott curiously. His free hand seemed to have disappeared into his lap... There was a lot of suspicious movement going on. Kavik peeked over, there appeared to be a very visible protrusion poking out from the fabric. "Is that a-... does he have a-... IS HE FAP-...??"

Almost on queue, Heidenreich hit a button on his phone. Out spewed obnoxiously loud grunts and lustful cries of ecstasy from his speakers.

"Fuck! Ahh! Yeah! Give it to me! I want your thick co-"

"WHOA, HEY?!" Kavik soared out of his chair and flailed! "You've been watching porn this WHOLE TIME!?"

"Shut up, this is my favorite part."

Kavik flailed more! How could someone be so inconsiderate?! It's one thing to barge in, but to then do that?! Kavik had had it.

"Alright, that's it. You've got to go-"

*Beep beep!*

The card reader sounded off, signaling someone was home. Kavik and Heidenreich both turned their attention to the door and were met by a quite surprised Doberman, dressed up in his gym clothes.

"Bayno!" both men called out simultaneously.

Bayno's eyes were wide. He looked more angry than anything.

"Kavik, what the hell? I told you not to let anyone in."

"I know! I tried!" Kavik shot a mean glare the Rott's way. "SEE I TOLD YOU."

"Bayno, Baynoooo~ You had me worried!" Heidenreich switched off his phone and headed over, embracing the Doberman in a tight side-hug. "Answer your fucking phone next time!"

"Get off me. I'm tired." Bayno shoved the Rott away and headed towards his room.

"Damn! Grumpy ass!" Heidenreich grunted and brushed off his clothes. Just one hug was enough to make his suit all stinky from the Doberman's sweat. "..._Jesus!_You smell like the gym locker room! Awh, your funk is all up in my suit...Take a fuckin' shower, man!"

"I'm going to."

Bayno retreated to his room and slammed the door, leaving the two just standing there in the entryway all awkward like. Heidenreich turned to face the husky and nodded a few times.

"Obviously, you upset him."

"Wha- YOU! I told you he didn't want to talk with you! And you forced your way insi-"

"Blah blah blah. You're worse than my mother." The Rott formed a little puppet with his paw and made with some jabbering motions, rolling his eyes. "I'm gonna go talk with him."

"I don't think-" Kavik cut himself off. It wouldn't do any good to stop him, he couldn't. "Bayno seemed mad... Is it because I let Heidenreich inside? Maybe I should try and explain myself to him? Maybe I should let him get all his anger out on Heidenreich... That'd be nice."

Kavik hung out a bit before going down the hallway, waiting in the armchair for the right time. He expected Banyo to yell and scream and kick suit-dog out, but surprisingly it seemed Heidenreich actually got into the Doberman's room. He heard the door open and close, then silence.

Kavik waited just a bit longer... Once the coast seemed clear, he sauntered down the hallway and stopped just outside the door to listen.

"That husky is a fucking mess. I liked the other guy a lot better. A lot less... pussy-ish? Is that a word?"

"Leave him alone Heidenreich. Better yet leave ME alone, too. I'm tired."

"You're always fuckin' tired when I'm around, Bayno. Come oooooon~ I've got this great party going on, this Friday! I want you there."

"And I want you gone, yet here you are."

"Bayno! C'mon man. What's wrong?"

Both voices suddenly got lower. Something secret was being discussed! Kavik scooted closer.

"...Shit man. I'm-... I'm sorry." That was Heidenreich's voice, for once he didn't sound so smug. "Are you... are you sure?"

"Yes... I went to go see for myself, but..."

"Fuck, man... That's fucked. What are you gonna do?"

"I don't know... This is going to ruin everything. I can't handle this kind of shit right now..."

The voices got quiet again, hushed and frantic. Kavik pressed his ear against the door, listening closely...


Every wall and door in the building shook with tremendous force, poor Kavik was scared right off and fell to his butt. He knew that sound all too well; someone had just punched a whole straight through a wall.

"Bayno! Stop that shit! You're gonna hurt yourself!"


"Bayno! I just want-"



" OUT!"

Kavik's eyes went wide and he soared into his room. Whatever drama storm happened in there was quickly coming to a close, and he didn't wanna be caught in between. He hopped onto the bed and huddled up into a little ball, staring at the door, waiting.

"What was going on in there?! Did I really make Bayno that mad?" A bunch of different scenarios played out in Kavik's mind. He probably wasn't mad at Heidenreich for barging in, for he didn't sound angry in the beginning. If anything, they sounded worried or concerned. Did Bayno lose someone close to him, maybe?

Not long passed. Kavik's ears perked as the Doberman's door opened. Heidenreich exited and quickly closed the door behind him. Brief eye contact was made - in that time Kavik saw a look of helplessness smacked across the Rott's face. Kavik wanted to speak. He wanted to ask what happened, ask how he could help... but the words got choked up in his throat.

Heidenreich closed his eyes and shook his head, leaving with a deep sigh.

Kavik soon understood why Heidenreich had that look. A pit formed in his belly, a feeling of uselessness. Though he had no idea what happened, he wanted to help... but what could he do?

"Something bad obviously happened... What can I do? Can I help? There has to be something I can do. I'm going to be spending the next year or two with this guy... I might as well try and be there for him, make friends and stuff... right?" Kavik thought back to how persistent Bayno was in commanding Heidenreich to leave. The relationship between them was unclear at this point, but one thing was obvious."...He needs space. Maybe I should just stay out of this."

A dejected sigh flowed out of the husky's lungs. Today certainly took a turn for the worse... Kavik looked over to the game posters and huffed. "That Pau guy has been gone this whole day... He's gonna come home to drama, and then he's gonna be all upset too." Kavik thought back to his life at home and all the drama that happened there, too. "This is why I left..."

More and more gloom piled up in the husky's mind. Try as he might, his thoughts always ended up being negative and depressing. It's one thing he hated about himself.

"I need a walk. I'm going to get all emo if I stay in here any longer."

Kavik hopped off his bed and checked himself out. His hoody was a bit wrinkly from sleeping in it earlier, as were his jeans, but hey. It was Sunday. No one would be out there to judge him. He took one last glance to the Doberman's door. That pit from earlier welled back up in his stomach...

Nothing could be done. Not now at least.

Kavik sighed and shook his head and left the dorm, leaving behind all its drama and confusion... for now.

Continue on to Part 3.

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