Behind the crates

Story by Tharimel on SoFurry

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#1 of Sci-fi smut!

My very first submission here, so please be gentle and don't be afraid to point out things that are off as I'm still new to this place! I've tried to read through it and catch anything off with the writing, but I'm sure there might be things that look wrong or such and I'd appreciate you telling me. Anyway, this is a smutty story. The first one I've written that I feel comfortable sharing, in fact! About a horny little wolf in a sci-fi/future/space setting getting himself into a fun romp. Hopefully you'll like it!

"Cum for me!"

Ragged, quick breaths tickled Victor's ear as those words reached it and it was all he needed to hear before he tensed up, back arching and his head being thrown back as he moaned out for his partner to hear. He had been right by the edge for a good few moments, doing his best to hold his climax back as he knew that his partner enjoyed giving him those commanding words, and the feeling of getting to finally let go and release almost made him weak to his knees. Had it not been for the strong arm holding him he would've slumped down as he came down from that blissful high moments later, his belly fur a bit damp from the streaks of white having shot out of him.

The slim wolf opened his eyes and glanced at the big bull holding him and resting his snout over his shoulder, a smile creeping up on his lips as their gaze found each other for a moment. This had been their routine for the last year or so, ever since Victor started working at the space port's warehouse. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, when the bull was running the security during the morning shift, Victor had been dragged into the security office and bent over the desk to be fucked silly and pumped full of cum. Not that the wolf had any complaints. He was the one that had openly flirted and offered the bull a "helping paw" after all! As soon as Victor would arrive to begin his shift the bull would drag him into the office and ten minutes or so later they'd both walk out with grins on their faces and wishing each other a good day. There wasn't any love or such feelings of affection between them, it was just the two getting what they both wanted to give the day a nice start.

A shudder ran through Victor and he moaned out softly as he felt Brannon pull out of him, leaving him gaping and causing spunk to dribble out for a quick moment before his hole tightened up. Getting fucked bare was what the wolf considered the best and ever since the smart scientists had developed the "Cure-all" pill for all kinds of STDs, including ones from completely different worlds, there was little reason to use any protection any more. Unless you were a female and didn't want to get knocked up of course! This all meant that the wolf could enjoy himself the feeling of the big bull, amongst others, breeding him good whenever he got the chance. Sure, it got a bit messy and drippy half the time but that's not something that couldn't be sorted out with a quick visit to the wash-ups!

After some quick few moments of afterglow the two had gotten themselves re-dressed. The bull buttoned up his blue shirt with the word "Security" printed on both the back and front coupled with black trousers and a utility belt holding the latest in security tech that the company could afford. Victor's eyes glanced at him as he stepped into his black jump-suit and zipped it up, the wolf hardly even bothering to wear anything underneath as that usually came off sooner or later anyway during the day. He snapped his own utility belt around his waist, the belt holding a data-pad, a pouch and some other items used for his work.

"Maybe I'll catch ya later. If nothing else I'll see ya tomorrow, pup."

Brannon gave Victor a quick wink as they both stepped out of the office and parted ways. Victor returned it with a nod and a quick grin as he reached for the data-pad on his belt.

"See ya around, stud."

As the large bull returned to his security station, the wolf walked deeper into the complex, his feet walking the familiar route on their own while his paws busied themselves with the data-pad as he checked what work there was scheduled for him today. Victor worked at the space port's warehouse and mostly spent his days moving cargo around while occasionally sneaking into a secluded space with one of the other workers to get their rocks off. He was short for a wolf, standing more than a head shorter than most others, and wasn't particularly impressively built either due to his slim appearance. His appearance had helped in some of the other workers turning to him as their little "bitch boy" when the mood hit them. He rarely had any complaints about it though as he was very open about how much he loved sex, and though he loved giving it good to someone just like any other guy he loved just as much as helping someone out by offering a muzzle or a raised tail. Or hell, anything he could offer really as long as he was okay with it!

Being merely twenty-one years old, the wolf had already seen more action when it came to sex than most in the olden days might've seen in a lifetime. In the last few hundred years their society and culture had changed a lot and with the cultural influence of other worlds their views on sex and sexuality in general had changed. There wasn't really a matter of being gay or straight or any such thing anymore, not when it came to mere sex anyway, and people now had sex with anyone willing. Sure, when it came to love everyone still had their gender they were attracted to, but when it was just all about getting their rocks off it was accepted to do it with anyone willing to help you out. In most work places it was even accepted to sneak off for ten minutes here and there to do it with someone when necessary as arousal would keep them unfocused and doing something about that was considered to make them better workers. Today's society might've seen strange for someone from the ages long since passed, but for the wolf it was the most normal thing imaginable.

First contact with an alien species had been over four hundred years ago, during a time of war and crisis on the planet, and it was what had stopped the warfare and sent the planet's inhabitants in the direction towards space exploration and peace. Well, relative peace anyway. There was still conflicts going on here and there even to this day but for the most part things were quiet on their planet. The introduction to alien species and technologies had sent the nations in the right direction and a little over a hundred years later their people had become part of the United Planets alliance, an alliance through the galaxy spanning over thirty planets and species. And today they were part of the main exploration force, travelling through space in search of other planets and species to befriend.

Despite the good relations and the exploration, Victor hadn't really met a lot of off-worlders though. The particular space port he worked at mostly dealt with ships from his own people and there was only on rare occasions he got to meet someone from a different planet. Most off-worlders that came passing through were the ones calling themselves "humans", and he had even managed to get himself into a romp or two with them! He dreamt of meeting other species which was why he had taken the job at the spaceport, though so far he had been disappointed. His real dream was to get his own ship and travel the stars though that was by no means cheap as even the most simple of vessel cost several thousand credits. He would have to work for at least another year before he could set his plans into motion.

His eyes scanned over the instructions found on his data-pad and his feet lead him over to cargo bay seven. He usually ran between bay ten and eleven but sometimes he'd be ordered to different ones, not that it really mattered since it was all the same work at all of them. Ten minutes after reading his schedule for the day he found himself in the usual labor of moving cargo from one area to another, between ships, or sending the cargo that is supposed to stay at the warehouse for the moment to the appropriate storage units. A lot of the work mostly constructed of using his carry-device, a remote shaped device that emitted a beam that allowed him to pick up and move cargo without having to actually do any of the heavy lifting, though sometimes he had to inspect specific cargo or make sure that there were no damaged goods.

It was a day like any other with nothing special going on and a couple of hours in he felt that the first break was due. Victor had just placed some cargo in one of the many storage units and was getting ready to head to the break rooms when there was a familiar beeping coming from his data-pad. He knew that the beeping meant either a change in schedule or new orders and he gave a reluctant little sigh as he brought his pad up to check.

"Bay 29... that's miles away!"

The wolf furrowed his brows some as he looked over the orders instructing him to go to cargo bay twenty-nine. It was a good twenty minutes of walking away , due to the sheer place of the space port as it had to accommodate several large space-vessels, and it meant there would be no break for him for a while yet. Usually he could've taken one of the caddies that were scattered around for quick and easy transport around the place, but he couldn't see any available.

"Best get walking..." he thought silently to himself as he attached the pad back onto his utility belt, his feet moving towards a long, broad corridor that connected all the cargo bays. Occasionally he tried to stop some workers that he caught driving the caddies around, though none seemed to be heading that far or had room to give him a lift. That is, not until after roughly five minutes of walking a caddie drove up next to him, the driver having presumably heard him ask a different driver for a lift.

"Where you headed?" the canine behind the wheel asked. It was a German shepherd, looking to be in his late thirties or early forties. Victor didn't recognize him, though that was hardly a surprise as there were thousands of workers employed by the space port and several hundred working with the cargo bays. He looked quite handsome though and Victor smiled some as he tried to keep himself from looking over the canine. Through the dog's jumpsuit Victor could tell that he seemed to keep himself in shape too, which was always a plus for the twinkish little wolf.

"Bay 29. You going there? Can I get a lift?" he asked, his ears giving a twitch as he heard a different voice responding. Victor had been too busy secretly checking the shepherd out to realize that there was someone on the passenger's seat as well, which just happened to be an equally pleasant sight. A tall panther with muscles that could be seen through the jumpsuit and fur as black as the night itself was sat on the passengers seat. He had piercing eyes that looked like they could stare into your very soul and Victor found himself blushing some from the gaze of those piercing eyes. He looked to be younger than the canine, perhaps early thirties.

"This one's already full, little one. But you can share the seat with me if you don't mind being huddled up."

The panther grinned some and the shepherd chuckled while Victor raised a curious brow. Oh he certainly wouldn't mind sitting next to such a handsome specimen of a feline, though he would've preferred to do it during different circumstances! Sure, they were allowed to take quick sex breaks, but by the sound of his instructions it was a bit urgent. Otherwise he wouldn't have been called to a bay that far away from his usual work area! Victor didn't really need to think things through for too long though as he was in a hurry and definitely wouldn't mind sitting next to a sexy looking feline.

"Yeah, sure. If you don't mind?" he responded, giving that little question out of politeness. The panther merely grinned and his long tail flicked against the seat behind him.

"Don't mind at all, hop in."

Without further ado the wolf found himself trying to share the seat with the panther, though the feline proved a bit too large for the two to really fit. The panther had merely grinned as strong paws had taken a hold of Victor and lifted him up, placing him on the panther's lap instead. "This'll have to do, if you don't mind, little one?" the panther said and hearing the feline call him that again almost sent an excited shudder through Victor. The feline's voice was nice and deep to go with his large and sexy exterior and it was pushing several of the Victor's buttons. The wolf had only shaken his head in response and a moment later they were on their way.

"We're only headed to twenty-seven, but you can take the caddie from there" the shepherd explained as he drove. After that no one really said or did much for the following moments and things progressed in silence with perhaps the exception of Victor's heart beating excitedly against his chest. It always got him going some when he was pressed up against a hot male, and though he wasn't really pressed up against the panther and only sat on the feline's lap, that was enough to get his heart thumping and blood pumping where it perhaps shouldn't.

But then Victor's ears perked up as he felt paws brushing along his waist. The wolf turned and looked up at the panther, knowing whose paws were feeling him up, and the feline merely gave a playful grin while rumbling purrs started to escape the feline. Victor didn't say or do anything at first, a grin of his own starting to form as he could feel tender paws moving and inching ever closer towards his crotch, and the apparent urgency of his news orders in the data-pad was soon washed away from his mind, replaced by dirty thoughts. Thoughts of him and the panther fucking each other silly for hours until neither of them could go at it any more...

"You like, little one?" the panther spoke in a rumbling voice as paw tips brushed against the outer edge of the wolf's crotch. The brushing sent a shudder running through Victor and he almost moaned out as a "yes" escaped him. At that response the panther growled playfully and finally reached fully for Victor's crotch, his paw finding just what it was looking for; a semi-hard length growing ever larger inside the wolf's jumpsuit.

"Maybe we should stop? Take a quick break?" the panther murmured while leaning down and pressing his nose against Victor's neck, breathing in his scent for a few moments. Victor, despite having gotten a good, hard romp earlier from the bull, groaned in arousal at that act and leaned his head back to expose his neck for the feline.

The shepherd had been glancing over at the two, a knowing grin on his lips while he had watched the feline's paws going to private places and he had been ready for things to take this turn. He found a nice, secluded spot behind some large cargo crates where he drove and parked the caddie, and the canine got up from his seat to leave the two to do their thing.

His actions didn't go unnoticed by Victor though as he had opened his eyes when feeling the caddie come to a stop, and before the canine got a chance to walk away from the caddie he had reached out and grabbed the canine's arm.

"Where do you think you're going, handsome?" Victor said, a playful grin on his muzzle as he looked at the shepherd while trying not to get too distracted by the panther's groping paws and nipping lips. The shepherd looked a bit surprised but chuckled some as he stared at the wolf.

"Figure you two wanna get some alone time, no?" he spoke, his eyes looking over to the panther and trying to find his gaze. The panther sensed this and he looked up, staring into the canine's eyes for a moment before returning to nipping and breathing hotly over the wolf's neck.

"I don't mind sharing if this cute little thing doesn't..." the panther spoke, one of his paws reaching up to the zip fly on Victor's jumpsuit. A moment later the telltale sound of a zipper being pulled could be heard and Victor's body was slowly exposed to the two. The shepherd found himself staring as the panther exposed Victor's body and he couldn't help but to give another chuckle before grinning some and getting to work on his own jumpsuit.

"Guess a quick one can't hurt!"

Before long Victor found two sets of paws helping him out of his jumpsuit, a playful growl from the panther reaching his ears as the feline found out he didn't wear anything at all underneath while the dog panted some in growing arousal at the sight of the willing wolf. The panther wasted little time though and Victor yipped out in surprise when he felt his tail being hiked up and eager fingers exploring his back entrance.

"C-careful, stud!" he moaned out as one of those fingers pushed insistently. Victor found his heart racing, wondering how the feline would feel about finding out that the wolf had already gotten himself thoroughly fucked once today. The panther growled out as he could feel a sticky, warm liquid glide over his finger and as he pulled out to check up on it he grinned wide as he saw that it was someone else's spunk.

"Naughty one, hmm? This little guy has already gotten it good today, Rob."

Victor hadn't head the two utter any names before, but he figured that the canine must've been Rob as the canine perked his ears up and growled lowly.

"Dirty pup, huh? I'll get the muzzle. Don't really like em sloppy" the canine spoke in response to those news. The panther purred as he pushed the finger back into Victor, causing the wolf to yip out in surprise again and the ring of his entrance to clamp down some in response to the rough fingering.

"Suits me just fine. I don't mind a well fucked hole. Especially not one part of a sexy little thing like this one" the feline spoke, almost whispering those last words into Victor's ears. The wolf moaned softly, his ears pushed back in submission against his head as the panther slowly explored his sloppy back entrance. The shepherd had pulled back some and was just idly stroking himself to get hard as he watched the panther have his way with the wolf.

"Get him outta the caddie. Want some more room" the dog said after letting the panther finger fuck Victor slowly for a minute or so. "The boss would also not like finding cum on the seats. The pup's already dripping heavily!"

And it was true, Victor had already gotten rock hard from the panther's antics and from the sheer thought that he was about to get double teamed by a couple of good looking men. It had left precum oozing out of his tip, threatening to drip down onto the seats at any moment. The panther gave an annoyed little growl at the dog's words, not wanting to give up his fun, though he obliged and quickly got Victor out of the caddie and pushed him up against one of the nearby crates.

"Hurry up and get me hard, little one. We can't spend too much time doing this" the panther purred, the tall feline looming over the horny wolf and grinning wide. The panther still had his jumpsuit on and Victor needed little encouragement as he eagerly got down to his knees. The feline made quick work of his own jumpsuit as he watched the wolf kneel and a moment later he was presenting what he had to offer to the eager wolf. Victor's eyes quickly trailed down to the slowly growing length hanging by the panther's balls and he stared for a brief moment while he licked his lips. He liked them when they were still soft and hanging and he had to do the work of getting them erect as it always made a sense of pride wash over him knowing that he could arouse another male to the point of their cock becoming hard.

You could've called him a slut if you wanted and he would've not objected. He loved the taste, the smell and the feel of a male's cock and there was nothing, no words or insults that could've taken that away from him. The wolf stared for merely a moment longer before he pushed forward, pressed his lips up against the slowly growing length and kissed it. His nose inhaled deeply in the process and he could feel that slightly musky, manly scent of a nice dick hit his nose hard, making his own length throb in arousal. The panther had been staring down at Victor the whole time and he hissed out in approval once the wolf made contact with his length. An encouraging paw reached down and gently stroked through the wolf's head fur.

"That's it... show me how much you like it, little guy" the panther purred out as he watched Victor kiss his length again, and again. Victor imagined he could hear the blood pumping through the veins of the cat's length as it grew ever so slowly against his lips. He practically showered it with kisses for a good few moments before he let his lips part to engulf it, and when the taste of that hot length hit his tongue he moaned out for both of his partners to hear. Victor's eyes were closed as he let his tongue savor the taste for a moment before starting to flick and rub his tongue along it, and as he licked he could feel his own length throb and dribble heavily onto the floor. It didn't take long before the wolf couldn't wait any longer and his head started to slowly bob back and forth while eager lips sucked the panther off to get him nice and hard.

"Hope you haven't forgotten about me, pup?"

Victor's eyes opened and his ears perked at those words coming from his left, and he looked to find the shepherd already fully hard and stroking himself to the sight of the wolf blowing the feline. Victor's eyes were drawn to the canine's length and he rumbled softly in arousal as he watched the shepherd spread some of his own pre along it in long strokes to get it nice and slick. Without hesitation Victor reached for the shepherd's length and let his paw wrap around it, the paw pumping up and down slowly to stroke it for the canine.

"Fuck yeah..." the older male growled out, his own paw retreating to let Victor to his thing. Victor pumped slowly in long, firm strokes and the telltale "schlick schlick" sound could be heard, joined by the slurping sounds of the wolf's muzzle.

"This guy is a pro. Loves sucking big men off, hmm, dontcha?" the panther purred, his paw grasping Victor's head gently and starting to guide the wolf's bobbing slowly. Victor stared up into those piercing eyes and nodded slowly while trying to breathe out a mumbled "yes". The panther had half a mind to let Victor finish him off just like that, to give the wolf a salty treat for his hard work, but he also wanted to get in under that sloppy tail. Reluctantly, after allowing himself to enjoy the blowjob for a bit, the feline pulled himself out of that hot muzzle with a rumbling groan, leaving the wolf gasping.

"Fuck... gotta get under that tail before I blow!" the panther purred out, his hips pushing forward to teasingly grind his now sloppy length against Victor's muzzle. Victor rumbled in arousal to himself as he felt the fur on his muzzle get matted by the mix of spit an pre. "Get up and bend over, little guy" the panther demanded as he pulled back and moved behind the wolf.

Victor was all too eager to do as he was told and moments later he found himself stood up and bent over, a paw holding onto one of the canine's hips to help him keep stable and his face an inch or so away from the dog's drippy length. The scent of pre and male musk hit him hard as he admired the shepherd's cock while waiting to feel that familiar twinge of initial pain coming from his rear entrance. He could feel the feline's paws groping and spreading his cheeks wide moments before the familiar feel of a cock grinding itself into his crack reached him.

"Don't think we can stay here much longer. We've already been at it for ten minutes."

The shepherd had still been wearing his jumpsuit this whole time, having only pulled the zipper down far enough to expose his cock, and he was checking the time on the wristwatch that was built into the suit. The feline growled some at the dog's words and pulled back, a paw leaving Victor's cheeks to hold his length in position.

"I'm not gonna take long. You better hurry up too" the panther purred and leaned forward some, the tip of his length poking at the wolf's sloppy entrance. "Brace yourself little one."

Victor barely had time to get ready for it before he felt the panther push hard against his entrance. He immediately tensed up some to the initial penetration and tried to do his best to relax a moment later. Had it not been for the rough fucking he had received earlier he probably wouldn't have been able to take it with so little preparation, but as it were he was still nicely lubed for the panther and his rear hadn't fully recovered yet from the earlier stretching. It hurt at first, as it always did, but it didn't take too long before the panther had sunk himself down to the balls into that sloppy entrance and was hissing out in pleasure. The feline wasn't as large as the bull that had fucked him earlier was, but Victor still felt nicely filled as the panther's orbs rested pressed up against his own.

"Fuuuck... not gonna last long at all..." the feline hissed out as he slowly pulled out of Victor after a few moments of grinding, the movement causing the wolf to moan out and his own cock to twitch happily from the sensation. "Don't forget about getting him off too..." the panther growled, reminding Victor about the canine who still stood an inch from his face with his dick throbbing.

Victor didn't often find himself in situations where he would get double teamed as he usually preferred just one partner unless the situation called for more than one or he felt particularly kinky, so he had almost forgotten about the dog despite that cock hovering right in front of him. The wolf looked up into the shepherd's eyes to find the dog staring right back down at him and grinning. Moments later a paw had reached down to the back of the wolf's head, guiding him forwards.

"Get to sucking, boy. Don't have much time."

Victor needed little encouraging and seconds later he was bobbing happily over the shepherd's length, his body rocking slowly back and forth due to the panther's thrusts. The dog was already panting a little bit from pleasure and the taste of his dripping pre hit Victor nicely, forcing a pleased moan to escape him.

"Mm, I knew he was gonna be up for it... heard some stories about this little guy..." the panther hissed out while his hips rocked back and forth and his length forced Victor to moan out around the dog's dick again as it slid against his most sensitive spot. Those words hadn't gone unnoticed though and Victor's ears perked up as he registered what had been said. An eye glanced back a little at the panther, whom merely grinned wide as he noticed the wolf looking his way.

"Heard some stories about how this little guy is more than happy to raise his tail for any horny guy. How he gets fucked by one of the security guards several times a week."

Victor's cheeks blushed and a submissive little moan escaped him at the panther's teasing words. His own length was throbbing almost painfully hard in arousal from hearing the panther speak of his exploits. He wanted to reach down and jerk himself off, but the dog didn't let him as he had guided Victor's free paw to fondle his low hanging orbs. The shepherd even pulled the attention of the wolf back to him as he jerked his head forward some to stop Victor from glancing and concentrating on the panther.

"Not to mention that I heard this particular pup got into a very heated romp the other day" the dog spoke as he made the wolf look up at him. The dog's hips were moving slowly back and forth, trying to move in rhythm with the panther's thrusts so that the wolf got nicely stuffed from both ends over and over. Victor felt his cheeks blush heavily as he heard the dog's words and he let out a whimpering moan at the memory of the particular day that he figured the shepherd was talking about. "From what I heard he was down on his knees sucking several of his co-workers off in their locker rooms!"

Victor could hardly believe that that story had gotten out to people outside of his working area! Sex-hungry "sluts" like him weren't really looked down upon, not with how their society looked like these days, but there was still a lot of playful teasing and sometimes disapproval reaching people like him. Things like that happened occasionally at the space port anyway. Orgies and the like. There weren't a whole lot of secluded or hidden places to hide when you wanted to do it with someone so sometimes you got caught. That particular day he and one of his co-workers had retreated to the back of the locker rooms for Victor to give him a quick blowjob, but they had gotten caught and things had spiraled a little bit out of control. Not that the horny little wolf had any complaints about it all, it had turned him incredibly on and he wouldn't have sucked those guys off if he didn't want to do it anyway!

"Quite the little cock-lover, hmm, little guy?"

The panther's words made Victor shudder again and he felt that familiar tingle in his balls. He was close, so close already, though he would need a paw to help push him over the edge. The two workers pumped back and forth, pushing him into each other, seemingly oblivious to how close he was and not caring too much about his own needs. The dog's eyes had closed by now and his thrusts were even starting to get more erratic, telling Victor that he wasn't the only one close to the edge.

"Go on Rob, give the little slut what he wants!"

A growl escaped the shepherd in response to the feline urging him on and a moment later Victor could feel the grip at the back of his head tightening. He only had a brief moment to get ready for what he knew was coming and he took a quick breath just before the dog pushed his head towards his crotch in time with his hips giving a hard thrust into the eager maw pleasuring him. The shepherd didn't have a monster sized cock or anything along the line, both of the two males being around average really, but it was still enough to make the wolf's own eyes go shut and make him cough when he was forced to deepthroat that nice length. His muzzle felt stuffed with dick as the veiny, hard, throbbing length was forced down his throat and his paw holding onto the dog's hip dug into it a little bit, threatening to leave marks.

"S-shiiit... fuuuck..."

Victor could feel hot ropes of dog spunk shoot down his throat and he did his best to swallow and try not to give in to the natural gag reflex that wanted to hit him over and over. He could feel the shepherd's dick throb and twitch hard and though he couldn't really tell how much spunk was being shot down his throat he could tell that the dog must've been a bit pent up. Or he was just someone who natural shot a large load. It didn't last too long though and a few moments later the shepherd pulled back some, allowing Victor to catch his breath and to get a taste of the last few drops of seed that dribbled out over his tongue. The familiar, salty, sticky liquid made the cock hungry wolf groan out in arousal and he wished for a moment that the shepherd hadn't pumped most of it straight down his throat so that he could've gotten to savor that arousing taste.

A complete look of bliss was on the dog's face and his tongue even lolled out of the side of his mouth while he panted. The grip on the back of the wolf's head eased up and Victor was able to slowly start pulling back, though he didn't just stop there but rather started bobbing his head again to milk the shepherd's length of all it had to offer. His tongue circled and moved eagerly around the by now spent length, milking and even trying to clean it off some.

"Gonna pump you full of spunk, little one. That what you want? Tell me you want it!"

The panther had been watching his co-worker pump a load down the wolf's throat and the sight had quickly pushed him closer to his own climax. His voice was close as he spoke and Victor glanced back a little to see the panther leaning over him. Moments later he could feel the panther nosing and kissing over his neck, the kisses sending shudders through him, the panther even baring teeth moments later to teasingly rake them across the submissive lupine's skin. Victor nodded his head and let out a mumbled "yes please" in response to the panther's request, though the words could hardly be made out as his muzzle was still too preoccupied with the shepherd's length. The feline got the message though and he growled before straightening himself up, his thrusts suddenly getting hard and fast.

"Aaahn... a-almost there... take it!"

The dog pulled himself out of Victor's muzzle, feeling spent, and took a few steps to just watch as the panther shifted to last gear which allowed the wolf to moan out for both of them to hear, not to mention for anyone nearby to hear as well! Loud slapping sounds could be heard as the panther's hips smashed against the wolf's rump over and over, causing Victor to fall down on all fours, and the panther growled as his orgasm drew closer and closer. And a moment later, finally, the feline hilted himself inside the eager wolf. A twinge of pain hit the wolf as the feline's clawed paws dug into his hips, the claws even breaking his skin a little, though he quickly brushed it aside for the feeling of satisfaction he felt as the hot male came inside him and bred him like he was a bitch in heat needing to be pumped full of spunk.

Due to a load having already been pumped into him before by the bull, Victor couldn't really feel the panther's load being shot into his depths too much but the knowledge alone was enough to have the wolf going. His own cock throbbed hard almost in time with the hot length lodged inside him and he was just about to reach and give himself those few pumps he needed to blow as well. Before he could reach though he felt the panther's right paw let go of his hip and reach down to firmly grasp his throbbing length.

It didn't take much to push him over the edge and after just a couple of firm pumps the wolf had tensed up, his back arched and head thrown back some as jets of spunk shot down onto the floor below them. He could still feel the panther throbbing hard inside him and the sensation only made his own climax all the better. He wished he could've just stayed in that moment to ride those sensations and feeling for hours, but unfortunately that's not how it ever really went. Only a few moments later he found himself panting and his body slumping some as the spurts slowed down to a mere trickle. To keep him from slumping down too much and ending up on the floor the panther's paw retreated from his length and moved to his chest to help him stay up.

The dog, whom had been watching the whole thing and idly stroking himself while enjoying the afterglow and the sexy little show, gave a glance at the jumpsuit's wristwatch once more.

"Better get going, we've been at this for too long already."

The wolf and the panther took a few moments to catch their breath before groans escaped both of them as the panther pulled out. Cum dribbled out of the wolf's nicely stretched hole before it tightened up and the panther growled at the hot sight while silently wishing to himself that they could've gone at it for much, much longer.

"Here, clean yourselves up" the shepherd spoke and produced a white piece of cloth from the pouch attached to his utility belt. To anyone it would've just looked like a white rag, but it was really a self-cleaning piece of cloth. How it worked the manufacturer hadn't revealed though nanotechnology was suspected to be behind it's self-cleaning properties. The two messy males quickly took turns wiping themselves off with it, the mess on the cloth seemingly disappearing in an instant, and before long all three of them were dressed again and ready to go, although the wolf was feeling a bit tired after the double teaming.

"Shame you don't work with us. I could use someone like you around, little guy."

They were back on the caddie, Victor sitting on the panther's lap again and resting some against him. He smiled to himself at the feline's words and teasingly rubbed a paw along the panther's muscled torso.

"Well, don't be afraid to hit me up whenever you see me. I'm usually up for a quick romp with a hot stud like yourself!"

The wolf was glancing up and throwing the panther a quick, playful little wink. His gaze then turned to the dog.

"That goes for both of you. I've been with my own workforce enough for it to get a bit bland sometimes, could be nice to have some new guys to sneak off with!"

The dog chuckled to himself and glanced at the wolf for a brief moment.

"Maybe I'll hook up with ya some day when you haven't already been pumped full with spunk. Prefer a nice, empty hole."

He winked at Victor whom only grinned playfully. At the rate their dirty talk was going he was sure that they were going to end up together again at one point or another, perhaps even before they could all reach their destinations.