Chapter 3: The Council of Five

Story by digiyifffan on SoFurry

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#3 of End Game: Destiny's End (Season 2)

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"Where is Yolei?" Davis announced to the group. "Davis calm down, the spires, remember?" Veemon grabbed Davis arm. "You're right." Davis calmed down. "Well, our next course is obvious. We should head to Beta and rescue Izzy after Yolei gets back." "NO!" TK angrily announced. "Gamma has my brother, and Sora too. We go there first!" "Listen TV, TP, or whatever." Davis looked TK square in the eye. "Izzy's our best hope to save this world. Now we're going to Beta's OK?" TK pushed Davis back. "Not ok, you jerk! Matt is my brother, I know you don't care about your sister, but my family means something!" Davis grew angry. The spires took control. Rage filled his soul. "Why you asshole!" Davis punched TK once in the face, knocking him down. TK jumped off the ground, wiping the blood from his lip. The spires hit him next, filling him with the same anger. "You'll pay for that!" He tackled Davis in the mid-section, and the two rolled down the street, tearing at one another. "TK stop!" Patamon grabbed TK's arm as he wound up for another punch. Veemon grabbed Davis jacket, holding him back. "Let me at him!" TK was still furious at Davis, he needed someway to get at him. Kari stood between them, trying to talk some sense into them. TK looked at her and smiled. "You're right Kari. We shouldn't fight, Davis. There's nothing to fight about. In fact the black spires can be quite liberating, isn't that right Kari?" "Quiet TK, I wasn't myself!" Kari shouted at him. "Oh come on, you know you wanted to have sex again ever since the first time we did it in the cave back when we where kids. Beside, who else would you want, Davis?" TK smiled at the obvious wrath filling Davis face. Now Kari was the one who turned to rage. She probably would have attacked even without the spires' control influencing her mind. "You BASTARD!" Kari leapt forward and kicked TK in the balls. TK crumbled to the ground, grasping his sore balls.

Kari wasn't TK's only attacker. Davis in a furious spell, broke free of Veemon's grip, and started to pummel on TK's jackknifed form. Cody, the only one who wasn't under the spires' control, took control of the situation. "Patamon! Get TK out of here before they kill him!" Patamon nodded and quickly digivolved to Pegasusmon, shouting "Flying Hope!" as he took form. He picked up the hurting TK by the collar and flew off out of the subway station. "Good thinking, yer a smart one, Cody." Armadillomon nodded. The fight wasn't over yet. Davis turned to Kari, "How could you sleep with that wimp!?" "None of your business." Kari sneered. Cody shook his head. He wasn't sure what they where talking about, being a little naïve, but he realized they were about to murder each other. "Veemon, get Davis out of here! Let's not go through that again!" "You've got that right." Veemon was enveloped in blue lightning, "Storm of Friendship!" He roared out as Raidramon. He slung Davis over his shoulder and jumped past the toll booth station and up the stairs. Kari, Gatomon, Armadillomon and Cody where the only ones left now. Kari was absolutely furious now at TK and Davis. She stomped around, screaming various profanities. Cody grabbed her arm, "Kari calm down, you're not acting right. I don't know what you're arguing about, but it's not worth blowing a gasket." Still furious, Kari looked down, and was tempted to strike the young child. He was very young, the same age TK and Kari first discovered each other in that cave four years ago. A nasty thought filled her mind, and a way to get back at TK as well. "Your absolutely right Cody, the spires control over me is gone. I feel much better now." She turned to Gatomon and Armadillomon. "Would you two mind watching out for digimon outside, also keep an eye out for everybody to come back. We shouldn't be separated." "You got it, little lady!" Armadillomon and Gatomon ran up the stairs. "Now then Cody, let's just wait over on that bench over there." Kari and Cody walked over and sat on the bench. Kari smiled and scooted closer to Cody. The black spires still had full control over her. "Aren't you curious what we were all fighting about?" "Well, yeah, but I kind of figured it was none of my business." Cody answered. Kari was looking at him kind of funny, and to be honest, it was making him uncomfortable. "It's right for you to be curious, you do have the egg of knowledge, don't you?" Kari smiled and rested her hand on Cody's shoulder. "I guess so." Cody answered. He was wondering why TK, Davis, and Kari where at each other's throats a moment ago. "What did you and TK do that got Davis so angry?" This was the line Kari was waiting for. "I'll show you." Her hand moved down from his shoulder, and on to Cody's crotch. She grabbed Cody's cock in her hand and began to move it in her grip.

Cody eyes grew to twice their normal size. "What are you doing?!" Cody choked out. Even as he spoke those words, a new sensation was running through his body. He didn't know quite how to describe it, but it was unlike anything he ever felt before. "Just showing you what me and TK where doing. Is something wrong?" Kari kidded, rubbing Cody's cock even harder. She felt it start to harden under her fingertips. "Are you not enjoying this?" She asked with mock surprise. "Well, no." Cody stuttered. "It's just that..." "Are you not feeling it?" Kari interrupted. "I can help with that." Kari grabbed his pants and undid them and quickly pulled them down, leaving his boxer style underwear on. She placed her hand under the one of the short legs, grasping this hairless prick. Cody was quite hard already as she could feel. "Whoa, you are such a big boy for your age Cody. I guess all that Kendo keeps you in shape." She placed her other hand up the other leg and started playing with his balls while at the same time rubbing her other hand up and down his cock. Cody was still blown away by this whole ordeal. He was still vainly trying to ask Kari what she was doing to him, but every second word was a moan. Every passing second this became more and more pleasurable. "Kari un a unnuh was this ooohhh what you and TKkkk-yaa were doing?" Another moan. Kari smiled and slowly pulled her hands away from Cody's young but rock hard prick. A sigh of a disappointment involuntarily escaped Cody lips, surprising him. He hadn't realized that he was enjoying this treatment so much. But as Kari pulled her hands out, she grabbed his underwear and pulled it down. Cody sat on the bench as Kari got on her knees if front of him. Kari finished pulling his boxers of, and they fell to the ground with his pants. He was surprised to see his dick standing straight up like that. He was also surprised the feeling he was getting, just looking at Kari in front of him. She smiled the strangest smile at him when she answered his original question. "This is was what me and TK were doing." Kari opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Cody though for a second that she was insulting him, but she bent her head forward and licked the top of his dick. Cody's whole body shuddered as she ran began running circles around his dick hole. She seemed to wrap her tongue completely around, almost pulling his dick inside her mouth. Kari slowly closed her mouth, wrapping Cody's cock with a tight wetness. Cody whole body shivered when she completely closed her lips. Kari began moving her tongue up and down the underside of his cock, very slowly at first. Cody breathed in and out in rhythm with Kari's tongue. He closed his eyes tightly, which seemed to increase the pleasure even more. Meanwhile, Kari's own hand worked its way to her pants. She removed her pants, shimmying them down to her knees, never once removing Cody's happy penis from her mouth. She stuck two fingers in her already quite damp cunt. She began to rub the inside of her cunt. Kari opened her mouth ever so slightly, and let out a moan of enjoyment. Cody was groaning very loudly now. He could feel himself drawing ever closer to something, and he wanted it badly. He ran his fingers through her hair, his whole body quaking in near-orgasmic bliss. Kari's moved her fingers in and out of her young cunt at a rapid pace. Kari opened her mouth again to let out another groan. She started to close her mouth again, but she moved her mouth in more, this time taking Cody's hairless balls in her mouth. Cody's eyes flew wide opened in surprise. Kari began to rub her tongue around his balls, bringing Cody to even higher levels of ecstasy. His whole body was quaking, as if he was having some sort of seizure. Kari rammed her fingers inside of her; she was so close to masturbating her self to an orgasm. She sucked on Cody's dick and balls harder. Cody let out a moan that echoed three times in the subway station. His whole body lay rigid as he had his first ever orgasm. Kari thrust her fingers inside herself one more time. Her fingers became wet as her orgasmic juices dripped on to her busy fingers. She pulled her mouth off Cody's prick and closed her eyes, letting out a large sound of bliss. She pulled her wet her fingers out and breathed deeply. She looked at Cody, who came so hard he passed out. His dick was starting to wither, a tiny drop of white cum hanging on the head. Kari bent forward and licked the stray cum up into her mouth. She got up and wiggled her pants up again. She took the fingers she just had in her cunt and ran them across Cody's lips, leaving his mouth damp with her pussy juices. Cody just snored loudly, turning on to his side on the bench. Kari smiled and ran a hand threw his hair, "You'll have to try it on me some time. I have a feeling you'll be great at it." Kari went to a neighboring bench after pulling Cody's pants up, and joined him in slumber.

A large solid black ebony table sat in the middle on enormous room, lighted only by a single source directly above. The table had a gold pentagon drawn on the surface, and at each of the points solid oak chairs rested. In each of the chairs a figure sat, waiting for the master to call. "Ladydevimon never calls us together anymore." A tall figure sat rigidly in the oak chair. "True, Beta, we have brought this pathetic planet to its knees." A gloved hand swirled brandy in a crystal glass. "These pathetic humans weren't even a minor challenge." "I'd hold your tongue if I where you." A human hand tapped the table. "Some of these pathetic humans are among you." "Delta, you humans aren't even worth my notice. I cannot understand why Ladydevimon even allows you in her presence, let alone the council." Alpha chuckled. A flash of light filled the hall. Delta slowly sheathed his sword and watched Alpha. Alpha's brandy glass split in two, the top half shattering on the table. Alpha's glove was stained dark brown. Alpha looked up enraged at Delta and threw the bottom half of the glass down. "Why you insolent little cur!" Alpha reached for a weapon behind him, but a whip came from across the table and encircled his wrist. "Now, now Alpha, calm down." Another human sat across from Alpha, holding the whip with one hand. "We know you're the most powerful among us, but Ladydevimon doesn't need power. She needs brains. That's why we were assembled." "Gamma is right." A female voice filled the room. "We all have our armies, all we have to do is keep the population in line." "You're right Epsilon." Alpha removed the whip from his arm and sat down. "But we haven't had any trouble since that child raised a rebellion against us." "A mere human defying us?" Delta replied sarcastically. "It was hard to believe."

Alpha growled at Delta. Gamma shook his head. Those two would probably kill each other eventually. Why Ladydevimon put them on the council together is beyond him. Although Alpha was by far more powerful, Gamma believed Delta would be the one who walked away. Delta had a cunning that seemed to rival Ladydevimon's. Gamma spoke up finally. "Enough bickering you two, Ladydevimon should be contacting us shortly." Suddenly a hologram appeared on the center of the table. "Speak of the devil." Epsilon remarked. Ladydevimon chuckled. "For some people, that would just be an expression." Her transparent form waved a hand. "Enough small talk. We have a problem. It seems the digidestined have resurfaced." "Those pathetic children?" Alpha replied. "They are scattered and have no digivices. At least the living ones." Alpha looked across the table and smirked. Ladydevimon continued. "It seems these digidestined are from another time line. They managed to transfer themselves over to our, or should I say, my reality." "And these phony digidestined are really a threat to us?" Gamma asked. He stretched his whip tight. "Not in the slightest." Ladydevimon smiled. "In fact, I wish for you to bring them back to me alive. They can increase my power even more so." "And how is that?" Delta inquired, slowly turning his sword in his hand. "My plans are mine and mine alone." Ladydevimon replied. "You only need follow my orders." Computer screens popped out of invisible hatches from the table. "As I already told you, the digidestined we are up against are from another time line. We can use that to our advantage. There is a complete profile on the digidestined and their digimon. They are already confused, disoriented, and split up. Taking them down should be simplistic, even for you. You will have all supplies made available to you." The council of five read their orders and reports on the digidestined. Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon seemed especially amused at their roles. Delta, in fact, was nearly doubled over in laughter. It took several seconds for him to regain his composure. Delta got up first and walked to the door. "This will be amusing."

Chapter 4: Epsilon's prisoner

"Davis, are you feeling better?" Veemon asked. He had devolved back to his rookie form. "NO! I am not!" Davis stomped a foot. "TK! TK! TK! She screwed TK!" "Davis, calm down!" Veemon shouted. "With that reject from Gilligan's Island! How could...


Chapter 2: Memories

Kari looked at Izzy like he had grown a second head. TK worded his own opinion. "Don't tell me you've gone nuts, too." Izzy sighed. "Far from it, I'm afraid. In fact, I am the only one besides Ladydevimon who knows what's truly going on. Even the...

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Chapter 1: The Lost War

"Gold Rush!" Digmon's drills went flying. "Fire Rocket!" Fire seared from Flamedramon's claw. "Tempest Wing!" Blades of energy flew from Halsemon's helmet. "Rosetta Stone!" Nefertimon's gauntlets exploded with energy. "Star Shower!"...