The Basics of Roger Draco's Bio

Story by Star Lizard on SoFurry

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He is the most talented Queller & a great artist. A Queller is a vigilante justice seeker, who protect the local historic structures & places from vandals, & keep bigots in line. They are hired by Retro & Judge Artwyn, & must have a burning passion for it. He was the one who led a major rebellion that led to the creation of the Rebels of the Quellers. He is one of the main protagonists. He was born at the Historic Spring in Big Spring, Texas, in Dimension 67, in 1667(They got a cultural head start, so they were going through the 1960's at this point, & their cultural time frames last roughly 100 years). His grandfathers raised him until he was 13, then he was sent to his parents, & their he remained working at his father's relics dealership, Draco Relics & Curios. His father, uncle, mother, Retro, Master Patron & Patron of the R/70, & Judge Artwyn had a hand in his artistic, spiritual, & local historic education. When he was 13, his psychic sensitivity activated. The sensitivity was so sharp, he couldn't get very near or into an old building, or touch something old without getting overwhelmed with visions & feelings, all of this further stressed by the strain of trying to harness it. He would sometimes even bleed & ooze ectoplasm from his eyes & parietal eye, & still occasionally will during private moments of high stress. From then until he was 27, he worked very hard to harness his psychic abilities & sensitivity. His psychic sensitivity is a result of being the hybrid of a Roduranite & a Arturanite, both races of which have varying degrees of advanced psychic ability, but Roduranites being particularly powerful, & both races being barely genetically compatible. The sensitivity is inherited, not the ability itself. This sensitivity is a result of his father being Lord Arturafex, Patron of the relics dealership & forum, Draco Relics & Curios, who is also a Roduranite, his mother being Luna, Patroness of Terry's Drive In, along with his grandparents & great grandparents on both sides either being Patrons or mysterious. He also developed his natural dexterity & skill for art into full fledged talent. After 11 years of introspection, guidance from Retro & casually by his parents, & harnessing of his talents, & frustration with the personal & local pain & stress caused by the xenophobic, reactionary, 1950's social conservatives, & their xenophobia & disregard for history & pop culture, he joined in with the egalitarian side of the Riot War, with a small band of like minded friends & his uncle. One of them is his girlfriend Enurazu, who he had known since she was 16 & he was 27. They became the most powerful vigilante justice in the Riot War. At one point, a group of socially conservative extremists captured him for 6 days, using the advanced technology of Dimension 67(All sentient beings descended from Lemuria & Atlantis survivors, so they have always had more advanced versions of their technology. Culturally, unless something is totally obsolete, the technology is simply adapted, to preserve the history & nostalgia. The remaining obsolete tech is reserved for historic preservation.), to keep him from using ESP to fight back, & prevent him from being pinpointed. They psychologically & to a lesser degree physically tormented him, until he broke free from sheer will power, psychically overloading the tech, much to his pain & endangerment, & all while his friends & other rioters stormed & infiltrated the house where is basement prison was located. He escaped, retrieved the belongings he had on him, killed his captors, brought the leader's corpse to Retro & Judge Artwyn, & was sent to Hall Bennett Memorial Hospital for much needed treatment. He later rested at his at the time, home shared with his father under his father's business. He has PTSD as a result of all of the shit he has been through. After this, he & his friends that were in the still ongoing at the time, Riot War, founded the Rebels of The Quellers. . The relationship between Retro & the Rebels of the Quellers is similar to a mafia boss & his thugs, only they are not the antagonists. The Quellers can also be compared to bounty hunters, only they are sent after vandals & bigots, & occasionally hired as security & body guards by Retro & Judge Artwyn. They compiled a code of ethics & symbolism, organized themselves, opened themselves up to potential new members, & from then, forward, after the Riot War & the overthrow of the xenophobic, reactionary, 1950's social conservatives, they have remained the guardians of history & retro pop culture, & will for all eternity. He resides in Big Spring, Texas in Dimension 67, the most talented Queller & a great artist.