We Are Brothers.

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When an aurora sweeps across the pride lands, it coincides with the arrival of two new visitors; Koda and Kenai. While figuring out how and why the pair are here, Simba and Nala are charged with showing their new friend around.

Pride Rock stood quiet and still in the late evening air. Hardly a whisper of wind, the clear night sky overhead decorated with stars as the moon veiled itself in the darkness. While Mufasa and Sarabi were nestled together, their son nestled in their arms; however Nala was up and about. Steadily she crept her way over to her friend and gently took hold of his ear in her maw. Giving a few tugs, Simba snapped awake, reminded of her plans from before. Simba nodded, signalling his approval and removed his mother's paw from his legs to take to Nala's side. The two cubs snuck out from the den, leaving only behind a soft giggle.

"Come on, up top!" Nala urged, taking the lead up toward the peak of Pride Rock.

"Shh! They'll hear you!" Simba scolded. Rounding the final turn, they reached the top and gazed out at the land before them. Their pupils wide, they surveyed the land as best they could, but it seemed a black veil surrounded them just a few hundred feet away. Only the shimmers of trees would flicker into their view and occasionally a ripple in the water, but what truly took their breath away was the sky.

"Wow!" Nala awed, gazing up to the heavens. "So many stars."

"Wonder how they got there." Simba whispered back.

"Don't know. But I'll bet ya I see a shooting star before ya?" Nala snickered back.

"You're on!" Simba happily agreed. Their heads almost on a swivel, they scanned the sky for even a hint of a falling star. Nala nudged and bumped Simba's backside to distract him, but only succeeded in drawing the same behaviors out him. Eventually the two began to wrestle, laughing out loud as they play fought. Nala kicked her feet into Simba's belly and planted him firmly into the ground, that same smile plastered on her face gloating over him.

"Pinned ya."

"Hey, that's not fair!" Simba began to protest. Swinging around, he was about to try again before cutting himself off. His attention had turned back to the sky. It was faint, but green bands began to wave to and fro off in the distant sky. Nala gave his hind leg a quick swat with a laugh, trying to provoke him back into play.

"Hey come on! Gonna wuss-"

"Look." Simba cut her off. Nala looked on and began to see them as well.

"What the?" She trailed off, her ears folding back. "Simba, what is that?"

"I don't know." He replied. Soon the bands of green began to swallow the horizon, dancing across the skies and gradually but surely moving toward them. Nala found herself holding on to Simba just a little bit tighter as the skies changed from green to blue. "What is that?!"

"It's like, the sky is dancing."

"Come on, we gotta tell dad, he needs to know about this!" Simba exclaimed. Nala wholly agreed and joined her friend in rushing back down toward the den. "Dad! Dad wake up! Dad, you gotta get up! Something's happening outside!" Mufasa groaned, rubbing his face with his paw. Sarabi was stirred from the cries of her cub as well, but it was Mufasa to respond.

"What is it, Simba?"

"Did you have a nightmare baby?" She inquired.

"Please, come outside, hurry!" Simba insisted, rushing back out.

"Simba! Slow down!" Sarabi protested. Rising to her feet, she gave a quick stretch before rushing to the two cubs. Mufasa took his time, shaking out his mane and caught up on his own terms. "Now what is... Oh my!" Sarabi gasped looking up to the sky.

"What in the world!?" Mufasa breathed. The aurora's had spread through most of the sky now, dancing in a vibrant display of green, blue, red, orange and purple. Directly overhead they seemed to be moving exceedingly fast, as though the light was being sucked into a single point. "I don't understand?! Are the spirits themselves coming before us?!"

"Mufasa!!" Rafiki bellowed at the top of his lungs.

"Rafiki, thank goodness! Come my friend, come!" Mufasa insisted. Rafiki took a few moments to catch his breath, placing a hand on Mufasa's shoulder. "What are these lights; I've never seen them before."

"I've only heard tales of these; I did not ever expect to see it. These lights never show except for in faraway lands." He began to explain.

"So why are they here?" Sarabi questioned.

"I do not know. These lights can mean many things, the passing of a great spirit. The arrival of significant change, none can say for sure."

"It is getting very cold." Sarabi shivered, rubbing her shoulder. Mufasa draped a paw around her as Nala and Simba cuddled in close.

"I agree, we should head inside and keep warm. There's little we can do about this for now, so we should try to get some rest. Something the two of you should have been doing in the first place." Mufasa firmly reminded his son.

"Sorry dad."

"But hey! We saw the lights coming." Nala intervened.

"You did that." Mufasa agreed. "Come, let's head inside. Rafiki, you're welcome to join us to avoid the cold."

"I'll take you up on that offer my friend." Rafiki bowed. Settling back inside, many of the lionesses had begun to huddle closer together too. Mufasa took his mate into his arms while she cradled Simba and Nala together, while the eerie lights outside sent their shadows dancing through the den.

"Kenai." Koda drew out, poking and prodding at his brother's face. "Kenai, wake up." Kenai simply tossed himself over and gave his nose a quick wipe. Koda leapt up onto his neck and crawled onto Kenai's head. Covering his brother's nose with his paws, giggling as Kenai failed to huff and blow them off. Grunting, Kenai rose to his feet with Koda and his junk still buried in his face. Like discarding a tissue, he picked the young cub off of him and dropped him to the ground and gave his face yet another rub.

"Koda, why'd you wake me up so early, it's still dark out." Kenai complained.

"It ain't dark out, were in a cave!" Koda was quick to counter.

"I'd still count that."

"Psh!" Koda dismissed with a wave of his paw. "Sides, you gotta get up. Something funny's going on here! Smells are all weird."

"Weird how?" Kenai questioned, sitting down before his brother.

"Take a whiff."

"I swear, if this is just another of your fart jokes."

"It's not, I promise! Even I can't make it smell this bad!" Koda laughed.

"I beg to differ." Kenai pointed out with a raise to his brow. Sure enough though, something did smell off. The geyser fields they had to cross to get the salmon run smelled similar to this new scent but not anywhere near this strong. "Huh, you might be right."

"Of course I'm right! See? Pays to have your little brother around." Koda flaunted.

"This doesn't look familiar at all though, where are we?" Kenai searched around, baffled at his surroundings.

"Don't know. Maybe we should go check it out!" Koda suggested happily.

"Yeah, here follow my lead."

"Got it!" Koda agreed, walking in stride beside his brother. Exiting the den, they were treated to a rather unusual sight. Geysers were everywhere, spewing out burning hot steam. The cave seemed lit aflame with a strange green hue. Braving a closer look, Kenai nearly put his nose to the lip of one of them, just before it erupted. Thrown back, he wiped at his nose frantically.

"Jeez that's hot! Ugh and that smell, it's so bad!"

"Ugh, yeah. Smells kinda like you after eating those "Sour" berries." Koda agreed, fanning the air with his nose plugged.

"Where is this place, how did we get here!?" Kenai demanded. The answer came in the form of an eagle's screech. It snared the two bears attention as sure enough, the visage of an eagle stood tall on a high ledge, not far from where they were standing. "Sitka?" Kenai breathed. Once again the eagle screeched, dismounting from its perch and heading down toward one of the caves. "Koda, its Sitka! Come on!" He urged, tossing the cub onto his back he hastily followed the spirit of his brother.

Winding through the dens, he followed his elder brother until at last he made it outside. But the sight before him was completely foreign. Bones of massive creatures strewn within a blanket of grey haze. Both Kenai and Koda were at a loss for words, having never seen such carnage before.

"What happened to all the mammoths?" Koda whispered.

"What a shame." Kenai sighed, his ears falling back in sorrow. "How did they die, hunted? Is this what Sitka wanted me to see?"

"Looky what we have here?!" A young hyena bellowed. Kenai saw the strange creature slowly approaching with another four behind him.

"Who are you?" Kenai questioned.

"I'm not big on pleasantries, let's just say I was out looking for breakfast and I figured you could join us." He laughed, the others echoing it behind him. They began to form a circle around him, cackling and laughing as they drooled at the sight of meat before them.

"Kenai, I think we're the breakfast." Koda pointed out.

"Please, they wouldn't be stupid enough to attack a bear." He dismissed. "Hey you, deformed wolf. Can you tell me where we are?"

"I can tell you where you're going." He offered with a lick of his chops. Kenai cringed, staring down at the hyena.

"I call dibs on the little one, he looks tender." Another hyena cackled. Kenai had enough now, and placing a shaky Koda between his legs he let a shallow growl escape.

"Ok then, come get him." He threatened. Lunging in with no hesitation, the hyena aimed for Koda. Kenai snatched the hound by his leg and dangled him upside down, his teeth bared as the helpless hound was left with a stupid and embarrassed grin. Tossing him like a toy, the hyena was hurled into the leader of the pack, barrelling him over and over as the other three stood slack jawed, blindsided by the sudden display of strength. "Next!" Kenai challenged, but the remaining hyenas wouldn't have it. Darting off, with their leader still picking himself up, they nearly knocked him over again.

"To hell with this! Let's see if Shenzi and Banzai got something from Scar!" Kenai offered up a nice bellowing roar, forcing the hyena's to run off into the green grasslands ahead.

"Thanks Kenai." Koda praised, hugging his big brothers leg.

"You're welcome little brother." Kenai replied, giving his little brother a cuddle. After a short embrace, Sitka appeared before the two again. He gave a quick bow, and pointed with his wing to the grasslands beyond. "Guess we're going out there." Screeching, Sitka's spirit took to the sky and vanished as it entered the savannah. "Come on, Koda. Let's go." Kenai insisted, taking Koda onto his back.

"Run!" Simba cried out to Nala. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed were hot on their tails chasing them towards the elephant graveyard.

"Simba, look out!" She shouted ahead. Simba blindly struck a tree root, sending him tumbling over and over. Nala halted him and picked him back up as the hyenas circled around them.

"Now this is what I'm talking about." Banzai stated, licking his chops.

"You ain't kiddin, fresh cub meat. Ooo betcha nice an juicy too!" Shenzi chimed in; Ed simply laughed vacantly while licking his lips and drooled.

"You better not hurt us! You know who my father is!?" Simba threatened, covering Nala with his body.

"Yeah! But you're daddy aint around is he?" Shenzi smiled, leaning in to the cub's face.

"He's off chasing a few of our buddies." Banzai explained.

"The ol bait an switch, and we get to have the reward, haha!" She cackled.

"Get away from them!!" Kenai shouted, charging in full speed. The trio of hyenas broke formation, allowing the big bear to stand between them and the cubs. Koda slid from his brother's back, greeting Simba and Nala.

"Hey, you ok?"

"Who are you?" Simba inquired.

"Yeah yeah, we'll get to that in a sec, right now Kenai's got some thrashin to do!" Koda chuckled deviously.

"Get away from these little ones." Kenai threatened, his fangs readied.

"Who and what the hell kinda creature like you wants to help defend a pair of lion cubs? Ain't you predators like us? Come on!" Shenzi pleaded.

"Lions? What the heck are lions?" Kenai asked, slightly taken back.

"Kenai!" Koda redirected his attention to Ed who had gotten a better angle of attack. Darting in for the kill, he was met with Kenai's right paw and slammed hard to the ground. Banzai took his chance at the free meal, but it was no use. Kenai took hold of him in both paws, raising him up in the air he hurled him into Ed, sending the two tumbling over and over.

"Damn!" Shenzi exclaimed, awe struck at the brute strength before her. "Let's get the hell outta here! Come on you two, get up!" Slowly they managed to get to their feet, Ed limping away whimpering to bring up the rear of the pack. Kenai gave a good huff, satisfied with his work and swung around to his little brother.

"They ok?"

"Yeah, they seem cool. Kinda weird looking bears though I gotta say." Koda chuckled.

"Bears? What's a bear?" Nala questioned.

"We're not bears, we're lions." Simba clarified. Koda's ears fell back as new creature seemed aimed towards them. This one big, hairy and looking extremely angry.

"Kenai! Head's up!" Koda shouted. Kenai had barely enough time to see Mufasa charging right toward him. The big lion tackled Kenai to the ground, roaring in this face. Kenai, still feeling the adrenaline from the fight had no qualms about challenging the big lion back. With a solid roar, he kicked off Mufasa, tossing the big lion over. Springing to his feet, Mufasa took yet another charge and hoisted Kenai onto his hind legs. He failed to account for Kenai's weight and struggled to bring him to the ground. Instead, getting a good grip on his body, Kenai latched both arms around Mufasa and turned, slamming him on the ground, settling his weight on top and preventing any further action.

"Knock it off!" Kenai demanded. Mufasa was stunned; it was rare to find a creature whose strength could match his own.

"Dad! It's ok; they saved us from the hyenas!" Simba interjected.

"What?!" Mufasa gasped. Kenai relaxed a bit and let Mufasa settle upright. "You saved them?" Kenai gave a brief nod and turned toward Koda.

"Heck yeah! We been here not even a day and Kenai thrashed eight of em already. You should be thanking him!"

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry about that. I heard that a second group of hyenas had invaded when I went in pursuit of another. That's when I realized Simba and Nala were nearby." Mufasa explained.

"So why attack us?" Kenai questioned.

"When it comes to my son, I don't dare let any predator come near." He reinforced.

"Yeah, I know a little something about that." Kenai smiled, ruffling Koda's head. "I'm Kenai; this is my little brother, Koda."

"I am Mufasa, king of The Pride Lands. This is my son, Simba and his best friend, Nala." Mufasa introduced, gesturing to each of them.

"A king?" Koda perked up, throwing up his eyebrow.

"I rule here over the animals that live within our borders. It's my duty to ensure that the great circle of life is preserved and protected." Mufasa lectured. "Now if you don't mind me asking, where are you from and, what are you?"

"Well, to be honest." Kenai began to explain, scratching his neck. "We have no idea how we got here."

"I'm tellin this story." Koda intervened. Kenai opened the floor to his little brother. "See, there we were relaxing in our little den near the salmon run. I had caught five fish while Kenai only got three. Tug was poking fun at him about it too, cause like me and Bucky, we catch at least seven or eight a day and Kenai can barely-"

"Koda." Kenai sighed, rubbing his nose.

"Yeah yeah, I'm getting to it. So there we were, asleep all cozy in our den. When all of a sudden we wake up, and boom! This rotten smells everywhere. Kenai was still snoozing so I take a look around, and the salmon runs gone, the walls all smell funny. So I run over and wake him up, and that's when we saw Sitka's spirit! We followed it out of that dead place and boom, rescue those two." Koda touted proudly. "Yep, guess you could say the two of us are a regular pair of heroes"

"You're little brother is quite the story teller." Mufasa smiled.

"Tell me about it."

"Well that covers the where you come from, but." Mufasa cut himself off, circling around Kenai. "I can honestly say, I've never seen anything like you before."

"Looks kind of like a fat lion to me." Simba spoke up.

"I'm a bear. Big claws, big teeth, little tail."

"Big head." Koda threw in.

"Smart mouth." Kenai quipped back.

"Come, we should see Rafiki right away. He's quite wise, and might know why and how you came to being here." Mufasa explained.

"Sure, let's go." Kenai agreed.

"Hey." Nala spoke up. "Thank you for saving us."

"Yeah, you were a big help. Those hyenas are always a problem." Simba joined in.

"No sweat." Kenai smiled down to the cubs.

"So you're Koda?" Simba asked.

"Haha, yep!"

"Cool, Simba here. Nice to meet ya."

"Simba, nice name! Just watch though, Kenai will get it wrong."

"Know any cool games?" Simba, Koda and Nala carried on, exchanging stories as they made their way to Rafiki's home.

Rafiki climbed down from his tree and examined the two strange creatures before him. He took hold of each ear, gently lifting it to peek inside. Spreading the eyelids he examined both eyes before moving to the mouth. Lifting the gums, he checked over the teeth, surprised at how similar they were to a lions. Taking a bit of melon juice, he took an imprint of Kenai's paw and imprinted it on the base of the tree. He hummed a little song, running his hands through the fur, feeling the huskier parts at the neck as well. His examination of Koda was a bit shorter, just more to look how things matched up between the two of them.

"So my friend, what do you make of them." Mufasa inquired. Rafiki hummed and closed his eyes for a moment, wanting to explain things carefully.

"I was visited recently by the strangest of creatures, and no I don't mean you two." Rafiki began, turning to Kenai and Koda. "An eagle spirit, he claimed to be. The elder brother of a bear."

"Sitka!" Kenai exclaimed.

"Yes." Rafiki nodded. "He claims the spirits brought Kenai to this land for a reason, but beyond that he would not say. But he told me a bit about where you are from; the two of you, are far from home."

"How far?" Koda questioned.

"You are quite literally on the other side of this world."

"What?!" Both Kenai and Koda shouted.

"Whoa." Simba and Nala breathed.

"Those lights last night." Mufasa spoke up. "In the night sky, dancing across the stars."

"Yeah, near the salmon run is a mountain where the lights touch the earth." Koda explained.

"If the spirits brought you here for a reason, I would assume they will return you when that duty is fulfilled." Rafiki stated.

"So I guess we get comfortable." Kenai concluded.

"Cool, guess I'll get to hang out with you two while I'm here." Koda smiled back to Simba and Nala.

"Not a bad idea." Kenai agreed.

"Simba, show Koda around and make sure you both stay away from the shadowed lands. I expect the three of you home for dinner, understood?" Mufasa instructed to his son.

"Got it!" Simba agreed.

"Kenai, come with me. You should meet my wife and pride, and I'll also introduce you to my younger brother."

"Heh, you two huh?" Kenai smiled, walking alongside Mufasa.

"He and I have... Issues."

"Don't all brothers?"

"The watering hole is just down that way, really close to Pride Rock. Out there is Elephant Graveyard, the shadowy place."

"Wow, cool place Simba." Koda praised, looking all around him.

"And I'm gonna rule it all, haha!"

"Oh yeah?" Koda threw up a brow. Nala smiled and nudged Koda's shoulder.

"He's the future king."

"Which means, you gotta do as I tell you." Simba grinned, deviously.

"Not if I can whoop your butt." Koda fired a grin right back.

"Oh yeah?" Simba leapt in front of Koda and riled up his shoulders. Leaping for him, the two playfully tackled one another, rolling over and over until Koda found himself on top.

"Gotcha down, haha!" He cheered triumphantly.

"I get winner!" Nala charged in, taking Koda into a similar tussle. This time however, with a good kick to his belly, she flipped and planted Koda into the ground with a solid thud.

"Pinned ya." She smiled.

"Hey come on, lemme up!" Koda protested. Rising to his feet, he gave himself a quick dust off and smiled. "You ain't seen nothing yet, I got some moves!" He bragged. Nala took this as an invitation to take him on again. Tossing herself into Koda they tumbled once more, Simba leapt in as well, creating a wrecking ball of havoc aimed for a nice thick patch of grass. Nala bolted from the two as the halted abruptly into a most awkward pose. Simba's head fell flat between Koda's legs while Simba's were strewn to either side around Koda's neck. Simba's eyes unveiled the sheath before him and two round sacks that dangled beneath. It blossomed another game to the young cub, a chance to see something new; perhaps he hadn't had the chance to before "Hey, Simba, lemme up."

"Oh, sorry." Simba awoke from his daydream letting his new friend up. "Hey Koda, wanna play another game?"

"Sure, what game?"

"Better not be anything dumb." Nala retorted. Simba darted for Nala's ear and whispered, a devious smile forming on her face. "Oh, that game. Yeah, I am curious too."

"Curious about what?" Koda demanded lightly, planting himself on his backside.

"Koda, you ever play with the stuff, you know. Down there." Simba gestured downward on his body. Koda began to grow the same grin as his friends.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" He replied.

"Come on, into the bushes." Simba smiled, leading them into a secluded set of bushes nearby. "Yeah, this should do, come on!" He waved for Koda and Nala to follow. Ducking inside it was quite generous for space, the leaves overhead providing sufficient cover to keep any pairs of prying eyes away. "This way the dodo can't see us."

"Zazu's always on our tail, I swear if it wasn't for little covers like this. We'd never ditch that bird brain." Nala carried on.

"So, whatcha wanna do?" Koda smiled, rubbing his front paws.

"Well, me and Nala have shown each other ours." Simba began to explain. "So we can go first if you want."

"Ok." Koda started to smile a little more shyly. He hadn't seen a girls parts in any form of detail, most bears have enough fur to cover them up well. Simba and Nala pushed themselves in a little closer to Koda and started their little show. Simba leaning back until his full sheath and sack were revealed while Nala spread her legs and flung her tail high up for Koda to see. "Haha, cool. Wanna see mine?"

"Sure." Simba agreed. Spreading his legs and leaning back a bit, Koda showcased his brown ruffled sheath and balls to his friends. Nala took a closer look and visually compared it to Simba's.

"I think he's bigger, Simba." She stated.

"What, no way!" He protested right away. "Let's see." Simba and Koda shuffled closer together, their balls touching as their sheaths pressed together. It was ever so slight, but sure enough, Koda was slightly bigger.

"Told ya." Nala rose up with a smile.

"Lemme see yours." Koda excitedly pled, to which Nala was happy to comply. Tossing up her rump, she exposed her little folds to Koda with a soft smile and giggled lightly as she riled her legs. Koda parted her lips and unveiled the bright pink flesh within. She was leaking a subtle amount of viscous fluid, shifting closer and closer to Koda's muzzle. Simba still pressed up against Koda's sheath began to feel it harden and in the process felt his own erection begin to form.

"Try licking it." Simba offered up. Koda took a soft whiff before lapping his tongue across her pussy. The taste hit his tongue sharply at first, like a sweet yet salty treat. Sure enough he followed it up with another and another, forcing the young cub to leak even more. Unlike Simba, Koda's tongue was so much smoother and longer. He soon found himself nearly burying it inside. Nala felt hot, her eyes slit as she raked the ground, feeling his damp nose pressed against her. Koda took one long slide along her before licking his own chops.

"Tastes good." He chuckled, but Simba didn't reply. He was still baffled at the sight before him.

"Koda, how... How is it so big?" He stammered. Koda looked down to see his erect penis greatly overshadowing his new friends.

"Wow, guess us bears get real big, huh?" Koda giggled a little nervously. Simba stood up and started to examine it more thoroughly. Extending a paw, he waited for Koda's consent to touch it and got it right away. His paw slid along the smooth shaft and down to his sheath, exposing more of his bright pink flesh. Koda's penis was so different than a lion, the long slender and smooth meat, shimmering bright pink with a small hole at its apex. Nala having recovered from her bath joined Simba in massaging the slender meat. Koda just flopped back and enjoyed the embrace both cubs were eagerly offering up.

"Wow." Nala fawned over him, quickly glancing to Simba. "Wonder how it tastes."

"Go ahead." Simba approved. Nala brushed the tip over her lips and took Koda into her mouth. She kept to the tip at first, but slowly moved down as far as she could. While not overly wide, he was a long beast to swallow, feeling him hit the back of her throat with ease as she just kissed the edge of his sheath. After a brief moan, she released his cock with an audible slurp, a strand of spit dangled from her mouth to his tip.

"I like it." Nala smiled. Koda just lay there smiling, enjoying the two cubs fawning over his body.

"Lemme try." Simba requested. Simba took him into his mouth, but couldn't quite make the distance Nala reached. Instead his taste consisted of brief sucks, wrapping his tongue around him and then quickly releasing. "Kinda salty."

"Sort of like yours." Nala indicated.

"Hey Koda, wanna taste mine?" Simba offered up, rushing over to his friend's side.

"Sure!" Koda agreed happily. Standing over his friend, Simba dipped his rump low and let Koda take in the entirety of his meat. Nala decided to give Koda another taste, suckling now much like Simba had been before. Koda was delighting in this new game; he never had such exotic friends before. Simba fit so comfortably in his mouth as he swished the cock around, lapping up all the flavor he could.

With a good smack of his lips, Koda released Simba's penis and seconds later found his shaft had been freed from Nala as well. Twitching and throbbing he craved more attention, and sure enough the young cubs had a plan for just that.

"Hey Koda, watch this." Simba smiled deviously. Swinging around to Nala's rear, he dangled himself near Nala's dripping pussy. Koda settled in close, getting as good a view as he could.

"Gentle Simba, nothing like last time, got it?" Nala reinforced.

"Yeah yeah." He half-heartedly agreed. Grazing across her folds, he snared her flesh and delved in passed her lips, bringing his balls to rest on her rump.

"Whoa!" Koda exclaimed with delight. "How's it feel!?" He eagerly questioned rising to his feet. Simba's face seemed melting with joy while Nala closed her eyes, panting.

"So good." He chuckled, thrusting into his friend.

"Ugh! Simba really likes, Ah! Doing this lately... Gotta admit... feels... good!" Nala explained between gasps. Koda grew a devious little smile and brought his throbbing cock to Nala's lips. Without hesitation she took it just as far as before, her lips coming to rest on his sheath. Koda giggled, meeting Simba eye to eye while Nala was skewered between them.

Panting louder and louder, Simba could feel the release coming. His legs getting shaky, he pressed himself in deep and began flooding Nala's tight pussy. Nala, feeling the hot seed pouring in began suckling even harder on Koda. His own climax began to catch up and as Simba finished the last of his deposits, Koda began pouring in his. She felt it wash over her tongue and instinctively began to swallow. It was a strange feeling being taken from both ends, but she enjoyed being covered in both of their scents. Koda smiled, his little balls emptying out into her muzzle. Nala released his retreating flesh with seed dribbling from her chin with a smile. Rising up, she dumped Simba from her backside and stretched out, feeling his seed race down her leg in the process.

"That was amazing!" Koda exclaimed, flopping onto his back. "We gotta do this again."

"Oh we are." Nala chuckled, glancing back to Simba. "We aren't done yet."

"Give me a sec, Nala jeez."

"Nuh uh. Come on, get it back up." She insisted. Simba submitted and lay back, allowing Nala full access to him. Lapping around his privates and up along his sheath, she cleaned the remaining seed and began to rouse her friend again.

"Wow Nala, you really like this game huh." Koda complimented.

"Well you two got your pleasure moment, I sure didn't." She noted.

"Well here!" Koda announced, rushing over to Simba. Locking their legs together he pressed his sheath and smothered his balls against Simba's. "Go ahead and do us both." Nala threw up a brow to Koda and leaned down, licking all around Simba then on to Koda. Licking up along his sheath and then turning right back to Simba's. Koda arced himself a little more forward, enough so that both were truly pressed together. Nala took the chance and sucked in both into her mouth, toying with the soft furry flesh until they came alive once more. Simba and Koda growing larger and hard, Nala simply licking and suckling on the tip and length of their cock.

"Now then." Nala whispered softly, pressing Koda to the ground. "Simba, can you put him in?" Nala requested. Simba picked himself up as Nala aligned herself to Koda's body. With a coy little smile, she massaged his member with her rump, keeping the young cub hard. Simba took hold and guided the slender tip passed her folds. Koda's eyes went wild; the warm tight lioness on top of him was much more welcoming than any muzzle. She struggled to get his full length inside, cautiously pressing down as far as she could. It was a true test of the limits of her flesh, but eventually her elasticity won out, taking Koda in to the hilt.

"It's so tight!" Koda cried out, taking hold of Nala's shoulders.

"So big!" She moaned right back. Taking a moment to adjust herself to his size, she braved a few slow movements. Koda felt instinct start to take over and met her with his own thrusts. Gasping each time, the elasticity of the cub's walls were being put to the test. His tip and a goodly amount more caressed her cervix and teased at the possible entry.

"Now, my turn!" Simba announced, pouncing onto Nala's back.

"Simba! What are you!" She tried to protest, but Simba was already working toward his mark. His tip aimed high and with one good press, Simba was penetrating Nala's back door. She had never let Simba inside that hole; the strange new sensation of him pressing inside was joined now by Koda picking up some serious steam. He could feel his friends shaft glide along his own, the two cubs were sending Nala over the edge.

Howling she threw up her head, nearly clocking Simba's jaw and began to convulse on Koda's cock. The ripping walls of her pussy nearly tore another orgasm from Koda, as she clenched up on Simba within her. Koda settled himself down and kept on with his thrusts as Simba began to grow more frantic. Nala's ass had become so tight from the recent climax, it had become too much to bare. Koda below was in a similar position. Simba's thrusts were felt through Nala's vaginal walls, adding another level of pleasure he struggled to come to terms with.

Clenching on the two boys, Nala readied herself for the inevitable and released a soft stammer. Simba and Koda pushed one last time, their balls nearly caressing, Koda's tip became lodged within Nala's cervix as the two arrived at their climax. Simba painted the walls of Nala's rectum while Koda spewed his seed deep into Nala's womb. Each jet brought her relief, the cool viscous fluid filling her inside, sending a wave of tingles down her spine.

Simba's flesh fell from Nala's pucker and spilt a gush of seed onto Koda's sack. He too was retreating, leaving behind a thick white trail that bubbled as it fell limp within. Nala excreted Koda's remaining penis with a sigh of relief, flopping onto her side and rolling onto her back.

"Ugh, Koda I can still feel it in my belly. How much did you put in?" Nala moaned and wailed.

"I guess a lot." He chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, we make a good team." Simba stated. Still settled overtop of Koda, Simba lowered his rump and began massaging his sack on Koda's. Looking down, the bear cub saw his sheath in line with Simba's inching to the left and right.

"Yep yep." Koda agreed.

"Hey Koda." Simba whispered loudly. Leaning down to his ear, he whispered his plan softly, beyond the reach of Nala's hearing.

"Ok!" He exclaimed in a low voice, rising up to his feet. Simba gave a toothy grin, rushing over to Nala he laid down on top of her, erection primed and ready.

"Again Simba!?" She cried out with a laugh.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun." Simba replied. Slipping himself inside with ease, his friends seed coating the ride in, Simba rolled with Nala, allowing her to settle on top.

"What is this?" She smiled. "Letting me pin ya?"

"I wouldn't exactly say that." Koda corrected. Simba pressed her rump up just enough for Koda to start his search. Keeping a firm grasp on Nala's body, he aimed his tip for her pussy, sliding off to the side again and again.

"What are you doing?" Nala questioned.

"Come on, Koda!" Simba egged on for encouragement.

"I'm trying, I'm trying." He insisted. It took a few more passes, but he finally hit his mark. The tip gliding over Simba's cock forced Nala to expand and accommodate both cubs. Lowering her head, Nala released a drawn out moan. Koda was big enough as it was, but to have them both pushing in was too much. Koda was pressing his full length once again, his sack pressed tight against Simba's; he allowed Nala to adjust to their combined girth.

Steadily he began to withdraw, pushing his shaft over Simba's and stretching Nala's young pussy. Compliant with Koda's pace, Simba simply let his friend set the tone and embraced the glide of his meat across his own. Nala began to pant hard, not even in her wildest dreams did she think to manage two males at once, let alone two different species.

Bracing himself by holding on to Nala's sides, Koda took to thrusting into Nala much more rapidly. Moaning and wailing the cub mewed and pawed the earth, while Simba finally felt the need to join in. Thrusting in opposition to his friend, he buried himself deep as Koda withdrew, only to pull back as he pushed back inside.

It was far too much for Nala to take, her breathing growing frantic as the two boys continued ravaging her young body. Stammering she tried to call Simba's name, but lost the words as a powerful climax took hold. Her body shuddering with sheer pleasure, her legs growing weak. Koda and Simba rode her out, feeling the convulsive spasms nearly crush their cocks together.

Koda pulled himself back a bit. His tip pushing only as far as Simba's shaft could reach, the teasing of his tip was just too enticing. Simba started to kick from underneath Nala, he was growing close now along with his friend. Koda had trouble keeping himself balanced even with his grip on Nala's sides. Simba lead the charge with a solid spurt into her pussy, just two shots ahead of Koda who relaxed his thrusts and let loose with his remaining seed. The two cubs poured themselves into Nala's sore pussy, relieving the walls they had worked together to stretch. Nala could feel each hot spurt from the boys, and the ebb and flow of it leaking from her pussy. Simba's sheath was soon bathed in a mix of seed and Nala's own fluids, and with one good gush of cum they both fell from her body.

Koda fell flat on his back panting, his tongue protruding from his mouth in pure joy. Nala fell off to the side, unable to muster the strength to even roll. They stayed quiet for a while, the gentle breeze the only sound as it weaved through the grass.

Nala was the first to break the silence, rising to her feet and shaking out her fur.

"That was.. Just too much."

"It was so good, Nala." Simba eagerly complimented.

"Yeah, you were amazing. You feel so good inside!" Koda chipped in.

"It felt so weird though, and it kinda hurt with both of you in there." She moaned, lowering her head. Simba rushed over to pick it up along with Koda.

"Hey, don't feel bad. It was great! Maybe we just gotta get used to it." Simba suggested.

"Ok but, promise to go slower next time?" Nala plead to her friend.

"Sure thing." Simba agreed. Koda threw his arms around Nala and nearly tackled her to the ground.

"I hope I didn't hurt ya or anything." He said softly.

"Nah, just a lot at once I guess. Thanks Koda, you guys are the best." Nala praised, patting his back. Simba took a hug from behind and gave Nala a good squeeze. After the hug, the trio looked back to Pride Rock with a smile.

"Come on, we got all afternoon still, we should play something else too!" Simba suggested.

"No more private part games though for today, ok?" Nala insisted.

"Promise." Simba swore off.

"Sides, I wanna see more of this place." Koda agreed. The trio of cubs turned their attention to the open savannah and carried on exploring The Pride Lands with their new friend.

Arriving home for dinner, Koda, Simba and Nala were met by Mufasa and Kenai. The girls had brought home meat for the lions while Rafiki was kind enough to bring a few berries and fruits for Koda and Kenai.

"Is this really all you eat?" Simba questioned, seeing the berries placed at Koda's feet.

"I'll eat some meat too, sure. But I love some sweet berries!"

"Lemme try one!" Nala plead, Koda picked one up with his claw and fed it to Nala. Her face contorted as she spat it up. "Bleh! Gimme real meat any day." She laughed.

"They are getting along well." Mufasa looked to Kenai.

"Yeah, Koda never lacked for friends back home either."

"This is good, you may be here a while." Mufasa stated, taking a bite of his dinner.

"Well, I have faith in Sitka. If he brought us here for a reason, then we need to be here. I think you might be right too." Kenai proposed.

"Scar?" Mufasa questioned, raising his brow. Kenai silently nodded and picked at the berries before him. "Hmm, perhaps."

"Hey, you got me watching your back now." Kenai quipped, giving Mufasa's shoulder a light tap.

"Heh, I'd prefer if you watched theirs. Scar doesn't have a chance against me; my son however."

"Yeah, I got ya. I'll stick with em for the next few days." Kenai suggested.

"I'd appreciate that, be cautious though. Simba and Nala have a knack for escaping would be sitters. I can only imagine them being more effective with Koda amoungst them." Mufasa advised.

"Don't worry, I got it."

"Hey Simba, Nala." Koda spoke up.

"What's up, Koda." Simba responded. Smothering two of the berries in his paws, he raised them to his two new friends.

"What do you say, friends forever?" he offered. Nala smiled and pressed her paw against Koda's.

"Of course!" She agreed. Simba smiled and slapped his paw to Koda's, while Nala and Simba joined theirs together to form a circle. With a quick laugh, Simba said it loud and proud for everyone to hear.

"Friends forever."

Nuka's endeavor.

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Playing with your food.

"Did you get it!?" Nala whispered to Simba. He arrived carrying a halved melon with a strange fluid inside. Placing it down before Nala, she rubbed her paws with delight. "Too easy. Rafiki was asleep." He whispered back with a devious little chuckle....

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Finding Kula

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