My Furry Friends: Chapter 2

Story by HuskyBen on SoFurry

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#2 of My Furry Friends

Chapter 2

I wound down my window to press the button on the speaker. I felt like this was the entrance to a millionaires mansion, what with the big metal gate and the speaker. I pressed the button and waited for someone on the other side to speak. "Hello, how can I help you today?" questioned the person over the system.

"Hi, I was hoping that you could open the gate so I can get to my dorm block." impatiently said Will.

"Well, first off can I get your name please? Mine is Emma."

"Hello Emma, my name is Will Lemer and I should be in Dorm block C." replied back Will friendly.

"Yeh, that checks out. Welcome to Dartmoor University, and I hope to see you around!" exclaimed Emma excitedly.

As I put my head and arm back in the car, the big Brass gates started to open. I put my self into drive and carried along on my route. I eventually got to a clearing with two massive green fields to either side. I carried on up over a small hill and saw the university. It was massive and the architecture in some places were very old fashioned, where as what I assumed as the newer builds were fairly modern and stylish. I saw I sign that pointed to dorms and followed. There were three of them, A,B and C. A and B were fairly old looking, whilst C seemed to have built in the last three years. I followed the road along and got to the parking for C. After spending little time looking for a spot I pulled up and parked. I got out the car and opened up my phone. I went to my emails and re-read the email the school sent me. I am on the fifth floor room F. Now to find the entrance.

After spending more time than should of been necessary to find the entrance, I entered and was greeted by a tall female Panther. She had a fully black fur with blue eyes that stuck out. She had her hair in a ponytail and had pink finger nails. She turned to look at me and spoke, "Hello there, I am Mellany and I am the resident assistant. So basically if you're needing any help, feel free to seek me out. That is unless it is nine o'clock, because the Bachelor is on."

"Hi there, I'm Will and I was wondering how I get to the fifth floor?" I asked sheepishly almost embarrassed to ask, (God I am self conscious).

"Yeh no problem!" she exclaimed. "You can take the elevator behind me over there or the stairs next to them."

"Ohh, ok, thanks." I said anxious to get to my room.

"One last thing, which room is it that you are in?"

"Umm, room F." I answered confused.

"Ohh, your roommate is in there already. I seem to remember he is called Jeremy." she replied with a grin.

I said thanks and was on my way.

I decided I would take the stairs as I had just been in a cramped car for two hours. It wasn't a hard walk at all. I got to the door that said 5F on it. It was open, but as I peeked around I saw no one. I stepped in and looked at what they provided. A sofa, coffee table, 40 inch TV and stand, small microwave and an oven, a fridge and a few cupboards to store dry food in. I shouted, "Hello!" and I got the sound of someone dropping something as a response.

I went to the room which the noise came from and knocked. The door opened. Behind it was a Fox, he had the usual red/ginger fur and bright green eyes. I was surprised as he had dyed the end of his tail and his fringe bright neon blue. He was wearing a T-shirt with Jack Daniels on it and some blue jeans. I stuck my hand out and he took it and shook it. "Hello, my name is Will, I believe you are Jeremy." I greeted friendly enough.

"Yeh that's right, nice to meet you too Will!" Jeremy replied, genuinely meaning it.

"Do you want a coffee whilst we get introduced?" I asked trying to seem nice.

He agreed and we got to talking. I learnt that he lives near by and got here because of a scholarship, due to his track running. He is also a big gamer and loves strategy games like civ. I learnt that Jeremy was majoring in Politics which kind of surprised me. Also both of his parents are both police officers and are both foxes like him. He also has an older brother who works here as the school coach. He asked me quite a few questions as well and I answered to the best of my ability, without letting go of any of my secrets. Before either of us had realised it an hour had gone by.

"Well I have to go get my boxes from my car, so I am going to go if you don't mind!" I exclaimed as I was getting up and putting my cup in the sink.

"Ohh, if you want I can come down and help you and then you can help me with a few other things I have." Jeremy replied, his tail began to wag but I thought nothing of it.

I was unsure as I didn't like the idea of using him to carry some of my things, but then again I will be helping him so it kind of balances out. "Ok, sounds like a plan." I answered back.

As we made our way downstairs, I noticed that Mellany was still there but looking extremely bored, "Hey!" I greeted as we made our way past.

Jeremy also said, "Hello!"

She smiled at us and waved, I smiled back.

We carried on outside into the cool chill of the air I signalled Jeremy the direction that my car was in. We got to it and started to unload the car, we used the elevator to carry the boxes up to our floor. All together it took us ten minutes to carry everything up. I left all the boxes outside my room, as I felt that it would be easier to work from each box individually and put everything in it spot without a ton of boxes in the way. As Jeremy came up behind, he placed his box and turned to walk away. Unfortunately, he had a part of his clothes stuck and knocked the box and it contents onto the floor. The worst thing was not that he knocked over a box, but he knocked over that box in particular, (Just before you start to complain that I should of had that box cello taped up, I had been living out of it for the last two days and didn't see it necessary to cover it up). Out fell a 7 Inch pink dildo and a gay porn magazine; if Jeremy didn't know I was gay yet, he knew now. I just froze there as I tried to think of a way to explain it. He was the first to speak, "So what did you think of the guy on page seven."

I just stood there shocked and was unsure as how to answer, all I could do was say a confused, "What?"

Jeremy lifted his head and replied back, "The guy on page seven what did you think of him, I personally wasn't to impressed I preferred Daniel on page twenty seven."

I couldn't help but stand there gormless. So Jeremy is gay, or at least Bi, (What is the coincidence, it is almost as if it is a story). Wow, this is great, at least I know I won't receive and prejudice off of him. After standing there looking horrified for what felt like a lifetime, but was luckily only thirty seconds; I crouched down and and picked up my stuff. Jeremy crouched down and helped, he smiled at me with a face that said 'It's alright.' That calmed me down a bit. We went back downstairs in a awkward silence that you could slice with a knife. As we left the building I decided to speak up, "I agree the Daniel is pretty hot."

It wasn't a lot but it greatly improved the atmosphere. We began small talking as we walked to his brothers car.

Half way we saw a short Border Collie being lifted up against a wall by a German Shepherd, whilst a Goat stood by him. I heard the Shepard say, "I saw you starring at my ass you gay little fag."

That was all I needed to hear before I interjected my self between the two, Jeremy followed right behind me. "Put him down this instance." I demanded.

They both turned at us, the goat then turned towards the German Shepherd an said, "It isn't worth it."

The German Shepherd sighed, put down the frightened Collie and walked off mumbling. Now that the situation was sorted, I turned my attention towards the little Border Collie. He had a black face which also he had dyed pink. I noticed he was wearing a red shirt which said legalise it; it also had two male symbols together on one side and two female symbols together on the other side. He also was wearing blue skinny jeans and a pair of black Converse. Jeremy spoke first and asked, "Hi there, I am Jeremy and this scary guy is Will. Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

I quickly spoke up and replied, "I am not that scary, hell I am a nerd. Nerds are scared, not scary."

"Well, you were a tad bit intimidating." said the Border Collie. "Hi, my name is Aaron, Aaron Davies."

"Hi Aaron, does that happen often here?" I questioned.

"Well, it's my first day so I don't know." answered Aaron.

"Ours to!" exclaimed Jeremy in a excited way. "By the way you don't have to worry, we are gay too."

A look of relied washed across Aaron's face after hearing he isn't the only gay student at school. We spoke a bit together, we learnt that he was in dorm A and has a female roommate that is excited about the prospect of having a gay friend. I learnt that we are both minoring in creative writing and will be in the same class. We all exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes. Jeremy and I continued the trek to his brothers car. "Okay, I don't know about you, but I am not out except with people who are also gay." said Jeremy in a serious tone.

"Well, you don't have to worry I am not seeking to out you." I replied, I couldn't help but stare at Jeremy and feel my heart beat faster. I hadn't had feelings like this since when I was with Rick, wait am I getting a crush, nah a can't be. I shook the thought out of my mind and continued with our conversation.

We finally reached his brothers car after having no other distractions. He told me to 'Wait by the car' whilst he goes to get the key off of his brother. As I stood there both the German Shepherd and the Goat walked by. The German Shepherd turned to look at me and snarled, but then his face changed immediately. I heard the door to the building open and Jeremy voice. "There he is!" I heard Jeremy exclaim.

I turned around and saw Jeremy standing next to a giant of a fox. He definitely worked out, his brother looked more like a wolf than a fox. He was about six foot two, and big muscles. His fur was the exact same as Jeremy's, except with out the blue. He had on a sleeve less sports shirt and some shorts. He also had on a pair of Nike airs and a whistle around your neck. He spoke, "So you are Will!"

I quickly replied with, "Yes I am and you are Jeremy's brother?"

"Yeh, unfortunately this idiot is my brother." answered Jeremy's brother jokingly, which earned him a punch from Jeremy. "My name is Coach Bolton, but you can call me Ryan."

"Ryan, can you just unlock your car?" whined Jeremy.

Ryan sighed and unlocked his car, there were only two boxes and a bag so it meant only having to have one trip. I took the bag and a box whilst Jeremy took the other box. He then said his goodbyes to Ryan and we began our walk back towards our room. It was a lot quieter walking back, as we both took in our surroundings and looked at the tree and bushes they had standing guard along the paths. They even had a few fruit trees with lemons and apples growing on them. In what seemed like a tenth of the time it took to getting to the car we arrived back to our dorm building.

As we went through the entry way we saw Mellany standing there bored beyond belief. I felt so bad for her being stuck there waiting for people to arrive just so you can greet them. I walked over and started up a conversation, Jeremy was unsure at first but quickly got into a grove as we all started to joke. "They just found Jimmy Saviles diary. his last ENTRY was ten years old." I joked and got a groan out of both of them.

"That was disgusting!" stated Mellany. "Anyway, how has everything been going today?"

"Good, but we had to stop this German Shepherd from beating up this kid." answered Jeremy.

I saw her tail stop wagging as she asked, "Wait, did this Guy have a got next to him?"

"Yeh, why?" I questioned feeling really confused.

"The German Shepherd is called Jack Hartly and is the captain of the football team; and the Goat is Billy Gruff and is Jacks accomplice." she replied nervously.

I looked over to Jeremy who had his ears were flat against the top of his head and tail was wrapped around his leg. I felt my ears against my head too and my tail was down almost between my legs. "Well thanks for letting us know." I said sincerely.

We then said our goodbyes and we're off.

We took the elevator back up. "Don't worry, I very much doubt that he will hold a grudge against us." I said trying to reassure not just Jeremy, but also me.

"Yeh, I suppose you're right." replied Jeremy as his tail began to wag.

When the elevator stopped on our floor, we got off and walked to our room. Jeremy then told me where to put the box and bag I was carrying. "Ok, I am going to go and get unpacked. In a bit do you maybe want to go and get food from the Cafeteria?" I asked.

"Yeh sounds like a plan, let's say seven we go to get food. Even if we haven't finished unpacking." replied Jeremy.

I left his side of the room and crossed to mine on the left of where the door to the hall is. I looked down to my mountain of boxes and took the top one off. Ok, this is going to take a few hours.

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