Open Content Story: Fucked Flight

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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Commissioned by FA: bbbuuu over on furaffinity, we have a story with star fox, falco, and pigma. Enjoy.

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Fucked Flight for bbbuuu by Draconicon

"I have to WHAT?!"

Falco couldn't believe his ears, even with all the shit that he and Fox had just gone through. It had to be a sick joke, it just had to be. Pigma couldn't actually be serious about his demands.

"Ya heard me, Feather-Face. All ya gotta do to get outta there is fuck yer foxy friend. All while I tape it."

"You're insane, pig-man. There's no way -"

"Either ya do it, or the two o' ya can stay in tha' cage and rot."

The falcon punched the bars of the cage, but it was a gesture of frustration more than anything else. There was no way that he could get out, not when he and Fox had been trapped this easily. It would take some sort of plasma cutter to get out without the key, and even then, it depended on if Pigma had been cheap enough to not buy some sort of reinforcement. Not something he'd be willing to bet on.

Turning around, he groaned at the sight of his team leader. Pigma hadn't been kind to Fox; the vulpine was tied up with his hands in front of him and his ass in the air, completely naked. A post beneath his hips kept his ass up high, which wasn't helping Falco at all. At least, not in the right way.

He glanced away, trying to ignore the way that his pants bulged and throbbed when he looked at that bare ass. It didn't help that he was thinking back to the various fantasies he'd had before, of the threesomes he'd like to have with his girlfriend and Fox at the same time. Considering he was never on the bottom in these fantasies, he'd thought of having Fox under him a number of times.

But not like this.


He looked around again, seeing Fox looking back at him. The falcon groaned.

"What is it, Fox? I'm trying to -"

"Just do what he says."

"...What the hey?!"

"We're not getting out of here any other way. Just...get over here and do it quick. Then we'll get out of here and kick his butt until he starts screaming."

"But -"

"That's an order, Falco!"

As if that matters here, he thought, raising an eyebrow at Fox's naked and bound body. Still, he had a point. There wasn't really another way out of here, no matter how much he wished there was. He just hoped that the two of them could still treat each other the same after he crossed this line.

He slowly unbuttoned his pants, and fished out his cock. Thankfully, Fox had already turned around, facing away from him; he didn't want to explain why his cock was already hard and throbbing, particularly when he had been protesting so much just a moment before. He gave the uncut shaft a few strokes, pulling the foreskin down from the head and then letting it slide back up as he walked up behind his friend.

"Hehehe, couldn't resist, could ya? Ya know, ya'll never be able to look at each other the same again. Foxy the bitch, Falco the fucker; heh, how ya gonna fly together now?"

"Will that pig just shut up?"

"Try - mmph! - to ignore him...damn, you're big..."

Falco tried not to take that as a compliment, but his cock throbbed regardless. He shook his head at the feeling of being inside his vulpine friend, but it was impossible to ignore. Fox wasn't completely tight - perhaps there was more going on in his friend's cabin than he thought - but it was still harder to get into than he liked. He tried to take his time, but he could feel Fox squirming around anyway, which wasn't helping his own needs.

He grabbed his bound wingmate by the hips, holding him still. Fox yelped, whipping his head around.

"What are you doing?"

"Hold still, or -..."

"Or what?"

"Or this is really gonna hurt."


He wasn't lying; if the fox kept squirming, he was damn sure that he was going to do something he'd regret. Even with the terrible situation they were in, Fox's ass was hot, it was tight, and it was making him a lot hornier than he wanted to be. If he kept squirming like that, turning him on even more, then he'd start really fucking that ass. Without lube, or a real warm-up, he didn't think Fox could take it.

Still, he didn't want to be stuck on camera, either. He looked around the room, spotting a few lenses that were doubtlessly feeding Pigma all sorts of video. If he didn't finish soon, that piggy was going to have all sorts of blackmail material against the two of them. Neither of them would be able to function all that well if that happened.

Giving both him and Fox thirty seconds to get used to this was all he could afford. With a deep breath, he got a stronger grip on his wingmate's hips and started pulling himself the rest of the way in. He clenched his beak to hold in his moans, but it was really hard. The feeling of Fox's tight ass squeezing his cock, the way it rolled his foreskin back and clenched down on the sensitive head of his cock, everything just felt so damn good.

Which made him feel all the guiltier when Fox started grunting in discomfort, particularly when the bird bottomed out in him and started pulling back. Fox begged him to stop, but Falco shook his head.

"Don't have time."

"He...he's filming it - mmph - isn't he? Fuck..."

"Yeah...faster we go...the better..."

" as you can...if you can."

Falco nodded, speeding up his thrusts. Fox called out almost immediately, but didn't tell him to slow down. It must have been giving Pigma all sorts of jollies, because the intercom rattled with his laughter.

He put it out of his head, trying to get some sort of pleasure out of fucking the vulpine. He needed to end this least, that's what he kept telling himself. His body was telling him something entirely different, considering how hard his cock was in Fox's hole. It wanted to make this last, to show Fox just what he could have. He wanted to make his wingmate love it, and take his time and make Fox cum from it.

He shook his head, blushing as he put those thoughts out of his mind, or at least, desperately tried to. Knowing that they were on camera somehow made him more excited, but not enough to end this quickly.

Then, Pigma started talking again, and he groaned.

"Bet it feels good fucking yer boss, doesn't it, Falco? How's it feel, Fox? Feel good to have that cocky little freak fucking yer tight little hole? Bet that you two do this all the time. Go on, Falco, show the camera how much ya like it."

He knew that the camera would catch his blush at that point, but there was nothing he could do. Instead, he leaned forward, pushing against Fox's back for leverage as he started thrusting faster, harder. It took everything he had to ignore Fox's yelps of discomfort, but he had to end this before Pigma drove them both insane.

There was more being said in the background, all about how this was going to fuck with their friendship, with their work. How the galaxy would know that they were two ass fucking fags if they weren't obedient from here on out. It was all so much stupid, in the bird's head. As soon as they were out, they'd find that former Star Wolf pilot, beat him to a pulp, and take all of the recordings back.

Nothing was going to change. Fox wouldn't start treating him different just because of something they had to do. And he wouldn't start treating Fox different because of...because of anything that had happened here.

He groaned, panting for breath as he leaned over his wingmate, his cock throbbing harder than ever, pre oozing out of the fox's beaten and abused hole. He could feel it running over his cock, down his balls; it was getting harder and harder to hold back. He would be finishing any second, and then -

As he leaned back, he saw a camera on the floor, and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He was being filmed from below as well?

The thought was enough to push him over the edge, the falcon cumming hard up his boss' hole. He groaned, his beak clenched tightly, and he heard Fox let out a deep sigh beneath him. Somehow, he didn't think that it was because his wingmate had actually gotten off at the end of their little romp.

He pulled out slowly, shaking his head. At least there wasn't any damage, though the stretching around Fox's hole was nearly enough to get his cock erect again. He blushed, tucking it away before turning around and shaking his fists at the cameras.

"See? We did what you said, now let us go!"

"Hehehe, fine. But ya ain't catching me."

The cage around them finally started raising out of the ground, but Falco knew that Pigma was right. Not only was the cage moving at a ridiculously slow pace, but Fox was in too bad a shape for them to be able to catch up with him, even if they were both equipped and ready for a chase.

Instead, he sat down by Fox until the restraints popped off and helped his boss off of the table. Fox shook his head a few times, looking up at him.

"Nobody ever finds out about this."

"Not anyone."

"Or we both kill each other."


The End

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