Superhero Story: Feasting on Heroes

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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Commissioned by FA: HandofBlades during the superhero story stream, we have a villainess that has decided that this hero must become a tool of hers, and uses her henchman to make it a possibility.

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Feasting on Heroes for HandofBlades by Draconicon

Voidmaw shook her head at the tied-up canine on the far wall. He wasn't awake yet, but even limp as he was, she found him annoying to look at. A weakling, filled with faith that he could never justify, a faith that would get him killed in the future at her hands or another's. She had been tempted to go that route when she had him captured, but she'd changed her mind.

After all, why kill a small pest when he could be turned?

"Wake him."

Her lieutenant, a red-furred mare with a scorpion tail and two pincers above her arms, nodded before walking across the room. Voidmaw observed as the female reached down, yanking the canine to his feet by the strange antennae that stuck out of his head, drawing a yelp out of him.

Of course, Warmare wasn't going to stand for that. The smack across the canine's face echoed through the small room, and Voidmaw couldn't help but chuckle from her place in the dark. The canine, Lightbringer, looked around, shaking his head before settling his eyes on the equine.

"You! Why did you capture me?"

"It was not my will; I would have had you dead."

"Then it is by God's mercy that I am not."

"Not his, but the mercy of my mistress."

"Voidmaw. Where is she?"

"Right here."

The mostly-feline stepped out of the shadows, and her smile grew as the hero's eyes whipped over to her. She saw his lips twist in disgust; it seemed even the 'faithful hero' couldn't quite look normally at someone like her.

Of course, she hadn't given him much of a chance. Had she been a normal person, standing naked in front of him, doubtless she would have gotten a much better reaction. Considering that her chest was split open with a gaping mouth that ran from just above her breasts to her belly button, however, she doubted that he could summon the same 'appreciation' for her form that he could for another.

She stepped forward, lifting her hand to his cheek. Her claws, more than twice as long as any other cat and much sharper, dragged down his cheek. Bits of fur were sliced off in the process, falling to the floor in little clumps as she smirked at him.

"So, we finally get a chance to talk, face to face, little Lightbringer. It's been some time since I was aware of you, but you've certainly grown in power since then, haven't you?"

"My lord protects me, whether from demons or from poor, tortured souls like yourself."

She growled, backhanding him across the face hard enough to send his head back against the wall. With the growl still echoing in her throat, she had to restrain herself from taking it further. She had to remind herself that she wasn't here to kill him.

Instead, she leaned down until they were face to face, squatting in front of him as he was forced to kneel by the chains around him. He squirmed back; it seemed even his 'faith' didn't completely negate his fear of the voidmaws on her body that gave her her name. She smirked, drawing a claw down his chest. Here and there, she deliberately let it prick against his skin, drawing a small line of blood, but mostly, she was destroying his costume, leaving it in shreds to fall to the floor. He squirmed, his cheeks going red.

"W-what are you doing? This isn't -"

"You are obsessed with your virtue. You call it faith, virtue, whatever you like; you believe that it is your power, that you are gifted by god."

"Of course; there is no other -"

"I say that there is no god. No kindly being, no all-powerful, benevolent thing in the universe. All there is out there is strength, power, and will."

She gestured to herself, and to Warmare, who smirked down at the now-nude canine. Voidmaw wasn't surprised; considering the number of times those two had fought, they probably had a special enmity. Voidmaw reached down, grabbing hold of the hero's shaft, and he gasped as she squeezed it tight.

"If you are protected by 'faith', then this will end me. But I say there is no such thing. There is only power, and by the time I am done with you, you'll use your power the way I say. Virtue, kindness, faith; it won't matter any longer, because for you, it will no longer exist."

"That's impossible. You can't do that! The lord -"

"The void swallows all, Lightbringer."

She straddled him as she stroked him to hardness, letting him feel the other maw between her legs. The feline hissed softly, showing her teeth as she ground herself against him, seeing him flinch as the teeth of her other opening ground at him, teasing him with what was to come. The voidmaws ran everywhere on her, from her chest to her holes, to anywhere they wished.

Holding his tip against her, letting the jaws hold it in place, she leaned in to him, her hands on his chest, her lips to his ear.

"The void even devours gods."

She shoved herself down, and the canine howled. She knew that he would be feeling both great pleasure and great pain as the voidmaw began to devour him. It wasn't like a typical mouth, as she didn't want to take away his cock. No, she merely wanted to devour what made him...him.

Looking over her shoulder, she nodded to Warmare. As she bounced up and down on the canine's shaft, her lieutenant walked over, grabbing hold of the back of Lightbringer's head. She held it tightly while Voidmaw reached down to the mouth in her chest, using her hands to pull the 'lips' further apart. The dog's eyes went wide, the hero shaking his head as he realized what was about to happen.

"No, no you can't! Don't do this!"

"I do what my mistress commands."

"And your lord will not save you."

The mare shoved against the back of his head, hard, and his howl of fear disappeared just as his head did inside of Voidmaw's chest. The feline leaned her head back, her lips turning up in a smile of genuine pleasure for the first time in too long; the voidmaws reward for her feeding them was just as good as she remembered.

As she bounced, taking first his cock, and then his head deeper inside of her, the maws began to feed. She could feel it, both holes tightening around their meals, both of them squeezing down and sucking for sustenance. The feline panted, focusing her attention on them, directing them so that they only took what she wanted them to take. If she didn't pay attention, she could end up eating the hero's whole head and cock, and after seeing his eyes full of fear, she didn't want to end the fun like that.

From his head, she drew on his will. The hole squeezed down on his ears, on his nose, and she could feel the imprint of his head against the insides of the voidmaw, being gummed, bitten, chewed. A thick, slow to flow 'goo' slipped out of him, and she licked her lips at the taste of it. Like strawberries in a field, warm and gentle, his willpower oozed out with every thrust of his head down her chest.

But from his cock, she drew something else. Her lips spread wider and her smile grew bigger as she tasted something that she hadn't felt for a very long time.

"You're a virgin..."

"No, that's impossible! No hero -"

"There's no doubt. He must have been 'saving' himself."

Warmare laughed, her hand shoving the canine even further inside of Voidmaw's chest. She even shoved her own hand inside, scarcely seeming to care of any consequences, and adding to the feline's pleasure.

"He really was being the goody two-shoes, wasn't he?"

"Soon, he won't be anything of the sort."

Voidmaw shoved her hips down, grinding her pussy against his cock again and again. With each thrust, she drew away what virtue he had, sucking it out through his cock the way that her chest pulled out his willpower. She could feel his struggles weakening, failing with each passing second as she drew more from him, and she grinned as she felt his cock growing harder inside of her, even longer as she took away that hindering power.

Nodding at her lieutenant, she looked down as the dog's head was yanked out of her chest. He was soaking wet, his eyes unfocused, but he was panting hard. There was no doubting the excitement his body was going through, no doubting the pleasure that he was feeling, and the feline chuckled.

"Look at you. No faith to save you, no god to pull you free. There is only me, your mistress."


"Say it, Lightbringer. Call out the truth for all of us to hear."


She shook her head, and grabbed him herself, shoving him back into her chest. He needed more time, and she had more to devour. The voidmaws would be thankful for the grand meal today.

It was nearly an hour later when she dismounted the canine, and she was shaky from how hard it had been to control the voidmaws towards the end of the feeding. They were constantly hungry, and if they couldn't feed on the things she felt, they wanted to feed on anything inside them. Keeping the hero's head and cock from being devoured for that long had been much harder than she thought.

Though, from looking at him, it seemed worth it. The hero no longer looked so heroic. His antennae no longer glowed, and his cock looked like something off of a demon rather than a hero. She smirked as she drew a finger over the length, feeling the foot and some inches long shaft throb in her hand. It was clearly much more in charge of the canine's mind than his soul had been, that was for sure.

She stood in front of him, her voidmaws still drooling as she looked him in the air, forcing him to look up at her.

"Who do you serve?"


"Good dog."

The End

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