Superhero Story: Villains of VR

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Part of the story series with Matt and Jenny, commissioned by silverfox442. You can find the rest of the stories here:

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The Villains of VR for SilverFox442 by Draconicon

This program is getting better all the time, Matt thought as he actually felt a muzzle crunch under his boot. The fox grinned as the thug went flying across the rooftop before colliding with an old-style water tank, making a huge dent in it. He grinned, then looked over his shoulder to see how Jenny was doing.

He needn't have worried. Despite her being only ten, the little vixen was carrying her weight very well in the super simulation. She cast beams of energy from her hands, zapping baddie after baddie, and giggling all the while. Her little body leaped through the air, sometimes flying up above the rooftops to rain down destruction on the thugs, and when she did, her spread-legged stance really didn't leave much to the imagination.

Then again, neither did his. Both of them were given 'costumes' by the computer that were completely skintight, and his basically hugged his cock so tightly that it actually was able to stick out and wobble around if he got the slightest bit hard. For her - which he saw, looking up, was still true - it left her pussy completely visible, and the curve of her rump impossible to ignore.

Without even looking, he threw his fist over his shoulder, clocking another baddie in the chin before he could get stabbed or punched in return. He was barely aware of the faceless thug going flying as he walked over to his cousin.

Jenny sent the last of the baddies flying with a beam of light hitting the guy in the chest. With the 'level' finished, she landed on the rooftop, smiling up at him.

"Hehehe, this is REALLY fun, Matt. Thanks for convincing the other guys to make a superhero game with this."

"Well, it's a good way to test all the virtual reality functions."

"Particularly with who you're making it for?"

He blushed a bit, but nodded. Their work with the Ann-Droid was definitely paying off, and he was pretty sure that they could make a small product line with her if they could ever get her away from his friend. That horse simply couldn't let go of her.

But it was the VR line that was the big product. It was a way to experience all sorts of fantasies, sexual and otherwise, that were impossible in real life. It was one of the few things that he felt particularly proud of, and that he felt wasn't entirely tinged by his own needs. So, when Jenny had asked him if it could be a superhero sim, he was happy to find a way to program that in.

Of course, there were tweaks that were needed; looking around at the thugs, he could tell that they needed to be something more than silhouettes of thugs. Not to mention that the world could definitely stand to be bigger; they had little more than a city block to play in, and he could see the vague white outlines of it if he looked more than casually at the map.

Still, it was a start.

Matt sat down - being careful with his super strength, just in case - and looked around. The whole rooftop was pock-marked with different beam blasts, and he chuckled.

"Went a little trigger happy, huh?"

"Uh, well, is that a bad thing?"

"Nah. Helps me see where destructibility would be good." He nodded towards some of the marks. "Like if I made it so that the roof could cave in rather than just keep burning up, that'd give a whole new element of gameplay."

"Heh, is that all that you think about? The game?"

"Well, I'm trying to design this thing so people can do whatever they want."

"Or who."

"Well, um, yes, that is kinda...well..."

Jenny giggled.

"Come on, Matt, you can't tell me that you weren't being pervy when you designed the costumes this way. I mean, your cock is sticking out, and me, well."

She spread her legs, and the posture made it look more like her costume was painted on than anything else. Particularly when she ran a finger down between them, leaving Matt both blushing and throbbing at the same time. That just made her giggle, of course, and slide her finger against her sex more.

"Mmm, did you have some sort of superhero fantasy, Matt?"

"Who told you?"

"Nobody but you."

"Why did I have to have a smart cousin?"

As Jenny laughed, Matt looked down at her again. The costume really was making everything so tempting, somehow more so than when he saw her naked in real life. There was something about the spandex that clung to her body, showing everything while still hiding everything, that was making him ever more excited.

In fact, it was rather hard to hide it, considering the suit's design. His cock stuck out like he was naked, rather than having it bound to his stomach, with the costume feeling almost like a condom. He groaned as he felt it throb, and particularly when Jenny reached out and grabbed it, the little vixen giving it a couple of strokes.

"Hehehe, looks like my big cousin wants to have some fun with a super heroine. Am I right?"

"Oh, you're right, Jenny. You're so right."

"Why don't you do something to let that out, so you can fill me up?"

"Mmmph. You know, in a couple of years, this is gonna get you pregnant..."

"We'll deal with it then. But I'm not getting pregnant now, and I want my Matt's cock in me."

He chuckled and gave in, mostly because he was just as eager as she was. Pulling his wrist up, he looked past the upper layer of camouflage and found the console that he'd programmed onto his digital self. It only took a couple of button pushes to free his cock, and no sooner had he done that than Jenny grabbed it again, licking her lips.

"Mmm, your biggest strength, and your biggest weakness, Matt. You should never show this to a super villain."

"Heh, good thing you're a hero, huh?"

"Nope, I'm a villain now! And this is mine!"

She grabbed his cock, dragging him towards the sky with her flight powers, and he had to hurry and catch up as she pulled him along. He blushed as she pulled herself over it, and he saw that her costume had likewise been modified, letting her pussy out in the open, but nothing else. It was already dripping, and he moaned as she ground against his cock.

"Ah ha! I've found the Super Fox's weakness! The pussy of a young vixen renders him powerless!"

"Oh, no, please, don't use it against me! I will become nothing but a sex toy!"

"It's too late! Super Fox, you are now my plaything! The plaything of the, uh, the Violet Vixen!"

He would have laughed if it weren't for the fact that she was already grabbing and grinding on his cock, holding it in her hands as they floated above the buildings. It was really different, compared to laying on something. It was like they were both falling and floating at the same time, and when she added her pussy grinding against the tip of his cock, it was particularly exhilerating.

Jenny straddled him completely, grinding and humping her sex against his cock, never quite letting it get into her, only covering his shaft with her juices. He groaned in frustration, but played along with it. He waved his arms weakly, as if she was draining him of his strength.

"No, you can't do this! I am Super Fox. I can't be beaten!"

"You can and you will! Serve me, and I will give you all the pleasure you can imagine!"


She impaled herself on his cock just as he was about to defy her, and he moaned, his toes curling in his boots and his fingers clenching into fists. He arched his back, thrusting up into her from the start as she started riding him up and down. The program must have been reading into his memories, because it felt just as good as it did in real life. Better, maybe, but that might have been from her attitude.

She leaned forward, grabbing his costume by the chest, and she grinned at him as she pulled at him. Her hips moved constantly, shoving her pussy down to the base of his cock before pulling up again, and the simulation was so good that he could feel the cool air making his cock cold when she pulled off of him.

"Admit it! You are the slave of the Violet Vixen!"

"I...I -"

"Say it, Super Fox! Admit you are my plaything, and I'll let you cum in me!"

It was so tempting, yet he felt so 'weak' from her playing with him. He panted and moaned, his hands reaching up to her hips. As Super Fox, he had an obligation to push her off, but in this fantasy -

He groaned as she smacked his hands away, her hips moving faster and faster. She grinned, both childishly and lustily, down at him.

"Say it, or I'll get my orgasm and make you cum on the city!"

"I'm your plaything! I'm the Violet Vixen's slave and plaything!"

"Hehehe, now that's a good superhero."

She 'rewarded' him by grinding against his forming knot, making him pant and gasp for breath. Each slide of her body against his left him moaning and panting for more, his costume getting soaked with her juices and his own need. His arms hung limp, his 'kryptonite' of her pussy leaving him weaker and weaker, all of his thoughts heading down to his cock. Matt leaned his head back, moaning.

Who knew that this roleplay stuff could be so fun? he thought between gasps for breath.

Suddenly, Jenny slammed down hard, the Violet Vixen moaning at the top of her lungs as she took his knot inside of her. He could feel each and every spasm of her pussy around his cock, milking him as he blew his load inside of her. Pulse after pulse of cum shot out, filling her to the brim and even making her swell slightly from his load.

They continued to float as she laid over him, and he chuckled a little as she started tracing a line around his neck.

"What are you doing?"

"Mmm, just imagining something."

"What's that?"

"Oh, just a..." She yawned. "Just a collar for the Violet Vixen's slave."

He smiled, but held back the nervous laugh that he wanted to make. Honestly, he wasn't sure if she was joking around or not.

The End

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