Just Checking

Story by Ripper Equidae on SoFurry

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Been a while hasn't it? University things happened so I took some time away but I got bored and decided to haul this out. My message to you all? Check your bits, it really won't take that much time.

It's wet inside. I'm also wet.

Lewd sounding isn't it? Or perhaps you thought I've been doing plumbing and

broken something? Nope, you'd be wrong on both counts. Unless you count a zebra

being in a hot shower lewd. There's no particularly special reason for the

shower. I'm back in my university accommodation now (new digs, not the same

ones as last year) since I passed the first year and just taking my standard

morning shower, pondering life as I wash away the apparent grime from the last

24 hours.Sometimes taking your time in the

shower is nice, especially when you don't have to consider a water bill too

much. I turn about slightly and in doing so end up with the warm jets on my

shoulder, feels quite nice but I already rubbed there, don't need to go do it

again. I reach out for the bottle of shower gel on the little soap corner thing

we all have in these en-suite rooms and pop the lid. It doesn't take much to

get some of the green gel out and I start to lather it on, rubbing it through

my chest and related fluff before moving to the arms and armpits (and also

related fluff). The smell of tea-tree and mint is carried up by the steam and

drifts into my nostrils as I rub the lather in, I can't help but relax a bit

from this it's just so good and feels so nice and clean! After I've done my

arms, pits and shoulders I rub downwards again, over my stomach and waning

pubic fur towards my legs and groin area. I then rub the lather down onto my

legs just shy of the bottom part where the water rinses it off before it can be

any use, before travelling back up and rubbing round my thick furred crotch and

leathery sheath. I jump slightly feeling a slight jolt of pleasure which makes

me look down...oh...right...I got a little too relaxed I guess. It's easy to do, relax

in the bath or shower and suddenly ending up with a semi or full hard-on. I

smile and shake my head, not today big guy but since you're out anyway might as

well rinse my hands and clean you off.I can't say that cleaning your

sheath and dick is a pleasurable experience but it's one I undertake daily,

sure you can enjoy it but when you're not in the mood you're not in the mood

right? Now that that's done with I pause and prick my ears, remembering an ad

campaign from a few months back featuring a celebrity horse of some kind in the

shower. I think his name was BoJack or something? Anyway, he was going on about

getting relaxed in the shower and (with the help of some handy props) telling

males to all check their gonads for any odd lumps or whatever. While I'm young

and at reasonably low risk of cancer I do like to make sure I'm in good health,

showers are an ideal time to have a feel as everything is relaxed and your

scrotum descends from your body to 'cool off'. Gently I cup in one of those

testicles and groan, now this part does feel good so long as you're gentle. You

roll the testicle slightly between your fingers, just feeling for anything that

is really 'off'. I've had to check a couple times when I felt my epididymis

that it was normal but yes, you will feel an odd lump (and it'll hurt) near the

tubes that come out of your balls. One checked and feeling OK I take hold of

the other and pass it through, all clear as well. This also does have the

advantage that it gets your balls nice and rubbed up and clean too.Sighing I turn off the shower and

drip dry for a minute or so, length slowly retracting back into its proper

place. I then open the door and climb out, starting to dry off from the top

down. Once done I take a look at myself in the mirror and smirk, winking and

then giggling at how stupid I look. I do admire myself sometimes y'know? Not

every day, but sometimes. I think back to checking my balls, didn't take too

long huh? I can't help but wonder from it why nobody ever really talks about

these things too much, guess that was the point of the ad campaign. Either way,

I decide to take it upon myself to get all my male friends checking too and who

knows? They might ask me for a prostate exam as well.


Before I begin I should probably say that hygiene is very important. It helps prevent diseases and wherever possible should not really be avoided for any extremely long or damaging to health lengths of time. That now said, I love musk. It's true. Big...

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