My Furry Friends: Chapter 3

Story by HuskyBen on SoFurry

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#3 of My Furry Friends

Chapter 3

After spending a couple of hours painting my room a light cream colour and then waiting for it to dry. I set to work making this room my own. First off, I had to set up my PC; at least I had my priorities sorted. Next, I set about arranging all my little gaming related knick knacks on my desk. The biggest task was to make it all look neat rather than looking cluttered. After doing that, for what seemed like longer than it should of taken, I moved onto the less important boxes. I hung up my clothes and put them in the right draws. Afterwards I hung up my posters on my wall, the map of Westeros and Essos taking up a whole wall all by itself. Next I pinned up a white board, so I can keep track of everything and stay organised. Finally, I put on my black bed spread which I thought contrasted well with the cream walls and oak flooring. Having done all my work and having two hours to kill before my dinner date, or should I say dinner meet up. I decided that I had enough time to play a few rounds of Ah-Asta La Vista in GTA on my PC.

Whilst waiting for my PC and Steam to load up, I decided to have a look on the schools message board on my phone. The message board basically acted as a forum, but everyone had to have their real name as their username. As I wasted more and more time looking through a few threads, I realised I had wasted nearly a hour doing so. Realising that it wasn't worth loading up GTA, I put my computer in sleep mode and decided to see if Jeremy wanted any help. I exited my room and looked at the last two boxes I had, one contained an Xbox as I thought it would at least win me some roommate points; the second one contained some pots and pans, as my parents believed that it would promote healthy eating habits rather than junk food. I made a mental note to do that after getting something to eat and carried on over to Jeremy's room. I thought about knocking but decided against it as I deemed it not necessary... how wrong I was. As I turned the handle and swung the door open gently, I was greeted by a sight I wasn't expecting to see as soon as moving in. There Jeremy was doing Ballet, (Ha, caught you by surprise there didn't I). No, but honestly he was say there jacking his six inch semi hardon. He looked up at me and stood wide eyed, if you could see his cheeks, they would of been so red you would need sunglasses. He fumbled trying to cover himself up and knocked over a small Eiffel Tower; I turned and left the room closing the door behind me. I went over to the cupboard to get a glass for a drink, but non were there. Fuck my life.

Pondering my next move, I decided to go see if my neighbours had any that they could spare. This was also good as it gave me an opportunity to leave Jeremy be as he settles down. I went over to the door opposite ours and knocked. I immediately got a response, but not the sort I was hoping for, "Fuck off!" was all that was said by a mystery man on the other side.

I turned around with my confidence shaken, debating whether or not I should just head back to my room and wait the storm out. That thought had almost won when I saw someone open the front door of the room next to ours to the right. I quickly jogged over to the door hoping that this person was significantly nicer than the mystery man. "Hey, wait up!" I yelled hoping to grab their attention.

A female cat turned around and looked at me, she was about five foot five and had white fur. Her head of hair was bright blue and it was styled to look like an anime bed head as it was short and sort of like a guys. She had two small gem ear piercings in her left ear and had braces still. She was smiling and seemed to invite me in. I entered her apartment and was immediately stunned; it looked like she has been living here for a few years at how the room was decorated, but the boxes by in by one of the bedroom doors seemed to suggest that it was at least one of their first days. "Hi, I am Helen, nice to meet you." greeted Helen.

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Will and I am your neighbour." I replied.

"Yeh I know, I saw you leave and enter your room earlier." she answered back.

"Well, I was kind of wondering if I could perhaps borrow one of your cups." I asked apprehensively.

"If you can find one you can. You see this is my sisters room and she's been her for two years, but this is my first day and I have received a bunch of help off her as you can see!" Helen exclaimed, glumly looking in the direction of the mountain of boxes.

"Ohh, I can lend you some help if you want as I am mostly done." I offered her.

"Really! That would be so much help, thanks sweetie." she said gleefully.

After spending an hour setting up her new computer for her, I said that I had to go as I had arranged to meet someone for lunch. She sighed playfully and thanked me for all my help. "I may be able to help you some more after I've eaten." I told Helen.

"No, there is no need. All that I have left are clothes and others of the sort." I nodded understandingly and headed back over to my room. As I entered I saw Jeremy sat there with his ears down and tail still, I realised that he must of felt much more awkward than I did. I smiled and waved at him, he pulled a smile back but you could tell that he was doing that forcefully. I decided to sit next to him and put my arm around him to provide comfort. "You know it was going to end up happening anyway. We share the same bathroom, someone was going to walk in on the other eventually." I said reassuringly.

I felt him breath out in relief and his tail begin to wag again. He looked up at me and smiled for real this time and I couldn't help but smile back. "So, shall we have dinner now then." I asked as I got up from the couch.

Jeremy looked up at and replied, "Sure, let's go on our date."

I laughed and he laughed back. We went down the stairs as it was the healthier option. We went through the lobby for the eighth time today, but this time Mellany wasn't stood around awkwardly. We went out side and suddenly realised something, neither of us have any idea as to where the Cafeteria is at. 'Well, this is going to be a challenge!' I thought to myself.

We spent thirty minutes aimlessly wandering around hoping to stumble across it and ended up running into Aaron. He saw us first and ran over towards us. When I saw him I realised how cute he was, but Jeremy has my heart for now. "So what are you guys do out here right now?" Aaron asked after reaching us.

"Well, we were kind of hoping to get something to eat at the canteen!" Jeremy exclaimed in a friendly manner.

"Ohh, I just came from there hoping to get some grub myself, but they are closed dinner finishes at six thirty." Aaron announced sadly.

I suddenly remember seeing a truck stop just up the road when I was on my journey here earlier. "Guys, there is a truck stop about twenty minutes away if you fancy going!" Jeremy replied having the same idea as me.

"Yeh sounds good, I can drive!" I responded.

"Yeh, I'll come to." said Aaron hoping not to be excluded.

"Yeh, even if you said you weren't coming, we would of forced you." Jeremy joked trying to make Aaron feel more included.

We walked to my car and got in. Jeremy let Aaron sit shotgun and decide to sit behind me. We set off, but ended up stopping at the gates. I pressed the button and found that it was Emma again, "Hi, can I know who this is trying to leave at this time?" asked Emma.

"Hi Emma it's Will again, my friends and I missed supper so we were hoping to get something from the truck stop near by." I replied.

"Yeh that's fine Will. Just keep in mind that curfew is ten o'clock, so get back before then." she said sternly.

The gate opened and we were off.

Along the journey we played a few games, most notably Never Have I Ever. I learnt that: Jeremy has never kissed a guy, Aaron has been out since he was twelve and they learnt I wasn't a virgin. The game died down as we pulled into the truck stop's car park. It was easy enough to find a place to park as it wasn't overly busy. After getting parked we walked over to the little diner. Looking at the outside of it, it screamed stereotypical diner, like the one from the most recent Nightmare on Elm Street.

We walked in and decided to sit in a booth by the window, near where I parked the car. There were five different people sat about. One was wearing the university's hoodie, whilst the rest were truck drivers. The one in the hoodie was a black furred cat; I smiled and waved at her, but only got a shrug as a response. I turned away from her and went about looking at the menu. I was sat next to Aaron opposite Jeremy. We all started to talk about high school, but got interrupted by the waitress. After placing our orders, we went back to talking. I learnt that Aaron use to be a big part of his schools drama club and he was hated by most people in his school because he was gay. I learnt some more about Jeremy, like the fact that he was almost expelled after beating up a kid who was being bullied by a homophobe. Apparently, the bully was unconscious for three days. I was about to speak, but got interrupted by someone other than the waitress. It was Helen, turns out she was here with her sister who was wearing the school hoodie. She pleaded with her sister to come over and sit with us, eventually her sister caved in and sat with us. Aaron got up and politely asked Helens sister, "Do you want to sit in my seat?"

Her sister didn't hesitate and immediately said, "Yes!"

She took his seat and left poor Aaron without one. Luckily a table nearby was empty and he took one of the seats and put it at the end of our booth. "Everyone this is Helen!" I introduced and everyone said hi. "And her sister..."

"Vicky!" Vicky interjected.

"Helen, Vicky this is my roommate Jeremy!" I exclaimed whilst pointing towards Jeremy. "And the one who gave Vicky his seat, is our friend Aaron."

Vicky looked at Aaron and said, "Thanks for that by the way."

Aaron shrugged it off and said, "No problem."

After, having dinner and chatting we each started opening up. There were two major things people learnt. Aaron was first by telling Helen and Vicky he was gay. We then got a bomb shell when Vicky told us she is a he and has undertaken hormone therapy and is significantly happier now. Aaron and Vicky started to talk to each other mainly and we even saw a little bit of flirting between them.

After having finished our dinner we decided to head back. Aaron decided he was going to go back with Helen and Vicky, which left me and Jeremy going back alone. We made a bit of small talk and continued our game of Never Have I Ever. Turns out, Jeremy has never seen the ocean. I was truly taken back by this as I lived in a town on the coast. I could of walked half a mile an would of been on the beach. He then brought up the topic of not being a virgin, immediately I became awkward. He saw how my body acted after the topic got brought up. "You don't have to say anything that you don't want to. I was just being to nosey." Jeremy quickly said regretting the fact he brought up the subject.

"No, no. You have a right to be curious!" I replied trying to make Jeremy relaxed. "It's just that he was my best friend, his name was Rick. But Rick is no longer alive, so I am just really tense about the subject."

As I said that, I started to break down crying on the side of the road. Jeremy put his arms around me reassuringly. That's when I went for it. I turned to face him and our lips locked. He was very stunned, so I quickly drew back. He was flustered, playing the events through his mind. I quickly said, "Sorry, I wasn't really thinking you see..."

I got cut off by him kissing me this time. We got really into it, with our tongues fighting for their places in each other's mouths. We did this for two minutes. We eventually decided to stop and drew our tongues from each other's mouths. We drove the rest of the way back in peace.

We eventually pulled up out side of the gate; I pressed the button and got a hello from Emma yet again. "Hi Emma we are back!" I greeted.

"Oh, hi welcome Will." she responded. "I'll open it up for you now."

I drove my car to the same spot as earlier. Jeremy and I had a race up to our room. Unfortunately he won, but that is only because he slammed me into a door. As we entered our room, he took up a spot on the sofa as I locked the door. I took up a seat next to him. "Do you perhaps want to go out on a date sometime?" I asked, I was nervous as I was usually a very secluded person.

"Yes, definitely. I was trying to build up the courage to do that my self if I am honest." Jeremy responded.

We both laughed a bit and settled down to watch TV. I learnt that Jeremy use to play rugby back in school and is looking to try out for the school team. I myself just like to do a bit of running and some press-ups. As we watched South Park, I found myself resting my head on Jeremy's lap as he runs his hand through my hair. I kept catching myself falling asleep so I decided to excuse myself, but not before a kiss. I went to my room stripped myself down to my boxers and got into bed. I spent a bit of time thinking and realised how well today went and How excited I was for tomorrow. A few minutes later I was passed out hard ready to enjoy a full nights rest.

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