Let's Dance! [Trade]

Story by Lukas Kawika on SoFurry

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lots of foreskin stuff here, which, although it's probably my hugest kink ever, I haven't done a lot of, so :s I hope it's alright.


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It was my junior year of high school when I met Lawrence Mecklenburg, a nice, kinda quiet golden retriever one year ahead me. We only started speaking because we were in the same German class that year and ended up being grouped together quite a lot; halfway into the year I'd spoken more words to him in German than I had in English, which I sorta didn't like. He was - damn cute, and hell, it seemed like he was interested in me, too. After every weekend our assignment in the German class was to ask a partner about their weekend and what they did and all that, and we always picked each other, either because it's what we were used to doing or because we actually liked each other, but... he seemed genuinely interested.

However, we were both somewhat shy. We always were. I kind of wanted to get to know him a little better past his Lieblingsfarbe_and what _er macht in seiner Freizeit but could never tell if he felt the same about me. I never managed to work up the courage in class to ask for his number, to say anything to him outside of the class itself, to sit next to him at lunch... all that happened was sometimes I bumped into him in the hallway, usually totally on accident.

And, then, there was the dance near the end of the year. I originally hadn't planned on going, but in our German class we were tasked to ask a partner things relating to the dance. I couldn't help but notice that Lawrence's ears were lowered a little when I asked him - are you going? - to which he gave a hesitant yes; the next question was are you bringing anyone?

He flashed quiet brown eyes up at me, lifted his ears, and said no.

Ah. Shyness got the best of me again, though, so I just said something like oh and then went on with my other questions instead of will you go with me? (which I do know how to say in German; this knowledge just fled at that particular moment). The dance would be that Friday, two days following the class, so... I told my mom I was going, she said alright, and then two days later I walked into the big school gymnasium where all dances are held. I'd never been to one before, so of course I had no idea what to expect; well... even if I had been to one, I still don't think I would've expected what was there.

Probably most of the three thousand-something students of the school were there, either pretending like they knew how to dance (to the same obnoxious pop music with the same heavy beat that'd been playing on every popular radio station for the past month or so), pretending they were having a good time, or pretending that they could hold a conversation amid all the noise. Needless to say, as I like neither large crowds nor loud noises, I was terrified. I ended up sticking close to the wall and hovering around the refreshments tables, constantly scanning the group for anyone I knew, or that one dog in particular. Hell - what if he wasn't even interested me? In high school, you don't exactly go around saying 'I'm gay', as that can bring on quite a range of responses. There was a school GSA, though, and I'd joined a while back, but I'd never seen Lawrence at the meetings... still, though, you can never tell. Could be he just didn't want anyone to know.

Now, if only there was an easy to let him know that I wouldn't tell anyone...

I guess I should probably find him before doing anything, though. Where would a shy golden retriever be during a major social event? Probably on the sidelines like me, right? My eyes floated from the center of the gymnasium to the edges of it, or at least what I could see through the couples and groups of people that had either tired of dancing or had no interest in it in the first place.

"Excuse me... 'scuse me... excuse me..." I murmured, pushing through all of the people; behind me I think I heard someone shout hey, Lukas! but I ignored it, knowing full well that I'd be able to get away with pretending I hadn't heard. I thought I saw a flash of a yellow-furred tail through the next crowd of people; I slid through them, pushing, wiggling, apologizing. I didn't really know what I'd say to Lawrence when I came to him, but-

Well, I didn't have time to finish the thought, because as soon as I burst free of that last cluster of warm bodies, he was standing there with a drink in one paw and a slightly befuddled expression on his face. He lifted one finger from the cup, pointed it at me, settled it back to the cup. "I thought I saw you," he said after a moment; his voice was pleasant, soft but not too much so that I couldn't hear it under the din of everything else. "I was just gonna get another drink and then see if I could track you down - I don't know anyone else here."

"You too, huh?" That was a lie. I'd seen many people already that I knew, but... well. "I don't... even know why I came. I didn't bring anyone, and it's... uh, it's not like... I expected to hook up with anyone here..."

He blinked.

"I mean, not, like, hook up, but, like-" Goddammit.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it." It might have just been the lighting of the place, but I could have sworn that his tail wagged when he saw me. Not only that, but he visibly relaxed too: his ears came up, his shoulders lowered, his entire demeanor just... loosened. After taking another sip from his cup, he leaned back against the wall and looked out over the dance floor. "If you're gonna get something to drink, don't get it from the bowl on the left - I saw some kids spike it with somethin' from a flask in one of their sleeves."

High school these days is pretty damn stupid: instead of addressing problems like sex, drugs, and alcohol (which are all very rampant), they just choose to ignore it, or punish it after it happens instead of taking preventative measures. At dances they kind of do that, patting down all students before they walk in and then subjecting anyone suspicious to a breathalyzer test afterwards, but I haven't heard of a single school-related function where someone didn't bring some amount of alcohol, where someone_didn't crotch a fist of weed, where _someone didn't bang at least two other people. Maybe they ignore it because that's just easier to do. Nobody really wants to think of kids at school like that... though, really, this golden retriever...

He was modestly dressed, not too flashy, yet not too... 'everyday', I guess. Black slacks, charcoal-and-graphite button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a silver tie. He looked like someone you'd see presenting for a start-up tech firm, black-rimmed glasses and everything. The more I looked, the lighter grey patterns on his shirt molded from random lines and embellishments into a sort of floral print, which in turn matched the subtler flowing geometric design of his tie. Meanwhile, I wore, what... black jeans, a dark blue shirt that I figured would look black in this place's dim lighting (plot twist: it doesn't), my old slip-on laceless tennis shoes. "You don't drink?"

"I do, but not what they put in there. Smells strong. Like, paint thinner strong. Hell, it might be - you never know." Here, he spoke more openly and easily than I'd ever heard him before; maybe that was because of the noise, making him feel like nobody else would hear him. It's weird how that happens, because I had to admit, that's how I was feeling; in fact, even though I knew I couldn't dance, I was just about to ask him if he wanted to go out there and try it with me when-

"Hey Lukas. You have a boyfriend?" he asked.

I looked at him. He kept one paw in his pocket and the other on his drink, which he lifted to his lips; his brown eyes watched me. "Um... well, not... not right now..."

"Mm." He swallowed, licked his lips. "Was wondering. I used to see you around with, ah... a wolf, grey fur. Haven't seen him in a while, though, so I... just thought I'd ask."


Then, something else that caught me off-guard: "I always thought he was cute."

He spoke in the same quiet voice that I'd always known him for, so I had to keep on inching closer to be able to hear him. Eventually I ended up just a foot from him, if even that; were he to turn and face me, I'd probably be able to feel his breath on my whiskers. We'd stood face-to-face like that before, but I still never quite got used to how he was a good five inches or so taller than me, and still slim enough that it looked like I could easily wrap my arms around him...

Not that I'd do that, of course. Not without his permission. I swallowed, having no drink of my own to make myself less awkward. "Um... how about you?"

He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Do you have a... a boyfriend?"

With this, his ears went back down, his eyes flicked away from mine, and he tensed up. It looked like a faint blush burned beneath the wheat fur of his cheeks; and, when he spoke, the shy dog I remembered came back. "...Um... well, no - I mean, I..."

"Um..." I shifted. "Sorry, if..."

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom..."

and he turned and wove through the crowd of people past him. Dammit. I just stood there for a moment and then decided to follow him - I guess that was a touchy subject with him? Whatever; I felt like I needed to apologize, or I'd probably have to get a new partner in German... if I hadn't known the layout of the school, I probably wouldn't know where he went, as he totally bypassed the intended restrooms to be used by the patrons of the dance and went on further into the hallways, where most of the lights had been turned off and the loud music faded into a faint rumbling that just tickled the fur on the insides of your ears. Maybe I shouldn't have gone so far out of my way to follow him: after seeing him duck into a bathroom with its door held open by a little doorstop (because otherwise it'd probably lock), I waited another moment, breathed in, walked in after him.

He'd flicked on one of the lights just after entering, so I could see him jump upon hearing my footsteps on the cold tile floor. His ears shot up, then lowered again; he looked down from the mirror to the sink and didn't say anything.

"...Lawrence..." I stepped forward; one of his ears flicked toward me, but no more. "...Sorry. I should've... I dunno. I mean, you said he was cute, and I just - thought..."

"...Yeah. No, it's not your fault, Lukas. I was really nervous saying even that - I don't know if you heard it, but my voice cracked when I did..."

"I didn't."

"Oh thank God. That's reassuring." At last he straightened up, and met my eyes in the mirror. "You just... I don't know. I don't really... talk to people, much less about relationship stuff like that, and... I dunno. I saw you around with him... holdin' paws, and..." He shook his head, then turned and faced me. "I wish I wasn't so shy. I've been wanting to say more to you all year, but I've always been... 'scared' isn't the right word..."


"Yeah. I guess." Lawrence sighed, took his glasses off, rubbed his nose, put them back on. I stepped forward a little. "I don't know at all, Luke. When I was at home getting ready to come to this, I thought... okay, I hope that otter from German is here; maybe I can finally work up the nerve to talk to him, maybe I can, like... ask for advice with... liking..." He swallowed again. "...other guys..."

There it was. Hell, I, too, was nervous, and I didn't even know what was going to happen by the end of the night. Nobody would come back here to take a piss; whatever happened, we'd be alone and safe. He must have noticed me slowly coming closer - really, I just wanted to give him a hug; I think that'd help quite a bit - because his ears perked again and lowered again, and then he said - guess what?

"Can I have a hug?"

I didn't answer. Instead, I closed the distance between us and brought my arms up around his back, my head coming to about the middle of his chest due to our height difference. He smelled faintly of floral soap and clean cologne, something that worked with his natural scent but still couldn't fully cover the twinge of nervousness palpable in that scent. With my head on his chest, I could feel his heart pounding, ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, though it seemed to be slowing somewhat. I wondered what I would have felt had we done this earlier.

"You... smell like..." he started, but never finished. In the middle of the hug, I almost thought that I could feel a... a _warmth_against my lower belly, a bit of a stiffness from the front of his pants-

Suddenly, Lawrence jerked back and put his paws against the edge of the sink, knocking over his cup. This time, I was _certain_of a bright blush burning on his cheeks. "I-I'm sorry, Lukas, I j..."

"What? What is it?"

He looked away; my eyes drifted to his pants... ah. There was a definite bulge there, one that his slacks did little to hide. Even with a pair of slacks and possibly underwear in the way, Lawrence still looked to me like he'd be a bit of a... mouthful. I think my smile made his blush deepen. "L - look," he fumbled, "I just... it's 'cause you were close to me, a-and because you... you smelled like..."

"I smell like boy, probably..." I mused, more to myself than him; however, he still stopped talking when I said this. I again stepped closer to him. He was so cute when he was embarrassed. "...I mean, I had gym today, and then I forgot to shower between when I got home and now... but, um..." Almost without knowing what I was doing, I continued coming towards him until I could again feel the heat of his erection against myself. What I had in mind seemed like a good idea, though all of my motivation came from this odd mix of arousal, interest, desire, nervousness, and shyness. I stood up on my tiptoes, almost fell backwards (which wasn't in the plan), regained my balance, and plucked his glasses off of his muzzle. He twitched backwards in response. "You look cuter without your glasses."


God - even being close to him like this and feeling his warmth was enough to make me stiffen up a little. I pressed my hips forward against him, squeezing a soft moan from between his parted lips. I also couldn't tell if I was really being smooth like I wanted to be, or if my own nervousness just made me feel like that. In attempt to hide the slight shaking of my paws, I reached over to place his glasses on the other sink - and then when I turned back to him, he suddenly leaned forward and pressed his muzzle into my neck, having to lean over due to our height difference. My paw lowered to his rump and squeezed softly; he kissed the fur of my neck, shivered a little, traced his claws along my back through my shirt, drew back and looked at me.

"I..." he breathed. "I want..."

I nodded beside me. "There's a stall right over there. Nobody will come in, but if they do..."

"Yeah." He followed my nod and then gently took my wrist and had me follow him that way, to the larger stall in the corner of the bathroom. The same thing held true for him: either he was sure of himself, or he was guided on by nervousness. Either way, he seemed pretty certain of what it was he wanted when he locked the stall door behind us, turned to me, placed his paws on my hips, and guided me over to sit on the closed toilet; then, he knelt down in front of me, paw on one of my legs, the other one hovering in the air between us. "...Lukas, I..."

"How far do you want to go?" His muzzle remained maybe four or five inches from the fly of my pants. That very thought of that closeness made me throb a little; his nose twitched, and suddenly I got really embarrassed that he might be able to smell my musk.

Slowly, he moved his paw up and struggled briefly with unbuttoning my pants while working at his answer. "...Um... I think we should - should go as feels comfortable. Okay?"


"I just... want to..." ...he trailed off while drawing my zipper down, and then looked up at me when all that remained between him and what I'm sure he wanted was the thin fabric of the boxers I wore that day; I nodded and spread my legs apart a bit. Then, shakily, he wrapped his fingers around the waistband of my underwear and tugged it down, allowing the back of his paw to rub over the underside of my shaft; I shivered, heard his little intake of breath, felt the following sigh wash out over the skin of my hard shaft...

...and, then, instead of warm air on my cock there was a warm tongue, pressing in against me, slowly dragging up. Such a high school thing to do, play in the bathroom - didn't I just say earlier that I'd never heard of a high school dance where someone fucked someone new? Still, though... I'd never done anything like this before, and the riskiness of it, the constant worry of hearing the bathroom door creak open and footsteps on tile floor - somehow, for some reason, that made me enjoy the feeling of Lawrence's tongue as he brought it up my length even more.

One paw slowly stroked my length as he went up it, the other remained on my leg; then he reached the head of my cock, and breathed out another low sigh. A bit of a complication for some in this area, a blessing for others: Lawrence, however, seemed to know exactly what to do with it - foreskin. He moved his paw down to the base of my shaft, rolling my foreskin back with it, then slowly swirled his tongue around my head, lighter than he had in his original lick, just enough to make me squeeze the edge of the toilet lid and arch my back a little; then he drew his paw back up with his tongue still on my head, moving the skin over it so that I could feel any movement of his tongue both on and under it...

My God. He closed his lips around the head of my cock, just at the rim where the sensation sent a light shiver up my back. My eyes had drifted shut somewhere along the way so I couldn't tell for certain, but given the slow, deliberate movements of all his tongue, lips, and paw, it seemed that he was enjoying this; after keeping that tongue there for a while longer, he drew it out and then fully went down on me, lips tight and muzzle following the motion of his paw beneath that, down and up, down and up. I couldn't help but hump upwards into his muzzle, though I tried to keep my movements somewhat small - I didn't know how much experience he'd had. Me, I'd had two partners in the past, both male, and I wasn't exactly the best_cocksucker on the planet... Lawrence had a certain... _finesse to his work, though. He seemed to know just where to keep his tongue, just how tight to squeeze his lips around my length, just how much to differ the speed of his bobbing and of his paw so that I got the pleasure of his lips both over my foreskin as well as on the head of my length, and - his tongue on the underside, giving a little swirl, a little flick with each descent; I licked my lips and lowered a paw to his head.

His other paw, however, fell from my leg - and then, a moment later, I heard the gentle zip of his slacks' fly being undone, which made me open my eyes a little. Past his yellow-furred head bobbing along my length, I could see his own length: pink flesh, hard, cut, thick, something I'd love to have both on my tongue and under my tail. It felt like it'd be rude to push him off of me, though, so I just softly scritched behind one of his ears and let him continue, loving the way he cupped his broad dog tongue around the underside of my length, the different feeling and contours of it being a canid muzzle on me... again, I shivered, and licked my lips.

A little suddenly, he drew up off of my length, placed a kiss at the end (and then rolled my foreskin back up against his lips for another swirl of his tongue), then stood, grabbed my wrists, and pulled me to my feet as well. A little wobbly-legged from the blowjob, I had to lean on him for support - but that support soon changed, as he turned me so my back faced the stall divider and then pushed me back against it, causing me to breathe out a startled breath and open my eyes wider.

His grip lightened and he took a step back. "Oh, a - are you okay? That was... a little rough..."

I swallowed. "Yeah... you just startled me..." ...and pulled him back in.

His hard length pressed against mine, slicked with his saliva, and he got right back into it - grinding against me, bringing one paw up the small of my back, again burying his muzzle in the fur of my neck. Hell, I almost expected him to lift me up and fuck me against the stall wall (and even almost whispered to him, 'fuck me'), but sharp teeth against the skin of my neck removed any ability to speak. His other paw came up between us and held both of our cocks together, moving slowly, sharing in our heat and arousal while he gently chewed on my neck - and, god_damn_, he somehow knew just how I liked it, too, hard enough to make part of me twitch from the pain, soft enough to make me shiver all over with each bite and to make my fingers a little tingly from the sensation. The combined scent of our erections floated up and tickled my nose - God, how I wanted to suck him off, to feel both his length and his load on my tongue - but he held me pretty firmly between the wall and his own length, and... well, that was perfectly alright, too. I couldn't tell if it was his pre that I could feel on the underside of my head or my own, though we remained like that for a while: him softly biting at my neck, me gripping at his back and panting gently, the both of us lurching forward and back as we pressed into each other and into his paw, still holding our shafts together.

Lawrence drew back a little, again leaving me a little breathless from what he'd done to me with that muzzle of his eyes. His brown eyes, almost amber in this light, flicked across mine. "Wait. Lukas. I... wanna try something."

"Mm...?" was all I could manage as a response; when he removed his paw from our lengths, I brought mine around from his back and closed it around his. God, he felt like he'd be quite a mouthful, too...

"I'm... a little thick, though, so..."

"Yeah..." This time, it was I who went down on my knees, and rubbed the side of my muzzle against his hard length. He hadn't been expecting this: his balance faltered, and his paw suddenly shot out against the stall wall to keep himself up. "...but I feel like if I were to ride you, right here on that toilet, I'd... I'd be sore all weekend..."

"I don't think I'm... ready for... that..."

He trailed off as I returned the favor of one long, slow lick from base to tip along his shaft. I could certainly smell myself on him, but the taste that met my tongue when I closed my lips around him matched the majority of the scent that hovered here - and then I could only take maybe three-quarters of his full length in my muzzle before I could feel him at the back of my throat, and then, I couldn't go much farther. Lawrence shuddered, dropped his other paw to the back of my head like I had to his, and oozed out a little bead of salty pre onto my tongue, which I gladly swallowed down. Neither am I, I wanted to say, but... you know. There were other things on my mind and tongue. I could feel his tense muscles through my paws on his legs, holding him so that I could bob along his length like he'd done for me just earlier. His breaths came and went in slow, deep sighs, just as they usually did when someone received a blowjob; were he to lift me up and fuck me against the wall like I sorta wanted him to, those breaths would be faster, shorter, more raucous and uneven...

I wasn't entirely sure what he had in mind about 'wanting to try something' and why it mattered that he was thick, but a soft paw squeezing my shoulder accompanied by a gentle "Lukas..." made me open my eyes and look up at him, to see him looking back down at me with a look of slight embarrassment on his face. After moving back off of him one more time, I, too, stood up, and again pressed my shaft against his; his paw drifted down from my shoulder, down the front of my chest - I could feel his blunt claws through the fabric of my shirt - and then down my belly, stopping at the base of my cock, which he pushed down slightly. Warm, soft fingerpads... I didn't notice that he'd also angled his own length down until the saliva-slickened head of his cock pressed against the rim of my foreskin, half-retracted. Again, my eyes met his.

"You want to..."

"I wanna try."

He was thick, and I doubted that we'd be able to, though he could fit his tongue in just fine, and I'd managed three fingers at once while on my own a few times... I gave him a soft smile. Hell, I was interested. "Yeah. Yeah..."

At first, the feeling of him rubbing across the sensitive head of my cock made me shiver, made me try to find something on the wall behind me to grab on to, almost made my legs give out; still, though, there was something enticing in the idea of having not only his tongue under my foreskin at one time but his cock (or, at least, a very small section of it) as well... and, now, I was especially glad that I'd decided to go down on him just before - even though hearing me regret going down on someone is something pretty rare anyway.

However, then - then he managed to angle himself just right, or squeeze in just the right place, and I could feel my foreskin roll up over my own head as well as part of his, just a little before it slid past over his lubed flesh. His breath in my neck, his heartbeat against mine, the shivering in his body... eventually he managed to get what felt like half of his head's length in against mine under my foreskin, and then he readjusted the grip of his paw so that he could again stroke both of us at the same time, though considerably differently than what we were doing before.

The tightness, warmth, and slick contact was what did it for me, making me push forward into his paw and against his length, while I kept my shoulders pressed back against the stall wall for support. It might have been the whole feeling of everything for sweet Lawrence, as he gradually sped up and moved one of his paws to the wall beside my head, his other one keeping us level and... 'entwined', so to say.

He must have been considerably worked up: a few minutes of this (every now and then pushing in a little far and making me jerk backwards a little, though always with a breathy 'sorry' from him right after), still growing in speed and intensity, and - and he again bit down on my neck and then squeezed himself against me tightly; then, not a second later, there was a burst of hot, thick cum under my foreskin between us, and he slid out due to the added slickness - and I came quickly after, as he still pawed me off with the same force and speed. My load ended up spurting out along his length and pubic fur, with some spattering his black slacks (oops) and shoes.

Both of us panting, we just stood there looking at each other with similar tired smiles on our faces. He was the first to handle himself, wiping his cock off with a paw and then zipping his pants up; my cleanup was not quite so simple, for obvious reasons. I would've accepted a tongue-assisted cleaning if he offered, but he didn't, which was okay too.

"Sorry about your pants," I panted, zipping my own back up. "I... shoulda warned you - I kinda shoot a hard load..."

"I do, too, usually." He grinned, licked a thumb, and used it to wipe off the splatter. It only partially worked. "...So..."

"And be sure to get your glasses - they're on the sink..."

"Yeah..." He searched around in one of his pockets, and then took out his phone. "...könnte ich deiner Telefonnummer haben?..."

I smirked, took the offered phone, put in my number, and then handed it back. "Would you, um... like to go out and dance with me?"

Again, there was that hot red blush on his cheeks.

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