Tales in Taboo: After Hour Rendezvous

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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Hey guys, this is another short tail from Taboo, the Wild Wonderland. This one stars our sexy doberman herm, Officer Helena Pinscher as she looks for some after work attention.

Stars: Officer Helena Pinscher

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Another lifeless graveyard shift was finally over and Officer Helena Pinscher was driving home in a state of extreme horny. The Doberman anthromorph's short navy blue skirt is pulled up, revealing her red throbbing canine cock being stroked in one hand as she tries to stay focused enough to drive. One hand on the wheel and attention slipping, her car wanders dangerously close to the street's elevated curb. She feels the tires graze the solid concrete and with both hands back on the wheel, jerks away to avoid mounting the sidewalk exclaiming, "Oh shit!"

She comes to a stop at a stop sign and shakes her head, trying and failing to get her thoughts in order. All she can think of is getting off. Unconsciously, her left hand begins stroking her pulsing fully erect cock again. "I'm not gonna make it home like this," she grumbles to herself. Peering at the corner's street sign, she feels a flood of relief; she was close to the alley at 7th and New Haven. "Keep it together girl, just a little longer." She tells herself, re-gripping the steering wheel tight with both hands and making a left.

The streets were fairly empty at this time of night, but not completely. There was one dark alley she could usually expect to find some late night company. Helena brought the shabby squad car to a stop in front of a closed diner and got out. She tucks her raging cock between her legs in the hopes that if anyone was around, they wouldn't see it peeking out under the short skirt. Helena is a hermaphrodite, and having the urges brought on by both female and male hormones made it very difficult to ignore her frequent arousal. She puts a hand to her head in an attempt to adjust her policeman's cap only to remember she left it on the passenger side seat. She crawls half way into her vehicle to retrieve it.

To anyone watching, Officer Pinscher was a striking young member of the crumbling city's police force. She is of average height with appealing curves. She is built in the way of runners with lean springy muscle and long slender limbs. Helena has a glossy short primarily black coat with dark brown counter shading. As she places her hat atop her head, her pointed black ears stick up on either side of it. She considers tucking her thick waves of dark brown hair under the cap but decides it really doesn't matter. A brown stripe of fur on her throat leads the eye to her chest, where she wears a light blue patrol officer's shirt. The top few buttons are left undone, giving anyone who cared to peek a rather lovely view of her well proportioned breasts.

Helena's slim arms are mostly black but gloved in brown fur as are her feet. Her trim waist slips into a belt of a skirt, allowing a very distracting view of her long firm legs. A short black tail pokes out from a slit in her skirt, just above a well-toned ass. She walks around her car to the sidewalk, legs very close together. An observant passerby might notice the red pointed cock tip peeking from under her skirt if they saw her from behind.

Helena looks around cautiously but the streets are silent and with little illumination. She makes her way to the dark alley behind the diner. She can see nothing and calls out in a loud whisper, "Knotter? You here boy?" Immediately there is a rustling from the darkness and the sound of claws on concrete make Helena smile in relief and excitement. She kneels as a large feral Doberman walks sleepily but happily toward her, short tail wagging. She and Knotter met by coincidence when she was in a similar situation not long ago. "Oh, I'm so glad you're here boy." She coos to the large dog. Knotter licks Helena's face and she gratefully accepts his affection by opening her own mouth and licking him back.

The wet warm tongues of the anthro and feral mingle without reservation. Helena, already aroused gets even more so as Knotter begins to peek from his sheath, knowing what the police woman has come for. She puts a hand to his muscular barrel chest and stokes back along his fine fur to his cock. "There you are big boy." she coos as Knotter lathers her face with warm wet licks. His snout tips Helena's hat off her head and she doesn't care in the least as she gently pulls back on his sheath to reveal more of his quickly growing canine cock. "Oh yeah, good boy," she moans, gripping his exposed cock and jerking it off, feeling it pulse in her hand as it swells for her. Helena tilts her head to one side and opens her mouth wide over Knotter's and lets his warm flat tongue reach deep into her mouth.

Not at full yet, Knotter starts to hump Helena's hand. "Oh oh, sweetie, not yet. Just a sec." she chides as she turns around, getting on all fours. Before she can even lift up her skirt, Knotter mounts her from behind, humping wildly as his hind legs close in on Helena's. "Fuck yes, take me!" she groans, covering her wet womanhood with one hand and leaving Knotter only one entrance. She braces herself with her arm against his weight, nearly being pushed into the ground as he thrusts. His rock hard canine cock stabs at her butt and shielding fingers as he blindly tries to penetrate her.

Knotter steadily climbs higher on Helena's back until his head is resting over her right shoulder. "Good boy, good boy, almost there." She encourages, her voice undulating as her body wobbles with each thrust. After a few moments, Knotter hits his mark and shoves his full length into Helena's ass the moment he does. "Ooo, ooHHH!!" Helena starts, her voice reaching a high pitched from the pain before being cut off as her bracing arm gives out and her face slams into the cold hard concrete.

Helena's anus cries out in agony as Knotter drives himself deep into her bowels, straining her unprepared sphincter. Should have sucked him off first, the thought reverberates in her mind. Normally she'd have lubricated him with plenty her own warm slick saliva, but this time she was just too impatient and now had to endure the large horny canine's cock raw. The moment Knotter mashes himself balls deep into Helena's burning anus, he begins thrusting, swift and hard. Helena has no time at all to get used to him and the pain in her anus multiplies.

She turns her head, cheek flat on the concrete and cries out, "AHHH FUCK!! MY ASS!! AHH!! AHH!!" Without lubrication, Knotter's large canine shaft sticks to Helena's inner walls causing her anus to cone out around his cock every time he attempts to pull back. She tries to get away from him, but his weight and the pain in her butt are too great. All she can do is curl into a ball and whimper as she takes it. Knotter doesn't mind her discomfort at all and he rests himself fully on her back, pounding her hard.

The searing torture in Helena's ass begins to provide her with some of the pleasure she had been searching for and she just manages to get a forearm under her forehead and a hand around her wobbling cock. She grits her teeth against the pain as she begins to jerk herself off, anything to take some of the attention away from her burning ass. With some effort, mental and physical, she starts to reach a precarious balance between pain and pleasure as she masturbates while taking the large dog up her tailpipe.

Another dog appears in front of Helena, no doubt attracted by the commotion. She looks up at the sound of new paws on concrete, "Uh, ugh, uh, oh, a friend, ugh, of yours, Knotter?" she gasps, her entire body moving in sync with his thrusts. Knotter pays the new comer and her words no mind. From her low vantage point Helena can see the new dog is a mixed breed of some sort with a long shaggy gray coat and is rather large, in more ways than one. A big, red, pulsing, tapered, canine cock is growing between his hind legs. "Ugh, oh, sorry, uh, I'm a little, oh, full, at the, ugh, moment." The new dog approaches and with no regard for the crumpled young herm, mounts Helena and Knotter from the front and begins to hump.

The new dog's cock pokes at Helena's face, trying and failing to find a way inside her. All she can do is close her eyes as the slick warm cock jabs her again and again. Suddenly, Knotter's cock pulses inside Helena's ass, intensifying her pain significantly until warm sperm begins to flood her bowels. He fires several powerful shots that sting her already sore rectum, but with it pooling inside of her, Helena finds the warm liquid to be rather soothing. "Ohhh, oh yes, cum in me baby, ohhhhh." She moans as the fresh seed helps lubricate her sore anus.

Knotter continues to thrust into his bitch, his own slick cum finally allowing him to pull free of her a bit before ramming his length back in. As he continues to unload into Helena's colon, his base begins to swell. Helena feels it and immediately let's go of her own cock in an effort to block him, "No! No Knotter, don't knot baby, ok? Don't knot!" But the same cum that acted as a salve for her is spurting out with each ass rending thrust, making her grasping hand too slick to grab hold of him. As his knot swells, Knotter is having a harder time reinserting his spurting canine cock, despite the new lubrication, and thrusts with even more force to breach her. With one massive thrust he forces himself past Helena's cum slick hand and pops back into place within her wonderfully tight anus.

Helena presses again the ground hard and screams in pain as the massive bulb stretches her wide, tears rolling down her cheeks. In that moment, the gray new comer manages to find Helena's open mouth and shoves his cock inside. He hits the roof of her mouth and cheek before finding the back of her throat and charging home. Helena's scream is cut off and turns into panicked gagging as the gray dog immediately begins to pound the helpless police officer's throat. Her one free hand switches back and forth between pulling Knotter out of her butt and trying to push the gray dog back. She fails at both as the gray dog swiftly and repeatedly rams his cock down her throat. She can't even get enough control to bite the gray dog, as Knotter's cock pulls painfully on her anus, keeping her throat wide in a soundless cry.

Once spent, Knotter yanks away, pulling Helena's ass with him. If she was merely coning before, now it looked like she is trying to pass a softball. She gurgles in pain as slick saliva bubbles up from around the gray dog's deep throating dick. Her throat bulges with the insertion as the new lubrication lets the gray dog dive deep into her. She tries again to jerk herself off as she is spit roasted, the sensation making her incredibly horny despite the discomfort.

Knotter dismounts her, turning awkwardly until they're butt to butt. He pulls hard, stretching Helena's poor battered anus to the brink of tearing. She gurgles, wanting to say 'no' but unable to form the words, as he whines, determined to free himself. Helena tries desperately to scream as Knotter pulls harder and harder, her ass straining around his swollen knot. Until finally with a wet pop Knotter manages to free himself. Helena slumps forward, her ass horribly sore and burning but still feeling the immense relief of being empty if only in one end. She feels the cool night air on her rectum and she knows she's prolapsed, cum pouring from her pulled out colon, like a red rose spurting milk surrounded by the black fur of her butt.

Any relief is short lived as the gray dog suddenly cums down her throat. The dog has his forelegs wrapped under her arms and she is forced to take the first few powerful shot before she can jerk herself away. Cum bursts from Helena's nose as she coughs, the grey canine's long cock and cum coming up and out of her burning throat. She manages to push him away even as he humps the air, spraying more of his seed on the cold concrete of the alley. Once she can clear her throat a little, spraying the floor with warm cum, she then forces air through her nose to get what's left out of there as well, still jerking her own throbbing canine cock.

A weight lands on Helena's back and she jumps, fearing it might be Knotter again, but this weight is considerably less heavy than he is. She looks back to find a medium sized Labrador mounting her and she lets out a relieved breath. "You want some to huh?" she rasps, covering her womanhood to prevent the chance of puppies. "Fine." She groans, leaning over. The dog pokes painfully at her inside out rectum a few times before centering himself. He pushes it back in and Helena sighs, gratefully as he begins to pound her. After Knotter and the generous amount of lubricating cum he pumped into her, this dog feels much more pleasurable even on her tender inners.

After taking the new dog's cock in her ass and jerking herself off for a minute, Helena finally cums. She sprays her belly and the underside of her breasts liberally with warm goo which she can feel even through her uniform top. The dog cums too, leaving a wonderful warmth inside her. He dismounts from her loosened anus, his far more manageable knot pulling free with a minor tug. Helena falls over to her side, finally relieved, if terribly sore, body warmed seed pouring free from her tender anus. As she lies there catching her breath, Knotter wanders over, his cock hard again. Helena looks at him then lets her head fall back to the cold concrete, "Sorry boy, mommas down for the night."

Knotter doesn't seem to mind and he mounts her awkwardly thrusting at the non-responsive woman. His cock pokes her butt cheek repeatedly as he tries to find a hole. "Oh for fuck's sake." Helena groans, wrapping a still cum slick hand around Knotter's thick cock. She lets him fuck her hand for a while as she lies on her side, still recovering and after a time, he cums, sending warm sperm up her side and arm. Helena rolls over as she feels his impressive knot swelling at his base. He continues to mate with her hand, thin jets of cum dotting her already stained uniform ad coat.

Helena watches his knot, the idea that is was just tearing its way inside her starts getting her aroused again. Her lower lips moisten as her own cock begins to poke free of its sheath. Rolling on her back, she puts her lips to Knotter's spurting head and sucks on him, enjoying the salty warmth spritzing her tongue. She holds her own growing erection firm, loving the pressure of being forced to expand in her tight grip and within moments she is at full mast again. Still sucking off Knotter, she feels a movement at her groin and finds the gray dog, sniffing her erection and womanhood with interest. He looks ready for another round as well.

The large ray dog positions his forepaws on either side of Helena's chest and begins to hump at her groin. She catches him with the hand on her own cock, grabbing both red throbbing penises in one hand. The gray dog's cock thrusts parallel to hers' making for a delightful friction. He shows his appreciation by licking her face. Knotter has had enough and wanders off, laying down to lick his own spent erection, leaving Helena to return the gray dog's sloppy kisses with some of her own.

Still jerking herself and the gray dog off as he humps her hand, a shadow falls over Helena's face. She looks up to find the third dog standing over her head, pointed cock twitching. Without a word she grasps it with her free hand and begins jerking him off too. Turning a cheek to the gray dog's slobbering laps, she grabs the third dog's cock with her tongue and pulls it into her mouth, sucking and jerking.

Helena shivers as she senses another climax coming. She feels the gray dog's cock pulse in her hand and warmth spreads over her chest as he cums all over the underside of her breasts and shirt. The intense pulses push her over the edge and she moans around the third dog's cock, "Mmm, mmmmmm." She lets loose her own ropes of thick sperm thoroughly coating and warming her belly. She pops the third's cock free and coos, "Good boy, let it all out." Just then the third pulses in her hand and a shot hits her cheek, "Oh, good boy, oh yes, coat me." She moans, adjusting her head so the third sprays cum all over her face.

Completely spent, Helena lays back, breathing hard as cooling spunk mats her fur. All three dogs lie close to her, their furry bodies radiating warmth. She lay still for a while, looking up at the night sky while petting a dog with either hand. "I have to come here more often." She says to no one in particular.

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