The Cat's Meow!

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#35 of Miscellany

Oh look, I finally got another story out. Enjoy.


For some of us, they are our bane. We hate to admit where we're from if we have

moved on in life and we find that our roots are an embarrassment to our present

social status. Now me, I have fond memories and yet I don't talk much about my childhood.

I mean, it didn't seem odd at the time, but it does now, and it's got even

odder in recent days.

How can my childhood get odder now

that I'm older? Judge for yourself.

Let me tell you a little about

myself. I'm Todd and I'm a midlevel manager for a manufacturing company. I got

my start in one of their local factories when I turned eighteen, and got

noticed right away for my diligence and attention to detail. It was recommended

that I go to trade school, which I did, and quickly rose in the ranks until I

was positioned in one of their factories another state over.

That was like nine years ago that I

first started there and now I was returning home to oversee a few new refits in

the old factory. I wasn't all that excited to be home, for my parents had moved

and there wasn't really anyone I wanted to see. 

And there were a few I really felt I should avoid.

One of them was named Lisa.

She and I grew up on the same

street.  When we were young we did

everything together. The only visible difference between us was our species and

our sex, otherwise we were dressed the same and we were often just as dirty and

muddy as the other. For years we didn't even think of ourselves as anything but

friends, but that did change a little over time.

It doesn't take a genius to notice

the difference in the male and female bodies. Still, we didn't think too much

on it. We were different in some ways, but more like in others. But when we

were around ten or eleven, she started feeling a little different. Not about

me, or us, but within herself. She started feeling urges that no one had bothered

to explain to her. But she figured out how they could be handled, and she had

me to help her with that.

I didn't know or understand a damn

thing about sex, but together we figured it out anyways. My cock was often

stiff, and finding a method for dealing with it seemed like a perfect thing to

go with what she wanted. Our first few times were comically awkward, but we

soon got the actions down pat. It was just another game we played, and we were

smart enough to know that it was one to be played out of sight of everyone


During the summer we played it

every day, often two or three times if we had the occasion and the place. I

didn't even learn the term "fucking" for another three years. By that time my

fellow males were talking about wanting to do it. I kept my mouth shut, for if

nothing else, I doubted they would have believed me. Lisa was my friend, not a

girlfriend or a sextoy. Telling them would have only complicated something that

didn't need complicating.

I can't say how many times we did

it, but it numbered well over a thousand. It often wasn't long and drawn out,

but it was fun. It served a purpose and we liked it so there wasn't anything

else that mattered.

But when she got older, she found

an interest in other boys, and our games stopped. I was sad, but I sort of

understood. I was getting interested in other girls, but Lisa was always in the

back on my mind.

Being a different species meant

that there was never any danger of her getting pregnant, though that was hardly

a concern early on. By the time I got that sort of information, we had parted

ways. I mention this because by the time we graduated from high school, she had

become with child. By this time I was on my way to a life outside of that hick  town, and it looked like she was going to be

tied down by it.

So there is the required background

you'll need to follow along. I think you'll pick up the rest as I tell the


I arrived in town late one night,

got settled into the local fleabag motel and in the morning went to a classic

old diner that served a great breakfast. All I wanted was coffee at first, as I

looked over the schematics for the upcoming renovations. The coffee was hot,

but the white porcelain cup had lipstick on it. I knew it was tough stuff to

get off in the dishwasher, but I still couldn't believe someone had sent it out

for use. I looked up at the waitress and said,

"Uh, this cup is dirty."

She smiled back. "No it isn't. I

put that there myself!"

It took a few seconds for my brain

to change gears. It was her! "Lisa?"

"Hello Todd! Long time no see!"

My brain did several things. I'm

almost ashamed to admit I looked to her finger. No ring! I looked at her chest.

I hadn't seen it since she had developed such an excellent pair of breasts.

"It has been a long time."

"Watcha doin in town?"

"I have work to do down at the


"Work? I thought you were some sort

of boss!"

"Even bosses do work."

She smiled. "Not like the rest of

us. Where ya staying?"

"Where else? The Traveler's Motel

out along the highway."

"Yuck! They haven't updated that

place in years. I might have a better place to suggest?"


"My place! I have free reign over

grandma's old homestead. It's seems a little big for two, but it works."

My heart grew cautious. "Two?"

"Yeah! Me and Sarah."


"Geez Todd, did you forget I had a


That's right! She had a baby just

like I said and I had forgotten already. I mean, she hardly looked like she had

lost the edge on her girlish figure. We were both older, but she looked

remarkably younger; younger than I thought I looked at the moment.

"Sarah huh? I never knew her name.

How old is she now."

"Ten going on thirty. She acts a

lot like I did when I was her age. She's as much the tomboy as I was."

I spoke without thinking. "Is she

just like you?"

Lisa's smile grew wider. "Oh, I

would say she is. Probably a punishment to me for all the things I did wrong in


"Wrong? What could you have done


"You come and stay with us, and

maybe I'll tell you."

I asked for time to think it over.

The hotel was pretty seedy, so it wouldn't take much to improve my quarters.

And I was expecting to stay a while. I hated to spend money, even company money

on such a place as that. But the option of moving to better digs had a

drawback. And that drawback was Lisa. We had drifted apart and I felt that any

getting back together at this point was, well...pointless.

Oh, I wasn't so naïve as to think

she had anything platonic in mind. But seeing as I was only going to be here

for a few weeks tops meant that there was no way I would ever be caught up in

any snare she might have suddenly concocted. Sex would be a welcome change to

my routine as of late, but I didn't want to open up old relationships and with

them any possible lingering wounds. I was stuck between temptation and

discretion. Temptation won out.

I remembered all of those times as

kids, and I had a sudden hankering to find out what a little maturation had do

to her and what she had to offer. I left a note with her tip, saying I would

see her in the evening. I didn't need an address. We had snuck more than our

share of stolen moments in that house. I remember the time...

Oh, not now.

Things at the factory didn't go

smoothly that first day. I didn't expect them to. By the time I got to the

house, it was late. The lights were on, and Lisa was sitting on the front

porch. The look on her face was one of relief.

"I thought that maybe you had stood

me up!"

"Naw! But I did have a tough day at

the plant, and after that had to get my things from the motel. That makes for a

long day!"

"I'll just bet it does. Come on in,

get cleaned up and have something to eat."

I was escorted to one of the

upstairs rooms. The bathroom was across the hall, and I was soon filling the

confines with steam. I was wondering about the kid and what plans Lisa had for

me. Then I just relaxed. I had already told myself that it hardly

mattered.  Her daughter wasn't mine, and

anything she wanted from me had better happen soon. I wasn't going to be around

for long.

I toweled off, dressed and went

downstairs.  Sitting on the couch in the

living room was Lisa, or rather, someone who looked so much like her when we

were kids that I stopped and stared. Lisa was in the kitchen, so this had to be


"Hello!" I said as calmly as I

could. This kid hardly needed to get any wrong impressions from me. But the

things I was remembering about her mom would be enough to make a crow blush.

"Hi! You're Todd, right?"

"The last time I checked I was."

She giggled. "You're kinda funny.

Mom says you and her were best friends once. "

"Yeah, I guess we were."

"Aren't you always best friends?"

"Well, I guess so. Life has a way

of pulling people apart."

"Oh. But here you are again. Isn't

that great?"

The look on her face was both

precious and alarming. She looked so much like Lisa that I had a few dirty

thoughts that didn't do me any credit. What we had done as kids was past and

done. But now I was having the same thoughts all over again. I fought them down

and answered her in the best way I knew how.

"Yeah. I guess it is!"

I moved to the kitchen, feeling a

little shaken with myself. I hadn't planned on nailing Lisa, but now I was

feeling differently. I had a rush of adrenaline with the flood of memories that

were coming back to me. The bed was going to be rocking if I had anything to do

with it.

She had fixed a plate of good old

favorites and they were as sumptuous as anyone in the previous generation had

been able to cook. She had learned a lot from her mom and grandmother

apparently. I assumed her gran had passed, which was why she was in the house.

It was still filled with a lot of old things, but here and there her sense of

style won out over the mass of outdated things.

After I filled up, we returned to

the living room to talk. Sarah eyed me with curiosity, but refrained from doing

any more than listening to the conversation her mother and I were having. She

kept steering it towards the past, and I kept trying to bring it around to the

present. I didn't know what her kid knew about us, but if she didn't know

anything, now was not the time to be telling her.

It finally got to be time for her

to go off to bed. It was summer, so there wasn't any school, but her mom made

sure to keep her on a fairly strict schedule. After she kissed her mom

goodnight, and gave me a firm shake of the paw, she was up the stairs and in

her room. That left Lisa and I alone.

"So Todd, I see you haven't found

the right girl to settle down with."

"What? You mean the lack of a


"For one. I also have a keen eye

for who looks at me with more than a casual glance. I think your mind has been

a little deep in thought traveling down memory lane."

I had nothing to lose."Yeah, I

think you're right. We kind of broke off right when we both started to get


"Good call. I agree. I sort of

regret that. So what say, at least while you're in town, that you and I

rekindle old friendships?"

"What's the catch?"

"No catch. We can't get into any

trouble over what we do. I haven't had a good fuck in quite a while though it's

not for a lack of suitors."

I could imagine, in her job, the

number of offers she might get in just a week.

"What stops you?"

"The truth? Not of them comes close

to being what you were. I always hoped I'd get another chance at you."

She was open, I'll give her that."I'm

not going to be around for all that long. If all you want is to recapture some

of our past glories, then I can go for that. But anything more meaningful is

out of the question. When this plant refit is done, I have a job to get back


"I know. But I've learned to take

life one day at a time. And every once in a while, one night at a time too. So,

your bedroom or mine?"

"Whichever one won't disturb Sarah.

She seems bright, but there's no need to get her interested in what we're


"I think it's too late for that. I

told you she's a lot like me when I was that age."

"Then just find her a playmate of

an incompatible species and you'll be fine."

"You mean like you? I always did

fancy your short little tail, kitten-whiskers."

No one had called me that in a damn

long time! The guys used to make fun of me; that is the other felines. Bobcats

have naturally stubby tails. On the other hand, getting into pants was a lot

easier for me than it was for them.

"Oh, something like that long-ears.

Your tail isn't any better!"

Yeah, that's how different we were.

Normally kind stuck with kind, but me and her had been tight for a long time.

And tight is what I was hoping she still was. I didn't fully appreciate it back

in the day. But now I had a newfound desire to get a look at what was sitting

underneath her fluffy tail.

I will tell you right up front that

by the time we got to the top of the stairs my cock was the hardest t had been

in years. It was helped along by her going up first, and showing quite clearly

that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath her skirt. Had we been alone, I

might have tackled her at the top landing and worked her over right there. But

a bed was softer on the butt and knees, and I was a little more mature than I

had been fifteen years ago.

Her bedroom was down the hall, past

where I was going to be staying, and right next to Sarah's room. I was going to

protest, but my libido overruled my common sense. If Lisa didn't care that our

nocturnal commotion might wake her kid, who was I to argue?

She closed the door, walked to the

bed and proceeded to nonchalantly strip off what little she had on. It hadn't

been apparent before, but her skirt and shirt were all that covered her furry

nudity. To say that she had planned for me to spend the night from that first

moment this morning was quite obvious. I almost felt like I had been suckered

into this, but considering what I was in for, I would have been more of a

sucker to refuse.

I was looking at a body that

belonged on a fashion runway, or in a porno flick. I would have said a movie,

but hiding any part of it with clothing would have been a shame. Those breasts,

which had been just budding when we quit hanging out were now a beautiful pair

of firm orbs clinging to her chest. Her hair and her ears were both nearly as

long as the other and she had dyed the hair of her crotch in the form of a pink

heart. Either she was constantly daring or she somehow knew I was coming back

home. Either way, I fell in love in that instant.

She had me hooked and I didn't even

give a damn!

I couldn't get undressed fast

enough, and the truth was, I wasn't clothed much more than she had been. That

was one reason I was a little nervous around her kid. A hard-on showed up

rather blatantly when I wasn't wearing something to help constrain it.

Thoughts ran through my head of so

many of the things we had done in the past. Trust me; we had probably fucked in

more ways that either of our parents had ever considered possible. The very bed

we were about to consummate our lust on had been visited by us on a few

occasions, though always with a towel spread over the comforter so as to no

leave any evidence. I felt a wave of nostalgic pride remembering that we had

never been caught even once in our sexual activities.

I was ready to hit the mattress,

but Lisa stopped me in my tracks by dropping to the floor in front of me. She

had a sly look on her face, and I knew she was thinking of something.

"Remember the first time I gave you

a blow job?"

I did."Yeah. I had no idea what you

had in store for me. I thought that putting my cock in your mouth was something

kind of dirty."

"You changed your mind pretty

quickly as I seem to recall."

I had. She had sucked me off until

I came, fell to me knees and passed out. When I woke up she was still at it. If

she was still that good, I was either in store for the time of my life or I was

doomed, depending on whether she relented after I came the first time.

"Yes I did. And you also taught me

how to reciprocate."

"Yes I did," she said proudly. "And

I intend to have you do your part later. I just haven't found another tongue

like yours. It always seemed to know how to caress my lady parts in just the

right manner."

She was right. My feline tongue was

just rough enough to stimulate her into doing some incredibly loud things. The

first time it scared the crap out of me. Thereafter we made sure we were

somewhere where the sound didn't carry. Basements were good for that sort of

thing. Old Man Hardwick's root cellar was perfect.

Our present conversation was put to

an end by her leaning forward and grabbing my cock. As it was pulled into her mouth,

her hands slipped down to my balls and began stroking them, gently at first but

with ever increasing vigor as time progressed. I remembered that first time so

long ago and just about blew my wad right then. But age had given me a little

more tempering, and I struggled for a moment to hold back. This was something I

didn't want to rush through.

I didn't know what deep-throating

was back then. Lisa could do it; she did do it, and she did it well. I'm sure

she had the older boys in awe of her way back when in high school. I know that

I was now. She could take everything I had and act like she was sucking on a

lollipop. It wasn't in the side of her mouth either, but pointed straight down

her throat.

And she didn't spare the enthusiasm

in trying to get me off, let me tell you.

The   first time we had did this there had been a

minor casualty. I had grabbed her ears and when we were done, she had deep

gouges in them from my nails. I consciously refrained from doing any such

damage this time, but I still held onto her lovely silken lobes just for

something to keep myself upright with. She looked up at me with a "be careful

there" glance which I entirely understood. I wasn't to be leaving any undue

impressions in her delicate skin.

That didn't mean I didn't have a

solid grip on them. I had to keep myself from overbalancing somehow, because by

the time she was going to be done with me, I was going to be weak in the knees.

Her mouth was a warm, moist

pleasure-haven  that could only be

outdone by another cavity half a body length away. She wrapped her lips around

the base of my shaft and proceeded to slip back and forth over the entirety of

my organ until I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head.  Once in a while she would slip down to the

end, running her delicate tongue over the head of it, teasing the opening until

the nerves there screamed for more.

I managed to hold out for maybe ten

minutes before I lost all control. I let loose a flood of semen straight into

her mouth and right down her throat. She dug her manicured nails right into my ass

and held on as my body uncontrollably humped her face until it has over. Then,

just as my knees gave out, she slid off my cock and grabbed me before I hit the


She giggled. "Just like in the old


My legs were quivering, and I knew

if I tried to talk, so would my voice. If things kept getting better as the

night progressed, I was going to be loath to leave this town again. The problem

was, I had no reason to stay. Well, one reason, but it wasn't a practical one,

even if it did fill a hole that had been gaping for many years now. My job was

one state over, and there was nothing here for me financially. Plus I really

doubted Lisa would want to leave and come back with me.

But there was time to work out the


She pulled me onto the bed and

pushed me onto my back. She had always been the instigator in our previous

affairs and she hadn't changed a bit in that aspect. I figured I wouldn't be

ready for sex for a little while, and I suppose she knew that too. But she

still straddled me like she had every intention of riding me out in the not so

distant future.

"So Toddy! Have you missed me?"

"To be honest, I was rather leery

about coming back to town. I had no idea what I might find."

"You mean who you might find? You

weren't looking for me, were you?"

"Honestly, no. But I had no

intention of trying to avoid you either. I had no idea where you were or what

you were doing."

"Still here, doing my thing. I told

you I made mistakes in my life. Do you know what one of them was?"

"What was that?"

I could feel her damp crotch on my

front as she settled down on top of me.

"Letting go of my best friend. We

had so much fun and I went and ruined it by trying to be the big shot. "

I gulped a little.

"I missed you too. I'll tell you

the truth, I've thought of you often, but work has kept me busy. And with mom

and dad moving out of here, I never had a reason to come back. But it looks

like maybe I did."

She smiled; a warm, genuine smile

that meant his words, though they were few, had touched a soft spot in her.

"It's my fault. I knew where you

were, just not what you were doing. I sort of figured you might be married by

now. I was surprised to learn you weren't."

"How did you find out?"


"Ronny Westford?"

"Yep. He found out you were coming

back and told the whole diner a week or so ago. I feigned disinterest, but you

know me and my ears. They always have the capacity for hearing even the most

intimate whisper. With his voice, a deaf dodo could have heard him half a block


Then it struck me. She had known I

would be here, so her cute little dye job was solely for me! But she had to

know that I wouldn't be able to stay. It seemed a lot of effort to snag me when

I would have fallen for her charms alone. But what more could she want other

than a few days worth of pure, unadulterated sex?

"I remember. But Lisa, you know I

can't stay...right?"

"Oh, maybe I do and maybe I don't. I

heard more than just the fact that you were coming back to town."

"Such as?"

She looked at me a little oddly.

"Are you pulling my leg?"

"I might grab your foot for luck,

but I really have no idea what you're hinting at."

"Hmm. Maybe so. Then it's not for

me to divulge.  But let me just say that

there's something on your horizon that just might alter the course of your


She could see I was ready to pump

her for information, so she leaned down and kissed me soundly. I mean

lip-mashing, tongue-entwining action. Whatever news she had, she intended to do

her best to keep it. I was content for the moment to let it slide. I doubt

anyone in this town knew anything more about me other than the reason I was

back. There wasn't a possibility they knew something to do with my job that I

didn't already know.

As we locked our faces in a deep

embrace, her soft paws went down to my cock and began coaxing some life back

into it. I wasn't as quick about it as when I was young (oh, I know I'm not

old) but it sprang forth fast enough. When I was thirteen, my cock rarely was

flaccid. I was rather glad to be past those years. A persistent hard-on is

something you don't want to deal with on a daily basis when you're a

responsible adult.

She grinned with a lascivious smile

as she guided the throbbing head of it into her inner wetness. I have to admit

an innate curiosity as to whether or not she was still a snug fit after having

a kid. The answer was soon upon me. Maybe my memory had dimmed over the passing

years, but I swear to God she was tighter now than she had been before! She

wiggled down until every last inch of me was inside, wrapped up in a warm

coating of bunny cunt.

I had a few girlfriends over the

years; mostly those from other species that didn't want to have kids. That

meant no felines, but an assortment of rodents, canines and one raccoon girl.

Each was different, but they had never compared to Lisa. Or maybe I should say,

to my memory of Lisa. Lisa herself had just blown my memories to kingdom come!

A groan left my lips to dissipate

into the evening air. She let loose of one as well, sighing heavily as she

allowed her full weight to rest upon my hips. She was a heavier than in the old

days, but then so was I. Still, I wasn't being nasty, for she was as petite as

she had always been. By closing my eyes, I could imagine our childhood all over

again, and by opening them, experience a whole new version of it. This just

couldn't get any better!

I ran my paws over her body,

reveling in the curves, the soft fur and the fact that this was my former

playmate grown up to be a regular playboy bunny!. As such, she was already

attuned to what I liked, and from all appearances, was ready to delight me in

every way I might desire. She arched her back as I stroked her breasts, crying

out a little as I gently pinched each nipple before returning to caressing her

belly and her sides. I cupped a butt cheek in each paw and squeezed them. They

were a magnificent pair of perfectly formed hindquarters, and the fluff of a tail

sitting in between was a perfect counterpoint to them.

I thrust slowly into her once; then

twice; and by the third time I was ready to hit my stride. If you think two

rabbits can go at it - like rabbits - you should see me with one. I grabbed her

around the shoulders and pinned her down as my hips went into a crazy

slam-dance on her curvaceous frame. It was one of the things that was different

from before. She had just been budding into womanhood when we had gone our

separate ways. I had missed out on that, but this was very, very nice. It was

time to make up for lost time.

I cut loose like a revved up

weed-wacker. I heard her gasp in my ear as my cock pounded in and out of her

with all the energy I could muster. There might be time for something more tame

later, but for the moment I had a desire to drill her out with no holds barred.

I held her tightly, cranked up the volume and rocked her world like I hoped no

one had done in ages.

My cock was fare stiffer than I

deserved, especially after having had the edge taken off with her wonderful

oral ministrations earlier. I drove it in deep; each thrust purposeful and

deep, but still going at an incredible pace.

I kept it going for as long as I

could and when I began to tire out, she responded by taking over. I had a

feeling she was going to try to one-up me.

"Tired already? Working a desk job

has made you a little soft."

I sucked air into my lungs. What

could I say? She was right after all.

"I had no idea I was so out of

shape until this moment."

"I guess you need a good woman to

help get you back in shape."

"Are you offering?"


My heart sank.

"Then why did you say that?"

"It wasn't an offer stupid, it was

a proposal."

"Just like that? After all this

time and you want to get married?"

"I made up my mind that if I ever

got a second chance I would jump at it." She paused and then smiled slyly. "And

jump on it."

That gave me pause for thought. In

my absence her heart had grown fonder.  Where had mine gone? I knew that I was

presently infatuated with both her present looks coupled with my many fond

youthful memories. But a lifetime together? Such liaisons were frowned upon as

they were always childless, but she had a kid so that might mitigate that

aspect. And to be honest, I didn't know what kind of father I would make. I think

I was a better lover than I was a father figure. But this was Lisa, and that

meant that we already knew a lot about each other. That had to count for a lot.

"Ask me in a few days. It's obvious

you've had time to think this over and I haven't. I have nothing against your

proposal, but I want to make sure of myself before I give you an answer."

"Fair enough. But just so you know,

I intend to do everything in my power to convince you to stay."

"Then I guess I'm doomed."

She leaned down and bit my nose.

"Doomed? Don't tell me you've turned into a jackass since you left!"

"I meant it as a compliment. You

have no idea how tempted I am right now to say yes."

"Oh. Then I apologize. Trust me

Todd. I've not thought about this lightly. After a few failed tries, I found

that what I want and what I need are the same thing. And that is you."

"After all this time, how can you

be sure?"

"Easy. I fell in love with you a

long time ago, only I didn't know it."

"Ehh? Love?"

"Yes love. You have no idea how

much I've missed you. If that isn't love then I don't know what is."

I was silent for a moment. In that

lapse she returned to moving her hips, taking over where I had left off. Her

muscles clamped down on my cock with the constriction unparalleled by any

sexual encounter I had had since becoming an adult. If she was tempting me with

what she had to offer, she was going about it the right way. But I was still going

to need a better inducement. Sex was great, but I had to be sure I was prepared

to be in this for the long haul.

"Give me some time bunnybutt."

"Take as much time as you need


I felt a wash of nostalgia as we

called each other by the nicknames we had dreamed up well over a decade ago. I

could so live with her for the rest of my life, but the hell if I was going to

say it too soon. She had sought to trap me and she had, but I was going to hold

out for as long as I could. Good things came to those who wait. But she wasn't

waiting. She was pulling up on my cock with the force I could have computed if

it were one of the machines in the factory. It was impressive having one's butt

leave the bed, even if only by millimeters. She had full control over her body

and wasn't afraid to flaunt it.

I closed my eyes and remembered

some of the times we had stole away to the woods and we then had to brush each

other off because of the leaves and sticks stuck to our knees and butts,

depending on who was on top and who was on the bottom. At that moment I so

wanted to fuck her until I was sated. If that meant matching memory to action

then that was going to take years at least. 

She was going to have her way even if my mind voted against it.

 What good was a mind when it came to love


She rode me for a good half an

hour, seeing as she had confused my libido by involving my head in the

equation. By the time I blew my second load, she had come to two screaming

orgasms.  There wasn't a chance in hell

that her kid was still asleep. I hoped there was some sort of privacy clause in

their mother/daughter relationship because I really wouldn't feel comfortable

with her coming in right then.

But all in the house remained

silent. That is, nothing outside of the heaving breathing as both of us gasped

for air. I hadn't had a fuck like this in ages and from what I could gather,

neither had she. It made me wonder when the last time she had been with a

fellow. I wasn't rude enough to ask, but I was curious. She apparently was

planning on mentioning that, once she got her second wind.

"God Todd! I really screwed up

dumping you over like I did. I haven't felt like this in years!"

So she had given up on guys then. I

guess she really had held out hope for getting me back. But I didn't understand

why she just didn't call or write. It wasn't like I was purposely hiding out. I

just wanted to avoid any hometown drama. Now this; this kind of drama I could handle!

"Dammit Lisa, why didn't you try to

get a hold of me?"

"Simple stupid. I didn't want to

screw things up for you. You made it good with your life. Me, I just sort of

squandered what I had."

"You seem to be doing ok."

"OK? Yeah I guess you could say that.

But what about great? I want to be and to do more!"

"So would you move out of state

with me?"

"Maybe. Would you stay here with


I had to think. I had already run

that scenario through my head. "I don't know. What kind of job would I get

here? There isn't that much outside of the factory, and there isn't room for me

there. I would have to take a demotion and a pay cut."

She smiled. "Would that be so bad?

I really have missed you Todd."

Women! She had me in bed and under

the influence of hormones. At a time like this money seemed trite, but everyone

needed it. To give up all I had worked for to be with her? It was a tough

decision. Oh, I was thinking it over, trust me. She had assets a bank could

never match! But it wasn't a decision I intended to make lightly. I had not

seen her in years and jumping into a full blown relationship wasn't all that

easy, even for the two of us.

"I've missed you too, but what

you're asking for is a lot."

"Might not be so bad if you wait a

little bit."

"Wait? For what?"

"Now that is something you'll just

have to wait to find out.  I can't

predict the future, but a waitress sometimes hears things, like I said before.


She was toying with me. She knew

something important and she wasn't going to tell. I sighed inwardly. It had to

be something big, and something well concealed because I was on my toes with

everything. The only exception was this present refit, which wasn't going as

smoothly as I had laid it out on paper. It didn't help that the present general

manager of the facility was an old fuddy-duddy who hated computers and digital

technology with a passion. He was going to have to deal with it one way or

another because corporate was modernizing every factory they owned.

"Lisa, I don't want to start over

by playing games. The sex is great, just like it always was, but if there is

something I should know, I'd prefer to have it told to me straight out."

"And I would my little pussycat,

but sometimes knowing and telling are two different things. Remember how I

never told anyone about our fun activities. Not even in high school?"


"Well silence is the word for the

time being. I only mentioned it because it's something that will affect your

final decision. And therefore you have to wait. It wouldn't be all bad. You'll

have me to entertain you until the moment comes."

I gave up. Lisa could hold a poker

face better than anyone I knew, and if you tried to pry a secret from her, she

clammed up tighter than the vaults at Fort Knox. I have a feeling that no one

in town still, to this day, knew a thing about all of the fucking we did as

kids. If there was anyone in the world I knew I could trust, it was her.

"Fine. You never let me down in the


"Yes I did. But that's a mistake I

hope the remedy."

I quit talking. It was going to get

me nowhere and likely as not was going to kill the mood.  She looked at me for a moment before

snuggling in close.

"You always were a fast learner. "

My answer was to pull up one of her

ears and give it a kiss. I was awake for a while, savoring the thrill of the

past few hours and the smell of sex as it clung to my sensitive nose. As I

started to fall asleep, I head a little noise from somewhere in the house and

wondered a little about the girl. I was going to be adopting her if this all

went through. Some folks around here might not approve, but they could go fuck

off. I was beyond caring what most people around here thought about anything.

Morning came all too quickly. I was

an early riser, but not nearly as early as Lisa. She had the morning shift at

the diner and that meant getting the place open and the coffee and such ready

for the first customers of the day.

She woke me up, not with her alarm,

but by getting under the sheets and sucking me off again. Damn, but that's the

best way of getting up in the morning. When she was done licking me dry, she

crawled out and stood by the bed.

"Morning wood! There's nothing

quite like giving it a good polish before I head out for a long day of tedium!"

I was still hearing the blood

thumping through my ears.

"Yeah, I could get used to that."

"Good. Because you and I have a lot

of lost time to make up."

She headed off to the bathroom,

making sure to wiggle her butt as she did. That girl knew all the tricks! I had

a feeling that she got a lot of proposals, and there had to be some darn good

ones that had come along. That she had waited for me in silence was enough to

make up my mind. But I refused to say any more about it until she told me what

she knew.

Two could play that game.

She kissed me before she headed

off. I waited a short while before getting up. I could have lain there quite

happily, but I needed to check on some of the equipment that had been delayed

and the only way I could do that was by tracking it on my computer. Thankfully

she had internet. That sort of thing was uncommon when I was young, but most

everyone had it now.

Lisa had set a

pot of coffee brewing for me, and again, I knew she was laying it on thick. She

was showing me what kind of wife she could be. I no longer needed a whole lot

of convincing, but it was a nice touch nonetheless.

I pulled a mug

from the cupboard and sat down, intent on ironing out the kinks in this

project. Hell, I doubt my old boss was even awake yet, the old lazy bastard. I

liked the old man well enough, but he wasn't a go-getter. He had hit his prime

years ago and had been coasting for years. He was going to need someone on hand

just to keep him aware of all of the changes that where going on around him.

I had been up

about an hour when I heard the padding of feet coming down the stairs. I had

almost forgotten about Sarah. It was her house too, and I was only a guest. I

hoped she didn't have too many embarrassing questions to ask me about the night


She went

straight to the fridge, got out the milk, climbed up and got a box of cereal,

followed by a bowl and a mug. She poured out some coffee, added cream and

sugar, and then made a big bowl of cereal.

"Morning Mr.


"It's just Todd


"If you say so.

Mom says I need to show respect to my elders."

"Elders? I don't

feel like anyone's elder."

"Well, you are

old like mom..."

I sensed I was

being set up.

"Yes, I believe

that does make me old. Of course, you're just a little baby compared to me."

She actually got

her dander up over that. "Hey! I know the stories! Mom made me promise not to

tell, but you and her were doing adult stuff way before you were supposed to


So Lisa had told

one confidant. "Your mom told you that?"

She put her hand

to her mouth. "I wasn't supposed to blab."

"It's alright.

Something tells me you can keep a secret almost as well as your mom."

"She's better. I

haven't gotten good at; at controlling my...spon-tan-ei-ty."

"It takes

practice keeping your mouth closed when you need to. So what did your mom tell

you exactly?"

"How much fun

she had with you when you were kids. And how she messed everything up but one


"And that was?"

"Me. She said

that she never would have had me if she had stuck with you. But once she did, she

only wanted you back. Can cats and rabbits get married?"

"Yes, they can.

But a lot of people aren't ok with it. They think that like should stick to

like. It's not all bad, that way of thinking. There has to be cubs or we would

all disappear."

"I suppose

so.  I think that love knows no


"That's quite a

bit of philosophical wisdom from one so young."

"I'm not that

young. Want me to prove it?"

"No, that's

fine. I'll believe you without a demonstration."

She looked

disappointed. I for one wasn't going to get myself into any trouble in this

household with her mother gone. She amazingly had all of the same features that

Lisa had when she was young, from the subtle pattern of brownish shades

dappling  her fur to the cute nose and

shining eyes. Just for a moment I was lost in memories again. I was brought

around from them by the realization that I was sprouting a hard-on again.

This was so not


She steamed on

ahead like we were talking about school, or her friends or something equally


"I know I have a

lot of growing up to do, but if you screwed mom when she was my age, would you

consider screwing me too?"


"Why not?"

"Well, for one

this conversation is making uncomfortable. Secondly, it's illegal. Thirdly, I

would probably hurt you very badly. We were both kids then, and matched for

each other in size."

"A grown man

uncomfortable about discussing sex? You were all action last night."

I could feel a

blush coming to my cheeks. Even if it couldn't be seen, I knew it was there.

"You heard that


"Geez Louise!

You two make more noise than the school band during warm up."

"Uh, sorry."

"Why? It sounds

like you two had fun. Mom has been dying for some decent action for a long

while now. When she heard you were coming back in town, she nearly did a


I was all ears.

"Really? I thought maybe she was just pulling my leg."

"I think she was

more interested in pulling something else instead. Did you enjoy your evening?"

This girl was so

much like her mom it was scary. But since she was so open and candid about the

matter, I decided I might as well be too.

"Yes, I enjoyed

myself very much. But I think your mom is planning too much from my visit. I'll

have to leave when the refit at the factory is finished."

"Yeah, so I

overheard you say. That's too bad. I hardly know you except from what mom has

told me, but I think I like you. That isn't something I can say about a lot of


"Like me? What's

there to like?"

"I don't know. I

can't quite put my finger on it yet, but you have something about you that I

like. And before you go and say it's because of everything mom told me, I get

it. I'm prejudiced in your favor. But my mom is pretty choosey about whom she

deals with, and she was falling all over herself to get you here. So that means

you're someone special."

I was taken

aback a little by her frankness. She wasn't Lisa precisely, but there was a lot

going on inside her that was very similar. She was the product of her

upbringing, and when we were kids, ours was a lot stricter. She was open in her

words because she could be.

"I'll take your

word on it. You know, you remind so much of your mom. I think that sort of

freaks me out."

She giggled.

"Mom says I'm a carbon copy, whatever that means."

"It's an old

term for photocopy. You're almost a duplicate of her in her eyes. And in mine


"Thanks! I don't

think there could be a better compliment!" She came around the table and gave

me a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry if I spooked you. I can be a little forward at

times. I hope you hang around a while. I'd love to hear your version of some of

mom's stories."

I rolled my

eyes. I was about to indulge her when my cell phone went off. The number was

from the local plant. I took it and groaned. There had been a mix up in the

delivery of some of the new monitoring components, delaying the installation of

some of the newer presses and such.  I

hung up and sighed.

"Sorry Sarah.

Another time perhaps. Duty calls."

"That's alright.

You just have to make it up to me sometime."

"I will, I


I grabbed

another cup to go and drove out to the plant, where for the remainder of the

day I worked on sorting out this mess. The big boss never came out of his

office the entire time, which I found to be a mixed blessing. It would have

been nice if he had shown some interest in this project, but on the other hand,

he was ignorant of these innovations and would have just annoyed the hell out

of me with his presence.

There was one

little perk. Lisa drove over from the diner with a to-go box filled with food.

And while most of the boys working there knew her, the fact that she had a

special delivery just for me elevated me in their eyes (so I was told

later).  Everyone watched her give me a

peck on the cheek and they certainly watched her ass as she left the plant.

That girl could stun a blind man.

One of the guys,

who I remembered only vaguely from high school, came up to me and asked, "Dude,

how do you know her?"

I shrugged my

shoulders and answered honestly, yet vaguely. "We grew up together."

"Man, she must

have liked you a lot. She won't give most of us the time of day!"

"I guess so. I

haven't seen her in years." I pretty much let the matter drop. Let them think

what they would. But inwardly, my spirits rose. I was still under the

impression that she had been keeping "active", if you know what I mean, but

this was proof that she wasn't taking up with just anyone. Now, if there were

only some way of arranging to stay here. As it was, I was going to be here

longer than planned with the way this project was in a constant snafu.

I got to the

house late again, but this time Lisa wasn't perturbed by my tardiness. She had

supper ready, and she and Sarah were quick to seat themselves and eat with me.

"You guys didn't

have to wait." I said around a yawn.

"Sure we did.

It's only proper to treat a guest accordingly. You had a long day."

She was right. I

felt like I was trying to beat this new system into the heads of a bunch of

troglodytes. My head was hurting and I really felt like going to the bar for a

beer. But then, that would have been rude. But I did ask if she had any on


"That depends on your tastes Toddy.

I've got the usual carryout stuff in the fridge. I don't buy any of that fancy

microbrew stuff."

"Neither do I. So that will do just


She brought out three of them,

which I found to be a little disturbing until she opened two of them and sat

them in front of me, opening the third for herself. I thought she had gotten

one for Sarah. The girl just giggled, apparently reading my thoughts.

"Mom says I have to wait until I'm

old enough before I can drink any. I've tasted it and I'm not impressed."

"Two for me? What do you think I


"Cute, adorable, wonderful and

someone who had a long day. I think you need to relax and have a pleasant

evening before you get all worked up again at the factory tomorrow."

I couldn't argue with that! I

downed the duo of cold brews and felt much better. Lisa was eyeing me with

purposeful intent, and I knew that the evening's festivities had already been

planned out. I was glad I could let loose without disturbing her daughter, who

I had a feeling was going to be staying up just to listen in. After last night,

I was ready for anything!

Sarah shuffled off to bed and we

headed up to the main bedroom a half an hour later. I had a few more beers and

was feeling a little loopy from the alcohol. It wasn't enough to affect my

performance in bed, but I was feeling pretty adventurous. I was ready for

anything she was prepared to throw at me.

That is, until she pulled out the

handcuffs and the black velvet hood. But my hesitancy was short lived when she

reminded me of a time when we had played a similar games when we were kids. I

had been a little freaked out back then, but in the end, it had been incredibly

fun. Only this time, I was the one being tied down. If it hadn't been for the

beers, I might have backed out of it, but the alcohol gave me courage. I was a

bit of a control freak. I had to be, when dealing with my job. But I decided to

be at the mercy of someone else. It gave me a little twinge of excitement.

She secured me to the bed, kissing

me all along my body as she did so. I figured turning out the lights would have

been good enough, but she insisted that I don the hood. It wasn't

uncomfortable, being as it was made of soft material, but it did make me a

touch claustrophobic.

The moment her lips touched my cock

however, all thoughts were on the experience at hand. It was a little difficult

to get used to, not being able to put my arms around her or kiss her, but I

found that the deprivation in one part of our love-making heighten the

experience in others. It was like having a mystery woman working you over. I

relaxed as she settled down on top of me. Her weight was negligible in

comparison to the expectation of the future benefits.

Unlike the night before, she

started a little more slowly, gently sucking on my cock and swishing her tongue

around over the head of it in a very pleasurable manner. While I would have

suffered through (ha ha - suffered) another raucous evening of body mashing,

something a little more akin to our younger days was just fine too.

She lapped at my stiffness for a

while, seemingly not intent on having me blow a load. That was fine with me. I

could put it anywhere inside her that she wanted.  She pulled off, and I heard her giggle and

then a whisper came to my ear.

"You ready?"

"You betcha!"

Her weight shifted as her legs

brought her up on top of me. Soft paws rested on my chest as she wiggled that

divinely formed torso down on top of me. I felt a touch of warmth and dampness

rest upon my cock, and then she pushed and I was rammed inside of her like a

spike. She gasped and I could feel her pull back just a little before settling

back down again. Again with the whisper.

"This is so much fun!"

It was actually.  I could imagine just about anything. Once I

let go of my control the whole thing turned very erotic.  I found I could imagine just about anyone

sitting on my cock, but I didn't. I couldn't picture anyone except for Lisa.

She was such a beauty that there wasn't any reason to wish for more. It did

remind me of that time when I tied her down to a coffee table and fucked her

brains out. It had been her idea mind you, and I had been reluctant at first.

But damn, that was the closest I ever came to having a rape fantasy. There is

something about helplessness that can be very sexy.

So I was the helpless one now, such

as that was. I could still move, and I did, by lifting my hips to give her a

better platform to grind herself against. I was amazed at the ease with which I

did it, knowing full well I would tire eventually. It had been a long day after

all. But I really wanted this to be an uplifting experience for her...

This modified position was a

wonder. I closed my eyes despite wearing the mask and could feel every tight

spot, every constriction and every bump inside her. And by bump, I mean I could

feel her cervix sliding across the head of my cock, and it was a fantastic

feeling. I doubt I ever noticed these intricacies when I was younger. But now,

it was time to savor these potent offerings.

She leaned down against my chest as

I drew up my knees. She responded by pulling up her own legs until she was

essentially in a crouch position on my lap. That whispering voice returned to

my ear.

"You feel really nice."

"So do you Lisa, so do you!" I

doubt I have ever said anything as fervently as I said those words.

I fucked her, or rather; she fucked

me for a good long time. I had been willing myself to stay focused on holding

back, and in this unique environment, I found I was better able to do so

without ruining the experience. Her first orgasm was late in coming,

considering her reactions the night before, but that was all good with me. She

just grew tighter and tighter until her hole was as snuggly wrapped around my

cock as a second skin.

When she did climax, her cry was

thin and broken, so much as it could be heard through her teeth clenched

tightly to the fur on my chest. The second one, a little while later, was more

audible but just as thin. I didn't care; not really. After the second one I was

all for getting some relief for myself. I would have loved to have wrapped my

arms around her, but as she was clinging tightly to me, I put my all into my

knees and rammed it home with gusto. I blew a wad that was very nearly painful

as it made its way to the surface. My cry was much louder than hers, and it

came forth without an ounce of hesitancy. It came from the same depths as did

my seed and they both erupted with extreme vigor.

We were both panting heavily. I

tried to put my arms around her and was held fast by my bonds. She was

whimpering just a little, and her cunt was still twitchy around the intrusion

that was my male organ. I waited a few moments before talking, as words were

beyond me just then.

"God, that was great Lisa!"

Her voice came back to me quite

distinctly, though something about it threw me off. "I'll bet it was!"

I shook my head to clear it and

reoriented. I could have sworn her voice came from a corner of the room.


I heard the squeak of wood as someone

got out of a chair and padded on soft feet across the room. The next words

weren't directed at me, but to someone else. "So kiddo, is he everything I said

he was?"

The voice that responded was still

inhaling and exhaling sharply. "Geez mom, he was better than anything you said!"

I froze. Lisa had tricked me into

doing something she knew I would never have done on my own. I had a few words I

wanted to say, but speaking them in anger would never be good. And besides, the

fact was, I really wanted to have another go at her. I hated myself for feeling

that way, but I had fought down the idea that morning, and now, after having

been tricked into it, I wanted it so badly my balls hurt trying to wake my cock

up again.

"So Todd, what did you think?"

I didn't say anything at first, as

I just mentioned, When I did, my words were carefully chosen.

"Undo my hands."


"You heard me. Undo my hands."

I felt Sarah start to move and I

halted her. "I didn't tell anyone to move. I said undo my hands. And while you're

at it, take this bloody stupid mask off."

I heard the keys in the locks and

felt the ties on the mask being undone. When it came off I moved my hands to

Sarah's head and pulled her down. I kissed her so long and so deeply that she

eventually swooned and fell against me.

"You are a very wicked kid, and

your mother is equally incorrigible. You tricked me into doing something I

didn't want to do."

Sarah looked nearly in tears. "You

didn't like it?"

I hugged her tightly. "No. I loved

it. You shouldn't have done it though. Now I'll never want to stop!"

Sarah sniffed a little as she

reeled from my misinterpreted words. "Do you mean it?"

"You're damn right I mean it.

Between you and your mother, you two will be the death of me. But what a way to


Lisa looked relieved too. I think

she thought that she might have overstepped the bounds of propriety. Her

daughter was underage, and I was most definitely an adult. But if everyone in

this house was alright with that, then there wasn't going to be a problem.

"Was I as good as mom was when she

was young?"

"I honestly can't compare the

experiences Sarah. I was a kid then. You're a kid now."

"I'm a young lady, thank you very


"Yes, I believe you are." Then a

question hit me and before I could stop it leaving my mouth, I blurted it out.

"Was this your first time?"

"With a guy? Yep!"

"What does that mean?"

Lisa spoke up; a little embarrassed

by what she had to say. "I have a few "toys" in the house, and I've been

letting her blow off steam with them. But there's nothing like the real thing

to scratch the most persistent itches."

"You're really ok with this? The

difference in our ages is rather considerable."

"Age has nothing to do with it and

you know it. She has it bad; as bad as I did. And there isn't anyone she really

wants to do it with and the hell if I'm letting her anywhere near another of our

species. She can when she's ready, but in the mean time we have a deal. And

when I heard you were coming back, we made a pact. If I could get you to stay,

she would choose you for her first official time. And if she liked it, and you

agreed to stay, then we'd share you."

"And what if I declined?"

Sarah was still on top of me, and

Lisa was standing there totally nude. "I can't believe you just asked that

question with a serious face."

"But what about my job? Are you

willing to move back with me?"

"Yes, but I doubt it will come down

to that."


She sighed. "You think you know so

much, and yet you know so little. The old man is quitting stupid. He's retiring."

"So?" It didn't surprise me. He

probably hated the thought of having the computers handling some of his job.

She giggled. "From what I overheard

the other day, from a couple of your higher ups who came ahead of you, that

they want someone who is savvy enough to run the systems, and someone who knows

this facility. I would say that would be you."

I hadn't considered the possibility

of running the place. "But what makes you think they would pick me?"

"Maybe something like them

mentioning you by name. And since I overheard them, I got nosy and said something.

They looked at me and asked if I knew you. I told them I did, from a long time

ago. So then they asked if I thought you could handle taking over and of

course, I said yes."

"But I never heard anything before


"So they kept it a secret. Some

bigwigs are like that. But here's a deal for you. If I'm wrong, we'll pull up

and move with you. And if I'm right, then you move in here, buy me a ring, and

settle down for good."

I thought it over.  Lisa leaned in and did something to Sarah,

who squirmed and squeezed me most enticingly.

"Done! But to be honest Lisa; and

Sarah; if I had to go back working on the floor I'd move back here without

hesitation now."

Lisa smiled and patted her

daughter's butt. "I think we did our job well, don't you?"


"Good. Then let's show him just

what he can look forward to whenever he wants it, shall we?"

"I think we shall!"

My eyes rolled back in my head with

what happened next. I might tell you about it sometime.

And then again I might not. 


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