Cypress Pack Chapter One: Reluctant Alpha

Story by CherryBlossomSystem on SoFurry

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#1 of Cypress Wolf Pack

A werefox with a troubled past becomes the Alpha of a pack. Not a position he wants or desires. What will he do with the position he never wanted.

Also the story slips between third and first person views. You've been warned.

The soft moonlight framed the clearing of grass and trees. As it shone down two figures were revealed with in it. One was a fox and the other was an wolf. Both stood in easy stances as if this were a casual meeting. From behind the trees the battlefield was plagued by the gleaming eyes of the watchers.

The wind shifted and the wolf began to speak. "Tonight for being proven guilty of treason against the pack I am here to carry out your death sentence." he said and I just simply looked at him "Oh you are? Need I remind you that I was born a psychic and turned a were to save my life. I committed no more treason than a new born babe." The fox's voice held a distinct British accent and he spoke calmly articulating each word though the British was from his grandmother's side of the family.

The wolf snarled through the pack mind link making the other wolves whimper but the fox named Sukura didn't even flinch. "_You will obey me! _ The alpha snarled and Sukura chuckled coldly. "Never dealt with a psychic before have you Fluffy. When it comes to the mind I have the ultimate control and Alpha or not while I would be forced to obey you my psychic abilities protect me from such and allow me to keep my own will. In other words you can use all of your Alpha power on me and I won't break. Oh you think you have the advantage in hand to hand combat do you? Well then let's dance."

Both of them ran forward and the dance began the music being provided from the rustling of the wind as it passed through the leaves. The fox was more agile and had greater speed so he slipped around the wolf's power strikes with ease. However he did not strike back, more than anything he seemed to be amused as he dodged the attacks. The wolf's inability to land a strike began to incite rage with in him the inner beast getting more and more rabid as it witnessed the defiance of the blue fox with the cherry blossom tattoos.

Finally a strike did land and the wolf howled triumphant as blood gushed from the cuts. However the fox smile turned feral at such which caused the howl to lessen then turn to a scream as the blood that came forth from him and changed into metallic like shapes that resolved themselves into cherry blossoms. "You know I didn't call myself Sukura for nothing."

"What are those things?" asked the Alpha a note of fright in his tone. "You would think you never saw a cherry blossom before." said Sukura as the flowers once done forming began to entwine themselves around him. The alpha didn't like the tone and rushed in thinking the fox would just dodge once more. However this time the fox struck back against the punch matching blow for blow. As he did so little nicks began to form on the alpha's body from the flower petals parting his flesh.

The wounds were slight so therefore dismissed easily by the wolf. However he did start to wake his higher reasoning when he realized he was seeing a double of the fox and blinked. The double didn't go away instead both foxes seemed to form a sword from the cherry blossoms. One was red with a black kanji on the blade and the other was lack with a red kanji on the blade.

"Love" said the fox to the right "And Mercy." said the fox on the left. The two foxes spoke in unison as they continued "qualities you don't possess. Cut by Love and all the pain you ever inflicted on other's rebounds on you times ten. Then killed by Mercy whose tip contains a deadly poison." The two foxes moved into position to execute their attack.

"You didn't say anything about swords." said the Alpha. "I'm a psychic. I don't play fair, and you never gave any conditions for combat so that's your loss." The two foxes moved in and as the Alpha attempted to dodge both swords at once the flowers around Sukura flowed towards him to slow him up. The technique didn't work of course but it did let the two get in closer.

Twin swords flashed but one fox and blade vanished all together and the Alpha gripped the sword in both paws coughing up blood as his heart was pierced. The blade in question was Mercy though since it did go through the heart it's properties didn't exactly matter. "Seems Love deemed you unworthy." remarked Sukura as he put his foot on the body and pulled out the sword with a grunt. Now according to tradition since he just killed the Alpha he would assume the role however it was not one he wanted. However he didn't wish to rule a pack by fear though an Alpha given the position would be looked down upon.

Sukura asked his new pack to head home and enjoy the night while he buried the body. He did not use any Alpha Power in his tone so the request was purely optional though a great number did follow it, A few wolves did remain behind. Sukura waited for them to speak as he popped out his claws and began to dig.

Nothing was said as he finished the grave and gently buried the Alpha. He performed the last rites as common to werewolves and then moved the dirt over him. A cherry blossom marked the spot of the grave as he stood up and dusted himself off. He took no pleasure in killing and as he had performed the last rites the pack mind link grew to full Alpha strength for him. He mentally sighed before looking towards the three watchers.

He of course knew that the Alpha of the pack was traditionally straight and was to sire as many pups of possible a task for him which would be distasteful to say the least. In case you missed the big hint there then I'll put it simply Sukura is gay and doesn't wish to have sex with females. This recent turn of events complicated his life heavily and while he would do his best to cope it would make mating season pure hell as since he was not mated the alpha need to breed and make love to another would occur and he didn't want to have a one night stand with someone and have to declare them his mate as a result of that.

As he was thinking through the implications of this one of the three began to speak and Sukura had to ask them to repeat their question as he was lost in thought. "I said welcome to the leadership of the Pack. I don't know if your familiar with my name." Sukura said that he wasn't nor did he know the functions of elders. "I'm Chase Fuller" he said and Sukura shook his paw and nodded to him respectfully.

"So is there a ritual to perform or something? I'd like nothing more then go back to my lowly omega room and pass out. I know how things like this usually work but for one night I want things to remain as they are despite the body I just buried." Sukura said softly as he waited for further words from Chase. "Alright I'll give you one night on the condition I post a body guard by your room. "I'll be my own body guard thank you." Chase opened his mouth to object but Sukura said "I trust my psychic abilities and my flowers more than any member of this pack. Two months ago I was human and I still view myself as such. Your kind has been nothing but cruel to me ever since I was turned. One night of peace that is all I ask and note I'm asking instead of demanding I'm playing nice." Chase decided to just nod and not mention that the Alpha command held no power over the elders. Sukura declined to mention he had heard that thought and he could find a way to make it work.

"OK but tomorrow morning I'm waking you up early to get you ready for the ceremony and the like and we have to decide on a new omega." Chase replied. Sukura couldn't hide the slightest snarl hearing such his ears lowering before he gritted his teeth and forced himself to shift back to human form his dirty blond hair and pale complexion making him seem to be a vampire if one did not know better. He was of course nude as a result of this but he didn't care. He ducked behind some trees and pulled on the clothes he had left there when the evening began.

He sensed the three elder's watching him as he walked away after slipping his glasses back on his face. Of course werewolves were supposed to have the perfect physical condition but even transformed his eyes still were weak in his human form. He wasn't helpless without his glasses but it would make things more difficult if they were removed from his face if he was attacked in human form and he wasn't exactly a mountain of muscle either still quite thin and skinny. He preferred to appear non threatening and weak as when the tables were turned he took pleasure in the shocked looks on his opponent's faces as he beat them into submission.

He highly disliked killing but events had forced him into it twice now. Had the elder's been paying attention when he was nude they would have noted a mark on his back that branded him as a human slave to a wolf pack. At least until the alpha got tired of his lip and turned him so as to forcefully transform him back and forth ever day on the hour. However for Alpha Lucas retribution was soon to come as Sukura's body grew weak from constant breaking and stitching back together again his psychic abilities began to get used to the new form and so did his fox grow use to them as well. Though the brand was made with a magical fire and prevented him from leaving the pack lands as long as the brander was alive it didn't crush his will.

When Sukura was at his last straw his powers kicked in with a vengeance and though he was reduced to human form the power coming from him was enough to give the alpha pause. Sukura lashed out with it in a last desperate attempt to save himself. His flowers formed from the spilled blood from his latest forced transformation and had their bloody revenge on his tormentor while he could only watch as his consciousness slipped away.

When he regained contagiousness he was still very weak and was surrounded by his flowers in a protective cocoon. The flowers had moved him into the forest bordering the Cypress Pack's lands as he had been out and had safeguarded him. Seemingly seconds later as he picked himself up off the ground he was surrounded by the pack's border patrol and brought before the alpha. He was deemed a rouge and that lead to tonight's earlier scene though the alpha had inducted him as an omega so as to try and control him.

Which as you know dear reader did not work to well now did it? Oh well, at least things are peaceful for now. I moved towards my room and laid down on the floor to rest. If I had my way there wouldn't be another omega or if they were they would be treated better than I had been. I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle whispers of the pack link which lulled me into troubled slumber.

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