Chapter 5: Fire

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#6 of Not Your Master

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The incident was closed under a month, most likely because Toby's parents, and me, used ours contact and money to accelerate the process. After that, I subscribed to the same squash club than Toby. That gave us an excuse to see each other, and to explain how we met. At first I was uneasy at the idea of getting him under full control again but my apprehension soon felt to noting as I noticed he was still able to think. Many of the game we played were with Toby under full control. Then after I would take a nap on the way home so the link would cut. I stayed at Toby's house really soon after we officially met, the official reason being that I did not own a house in the region, and that I wasn't planning on staying around long enough to by a new house. We did use the time at the house to talk, but I never created any link during that time.

Of course, one of the things we talked about was his sexuality. The sex I had that night is the best I ever had, most likely because it was the first time I did it with someone under my full control, which means that I was able to feel everything he felt. But I can't help but wonder if part of that attraction was coming from him. Toby didn't seem to knew, and in fact that was the first time he ever felt attracted to someone. I convinced him to try at least once with a man and once with a woman to finally find out is sexual orientation, but only if I agreed to be the man. It was most likely the worst sex of my life, mostly because I felt that an ice cube would have been more interested in it. He wasn't interested at all. Hell, he didn't even seem to care. From what he told me, it has been the same with the girl. That is the subject I want to address in today's game.

"So you are saying that you didn't felt anything while you were with the girls?"

"No Mister"

"Then that must mean you're an x."

"An x?"

"On the Kinsey scale. This scale goes from 0, which is fully straight, to 6, fully gay. A 3 is the perfect bisexuals. Then there is the x, the one who feel no sexual desire. That's people like you, Toby."

"And you are a four, right?"

"Yes exactly. Now, let's concentrate on today exercise. I would like to try not to emulate you and still play the game."

"It will be like playing against yourself. Go for it!"

Even if the possibility of playing against yourself could seem a fun idea, it was a total disaster. I kept bumping into Toby, or I would hit the air while the ball would go straight by Toby's side. I was about to make a sixth aced service when Toby's phone started to ring.

"Toby's phone, hello."

"This is the police. Are you doing anything that needs your attention, like driving or cooking? "

Something's wrong. I need to cut the link and fast. I have a squash ball, a squash racket and a wall. All I have to do is to aim for my forehead. Well, let's go for it!


"Yes. I mean no! I was playing squash with my friends and the ball just hit his forehead. He's already, don't worry. I will put you on speaker."

"Ok. I have some terrible news. Your parent's private plane is missing. There has been a report of a plane crash on the planned itinerary, but no sign of survivor. There is little I can do for now, but I would like for you to come to the police station so you can help to fill some blank spot. I can't recommend you to drive in this situation, so I can send you a patrol to take you to the precinct."

", it's alright. My friend will take me there."

Then he closed the line. Then we drove to the local precinct. As we arrived, I receive a notification on my cell phone.

"It would look like there is a fire with a woman and a child trapped inside. I will try to save them, and then I will enter to help you with all of this. Ok?"


Toby just gotten out of the car, then I found a parking place. No time to loose, there is a baby's life at state. As usual, the woman Facebook page will give me enough info to build a link. I just need to concentrate on small details. She's young but she already has a baby. She had it rough. The name of the baby is Henry, as his great grandfather. That should be enough. I'm linked.

Oh no. I'm already at the sixth level. That's bad news. Her body hurts like hell, most likely because of deprivation in oxygen. I hear the baby! She must have felt while she was trying to reach the door. It's time for me to finish this. She's out with the baby! Now it's time for me to unfortunately take a sleeping pill. But before I fully feel asleep I should check on my phone the news. A baby unexpectedly saved by his mother who felt in coma 1 minute after. The only thing left is to set an alarm in 15 minutes...


Now that I'm awake, I need to go see Toby. I hate myself for letting him alone in this situation, but the life of this two people were in danger and I know I couldn't live with that. But now it's time to see if Toby is alright.

"Hello madam. I'm here to see Toby Wargner. He's here because his parents are missing. "

"He's in one of the room. One of the officers is speaking with him, but they are expecting you."

"Thank you madam."

The room in question feels more intimate than the rest of the station. There are two sofas facing each other and a small coffee table. Toby is sitting in one of the sofa. He doesn't seem like he had seen me. In fact, it would seem that he's not even conscious of his surrounding anymore.

"Toby! Are you alright?"

"They have identified two bodies in the plane crash. parents are... My parents are... They are... dead! "

Then he just started to cry as I take him in my protective arms.

Chapter 4: Control

As I wake up, I remember everything that as append. Toby is still sleeping by my side, so I will take a shower before I wake him up. "Good morning sleepy head." "Good morning sir. Have you slept well?" "Of course I had and you?" "Yes...

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Chapter 3: Mind

_From now on, the story is from the "Master's" point of view._ "My name is David David. I'm 19 year old. I know from a long time ago that I'm not like the other. Real soon in my life I've learned how to read other people mind. By the time I've started...

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Chapter 2: Empathy

"Master!" "Shut up. I can't turn you down yet, but please stay silent as I drive" I will do as he asks. Of course, because he's my master. "I've said shut up. That is also good for what you think. I can read it, and it's disturbing." My master was...

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