Lovers in hiding.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#7 of Her Escape

Cranked it out with me being half asleep....yay. XD

Jason drove the entire way out of town. He had been making calls ever since getting in the call and finally got in touch with his older brother who owned some cabins out in the mountains. Jason managed to get his brother to give him a cabin for a few days after explaining what was going on. Crystal had fallen asleep in the passenger seat while he was driving. Jason made a stop after two or three hours of driving to stretch and get directions from his brother to the cabin. Crystal groaned and sat up in the seat after he had parked. She stretched out with a soft groan before looking out the front window of the jeep to Jason who was writing the directions down on a sheet of paper. When he finally hung up he looked at her and smiled a bit before turning and heading into a near by Burger King. Crystal leaned back again and rubbed her eyes, her ears twitching as she looked to the clock in the jeep to see what time it was. She groaned figuring Dale would be back home in another hour or so and her phone would be going off. She bit her bottom lip as she pulled her phone out of her pants pocket. Crystal sighed heavily and got out of the car as Jason was returning with a bag of food and drinks. He stood by the car and watched her walk over to a near by trash can with her phone, his head tilting to the side as she dropped her phone into the trash can after bending it to crack it and make it harder to use. She turned and looked to him with ehr ears low. "He could easily track me with the gps in the phone." Jason nodded a bit and got back into the jeep after she climbed in. He handed her one of the drinks as he kissed her cheek softly.

Crystal purred and sipped on her drink for a minute or so before she thanked him only for him to stick a chicken nugget in her mouth before handing the rest of the food to her after getting his own out of the bag. She grinned and looked at him before she ate. They sat in silence as they ate, resting and preparing for the long drive. Jason swallowed his last night of burger before speaking. " My brother has given us a cabin for a few days...basically off the grid as much as one can be without going bat shit crazy. We should be there by late afternoon if his directions to the place are right." Crystal laughed softly and looked to him as she finished eating. She took the trash and moved back out to the trash can, dumping it all in there before taking off her wedding ring and tossing it into the trash as well. Jason looked a bit stunned when she got back in the jeep. " What? No pawn shop would want it and I sure as fuck don't want it anymore." Jason stared at her for a moment before smiling some and nodding. Once they were ready he started the jeep and off they went. By the time the sun rose and Jason glanced over at her. "Crystal.." The feline turned her head and looked at him with a questioning look as she crossed her arms tightly against the morning chill. Jason reached into the back, digging into one of his bags while keeping his eyes on the road and pulling out one of his hoodies, grinning as he handed it to her. "What...was with the nursery back there?" Crystal lowered her ears some as she pulled the hoodie on, taking in his scent from it as she leaned back.

Crystal took a deep breathe and pushed some of her hair out of her eyes as she spoke softly. "Our second year of marriage...I went into heat and he failed to use a condom with me that week...I got pregnant...I was happy...estatic to have a baby on the way..Dale on the other hand was not...We got into a fight one day after I went to the Doctor for that all important check up that should have been one of many...he lost it and...punched me in the stomach as hard as he could...I tried to stop him but he was faster then I was and it didn't help that I didn't react fast enough or see it coming...I lost the baby...this all happened after Bonnie and I spent a week working on that room...buying the clothing and diapers...the toys...everything. I didn't have the heart to take it all apart or sell it...and I just locked the room and tried to forget it was there. Dale knew locking me in there would break my heart more then anything...When I told him he killed the baby he just looked at me and said it was all for the better. He didn't want some nappy shit machine running around and breaking things in the house." Jason folded his ears back and had to pull the jeep over and park for a moment, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly before he got out of the car and walked around to ehr side of the jeep. Crystal stood her ears up and watched him with a confused look on her face. He opened her door and pulled her out, looking her in the eyes and hugging her as tightly as he could, almost sitting on the ground with her as she buried her face into his chest as she returned the hug. Jason growled softly as he spoke. "Crystal...I..will kill him if he tries touching you again...I won't leave you alone long enough for him to take you or do anything..."

Crystal and Jason stood there for sometime before he finally let her go and kissed her as deeply as he could, making Crystal purr heavily as she gripped his shirt in her hands. When eh broke the kiss he looked her in the eyes and smiled to her for a moment before nuzzling her and helping her back into the jeep before getting back behind the wheel and headed off. By that afternoon they found the cabin. Crystal was jumping out of the car with the code to get into the cabin on a small torn bit of paper and running to the door with Jason laughing as he got the bags out of the back. " Stop laughing! I told you five times to pull over somewhere and let me go pee but you wouldn't!" Crystal had to try three times to get the door unlocked before running inside. Jason laughed harder and pushed the door open a bit more with his foot, setting the bags down in the floor before getting the rest. By then Crystal came out of the bathroom, grumbling a bit as she looked to him before sticking her tongue out at him. " Uh uh uh don't stick it out unless you plan on using it kitten." Crystal grinned to him and put her hands on her hips, still wearing his hoodie as she snickered. " Never know maybe I do plan on using it." Jason chuckled and moved to her, kissing her softly a few times before nuzzling his nose to hers. "Well we have time to brother has offered to do some food shopping for us and will be showing up in an hour or so..." Crystal giggled and pulled back from him, moving to the door and shutting it before undoing her pants and pulling them down. She stepped out of them and threw them to him before making her way down the hall to the bedroom. Jason was a bit slack jawed as he watched her before grinning and following after her. When he reached the doorway to the bedroom Crystal was crawling into the bed wearing nothing but the hoodie with it unzipped and her bare body under it. Jason grinned, feeling his cock becoming hard as it excaped his sheath. "Your a fucking tease Crystal." The feline looked at him and giggled softly as she stuck her tongue out at him again. "You love it." Jason nodded a bit. He couldn't deny that. He walked to the bed, stripping from his clothing before climbing into the bed over her as she laid back, looking up at him. She reached down and began rubbing his cock gently in her hands as he let out a soft groan, feeling it throb hard as he became fully erect.

Jason leaned in and kissed Crystal gently a few times, as she rubbed his cock a bit more. Jason reached down and gently rubbed her pussy with his fingers, rubbing them over her clit a few times before pushing two of his fingers into her. Crystal let out a soft moan and began moving her hips against his fingers before letting go of his cock. Jason thrust his fingers into her pussy hard and slow before pulling his fingers free, replacing them with his cock. He sunk into her until his hips met hers. Crystal shivered a bit and laid her head back with another moan coming from her while he took one of her nipps into his mouth, suckling on it lightly as he began thrusting his cock into her hard and slow while his hand massaged along her thighs as she wrapped her legs around him.

Crystal let out a soft moan as he began getting harder with his thrusts after letting go of her nipple to bite down on her neck lightly. "J...Jason." He twitched his ears, enjoying the sound of his name coming from her. He felt his heart skip a beat when she ran her fingers through his hair, gripping it lightly a few times before he sat up on his knees. He looked down at her and smiled to her as he began thrusting faster into her. Crystal moaned out a bit louder then before as she gripped at the bed covers under her, her breasts beginning to bounce from his impacts while her pussy clenched down on his cock with each thrust he made into her. Jason groaned, his cock throbbing as he began thrusting harder and faster into her, the wet sounds of his cock moving into her over and over again began filling the room as she arched her back up and moaned out. Jason gripped her hips tightly as he began thrusting faster, the head baord of the bed lightly hitting the wall behind it as he looked down at her, watching her as she moaned and pushed against him.

Jason let out a groan as he leaned over her, his hands pressing into the bed on either side of her head as she began slamming his hips into her own, his knot already beginning to form as his eyes locked onto hers as she looked back at him. Crystal felt her own heart skip a beat when she saw the look in his eyes, one she had only seen once years ago. She blushed brightly and pulled him into a deep kiss while slamming her own hips back into his own. She began feeling herself getting closer to cumming when he put one hand between them to press and rub her clit hard and quick, rubbing it in little circles to make her moan into the kiss. She arched her back up and broke the kiss as she panted. "F..fuck Jason...I..I am going to cum!" Jason grinned to her and nodded a bit as he began pounding into her now, the bed shaking and hitting the wall now as he did, his claws digging into the pillow under her head while she gripped the fur on his chest tightly in her hands. Crystal was trying her best to fight off her need to cum but even with all that fight and will power she failed. She cried out in pleasure when her orgasm hit her, her juices washing over his cock as he slammed his hips in, forcing his knot into her with a loud wet pop before he released with a groan coming from him, both pushing their hips into the other until Crystal went still with heavy panting coming from her. Jason remained on top of her a bit longer before rolling them so she was laying on top of him. Crystal laid her head on his chest and panted a bit more before calming down and lifting her head to look at Jason who was blushing lightly as he looked back at her, still getting his own breathing back under control.

Crystal stared him in the eyes for a moment before kissing his lips softly a few times. "Jason...I..I love you..." Jason went still and stared at her with a bit of shock on his face. He shifted a bit and gently ran his fingers through her hair slowly before kissing her deeply soon after. When he pulled back he nuzzled his nose against her own to make her purr for him as he smiled. "I love you too Kitten...I will keep you safe." Crystal smiled and kissed him once more before laying her head down on his chest. After a few minutes of him rubbing her back she fell asleep. When he was able to pull his cock free from her he rolled so she could be on her side. He covered her up with a blanket as he kissed her forehead. He pulled on his pants and headed out of the room right as his brother pulled up. Jason smiled and walked outside to meet the large brown wolf with bright blue eyes, hugging his brother tightly before helping him get the bags of food into the cabin. "Scott thanks for helping...this wasn't exactly planned." Scott gave a shrug as he began putting the food items away, looking to his brother as he leaned against the counter. "I have never seen you go through this for a girl..." Jason looked to him and grinned some. He shook his head a bit and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down at the floor. "Same here but...she is sweet and the hell she goes through isn't woman deserves that." Scott nodded in agreement and smiled even more. Crystal had woke up from the sounds and was peeking around the corner with a nervous look. Jason smiled and moved to her, zipping the hoodie up and glad she had sense enough to get her panties back on. His hoodie covered her pretty well after that. Crystal rubbed her eyes and purred a bit as Jason pulled her to the kitchen where Scott turned and looked at her. " Well now he wasn't joking when he said he was risking it all for a pretty feline." Crystal blushed darkly and shifted some, her tail curling around her legs tightly as Scott and Jason laughed. Jason put his hands on her shoulders as he spoke softly. "Crystal...this is my big brother Scott...the biggest pervert known to man but...would bend over backwards for anyone close to him." Scott swatted at his brother who snickered before he smiled to Crystal. The three hung out in the kitchen while Scott fixed some food for them, Crystal going through what had been going on with how she met Jason and the rescue. As they were eating some burgers Jason's phone buzzed on the table. Bonnie's number came up so Crystal answered and put it on speaker. " Dale knows your gone and has flipped his ever loving shit....he trashed that bedroom in anger. The cops are looking for you but he knows it was Jason...was screaming he smelled his scent at the door." Crystal folded her ears back hearing the nursery had been trashed. Jason snickered softly and shook his head. " Crystal ditched her phone when she realized that he could probably track the gps in it." Bonnie went silent for a moment before chuckling some." I suggest you do the same Jason...he has his ways and if he wants Crystal back bad enough he will find your number and track it." Jason nodded a bit as Scott grinned. " I sense a trip to the nearest wal mart coming on." Jason and Crystal both laughed. "I will text you the new number later Bonnie...keep track of what is going on for us." After they hung up they looked to each other and laughed again.

Her rescue.

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Becoming a prisoner.

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Dales attack.

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