That's What Brothers Are For: Secrets

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Chapter one of Volume 2 of That's What Brothers Are For! Sorry it took so long but I was ironing out all the story details of the second volume.

From now, I'll be including deleted scenes to many of my stories. These will be scenes that I don't think have a place in the main stories. These will be implied by the characters in the main story (provided that they make some sort of impact on it), but will contain fetishes or gender pairings that are different than the usual and I'd rather not put any readers off.

Here ( is the first of these deleted scenes. It takes place at the end of this story. Read the keywords.

"I'll make sure that these three boys are ready for the wedding, you get going, Heather. You can't miss your flight." Magnus stood in the doorway and smiled at his wife, a thin white wolf in a business suit. "Okay, sweetheart, you're right. I'll see you in a week." She kissed her husband quickly on the lips and climbed into the taxi that would take her to the airport.

Magnus waved at his wife as the taxi disappeared into the street and out of sight. He turned back around and eagerly retreated back into the house. He strode down the hallway and untied the white silk robe that covered his body. Beneath the robe he wore only a pair of underwear. He pushed his son's door open and saw his son lying casually on the bed.

"Your mother's left for her flight. She was in such a rush this morning that she couldn't finish me off." He touched his crotch. "I was hoping you'd be able to help me out." Tyler sighed happily, got up and went to his knees in front of his father.

He unfastened the buttons on his father's underwear and nuzzled his balls. He licked along the underside of his sheath and kissed his emerging red tip. As the canid member came free of the sheath a little bit, he took it into his mouth and sucked the pre that shot from the tip.

He drank greedily from his father's member as it hardened in his mouth. He swallowed the salty pre. Sucking on the tip of his big thick cock, he worked the rest of the growing shaft with his hand. Ty was no stranger to giving his father a blow job; having done it since he'd hit puberty.

Tyler had always loved the squirts of viscous fluid into his mouth. There wasn't much of a taste, but it still drove him crazy as his mouth filled up with his father's natural lube. "Oh, god, Ty," he rubbed the back of his son's head as his cock reached its full hardness. "You were always better than your mother at this, you know."

Ty would have smiled were his father's cock not tickling his uvula. "I'm getting close, son." Tyler slowed himself and took the entire visible shaft into his mouth. The knot was still hidden inside the sheath but it was noticeably swollen. He reached his paw behind his father and gripped his butt cheek. His father had never let him touch his tailhole while he was fully in control of his senses.

The only time he had ever seen his father drunk, he let him give him a rim job and even finger him, but Magnus didn't seem to remember that when he awoke the next morning. Tyler was aiming to change that this time around.

Tyler hilted his father in his mouth and popped his knot out of its sheath with one paw and that was when he struck. At the exact same time that he revealed the knot, he slipped his finger into his father's anus. Magnus moaned loudly and began breathing quickly.

He thrust hard into his son's mouth. "Get another finger in there," he obeyed his father and brought his second finger in up to the second knuckle. "Ahh," he thrust deep into the expert muzzle. His knot smacked into his son's lips as his ejaculation grew closer.

Tyler could feel his father getting closer and closer to his orgasm as the rhythmic contractions of his anus. He massaged his dad's prostate and waited for the man to blow. He didn't have to wait long; he thrust up to his knot and grunted. "Ahh," his anus tightened around Tyler's finger as he fucked him with his digits.

He could feel his father's cock throbbing in his maw and emptied ropes of seed into the basin of his mouth. He tried his best to swallow the hot load as it came but his ejaculations overwhelmed him. He gave up trying to swallow and let it fill him up. By the time it stopped, a thin line of semen slipped out of his mouth.

It ran down his chin as he pulled his cock out. "That was possibly the best blowjob I've ever had, Ty." His son's fingers slipped out of him as the slutty wolf swallowed the load in his mouth and wiped his chin off. Magnus pulled his softening cock back into his briefs and pulled them down to his ankles. "You can hang on to these.

Tyler looked at the inside of the underwear and a large smear of cum stained the fabric. He winked at his son and left, sneaking back down the hall to his bedroom. Tyler tossed the underwear at his bed and sat in his computer chair.

He opened his email and saw one new item in his inbox. The subject line said 'meeting'. He opened it. "That settles it then, this Saturday at my place. We see how many you can take." He smiled and hit the reply button. "Sure thing, Jay, I'll see you in two days." He sent and felt a tingling feeling of anticipation in his loins.

Right as he sent the email, the door opened and Corey stepped in, he was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. "Morning, Ty." A towel was draped over his shoulder and his fur wore the moisture the initial toweling failed to absorb. He closed the door behind him and sat on the bed. Corey pulled his phone out of the waistband of his underwear and checked his timer. Eight days until The Wedding.

He watched as his brother went from reading emails to browsing social media. He sniffed the air and looked around. He found the pair of underwear discarded on the bed and lifted them with a grin. "I guess I just missed you." He sniffed hard and licked the semen off the undergarments. He swallowed the warm cum and licked his lips.

As his tongue reached the other side of his mouth, he froze. His tongue slipped back into his mouth and his jaw gaped. "This isn't yours." Tyler's eyes opened wide. 'How the hell could he tell that?' he thought. "Yes it is." He spun around in his chair. "It's not like you to be so messy." He smelled the underwear. Something in his mind click but he still didn't quite believe it.

He put the underwear back on the bed and smelled his brother. "That's dad's cologne." His eyes opened and he stumbled back onto the bed. "You..." he looked down and back up. "And dad?" Tyler gulped and slowly nodded. There was a long pause. "What..." Corey put his paw over his mouth. "How..." The moment stretched on longer than any had in Tyler's lifetime. "Big... is he?" Tyler sighed internally and smiled as he held his paws up; one finger on each hand extended about ten inches apart. Corey mouthed a silent wow and shuffled uncomfortably.

"Well, I guess I better spill one of my secrets, eh?" He swallowed and took a deep breath. "I slept with Angie when dad sent me to his brother's farm... multiple times." "Does that mean that her child was...?" "Yeah," he took a more somber tone with that reply. "Wow, I think you almost beat me there, brother." "What do you mean? I impregnated my cousin! You just made dad cum!" "Well... We've filmed every time we've done it." Corey nodded. "I think I still won. We fucked a whole lot on that ranch." "I've been 'making dad cum' since I was thirteen."

Corey sat back. "Wow," his paws moved away from his crotch and showed Tyler that he had a little stirring beneath the belt. "Okay, you definitely win." He folded his arms across his chest. "You damn sexual deviant," Corey licked his lips a little more, the taste lingering on his tongue faintly. "How often do you guys do it?" "Eh," Tyler stretched that syllable out and looked up pensively. "It varies, really. Some months we're at it like rabbits but others he almost seems disinterested."

"So, what's he like when he's in the mood?" He leaned back on the bed, bracing himself with his arms. "I always imagined that he has some kind of secret fetish that really contrasts with his attitude. Like cross-dressing or adult baby stuff." Tyler laughed and wiped his paw over his mouth. "He's not an adult baby or a cross-dresser. Most of the time he's really dominant and gruff, once his pants are down he's actually quite demanding."

Corey didn't seem surprised. "Does he ever let you top him?" "No," Tyler smirked. "I did manage to slip a few fingers into him earlier right as he was about to cum." "Nice. So you've never done really anything kinky with him?"

"I wouldn't say that." Tyler thought deeply as he remembered all the experimental things his father had done. "When we first started, he tried spanking me. He didn't really seem to enjoy it. When I was sixteen, he got right into pee. He'd mark me nearly daily before school. It just sort of stopped one year, without as much as a word in regards to it."

"He's always been a fan of slave and master play and loves rimming me." Tyler adjusted his hard member in his underwear. "After he got back from that cruise with him and mom, he managed to give me his knot for the first time."

Corey's jaw dropped. "You mean dad's got a primal cock?" He mouthed a barely audible 'wow' and lay down on the bed that his brother and father must've mated more times than he could count.

"Does dad know about us?" Corey said as he stared at the ceiling. Corey and Tyler had been actively engaging in lewd activities for nearly half a year, he was sure that his father would have noticed. Tyler had been sleeping with their father for years without anyone at noticing, however. "Yeah," Tyler said calmly. "He was the one who put the idea in my head that we start it again. He told me a week before he left for the cruise that he wanted me to at least show each of my brothers my cock."

"I think he underestimated you." Corey sat up. "Oh, definitely," Tyler noticed the bulge in his brother's underwear. "I suppose you want me to deal with that, right?" Corey shook his head. "I just want you to put on your sexiest lingerie and meet me beneath the tree." Corey promptly left the room, leaving the aroused Tyler to ponder his request.

Magnus hummed a cheery melody to himself as he opened the false back panel in his closet. Hidden behind this surreptitious façade hid a chest containing various objects he had used or has planned to use with his son. He pulled out his tried and true favorite of the toys; a collar a leash. He smiled and thought of how he and his middle child would play.

He laid the collar out on the bed neatly, not having to fear of his wife returning to interrogate him about the kinky objects sitting on their bed. He turned to open the curtains and cast the late morning sun into the master bedroom. His view showed the entirety of the back yard. Near the rear fence was a large tree whose truck splintered into several arboreal limbs that twisted and turned erratically. Their foliage was a deep green that coated the entire expanse of branches.

Beneath the tree was a bench and upon that bench sat his eldest son, wearing nothing but his briefs. While this struck Magnus as a little odd, he moved to turn away, until something grabbed his attention. Strutting across the lawn to the tree was Tyler, wearing a pair of seductive red translucent stockings held up by suspenders.

Over his crotch he wore a pair of pale pink mesh panties that did nothing to hide his member. He had bought those panties for his son for his seventeenth birthday. Tyler sat across his brother's lap and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Hey, big brother," Tyler kissed his older sibling on the mouth softly. "How's this?" Corey put one paw around his brother's body and ran the other up his leg. Corey said nothing but passionately kissed his brother as he gave the wolf's member a quick fondle.

Beneath the skin-tight panties his cock was hard as a rock. Corey relished over every contour of the textured uncut cock. Tyler shivered as his finger passed over his tip. The older boy brought his paws to either side of his brother's waist and pivoted him so that they were facing each other.

Tyler could feel his brother's cock between his covered cheeks and wiggled his ass for him. After the conversation they'd had earlier, Corey wasn't going to take any teasing from his brother. He reached down and tore the fabric of his briefs, feeling the cold air on his hot, hard cock. He pulled it free and blindly fingered around his brother's hole.

He found the tight hole and pulled his panties aside. Tyler held his panties to the side as Corey guided himself inside. Corey let out a slight sigh as his tip became enveloped in the warm, hugging flesh of his younger brother's anus.

His arms held his brother's hips as he slid all the way into his brother. Tyler let his knees rest on the bench either side of Corey's legs and leaned forward into his brother. From beneath his covered legs, Corey thrust into the receptive yet tight hole of his younger sibling. He thrust as deeply as he could into the tailhole, moaning softly with each thrust.

Tyler held his head above his brother's shoulder, feeling every inch of his loving brother's member against his prostate. His see-through panties were very thoroughly soaked around the tip of his cock. Each time his brother thrust into him, he smeared a little more pre cum on Corey's belly.

He felt completely under his brother's control and he melted onto him, taking every one of his deep thrusts and responding with a light moan. He felt his balls press against his brother's stomach as he became filled up with the thick member.

Corey took two big fistfuls of his brother's ass the younger wolf rested on top of Corey's waist. "Dad's spotted us," he said with a deep, lusty voice. Their lips met as Tyler took control of the situation. He lifted himself along the hard shaft, pulling his brother's foreskin over his head and back down again with the tight walls of his tailhole.

Corey helped guide the moving hips of his love sleeve as they rose and fell. He fought his urge to thrust up violently and empty his balls into his lascivious brother, but he let him work his magic. Since they began their adult sexual relationship, Corey learned quickly how well Tyler could work a cock. They paused their passionate kissing only to moan into each other.

Tyler leaned back and out of the kiss; one of Corey's hands slid up the lithe back and the other took Tyler's hard cock. He simply held the tip of his brother's member and the rise and fall of his hips worked his dick for him. Staring forward, his brother's face eclipsed the sun that would have otherwise blinded him.

Tyler had a focused look on his face; the wolf concentrating on the movements of his hips. He couldn't help but let a smile slip through. He could feel the sun on his back as he rose and fell. Tyler's moan echoed through the yard and over the fences closing them in. If any of their neighbors were gardening, they'd be in for a shock, to be sure.

Each time Corey thrust into him, the rigid cock massaged his insides; striking his prostate and continuing deeper into his rectum. He shut his eyes as he felt his brother's paw slide to the base of his cock. His foreskin was fully retracted. His tight anus gripped snugly around the thick cock sliding in and out and pulsed quickly.

Tyler moaned loudly as convulsions shook his body; squeezing the cum out of his brother and bringing his own right to the edge. With a louder moan than before, Tyler's cock twitched and throbbed as his tip tingled, body tightened and semen came firing. Thick ropes of semen shot forth. The first rope splashed against Corey's nose; the second falling beneath his chin and each subsequent shot falling shorter than the prior.

Each one of Corey's paws gripped another of Tyler's butt cheeks as his brother leaned in closer; their chests against one another's. Corey fought through the tightening hole with each thrust. The slick cum on his fur rolled down his stomach and onto his pubes. With each thrust he wet his brother's taint.

Just as the tensing of Tyler's muscles began to taper off, Corey thrusts quickened and he panted. He grinded his last couple of pumps up into his brother; hilting himself in the loosened hole. His balls pulsed and shifted within their fleshy sack as his seed flowed up through his cock and into the depths of his brother.

Corey's thick. hard member twitched hard in the sensitive cavern as he emptied himself. As the pair separated, Corey's cum slowly leaked from his well-used tailhole. Tyler stood up and looked at his exhausted brother. He extended his paw to help him off the bench. Corey planted a kiss right on his brother's lips and smiled at him.

He laid his arm over his brother's shoulder and the pair walked back towards the house together. The moment the house rose before them and eclipsed the sun, they noticed their father sitting on the patio. Corey's eyes widened at the side of his naked father. He couldn't remember ever seeing his dad in the nude before.

"That was very impressive, boys." He complimented his sons. Tyler said nothing, but smiled happily. Corey was noticeably uncomfortable with seeing his father naked. His cock wasn't quite hard, but there was a couple of inches of red flesh sticking out of his swollen-looking sheath. Magnus licked his finger and that's when Corey noticed the semen on the deck.

"I haven't seen a show that good in months." He stood and smiled at his sons. Corey struggled to take his eyes off his father's meat. The two boys separated and stood in a triangle with their father as the third point. "I'd have approached for a closer look, but I didn't want to disturb you boys. You were really getting into it." He chuckled. "Or getting into each other, I should say."

Magnus noticed where his eldest son's eyes were. "You like what you see, Corey?" Corey opened his mouth but closed it silently. Tyler had told him about his father's anatomy, but he hadn't fully realized it until now. "I... didn't expect such a... primal cock." Magnus nodded with a warm smile. "Yeah, they're getting rarer, aren't they?" He gave himself a casual fondle. "Both of my brothers have them too. Grandpa too."

Magnus and Corey stood in another silent moment. Corey cautiously stealing glances at his father's package as though he were hiding his curiosity. "You don't have to be shy, Corey. I can see yours, I just saw it in action. You can even touch it if you like."

Corey paused again but, after swallowing the lump in his throat, he shakily reached forward and gingerly touched his father's sheath with one finger. As the heat from the canine member radiated through Corey's finger, he eased up and his shy touch became a full-pawed squeeze.

He felt his father's thick cock regaining its ardor. The red tip that was extended from his sheath climbed further north and his member thickened. Magnus slowly reached over and took a pawful of his son's genitals. He hadn't touched his son's fully developed penis in his entire life and spent the first few moments examining the contours and veins of the member.

While Magnus grew to full hardness, Corey remained in a half-hard state. "Dad," he let go of his father's red cock and stepped away. "I'm sorry. I can't do this right now." Corey looked at the watch on his wrist and then back up to his disappointed father's face. "I've got a lecture soon and I need to get cleaned up." Magnus smiled again and nodded. "By all means," he gestured away. "If you want to continue this in the future, just let me know. I love you, son."

"I love you too, dad." He mumbled as he disappeared inside. Magnus turned his attention to Tyler. "No, dad. I'm pretty tired and I've got a paper to finish before we leave for the wedding." Tyler kissed his father sweetly. "If I even paw you off, I'd end up awake all night between you and a bed." "Okay, Ty. I guess I'll just handle myself. Do you know when your brother's getting home?"

Nishi panted and leaned forward and kissed the siamese cat beneath him. Nishi's thin thighs were spread over the waist of his boyfriend; Cooper's member firm within his vagina. Their kiss broke and the pair stared into each others eyes. They both panted as their lusty, romantic gaze broke.

Nishi climbed off his boyfriend's lap and lay beside him; pulling his pants back on. His panties clung to the moistness of his teen cunny. Their pair sat in a small grotto in the woods behind their school. Coop grabbed the condom that held all of his seed and slid it up over his cut, five-inch cock. Nishi took the condom from him and let the contents run down into his muzzle. The cat boy lifted a notepad and pen from his pocket.

"What do you say, babe?" "I think sex in the woods is a definite yes." With that, Cooper drew a small tick beside the words 'sex in nature'. Those words were among others in a list. Above them were a few crossed out list items, including 'foot play' as well as a few with ticks such as 'toys'.

"Okay, Nishi," the pair shared a short kiss. "Now it's your turn." Nishi pulled his notepad from his pocket and surveyed the list. His wasn't as structured as the Cooper's. Where Cooper moved down the list in order, Nishi picked whichever he felt like doing. He scanned over the words 'cross-dressing' which had black scribbled lines over it. Of the list items remaining, he narrowed it down to two for this day.

His eyes darted between the words 'bondage' and 'watersports'. Nishi furrowed his brow before deciding. "Alright," He stood up beside his lover and offered him his paw. Once he pulled Coop to his feet, Nishi took his paw and the pair walked away. "I don't want to burn out my list too quickly," Nishi kissed Cooper softly on the cheek. "Wouldn't want to burn you out either." He gave Cooper a playful nudge.

Cooper chuckled softly and pulled his paw over in front of his pants. Nishi felt that he was still very much erect. "I really don't think that's going to be an issue, sweetheart." The wolf released the cat's paw and took a handful of his cut member.

A large bush came up on the path and the pair ran behind it. Nishi dropped his backpack to the ground and Cooper unzipped his pants. Nishi kneeled down to suck Cooper's dick but the feline protested. "Turn around, I want to jump straight into it." Nishi thought for a second but shook his head. "We can't," he looked past the straight cock in front of him and pouted slightly at his boyfriend. "We used the last condom back there."

Cooper thought for a moment before speaking up. "It won't matter if we just do it once... Er... I'll pull out?" Nishi was unsure. "C'mon, Koi," he pushed his cock forward. "It'll be safe, I promise." Nishi silently nodded and Cooper's excitement was beaming off his face. Nishi pulled his pants down past his wet vagina.

He couldn't deny that the thought of having Coop's raw flesh against the inside of his vagina turned him on wildly. What could happen? He thought to himself. He'd slept with his brothers unprotected a few times and nothing too serious had happened.

He felt Cooper's fingers probing his cunny before he penetrated him. The hot rod of lust that stood proudly between Coop's legs spread Nishi's wet folds apart as he entered him. Cooper moaned as he slid inside his lover with a faint wet sound. He moaned again as he found all of his cock buried within the warm, wet mound unprotected for the first time in months.

He pulled back and thrust forward quickly; hastily building into a fast rhythm. He bred Nishi hard and fast; letting his body take over as his stomach slammed against Nishi's rump. Nishi wasn't used to such ferocity from the ordinarily mild-mannered cat. Cooper grabbed the base of the wolf's tail and held it firmly as he slammed into the hot slit.

He pushed and pulled at his lover's rear as he thrust into him. Nishi rubbed his clit as he was mated by the cat. "Oh, Coop." He moaned softly, hoping that his voice didn't carry in these silent woods. In the wake of their earlier sex, Nishi's pussy was hypersensitive. Every thrust sent a buzz through his body. The thought of being treated like this awakened hidden desires deep within him.

Without the condom to obfuscate the sensations, Nishi felt like he could feel every contour of the cat's cock. The tip of his cock passed through his opening as he reeled back to thrust forward. His cock sunk completely into the warm maw of his loins. Nishi's muscles were still tight enough to provide a slight resistance to the invading cock as it penetrated him.

His thrusts slowed a little and his wet finger spread Nishi's other hole. He let out another moan as his lover's thumb forced its way into his butt. He slipped his forefinger in and removed his thumb. Cooper's middle finger joined the other between Nishi's soft cheeks.

Nishi's body pulsed around Cooper's cock and fingers. Coop's own moans began overshadowing his boyfriends. With no verbal warning at all, Cooper pulled his cock from the moist cavern and spread apart Nishi's tailhole again. With a loud gasp from Nishi, the cat's hard, wet shaft was completely submerged in tight wolf ass.

He thrust hard and fast, pushing and pulling Nishi's whole body as he did so. His final thrust was his hardest; his moans turned into airy gasps and his legs tensed to hold his cock as far in as it would go. With a cathartic moan, Cooper's member erupted within the tight hole. It throbbed and convulsed powerfully.

Nishi panted as the feline seed spread its way through his deep recess. The pair disconnected with an audible squelch. Cooper had left his partner's tailhole stretched and wet. His cum pooled just beyond the tight pucker. As the wolf began pulling his pants back up over his bubble butt, he felt his cheeks being spread apart once more.

Cooper's tongue slipped easily into the well-trained hole. He licked around as well as he could, getting a taste for his lover's pussy juices as well as his own seed. Nishi tensed up; feeling the tongue massaging his insides and the chin tickling his pussy. "Come on, Coop," he slipped his underwear up, forcing Cooper to pull his tongue away. "We've got to get home while there's still light in the sky."

Cooper nodded in defeat and pulled his own pants over his softening cock. "I guess you're right, hun." He kissed the wolf boy on the cheek. He threw his arm over Nishi's shoulder and the pair walked out of the woods together silently. Nishi's eyes opened wide as he felt Cooper's seed leaked out of his tailhole and into his panties. He couldn't deny that the messy feeling filled him with a strange sense of happiness. 'Maybe...' Nishi thought to himself as they walked. 'Maybe next time...'


The car pulled to a stop under the orange glow of the street light beside the motel. Corey unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled his phone out of his pocket. The number seven sat against a white background. He put his phone away and climbed out of the car.

He scanned the motel's rooms. The seventh room was on the ground floor; the furthest room from his car. He pulled the hood up over his head and walked with his paws in his pockets. His breath misted in the cold night air as the door grew closer. He walked past the pool; its water black and orange in the glow of the street lights and the black expanse of the sky.

He knocked on the door and shortly afterward, it crept open. Behind the threshold stood a woman; a lithe white wolf wearing a thin silk bathrobe, open over her toned stomach. Beneath the robe, she wore black, lace panties without the matching bra. "Can I help you?"

Corey stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind him. "It's nice to see you, too, Heather." He leaned forward and kissed his step-mother on the lips.

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