Steamy Desire

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Driana walked around the top of the vast rooftop, one step in front of the other, hips swaying slowly from one side to the other. There were so many lights in the city, it was a simple thought that could pass off as a stage, a stage she just happened to be praised upon by her onlookers gaze. She was first looking over the movements of the near by buildings, it was no secret that she was looking at them and vise versa. What had she gotten herself into? She went to stand against the smooth metal railings looking down at the darkness of the roads. For some reason, she felt a thrill, an excitement, in anticipation of what was about to happen. She was so excited that her knees shook and her pussy clenched with lust, the throbbing between her thighs was almost painful.


She felt Xross's familiar arms slide around her waist from behind and she leaned into him with a sigh. A simple sigh of content. They hadn't been this intimate before until he came into town, it was more than she had imagined. "You have exactly five seconds to tell me you don't want this Driana." He husked into her ear, causing a delicious but naughty shiver to flow down her spine. "If you don't stop me before I finish this count, there's no turning back." Xross warned her, swallowing against a lump of lust that threatened to unravel him.

Her heart beat sped so fast that she swore it skipped a few thumps nearly jumping out of her very chest. This was it. No turning back ... because .. .. well because she had no intention of stopping him. His hand slid across the center of her stomach heading over the side of her hip until it found its way under her skirt. "One." His sexy voice had her tightening her hold on the railing as she bit her luscious lower lip.

"Two." His other hand slid down the front of her shirt finding its way into her bra slowly tugging it down till it was well pushed under her breast. He ran his fingertips and claws over the areola sensually making the nipple stand up proudly and firmly. He caught the nipple between his index and middle finger, squeezing it gently with a sharp tug. "Mmmf.. Xross." she moaned out, parting her legs at her own accord welcoming him further.

His tongue slid across her round mouse ears, caressing each earring with a flick and a desired pull. He was strumming her like a guitar. Making her knees wobble as if she was about to lose her balance right there and then. The brush of his hand under her skirt slid inside of her panties finding her sweet spot. Her overly sensitive clit. "Three."

Slow circles around her tiny button, her hand slid into his hair, encouraging his attentions as she soaked his fingers with her own pussy juices. Eyes rolling back into her head in breath taking pleasure, lips parting in a silent cry. The setting, his touch, it evoked feelings from her so powerful it was taking her to another level. Way past the ninth. "Xross..." She inhaled sharply as his wet lips caressed down the nape of her neck. If he didn't have her in his arms she'd have fallen onto her knees before him.

"Four." He murmured with a step forward to pin her against the cold metal railing. He coaxed her body to follow his in a sensual movement, like a puzzle piece that fit so well against his body, having Driana lean forward so that her stomach rested comfortably. Xross lifted and pushed her skirt up around her waist, the sudden caress of the almost nonexistent breeze on her barely covered ass forcing another shiver. He was gentle in using his claws to peel her panties down until they fell off on their own around around her ankles.

Driana heard the sound of his jeans zipper being lowered, what she didn't know was that he was simply reaching inside to pull out his throbbing cock without unbuckling the belt. It was dirty and discrete. Especially in public. His hard cock pressed against her thighs, dripping her silvery fur with his gooey creamy pre. It was hard for her not to moan the second his scent filled her olfactory senses and her mouth was watering for a taste. She thought she had seen it all, felt it all, but this was just the beginning.

He was torturous towards her by sliding it up and down her slit slowly. "Five." He growled and entered her dripping soaked pussy to the hilt in one go. Fuck. He was huge. It took every ounce of her strength to bite her lip and hold her scream. He was daring. Knowing how she liked it. "God.." She gasped. Her body was on adrenaline. Shuddering against him instantly gripping his buried cock with her overly tight walls making it tighter for him. She was gonna make him feel like a virgin all over again. The desire they shared spiralled beyond words could even describe, it was earth shattering and black spots began filling her vision.

Driana felt so good, good wasn't the proper word, every muscles upon Xross's body trembled. Despite being impaled on his dick, it was no secret that she was the one with the power. Rocking his hips in and out slowly trying to adjust to the new profound tightness that squeezed his cock. It was burning him, no, her honey pot was burning him. A vortex that was in fact branding him a virgin all over again. He grabbed her by the hips, picking up the pace faster and faster, fire built from the depth of his loins traveling through his bloodstream until it overflowed his brain. All he could think about was his lover, his Driana.

Under the stars, taken by a wave of dizziness, his toes tingled as he held his ground on the rooftop. Caressing her plushed plump ass, she did have one of the sweetest and sexiest butt, even curious enough to know what it would feel like to be inside of her tight ass, squeezed by it, milked by it..

"Holy Fuck!" He screamed, his scream echoed through the skies and streets, digging his claws into her hips with a renewed urgency to fill her, breed her, make her carry his pups. Pulling back out to the tip he thrusted harshly back into her rhythmically. Her wet juices were creating a rather large wet spot on his jeans, the wetness creating an erotic sound, a sound that almost matched her cries of excitement no longer trying to be quiet.

"Xross!" She brokenly gasped at the exquisite feeling of his shaft hitting right against her g-spot just right. He fucked her long and hard fighting to hold onto his control, when it came to Driana, well he didn't really have any choice. There was no such thing as control. It was all about letting go and be taken by the overwhelming feelings of her squeezing pussy.

This woman was too damn sexy for her own damned good.

He gasped struggling for an ounce of air, driving himself deeper and deeper until he was pushing right up again cervix. Growling as the simple barrier was preventing her from entering her very womb. He wanted his cock buried right in her womb, he needed to plant his seed there, forcing her pregnancy at his hand. "You feel so good Driana."

The pleasure between them both was intense, her cries of ecstasy were music to his ears, he angled his hips and abused her sensitive spot with each stroke he drilled inside of her. Her lustful cries were being noticed by those on the street and peeping toms from their windows. Her own toes were curling in her heels almost painfully that she took her high heels off, standing on her tip toes. Who cared who heard them at that point. Her inner thighs were quivering from the mindless ecstasy. Her moans, her sounds, her body was making were so erotic that it made Xross feel very proud, it was a triumph.

She was sexier than a sin. A sin the devil himself wish he had owned.

Cupping her chin as he leaned down to turn her face for a sizzling and passionate kiss. Rough, wild and passionate, so full of unspoken pent up desire. Her eyes burned with fire. It was only then that he caught about five other people watching them from one of the two tallest buildings, maybe more. He was sure that some of them were jerking off or fucking to their little scene. It was both a turn on to her and to him. Watching others fucking to them was definitly a turn on. Naught but definity smutty.

He had grown slightly distracted but she recaptured his attention when she leaned just a little more forward bouncing her pussy from the hilt to the base. It was an exploding sensation for her, filling her stomach with butterflies, squeezing his cock with different tensions of her walls. Releasing and clenching, the pulsating started from the depths of her cunt traveling the the entrance before she sucked him back into her pussy with such suction and ferocity. She had taken over completely fucking herself on his fuck stick. But that was just the beginning for him.

Her hips swindled and rotated erotically like a professional lapdancer, left to right, right to left. Really brushing her ass against his crotch, grinding sensually and squeezing tighter than a vice. The amount of control she had with her pussy left him speechless. Mindblown. The pleasure in his loins was almost unbearable. "Oh fuck.. baby.." He husked and pleaded in surprise, stilling his own hips as he cherished the glow of the stars and moonlight as she fucked herself on his prick.

It was a sight he was never going to forget. Erotically Stunning.

Gripping the rails tighter as Driana leaned more forward angling his cock to go in deeper, nudging past her cervix and into her womb. "Driana.. Driana.. Driana.." Helpless by her actions and her erotic hypnotic hips.

He was breathing more chaotic, primal growls and groans sounded strained, it was almost painful to burst forth with her clenched pussy muscles getting tighter to increase his stimulation and he did feel like a virgin. His balls tightened up and knew what was about to happen. He wasn't ready for that. "Enough.." Xross growled gripping her hips trying to hold her still as he drew in several deep breaths. "Please."

Pulling her up against his chest coiling his arm around her waist while sliding her shirt fully up exposing her big breasts, tugging and rubbing her nipple, thrusting into her slowly. It didn't help that she closed her legs and created a different tightness and hold against his cock. His lips brushed against her ear, his breathing was very harsh but he nipped it between his teeth rubbing her clit rapidly. He held her tightly to his body pounding her vigorously, using his teeth to stroke over her earing tugging it sensually.

Driving her mad until she broke in whimpers, her head rolled back onto his shoulders and her eyes squeezed shut. She arched her body against his hands trembling with the sudden release of her climax. Her body was tense.. she was way past her point.. but he dared to pull out neglecting the rest of her orgasm. He knew he was going to regret leaving that wonderful sensation of her girl cum flooding him. A frustrated whimper left her beautiful mouth, "How far do you want to go?" he asked her as he pinched her nipple, he could tell she was confused. " I need you to tell me Driana."

She tried to focus herself, her thoughts, "Why did you stop?" She started on him but stopped when she saw his eyebrow raise and challenge her waiting patiently for an answer. Her body was strung tightly. The ache building so much that tears filled her eyes, frustration rolled off her. Xross knew that he would pay for this. Being denied the full pleasure of her orgasm. The only answer he got was her glare. Too wounded up and frustrated, "Further. More than ever went with.."

Driana struggled to get the rest of it out. She was breathing so hard that her tits bounced and she was surely about to cry. "Her. Further then you went with Noelle." The maid. It was no hidden secret that the maid was carrying his pups and Driana was jealous. It was what he needed to hear. He kissed her pouting lips biting the lower one ever so lightly, his dark eyes promising much .. much.. more. He bent down to pick her up bridal style, carrying her inside the building, to her bedroom. He didn't stop until he was sure that he in bed with her, kicking off his jeans along the way. "Ready for this?" He spoke dearly, lovingly..

To Be Continued...

Written for Xrosskies.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

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