My Furry Friends: Chapter 4

Story by HuskyBen on SoFurry

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#4 of My Furry Friends

Chapter 4

I was running along a beach. A figure in the distance was waving me over. I broke into a mad dash hoping to catch up to the mystery man. I finally got a good look at his face. It was truly beautiful. His eyes were bright green, his hair was styled to be messy and looked great on him. His muscles were clearly visible through his shirt and his smile was wide and natural. As I got closer, he opened his arms I ran into them and we hugged for a few minutes. I looked up into his eyes and moved close to his face. Our lips locked, we both melted into it. We began exploring the expanses of each other's mouths. He pulled away smiling, he announced, "I love you Will!"

I replied with, "I love you too Jeremy."

I opened my eyes and looked around me, the only light came from my computer that was still in sleep mode. I got up and got dressed into my running clothes. I exited my bedroom and went over to the fridge to get myself a drink ready. After putting some ice with my water into a bottle, I wrote a note telling Jeremy where I got to in case he wakes whilst I'm gone. I left out room and walked to the stairs. I jogged downstairs and went through the main doors, I was greeted by an icy chill which made me shiver. I got my running track playing through my headphones and set off on my run. It had been about ten minutes and I honestly felt chilled to the bone. I recognised which building I was near, as I saw Ryan's car outside with a little bit of frost on the window. I decided to see if the gym was open as it would be significantly warmer than this. I tried the handle to see if it was unlocked, fortunately it was unlocked so I just waltzed in. I wandered about a bit trying to find a treadmill; I almost ended up getting soaked as I nearly walked straight into a swimming pool. After wandering around for about ten minutes, I stumbled across a treadmill. I set it to a leisurely uphill jog and got jogging.

Thirty minutes in I was interrupted by a loud cough. I turned and looked at who was there. It was only Ryan, but he didn't look overly happy. "How did you get in here?" Ryan questioned.

"Ohh, I was jogging and it was cold, so I decided to try the door if it was unlocked and it was!" I responded flustered.

His mad face suddenly broke into a big smile. He started breaking out laughing and said, "I had you there. Well, you are free to use any equipment that you want. I am surprised that you are awake at this time though."

"Ohh, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I use to jog every day and I hoped to keep it up here as well."

"But, it is only four thirty!" Ryan exclaimed.

I realised that I hadn't even checked the time before I went out. Ryan then went off to his office and left me to run myself.

After spending an hour on and off running and decided I would go back to my room to sleep some more. I said goodbye to Ryan and began my run back to my dorm room. As I was running I accidentally ran into someone and we both ended up collapsing onto the floor. The other person stood up first and stood silhouetted in front of me. "Watch where you're going, you fagot piece of shit!" said the silhouetted man.

I felt like I recognised the angry voice; when I stood I matched the voice with the face. Jack was stood in front of me, all his teeth were visible and he had a furious look on his face. "Now get lost, you little fagot!" he yelled.

I got up and attempted to match his height the best I could, but he was a few inches taller than me. I brought all my teeth to bare and snarled at him, he snarled back. For a moment I thought that I might take a swing at him, but a voice made us break our concentration on each other. A small poodle rounded the corner and made her way over to us. "Jack, honey, what are you doing over here." she asked sounding concerned.

I spoke up first and replied with, "Ohh, it's not his fault I accidentally ran into him and knocked him over."

She stared me over and then said, "Ohh, that's where I recognise you from. Your Will right?" she questioned and stood smiling.

I nodded and answered with, "Yeh I am, how do you know me?"

"Ohh, I'm Emma from the speaker at the gate."

I stood there blank, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Suddenly it all made sense and I responded with, "Ohh yeh, how are you then Emma?" I asked.

"I am good thanks!" she responded.

She was about to ask me how I was, but Jack butted in. "Are we going to go then?" he asked.

She turned to him and nodded and turned back to me. "See you around!" she exclaimed and walked off.

I looked at Jack and couldn't help but think about how much I hate that German Shepard. I began running back to my room for the second time today. When I arrived back to my bedroom I decided that I would just crash on my bed, as I had a few days before I started back at school. I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I was chopping down some trees out in some big forests. The tree fell, I couldn't stop myself from yelling "Timber!"

After cutting the tree into a more manageable size, I carried some logs back to my house. I put them under the canopy to keep them dry and entered my cabin. I stocked up the fire and prepared some vegetables to go with diner. Suddenly the front door swung, Jeremy stood there holding some rabbits. I took the rabbits off of him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. I went about preparing them for dinner as Jeremy boiled the veg. I couldn't help think to myself how nice this is. I sliced up the rabbit and seasoned it with some salt and pepper. I then put it in the oven. With us both having some free time, we started cuddling on the couch looking at the fire. I realised how romantic this was, and half expected to see a trail of rose petals leading to our bedroom. I looked into his eyes and looked into mine. Simultaneously, we both confessed our love for each other.

I sat up in my bed, for the second time that day. I saw that my computer is still in sleep mode, so I got up and unlocked it. I saw I had still got steam up and decided to pay some TF2 on the So Furry server (shameless plug). I decided to check the time and saw it was seven thirty. I spent the next two hours mixing and matching which game to play. Just when I was about to turn off my computer I saw I had one pending friend request, HuskyBen. I decided to accept and turned off my computer. I went through to the main room and saw I still had the Xbox to set up. I had finished doing that within an hour and decided I should wake Jeremy up. I got to his door and decided to knock this time, remembering what happened last time. I received a mumbled response and knocked again. This time I got a response that was a bit more decipherable. "Leave me alone, I don't have school today Mom." Jeremy moaned.

'Mom', did he really just say 'mom', I am going to have some fun with this. "Sweetie, you don't want to sleep the day away." I replied back.

"Ugh!" Jeremy exclaimed and made his way out of his room to me.

He looked up at me and stated, "You're not my mum."

"No I am not your mum, but you should get up. We can probably get some lunch from the canteen." I responded.

Jeremy's ears lifted up almost immediately after the mention of food. "One minute!" he replied with as he turned to get dressed.

Five minutes later he emerged from his room dressed messily, I honestly thought he looked better before in his pyjamas.

We made our way out of the building and set off to the canteen. But, we failed to notice one flaw in our plan, neither of us still had any idea where the canteen was. We began walking in the direction we could be bothered going in, but found nothing that hinted towards food. We stopped to ask for directions off of a nice guy, he appeared to be a hybrid of a fox and a canine and was called Rusty. We chatted awhile and we found out he is in the schools orchestra. We thanked him for the new information and set off in the direction he told us it was in. When we found the canteen, we were surprised at how few people there were in it. I let Jeremy chose his food first as he still seemed grouchy about being woken up. He chose a mountain of scrambled eggs and a couple rashers of crispy bacon. I instead had some porridge with sugar in it. We made our way to a table near the exit and dug into our food. I was extremely surprised to see that Jeremy could manage to eat all the eggs that he did, but when he went back for seconds I was shocked. He got some toast and beans this time, probably because he didn't have enough room the first time around. We mainly ate in peace, except from a few times that Jeremy made jokes about the chef.

After finishing our food we made our way back to our room. We took the elevator because Jeremy was still kind of grumpy about being woken up, even though it was almost an hour ago. We got stopped going up by Mellany getting on. We chatted a bit. Turns out she was going to her friends room to watch the Bachelor, because she was too tired to watch it last night. We got off on our floor and said goodbye to Mel. We walked to our door, and Jeremy dumped himself on the couch. I laughed and made my way to the last box I had, I started clashing pots and pans purposely trying to annoy Jeremy. We quickly received a knock on our door. It was Vicky. "Hey Vicky, how are you this morning?" I asked already knowing what she came here for.

"Grumpy as fuck, because someone is making a fucking loud noise." she bluntly responded.

"Ok, sorry. I will try to keep the noise down."I replied with pulling an innocent smile, she turned and walked away. "Sleep well!"

"Fuck off!" she exclaimed before slamming her door.

I turned back to Jeremy who was now laughing hysterically. "Do you wanna play a game?" I asked trying my best to imitate Jigsaw.

He agreed and we spent the next eight hours gaming.

I felt my stomach grumbling and looked at the time, six o'clock. I decided to check the cupboard and fridge, to see if the previous residents left anything for us. I found two packs of Ramen Noodles, Mexican Burrito making kit and a big bottle of sprite. I poured us out two glasses of sprite and boiled some water for the Ramen. "Tomorrow, do you want to come with me to get some food?" I asked Jeremy, who had turned off the Xbox and came to help me.

"Yeh, I'd love too. Mainly because I don't want you bringing all these new health things back." he replied causing me to laugh a bit.

We made dinner and ate at the table together, kind of like a couple. After we finished eating, I said we should clean the pots. Jeremy sighed but did it once I gave him a kiss. After the jobs were all done, we settled down to watch the Walking Ped (as in Pedigree). This spurred a conversation between us. "So, if you had the choice of any two items what would they be, in order to survive a zombie hoard?" I asked.

"Depends, can they be fictional?" Jeremy asked back.

"Yeh they can." I responded.

"Well, I would probably say Iron Mans suit and a Mustang!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Ok, I understand Iron Mans suit, but why a Mustang?" I questioned.

"Well I always wanted a Mustang." Jeremy replied. "What would you have then?"

"Simple, The One Ring and a Phaser off of Star Trek." I answered proudly. The next hour was filled with senseless questions and then we began watching a film. Jeremy was lying behind me and had me in his arms, we were wrapped up in a blanket keeping warm. Halfway through though, Jeremy feel asleep. I decided to switch the TV off and nuzzled my head into his chest. That was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep.


Authors Note:

I really appreciate how you guys are with this story and I hope you guys continue to like them. I want to give a shout out to Rusty Laddle for my profile pic. I really appreciate your continued support and hope to see you back here soon.

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