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#1 of The Marvellous Misadventures of the Cursed Band

A new story series I am writing with input from 5 other people who are: sora736 (fur affinity), makari (so-furry), Aramilian (fur affinity), Sigurd_Rageblood (fur affinity) and demonette (fur affinity)

The teachings of Ela tell us of 6 great events.

Before Ela came there was only darkness cold and the formless ones. Then came Ela with the eternal fire and suddenly there was light and heat, the formless where driven away and the cold and darkness was no more. This was the first great event.

Then out of the chaos Ela pulled together the shards of broken matter and made a perfect world, an eternal paradise. This was the second great event.

On this perfect world Ela made plants and simple animals to give life to the world. This was the third great event.

Ela then raised up the people of the world, sentient bipeds who would rule over this world in harmony and peace. This was the fourth great event.

While Ela had made such perfect things the world still lacked something but with no more space on the world for more Ela looked at the space around the world, she made the sun to warm and give light to the world and her sister the moon to control the tides and weather, and Ela made the star children who's angelic light would shine in the night sky and give guidance to the wise peoples of the world. This was the fifth great event.

With all her work done Ela watched over her creations but over time she began to notice a disturbing change, from seemingly nowhere monsters begin to arise, attacking her creations, enslaving and consuming them one after another, Ela would strike them down where ever she saw them but still they kept coming. This was the sixth great event.

Now while our world maybe filled with great evil in the form of the monsters hope yet remains, for Ela has promised to the faithful that there will be a seventh great event, in it all the evils of the world will be purged with the eternal fire of Ela and the faithful will be delivered to a paradise eternal. That great event is drawing close, we need only survive long enough to witness it.

Offering to the god of lizard valley

Standing at the alter in the middle of a simple primitive lizard-folk village is a female lizard-folk. She has light blue scales over most of her body with white underbelly scales. She has a small head frill which is a slightly darker blue. Lizard-folk...

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